A/N: What if? Black Canary had died in Final Crisis.

More The Merrier

Selina Kyle Barbara Gordon Bruce Wayne Oliver Queen

Oracle maneuvered her chair into the big silver room of her new team—

Justice League UK.

Supergirl flew over to Oracle, 'Do you think I will be chosen to be in the new BoP?"

Oracle gasped and dropped her glasses. Supergirl was holding a leaflet in her hand, Oracle grabbed it and read it to herself, 'You are one of the 20 heroes to be chosen for the new BoP only four will be chosen, I will get back to you if you are chosen, Selina Kyle x'

Oracle scrunched it up and threw it behind her, 'No, your part of this team'

'What! It's not my fault that you can't let go of what happened a year ago and since when are you the boss of team!'


'Stop making out you're the only one who has to suffer! Think of Ollie!'

'Why Don't you leave now, with your stupid Kryptonian blood'

Supergirl's eyes went red 'Don't tell me what to do! Or you will suffer consequences'

'Listen Kara, don't mess with me, we are the only two people in the training room I could take you down and no one would know'

'Listen Barbara, I don't have time to play your games'

'Oh Kara'

Suddenly a green female figure appeared before Kara's eyes, with the face of Oracle,

'Robot, attack' Oracle smirked, The robot kicked Kara, Kara smirked back, this meant a challenge.

Selina Kyle knocked on Ollie's door with Helena in the buggy, Ollie opened the door, 'Sorry to dump her on you on such short notice' Selina smiled,

'It's the least I could do'

Selina blushed at Ollie, when Ollie first started dating Dinah,

him and Catwoman had a fling,

Ollie then cheated on Dinah whilst he was boyfriend with Dinah. Ollie smiled, he looked down at her coat and spotted a red outfit poking through the gaps, 'What's that?'

'Nothing' Selina wrapped her coat around herself 'Nothing, just business'

'Don't tell me your crime fighting again' Selina shook her head and walked away, very fast. Selina got to Wayne Corp headquarters, the place was packed, she walked in the building and up to the secretary, 'Hi, it's Ms Kyle, may I speak to Bruce?'

'Yes you can, just come round here' The secretary was leaning down, trying to find some papers, she stood up, turned around and opened a door, she walked in and called Selina, Selina went round the desk and into the room, Selina was yet to see the secretary's face.

The secretary spun round, she was looking down, then suddenly her body shifted into a gleaming green, she ran up to Selina and grabbed her by the throat, 'Don't start the Birds of Prey again, or you will suffer and so will Helena'

'You touch my child and I ---' The woman continuously squeezed Selina's neck.

Selina managed to lift her two legs up, she pressed them against the woman and back flipped off her, Selina quickly swiped the woman with her leg. The woman fell to the floor,

'Nice try Barbie' Suddenly the face shifted into Barbara Gordon's sign for Oracle,

'Glad to see you noticed my Oracle Bot'

'Now listen Babs, you touch Helena and I kill comish, understood?'

'Sorry to disappoint you 'lina thatOllie you gave Helena to but when you left he was ambushed by my robot, it was just simply a robot of mine, you do this Selina and Helena suffers!'

'You don't have the guts! You ruthless bitch' Selina got out her old cat claws and swiped the robot's head off.

Selina quickly bashed open the window, she used her cat powers and leaped to the opposite building, she leaped off and landed on top of Ollie's house. She looked through a tiny window that poked into the attic, Ollie and Sin had been locked in. Selina bashed through the window. 'Selina, I'm so glad to see you!' Ollie ran over to her and hugged him, Selina walked over to the door, 'Ollie get your bow and arrow, the now ruthless Oracle is going to hurt Helena through your clone!'

'My arrows are downstairs!'

Selina picked the lock and slung the door open

'Stay here with sin, I'll have to use them'

Selina rushed downstairs and hid, she saw the robot of Ollie, to have less confusion she just called him Oracle. Selina spotted the umbrella stand, in it were a bunch of green arrows, she knew they weren't the real hi-tech ones but they will have to do.

Selina leaped over to them, she grabbed them, Oracle spotted her, she had to react quick.

