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Bella moves to Forks after her mother gets married. Football is Bella's life and she is really good at it. The only problem is it's her senior year and the guys at Forks high aren't exactly going to let a girl join their team. How will Bella earn their respect or will she? Will the guys on the team ever get over themselves? And will the "plastics" ever leave Bella alone for being on the football team?

I fell onto my bed and took in a deep breath as I looked at my new room. The walls were white and the paint was peeling in places but Charlie said I could do whatever I wanted to the room. But I wasn't picky, anyway I had plenty of posters to cover the walls. I still could not believe that in my Senior year I moved….I mean I wanted my mom to be happy and that is why I did not make a big fuss about moving in with Charlie who I barely knew. But my SENIOR year?…I mean why could I not be uprooted in my freshman year? Now I have to start from scratch again with friends and figuring out the campus, but more importantly with football. Well yes, of course I would still be an amazing wide receiver, but I would have to start all over again with getting the respect from the guys on the team. That is if I could get them to let me try out.

School started in two days and so did try outs. But I figured I would use the same trick I used at my old school to get on the team. I would show up dressed already, with pads, helmet and have my hair in a wig cap so there was no chance of any of my hair getting loose and showing. Charlie, my dad, was not to keen on the idea of me playing football. He thinks it is too rough of a sport but Charlie would change his mind once he saw me play. The other team barely ever touched me because of my speed but even when I was I could take a hit.

Two days later...

Beep beep beep…

I reached over and hit my alarm clock hoping to get another minute or two of sleep. I did not want to get up yet and I definitely did not want to get up and have to deal with the first day of school where I would know absolutely no one. Suddenly my door flung open.

"Good morning, Bells," Charlie said and, might I add, he was way too chipper for it only being the morning.

I groaned back at him and turned over, facing my peeling wall and pulled the covers over my head.

"Good morning to you too sunshine, now lets get up Bella…" and I could tell there was a smirk on his face as he spoke. He was enjoying this too much.

"Two more minutes…Please," I said groggily.

"Nope," and with that Charlie took hold of my covers and threw them off, exposing my legs to the cold morning air that surrounded me and I sprung up from bed in shock. "Much better!I have donuts downstairs for breakfast. You better hurry before I eat them all, I'm a cop you know." Charlie said at an attempt to be funny and I could not help but smirk at his failed attempt at humor.

I quickly got dressed and headed downstairs and found donuts just as Charlie had promised and they all were sprinkled, my favorite.

"I hope you still like sprinkle donuts, they were your favorite when you were little."

"Yes, I still love them!!" I said excitedly.

"Well good." Charlie said with immense satisfaction in his voice.

"Well, you better take those to go sleepy head or you're going to be late for your first day of school."

And so I grabbed the box… (yea yea yea, I know I am a fatty but hey, I will work them off at football practice today.), and headed towards the door grabbing my book bag and jacket on the way. When I stepped out the front door my eyes grew wide and my mouth flew open.

"Trying to catch flies are we," Charlie said pointing at my dropped jaw.

I ran over and hugged him saying "OH MY GOODNESS….OH MY GOODNESS…you got me a Truck...Thank you so much!"

"You're welcome Bella and you better hurry off to school or you're going to be late." Charlie said while he hugged me back.

"Ch-dad…, umm, how do I get to school?" I said suddenly realizing I had no clue.

"I put the directions in the car. It is fairly simple…Have fun at school Bella and make me proud at tryouts." Charlie said as he got into his cruiser and then pulled out of the driveway.

I could not believe it Charlie got me a truck…My truck was amazing and fit me perfectly. It was red and was old so it had the antique truck look, faded paint and rust spots that I loved. I quickly loaded my football gear into the back of the truck and then jumped into the cab; an enormous smile grew across my face as MY truck roared to life.

Charlie was right. Finding the way to school was not that hard. It was a straight shot from my house except for one left turn I had to make. Once I got out of my car, I immediately felt people staring at me, great. I tried to ignore them the best I could as I headed towards the building that said "Office". I had to say I was happy this school was not as big as my last one which meant hopefully I would not get lost as easily. I walked into the office and immediately was greeted by a red headed women who was a little bit on the chubby side but that just made her feel more friendly. "Good morning…Oh, you must be Isabelle Swan, he chief's daughter…Wow, you have your father's eyes" she said absent mindedly. I was confused because brown eyes aren't much of a complimenting feature but I smiled anyway.

