Several months later

Party guests sat on chairs enjoying the warm sunshine as the cake for the birthday celebrant was brought out onto the terrace.

The birthday boy, Anakin Junior, sat on his father's lap as Padmé approached them with the cake. The baby's eyes widened at the sight of the single lit candle and the enormous cake in his mother's hands. He reached his little hands out to grab the icing, getting a handful in each chubby fist. Anakin laughed at his son as he shoved his fingers into his mouth to taste the icing, not at all interested in the fact that everyone was singing a song to him, or that there were dozens of gifts piled up for him on a nearby table. The icing was sweeter than anything Anakin Junior had ever tasted, and he shoved the fingers of his other hands into his mouth as well.

"Blow out the candle, Ani," Padmé said encouragingly.

The baby looked up at his mother, and then at the cake below. He was just about to grab the flame when his father blew it out in his stead. Everyone applauded, and Anakin Junior looked around briefly before grabbing more icing in his already sticky hands.

"Let me take that," Jobal said, taking the cake from Padmé. "Before the boy dives head first into it."

Anakin and Padmé laughed as Jobal took the cake inside to cut it up. The baby was rather disappointed to see the cake leave, and turned to his father to voice his disappointment.

"Don't worry, Ani," Anakin assured his son. "There's plenty more where that came from."

Ani smiled, and placed a sticky hand against his father's shoulder, getting a white handprint on the fabric. Padmé laughed again. "I think we ought to get this boy cleaned up," she said.

"He's fine, Padmé," Anakin protested. "You only have one first birthday, after all," he reminded her.

"I suppose so," she agreed, watching their son smear the frosting on his father's face. She smiled. "I'm going to help Mom with the cake," she said. "Let me know if you need a change of clothes," she said to her husband.

Anakin laughed, and looked down at the baby who had discovered how much fun it was to spread the icing over his father's tunic. Luke and Leia giggled at their baby brother, and at their father's increasingly messy attire.

"How come he gets to make such a mess and we don't?" Luke asked his father.

"Because you're five and he's one," Anakin pointed out. "Besides, I've seen you eat, Luke. You're pretty effective at making a mess yourself."

Leia laughed. "He sure is, Daddy."

Luke stuck his tongue out for her, and ran off, with Leia right behind him.

"Hard to believe this young one is a year old already," Obi-Wan remarked as he held out his hands to take the baby.

"You sure?" Anakin asked. "He's kind of a mess."
Obi-Wan smiled. "Of course I'm sure," he said, taking Ani. "It's a big day in a youngling's life. He's entitled to a little extra….frosting."

Anakin laughed as he watched Obi-Wan with the baby. "You should have a family of your own," he said. "You're a natural with kids."

Obi-Wan looked at him and smiled. "Well that's the advantage of having a best friend with children," he said. "You get to visit with them, and when they're cranky, you can simply pass them back and say your goodbyes."

"Nice," Anakin replied with a smile.

"Besides, I'm too old now," Obi-Wan continued, looking adoringly at the young boy. "Raising children is a young man's occupation."

Anakin rolled his eyes. "Give me a break, Obi-Wan," he said. "You're not old."

"I beg to differ," he replied.

"Cake anyone?" Jobal asked as she returned to the terrace with two plates of birthday cake.

"Me Grandma, me!!" Luke shouted, appearing instantly at the table.

Jobal smiled and set a piece down before her elder grandson. "There you are, Luke," she said, kissing the top of his head. "And you, Leia," she added, setting a second piece down for Leia who had sat beside her twin.

After everyone had enjoyed their cake, Luke and Leia helped their baby brother open all his gifts. As it turned out, Anakin Junior was far more interested in the wrapping than the actual gifts.

As the Naboo sky began to darken, the guests began thinning out, and soon it was time for the children to go to bed. Anakin Junior had fallen asleep on his grandfather's shoulder, and so putting him to bed was an easy task. The twins, however, were another matter. The excitement of having family and friends visiting, being permitted to stay up past their bedtime as well as healthy doses of sugar all created quite a challenge for Anakin and Padmé when it came time to get them to bed. However, after several stories and innumerable questions answered, Luke and Leia finally succumbed to sleep.

"I think everyone else is already asleep," Anakin commented as he and Padmé left the twins room.

"Well Mom and Dad usually get to bed early," she reminded him. "And Sola and Darred have their own kids to get to sleep."

Anakin nodded. "Obi-Wan is probably exhausted from playing with the kids all day," he remarked. "I really wish he'd consider having a family of his own."

"Perhaps he will some day," Padmé said. "When the right woman comes along. Now that the Jedi are permitting families, he may surprise you one of these days."

"Yeah, maybe," Anakin replied. "We'll see."
"And what about you? Tired?" she asked as they headed towards their own bedroom.

Anakin took her hand with a smile. "Yes," he said. "But that doesn't mean I'm ready to go to sleep just yet," he told her.

"Oh no?" she asked as he opened the door for her. "What did you have in mind?"

Anakin smiled. "Let me show you," he said, pulling her into the room and closing the door behind them.