Chapter5- Finding Alice

Edward POV:

When I saw James and Victoria my silent heart almost dropped. That's when I heard Bella scream "stop!" at that moment I realized that my hands where wrapped around James's neck.

I loosened my grip and took a few steps back until I was next to Bella. She grasped my hand and I whispered an apology.

"Greetings Cullens" Victoria smiled looking absolutely no different. "We send our apologies for intruding"

"How is this possible" Carlisle asked completely in shock.

"How is what possible?"

"You…being…here, now after being…killed?"

"Now that part is very simple" James cut in. "We were brought back by a very large group of vampires who call themselves "The Furrow" they reside in Africa. They are sworn enemies against the Volturi"

"…But I thought the Volturi was the last official kingdom… and that they had defeated the others"

"They have defeated the Furrow but they had not terminated them. You see back then when they were at war the Furrow obviously lost, But what the Volturi didn't know was that the Furrow was a divided kingdom, so they had members all over the world. The Volturi only defeated the Furrows in Egypt but not the others. So the remaining Furrows gathered in Africa and became larger and stronger so they would finally take down the Volturi. What you need to understand is that the Furrows are somewhat good Vampires who have similar beliefs asyou Cullens do"

"Then why are you here?" Bella asked curious and confused.

"The Furrows want us to locate all of the Vampire society and since you are the only family close enough to help we came to you"

"If the Furrows are so "GOOD" then why'd they bring back you two?" Rosalie asked in her usual snobby voice.

"They chose us because the Volturi knows that we are enemies and wouldn't suspect anything; another reason is because the Volturi wasn't notified of the fact that we have been killed so we could get on the inside" Victoria explained.


On the way to the Cabin too many thoughts crossed my mind. And most of them were questions.

By the time I got into my comfortable clothes Edward had arrived. He had stood behind to set up the living arrangements for James and Victoria.

"Edward?" I called sliding into the bed.

"Yes Love?" He smiled poking his head in.

"What's happening?"

"I'm not sure" He sighed laying next to me and wrapping me into his arms. "I doubt that they speak the truth, but they haven't shown me any signs of a lie in their thoughts", "Anyway, I'd rather not talk of them any longer"

"What do you want to talk about?" I asked curiously.

"I don't want to talk"

I knew it was my Que; I then began planting soft kisses down his neck as he pulled the sheets over our heads.


"Where is Alice? She left hours ago" I asked Emmet with obvious worry in my voice.

"Who knows, but don't worry this is the usual Alice, you know how she has to go on her walks when she's freaked give her until tomorrow, she'll be back" He reassured me.

"Yeah but, it's not like Alice to be gone for this long. Especially when she knows that why are goin through things"


I stood outside waiting all night and there was no sign of Alice.

"She isn't back?" Emmet asked walking outside followed by everyone else.

"Of Course not…..She ran away?" Jasper Whispered chocked.

"Woo…..Someone needs a nap" Emmet Joked.

"Why would she run away jasper" Bella asked.

"I think I know why" Victoria interrupted.


"Did your Alice Lose her gift?"


"Then that is why. You see when the furrows brought us back it required a lot of power therefore it was necessary to use the power of other vampires. So most of them lose their gift until we are sent back to ashes" She explained.

"Edward did you lose your gift too?" Bella asked

"Well I haven't heard any minds lately, I just figured you guys were blocking them from me" He explained.

"That means Nessie lost here's too"

"That all interesting, but right now that isn't important" Jasper interrupted.

"Then what is Jazz"

"Finding Alice"

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