She ran and slid under him, she ran over to the buggy, 'Since when were you so ruthless'

'Since Dinah died' Oracle shouted, Selina shot the arrows at the robot, the robot deflected it, 'Stupid--'

Suddenly one of the proper arrows appeared in the robot's back, Sin was standing there, she had just thrown and arrow at the robot. The robot fell to the floor and shut down. 'S..S…Sin?'

'Daddy taught me to do that'

'Where is he?'

'Here, incase Sin missed'

Ollie was behind Selina. Selina rushed over to him and hugged him, 'Thank you, but we need to pay a little visit to the Justice Legion'

'First, you need to explain what is going on' Ollie sighed.

Selina took off her coat to reveal a red outfit, 'Fine, but Sin and Helena can't hear'

After hours of explaining to Ollie, he finally agreed to help her start the group,

'Thanks, your way more calm than Babs'

'I don't know what's happened with her, I think we have to go see her, now'

'Do you have the keys to Dinah's jet'

'No, but Bruce has it, that's why I went to see him, until I was ambushed'

'And where is the head quarters?'

'Bruce built an underground base for me underneath Wayne Corp building.'

'Ok, but before we go see Oracle, we have to see Bruce'

'Wait! I need to show you my twenty!'

'Hold On, who's going to look after Sin and Helena?'

Sometime Later In Wayne Corp.

'Good Thinking, giving the kids to Dinah's sister'

Selina and Ollie barged passed everyone into Lucias Fox's office. Selina slammed the door open and Ollie followed behind.

'Nice to see you to'

'Cats and Foxes don't mix'

'Do you want the keys?'

'Hand them over'

'How did you?' Ollie wondered,

'Don't ask him'

Selena and Ollie got into the lift, Selina pressed the alarm button, 'What are you doing Selina!?'

'Bruce's lady friend Vikki, monitors security, she'll see its us'

Suddenly the lift shot down, it opened to a big lighted crystal blue room.

Bruce Wayne aka Batman was leaning against the table, 'So you got Mr. Queen to assist you'

'Well I had no work, since the justice league is so busy, so I thought why not?' Ollie smiled

Bruce laughed. Ollie stared at Bruce, 'You laugh?'

'So Bruce, you in or out?'

'I'm only helping choose the ladies, then it's back to the league for me, yes the justice league in which I am part of' Bruce leaned towards Ollie as he spoke, Ollie rolled his eyes.

Selina walked over to two massive black doors, she touched them and they slid open. It was a sideways door. Ollie and Bruce walked into the different place, 'Where are we?'

'Where are we?'

'Look out'

'At the bottom of the watchtower!'


Selina got in the jet with Bruce and Ollie, 'Bruce, set the plane off then put it on autopilot, I want to show you my twenty girls'

Selina took of her black utility belt she was wearing and opened a mini pocket, she slipped out a mini data card, she chucked it in the air and it exploded into a hologram.

The ship shot off into the sky, the earth coming closer towards them. Bruce clicked 'Autopilot' and sat down with Selina and Ollie, who where looking at the photograph.

'Here are the twenty'

'No Huntress?' Bruce wondered

'She says she doesn't want to be involved'

'Wait, you don't choose Lady Shiva but you choose Enchantress who

no one has heard of?'

'Shut it'

'And why is Donna got on her old, old uniform?'

'Let's just decide'

'Straight Away, I know who to pick' Ollie told Selina and Bruce


'I'm starting to think that choosing four is a bad idea' Bruce sighed,

'Your right, seven will be chosen'

'Well my other three would be'

'I don't agree, I think these people are ready'

'Selina, who do you think?'

'I'm choosing one of mine and three from both of yours'


'She's ready Bruce' Ollie told him

'That team is final, I will be summoning them…now' Selina smirked, she pressed

A red button and suddenly six girls appeared before them.

'Hello girls, you have been chosen to be part of Birds of Prey, I am Selina Kyle head of BoP and this is Ollie, mission director and this is Bruce Wayne, the supplier of equipments'

'Oh my god, thanks' Were the few words that came from the six of the girls.

'Hey, where's Supergirl?'

'Last thing I heard she was with…' Ollie's eyes straightened,

'Selina, fasten the jet, Oracle has Supergirl!'

