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His arms wrapped around me, holding me against him, summer and winter. It felt like every nerve ending in my body was a live wire.

"Forever," he agreed, and then pulled us gently into deeper water.

He pulled me deeper and deeper until my entire body was submerged by the depths of the water, his eyes held an unanswered passion in them. I smiled reassuring him that I could want nothing more from my soul mate then what he would be giving me tonight.

He held my steadily and I lifted from the ground floating in the water and in his embrace, we swayed allowing the waves to rock us in a gentle dance. He started slowly, admiring every part of my body as if sculpting it from clay.

I stared in his eyes determined, ready to reassure him of my desire; he kissed me slowly on the cheek, travelling up and down my neckline. I pushed my body towards his, allowing our shapes to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

I took my cue from him and began to entice him into a state where he could no longer refuse me, no matter the consequences. I led us in the shallower water placing chaste kisses in a line that led from his neck to his navel.

I nibbled his neck, sucking gently, and kissing in continuous cycles; I looked him in the eye and saw a primal urge rear in his eyes. His eyes smouldered, his pupils dilated, I smiled. Finally he was ready. Finally he was at that point where nothing could stop him from breaking the final barrier.

I led him back to the bedroom, kissing his hand and licking his fingers as he trailed without resistance. I smiled; I was a huntress on the prowl. I was dominant. I had seduced my prey.

He picked me up and carried me to the bed, I sat up gently, teasing him with my outstretched leg, I smiled, if ballet class had taught me nothing else, it had taught me how to hold my leg to look appealing. I pulled my leg up to my waist drawing my prey towards it target.

He followed the bait gently lying on top of me, I pulled him closer waiting, less then patiently for our bodies to intertwine, he resisted, but I held onto control, thrusting my hips up forcing him to finalise what he started.

He growled, taking control of my hands holding them down as I struggled to regain control, I hissed, pulling his mouth towards mine with rampant aggression. I crushed his lips to mine, his lips curled in a grin against mine, his body pulsating as he used his hands to control my body to ascertain the perfect position.

He held me closer crushing my body between him and the mattress, I was trapped, but I was blissfully aware of every touch as my body responded to him, with sensations that I had never felt before. I could feel the tension between us built as if an electrical storm was brewing in between our bodies, my body craved it, reached for it, arching up to meet him with each stroke.

It was too much, my body was drunk with the sensation, I moaned gasping at each sensation as it pulsed towards me, I readied myself for a final round, pushing myself closer and harder to Edward then I had before.

At last I collapsed, my body reeling, as electricity passed up and down my body, I felt Edward find his release and I held his gaze as he rolled over, reverting to our customary position, me snuggling into his arms. I smiled triumphantly. I regarded my angel, happiness brimming from my eyes, he smiled thinly, that was enough. I curled in his arms and fell asleep

The sun, hot on the bare skin of my back, woke me in the morning. Late morning, maybe afternoon, I wasn't sure.

Everything besides the time was clear, though: I knew exactly where I was.