"Yeah, that's me…Good morning Mrs.…"

"Silly me, my name is Mrs. Langdon…Welcome to Forks High…Here is your schedule, I need you to take it and get it signed by all your teachers and bring it back at the end of the day… Okay?"

"Okay," I said as I headed for the door, unsure of how I was going to find the classrooms.

"Oh, wait one second there sweetheart…You didn't think we were going to send you out to find all your classes by yourself did you? You'd get lost and we might never find you. Wait one second while I go get one of my student aids." She said laughing to herself as she headed though a door.

I sat down in a chair as I waited for Mrs. Langdon to return. I was happy I would not get lost but I always kind of felt weird to have someone I did not know show me around school. I was pulled out of my thoughts when short girl with spiky black hair came back following behind Mrs. Langdon.

"Hi, I'm Alice you must be Isabella!" She said happily.

"Hi, Alice…and I go by Bella."

"Oh, well hi Bella…well Mrs. Langdon gave me a copy of your schedule. Shall I show you to your first class?" and with that we headed out of the room.

"So you're the chief's daughter? That's pretty cool…Where did you move from?"


"Well, that's got to be a little different moving from the desert to Forks where it always rains and EVERYTHING is green." She said laughing to herself.

"Yeah, I guess. I haven't been here very long, though. This is only my third day here in Forks."

"Really? Oh, here we are welcome to your English class." Alice said as I reached for the door handle. "I will meet you right here after class to bring you to your next class...Mrs. Langdon gave me pass so I can get out of all my classes a little early and be late…Okay well bye, Bella. Good luck" Alice said as she skipped off down the hall.

I walked into the class and suddenly all the eyes in the class were on me…Crap!

"May I help you?" the teacher asked. She had gray hair, glasses, and was a bit heavy.

"Yea I am a new student." I said while I handed her my schedule.

"Welcome to my class…I am Mrs. Hardy. You can sit right back there next to Jessica…Jessica please raise your hand." Then a girl with bleached blonde hair with tons of make up on and a shirt on that was showing way too much skin raised her hand. I had a feeling I was not going to like this girl. "Class this is Isabella…Isabella, why don't you tell us something about yourself."

"I like to be called Bella?" I said quietly.

"Okay Bella tell us something, like where did you move from?"

"I moved from Arizona."

"Okay class, this is Bella and she just moved here from Arizona." with that I took my seat happy to be at the back of the room.

"Hi, I'm Jessica" the girl sitting next to me whispered, though that was obvious since the teacher told me to sit next to Jessica and she raised her hand but it was still a nice jester of her to introduce herself. Maybe I was wrong about her.

"Hi, I'm Bella," I said back sheepishly.

"Let me see your schedule," Jessica asked as I handed her my schedule. "Oh, we have P.E and Lunch together." She said simply as she handed me back my schedule.


"Bella and Jessica, do you have something you would like to share with the class?"

"Nope…but thanks for asking Mrs. Hardy," Jessica responded politely.

"Well, then please stop talking." Mrs. Hardy said firmly.

Finally, the Bell rang and I was happy to get out of that class, Mrs. Hardy was an extremely boring teacher. I was greeted by Alice at the door who took my schedule from my hands and then started to jump up and down saying "Sweet, we have the next class together!"


"So how was your last class?"

"Boring but I did meet Jessica… Stanley."

"Ouch, I am so sorry" she said seriously.

"Why? She was really nice to me."

"Really? Wow Bella, a plastic was nice to you…that is like the biggest complement ever! That means she thinks you are really pretty." Alice said amazed.

"What plastics? And what do you mean she thinks I am pretty?"

"Oh ,Rose and I…Oh you will meet Rose next class she has history with us too…anyway Rose and I referred to this group of really popular skanky girls as plastics…and Jessica is like the leader so like I said that means you're really pretty and she wants you to join her group."

"Well she isn't going to like me for long because there is no way I am going to join that group." I said flatly.

"Oh, GOOD!!!" Alice said as she hugged me "We're here…Welcome to history class!"

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