'Girls, your first mission, you will all find a BoP earring in your belt/jacket/weaponry cases, now the mission briefing: This is the only mission me and Ollie are coming on, we have to stop Oracle who we think has been infected by Brainiac (considering her weird behaviour) and we need Ice to freeze everyone whilst Manhunter, Zatanna and Fire go search for Supergirl. Me, Ollie, Bruce, Batwoman, Zinda and Ice will fight Oracle'

The jet came into landing, 'Girls lets go'

The jet crashed down, but no harm was done to anyone or jet.

'This is a bit of a shock, but I'm up to it' Batwoman told Selina,

The girls ran into the base, Ice saw the heroes, 'Hold--'

Ice froze everyone in the room apart from her team mates, 'Manhunter, Zatanna and Fire, here are scanners for any Kryptonian blood, go' Bruce gave the girls,

'I'm also going to assist you' Bruce pressed a button, Ollie and Bruce shifted into their costumes. Bruce head off with the Supergirl search team. Selina hadn't shifted into her costume, 'No costume?' Ollie wondered whilst getting out his Bow, Selina turned sharply at Ollie, 'Those days are over'

'If you ask me, you should be Scandal, Scandal II' Ice smiled,

Selina smiled back, Selena had a tracker in her hand, she led the girls into a big Silver room, she burst in, Oracle was there, standing. 'Hi Brainiac' Selina walked in.

'How did you guess' Oracle's eyes went green,

Suddenly the OracleBot appeared behind Selena, 'AGH' Selina and Ollie cried out as they were tazered by the OracleBot.

Ice, spun round and froze OracleBot, Zinda and Batwoman leaped over to Oracle,

'Try' Batwoman flipped over Oracle, Oracle grabbed her hand in mid-air and slammed her to the floor, she was un-conscious. Zinda backed off, pretending to be scared, Oracle moved towards her. Zinda slid under her legs and punched her in the back of the head, Oracle stuttered away,

'Good move' Oracle spun round and smacked her leg into Zinda, Zinda flew back and fell unconscious. Suddenly the OracleBot unfroze, Ice was surrounded, Ice leaped over the OracleBot and into the main room, she unfroze everyone,


The heroes gathered to see OracleBot and the Brainiac infected Oracle,

'Don't worry, this isn't the first time' Ray Palmer spoke,

Ice backed off, Green Lantern and Aquaman we slammed against the computer, Hawkgirl and Shazam smirked at the OracleBot, Hawkgirl swung her mace round, Oracle appeared and grabbed it, Oracle twirled the mace and made an electric bolt shoot at Hawkgirl, which made her unconscious. Shazam blasted OracleBot's head off, 'Mikaal and Ray, Get Oracle!'

Ray grew huge, he crashed threw the lights. He swung down and smacked Oracle into the next room, Starman exploded the room, Ray shrank back to normal size. Suddenly Ray and Mikaal saw Shazam fly back and hit the ground, unconscious. OracleBot had reformed. Suddenly the door burst open, Ice had gone and found her other team mates. Mikaal and Ray ran over to Bruce, Fire, Zatanna, Manhunter, Ice and an unconscious Supergirl. 'They have beaten everyone, we need your help'

Bruce looked at all the bodies on the floor, Suddenly Oracle appeared from the flames with OracleBot, 'Aw, you scared to fight me?'

Suddenly the unconscious team all slowly awoke, 'Heroes, go into Selina and Ollie in that room' Bruce pointed to the left, the re-gained conscious heroes ran into the room with Selina and Ollie, who had regained consciousness.

'Bruce, we need to talk after this!' Selina shouted. OracleBot swiped her arm,

'Self Destruct'


'Get Down!'

'Edisni Tcurtsed Fles' Zatanna enchanted

Suddenly OracleBot exploded, but only herself exploded,


'See, this is why Zatanna is better than Enchantress' Ollie told Selina,

Oracle blasted Zatanna and killed her,

'ZATANNA!' Bruce screamed, he ran over to her and held her in his arms,

Fire gasped, she blasted Oracle with all her powers,

'It's not enough Fire, it was never enough' Oracle smirked

'Why are you doing this?' Manhunter questioned the Brainiac inside Oracle.

'I saw the rage in this body, a perfect thing to posses, it's just like Indigo all over again, besides that, I hate all heroes' Brainiac's voice was a deeper, computerized version of Oracle's. Ice stepped forward to Fire, 'Together Bea'

Ice and Fire put their hands together, suddenly blue and green vibes surrounded them and within a couple of seconds, one woman was formed.

'What has happened?' Selina asked

'We have come together to create the woman--ION!'

"Ion" blasted Oracle, Oracle was slowly weakening,

'I have seen this before! If they carry on like this, they will die!' Hal shouted from the green room, trying to heal with his team mates.

'Bruce, take cover and make sure you don't loose Zatanna, I am awakening the Black Supergirl'

'What!' Selina ran out the room she was in,

'Selina, stand down, it's for the good of everyone here!'

'Can't we just call JLA or JSA!'

'Don't you think we tried that,

if you haven't noticed the outside world is all being held hostage by Brainiac! We need to kill Brainiac, even if it does mean taking down Barbara Gordon'

'NO! Barbara Gordon was a great hero among us, she was a great hero, a great leader and a great Woman! We will not let Brainiac stand in front of us, now Manhunter--STAND DOWN!'

Suddenly "Ion" spun round,

'The mission is almost complete, phase--'

"Ion" was blasted into the wall, behind her was Oracle,

'Just another one of my illusions' Oracle smiled,

Ion slowly got up 'This is a battle between me and you!'

'If you say so'

Selina scrunched her hands into fists, 'Manhunter, I can take you down'

'Listen Selina! I've been a BoP longer than you have been with Bruce! So don't tell me what to do'

'Kate, if you do this, your out and you will be arrested' Ollie told her,

'Why? For killing Brainiac?'

'You're not! Dark Supergirl is! You are going to be arrested for setting up the death of Barbara Gordon! No wonder your name is Manhunter!'

Kate laughed, Selina swung he leg up and whacked Manhunter in the face. Manhunter stumbled away, 'Sorry Kate'

Manhunter got out her sword, Selina kept dodging her moves,

'I've been a bust-ass chick before you were ever heard of!'

Selina grabbed the sword, she spun it round, so the other way faced Kate, Selina whacked Kate with it and Kate fell to the floor. Then, it happened.


The room shook, Oracle was on the floor, Ion leaped over to her. 'Get up' Ion gritted through her teeth, Oracle got up, smoke coming from her body, 'Fire, Ice--'

Ion picked her up and got her by the neck, she leaped over to Zatanna,


'I…I can't' For some reason, Oracle's nose was now bleeding and her face all scuffed,

Suddenly Oracle dropped, she dropped to the floor. Brainiac had gone. Manhunter got up, she wiped the blood away, 'Ion' Ion spun round and Manhunter stuck a tazer in her, then Ion became Fire and Ice once again. 'We killed….Barbara Gordon'

'Bruce…I'm so sorry' Manhunter looked at Bruce who was standing,

Selina leaped towards Manhunter and grabbed her neck, 'Shut up! THIS WAS AL YOUR IDEA!'


The superhero aids came, the zipped up Oracle in a body bag, Commissioner said his lasts goodbye to her, before she was buried. Bruce refused to classify Zatanna as dead. He kept her and bought her to the JLA, he knows there is a way, somehow and someday that she will come alive and if she does, she can save Barbara Gordon. Fire and Ice were soon arrested but Ice was released on Presidential Pardon, rather than Fire who has committed crimes before. Supergirl had finally regained consciousness and accepted being in BoP. As for Manhunter--Manhunter realized she can't work with Selina and went solo, once again.

Batwoman decided to stay and help the League. Soon,

Selina realized this can still go on.

So--Supergirl, Lady Blackhawk and Ice continue to fight crime whilst Selina and Ollie as monitor.

Next Time:

The girls face against Marque--Cassandra Cain's long lost sister who demands to know where Batgirl is. Plus, will Bruce discover Selina's secret? And who is Selina after, Bruce or Ollie. Selina and Ollie start to have concerns on their children, can they give them the life they promised them? Shocking Secret!: Lady Shiva returns to face Marque but also tries to steal back Sin! And will the BoP last when The President blames the BoP for destruction of hero headquarters and the arrest of Fire?