"Bella…I'm going to have to bench you." Edward said a little timidly.

"What no!....you cant do that…." I said in shock…who the hell did he think he was benching me, "You and what army decided this?....we are CO-captains! This is so like you…you just won't let me play because I'm a girl and I AM FREAKING TIRED OF THIS!" I said in one breath and was sure my face was turning red with rage.


"Get to the point Emmett" I was not in the mood for his sweet talking.

"Edward and I decided it would be in the best interest of the team for you not to have your spine snapped in half." Emmett said truly trying to be sensitive. "Plus this is our easiest game of the year, we can win it without you" at this I was about to object when Emmett saw the look on my face and continued. "Not saying that we don't want you out there….its just-"

"Go ahead Emmett say it…its because I'm a girl so I'm breakable....This is such BS and you know it Emmett!" and with that I turned around to go sit down on the freaking bench and tell my replacement John he was up.

"Hey John," I said trying to sound as chipper as I could, "your up!" At this John's face lit up but then a frown appeared on his face.

"Wait your not hurt are you?! Oh Emmett must be pissed he is going to lay out Mark-"

"Calm down John…no, I am not hurt and Mark didn't leave a scratch on me" Which wasn't a complete lie I didn't have any marks you could see but Mark sure as hell left a burning sensation in my back.

"Oh good…but wait why are you sitting down…it's not like you to leave a guy that big of a jerk standing." John said slightly amused.

"I was benched." I said flatly.

"Wait what…they benched you?" John said completely shocked.

"Yep they think I am breakable…but you better hurry out there before we get a delay of game!" I said wanting to end this conversation before I got even more mad that Edward and Emmett thought they were the only captains on this team and could freaking bench me. The only reason I was not out on the field right now was because John was a great wide receiver and I knew he could beat them. Also John was on of the few guys who treated me like one of the guys and not some breakable girl.

But the longer I sat on the bench the madder I got. Just thinking about the fact that I was benched because I was a girl…No one else on the team would ever get benched for that…no one. Edward and Emmett were making it worse. Emmett when ever he came off the field kept treating me like I was on the verge of death and treating me like I was shattered glass he was trying to piece back together. And well Edward kept ignoring me and all the plays I was telling him to do. Mark kept making cry baby faces at me and I had to fight myself with every fiber of my being to not go haul off and punch the kid in the face.

But the last straw was when right before a play Mark motioned for me to watch him. Edward called hike and John ran a slant route and jumped up to the catch the ball and before he even reached the top of his jump, mark came running across the field grabbed onto John's ankles and twisted them as he dragged John down to the ground. Mark gave me a knowing smile after this and then proceeded to get up as John let out a scream of pain before rolling over onto his stomach and beating the grass with his fist. I looked up waiting for the flag on defensive pass inference, but surprise surprise once again there was no call.

The Athletic trainers that were there quickly run up to john and helped him hobble off the field.

As John made his way to the side-line I suited up not caring what Edward or Emmett had to say about it.

"Go get 'em Bella!" John said though gritted teeth as I passed him.

"You know I will." I said in a flat yet menacing voice.

"Bella go back to the bench," Edward said firmly to me.

"Hell no!" I said plainly back to him as I took my spot in the huddle.

Mark looked at me and then back at John and then simply shrugged at me. Only make my blood boil more. Then Mark did probably one of the dumbest things any guy has ever done, He yelled out his defenses play which was called "that girl is screwed". Which I am pretty sure was just him trying to make a statement but wither way that was it. I went into a blind rage at that point. I gave Edward the look to pass me the ball and he shook his head no. This brought my already boiling blood to a dangerous limit. Then he called out "Bang Bella…Bang Bella…down set hike." That was freaking it! I was done with him! I took off full speed toward Mark and still keeping my eyes on Edward to make sure he saw how pissed I was. And then Edward did something I wasn't expecting at all, he threw me the ball. I grabbed it, securing it into my chest and turned up field; only to see Mark was about five steps in front of me. An evil grin crossed my face and all my anger really surfaced now as I lowered my shoulder and plowed him over. When i hit him he fell flat on his back and hit his head so hard against the field you could probably feel it in the bleachers. But I didn't look back or slow down I had tunnel vision on the in-zone.

-----------------------------------Edwards POV-------------------------------------------------

I knew it was dangerous but it was the only way I would let Bella back on the field with the sleaze ball Mark and those cheating refs. And that was only if Bella was thoroughly so pissed that nothing could stop her. I told the team my idea and they looked at me like I was crazy.

"Wait so you want us to purposefully piss Bell off…YEA RIGHT! I value my life." Nathan quickly responded.

"Yea I like my head connected to my body," Josh piped in along with the rest of them having different reason why it was an extremely dumb and bad idea to piss off Bella. And I had to agree with them, but if this worked it would so be worth Bella almost killing me. In the end Emmett was the only one who agreed to help me piss off Bella.

"Bella…I'm going to have to bench you." I said trying to sound as firmly as I could but I in all honesty was scared Bella might just hall off and punch me right there.

"What no!....you cant do that….,You and what army decided this?....we are CO-captains! This is so like you…you just won't let me play because I'm a girl and I AM FREAKING TIRED OF THIS!" Bella said in one breath and shaking with anger.

"Bella…Bells" Emmett said trying to sweet talk her.

"Get to the point Emmett" Bella said seeing right though his attempts to pacify her.

"Edward and I decided it would be in the best interest of the team for you not to have your spine snapped in half. ..Plus this is our easiest game of the year, we can win it without you" Then suddenly realizing he said he didn't need her and seeing the rage slowly build up in her eyes Emmett quickly corrected himself. "Not saying that we don't want you out there….its just-"

"Go ahead Emmett say it…its because I'm a girl so I'm breakable....This is such BS and you know it Emmett!" Bella said storming off.

"This better work Edward….cause she certainly is pissed now." Emmett said regretting now he agreed to piss off Bella with me.

"Trust me Emmett it will…plus I would prefer she wasn't in the game with Mark at all. So it's a win, win in the end." I said trying to reassure myself.

As the game continued Emmett and I took turns babying Bella when we weren't playing and she really seemed to be getting pissed off. And Mark was really helping with all the taunting he was doing from the field. I wanted to go over there and knock him out but I knew when Bella was finally at her breaking point she would hit him harder then I ever could.

I looked over to the sidelines seeing that there was only about 35 seconds left in the game and could really see Bella was about at her breaking point and decided after this play I would put her in. I threw the ball down field with a perfect spiral to John and right as he was about to catch it Mark comes across the field and while John still is in the air and hasn't touched the ball comes over and grabs onto his ankles and twist them as he drags John to the ground. The looked to the ref right next to me asking for the call but he told me if I told him how to do his job again he would have me throw out of the game.

John was twisting and turning in pain on the ground as the personal trainers came over to help him and then assist him off the field. As I watched John leave the field I saw Bella and him exchange a few words. The look on Bella's face was now nothing but pure furry, Bella was PISSED! But I wanted to make sure Bella was as mad as I could make her and so I decided to see if I couldn't push her a little further.

"Bella go back to the bench!" I said channeling all my anger into my words.

"Hell no!" She spat back at me as she joined the huddle.

"That girl is screwed" Mark called out like a play. Which I knew was just him sending a message to our team. It took every once of control I had to not tackle him right then and there. But then I remember what happened to Tyler for just grabbing Bella's butt and knew that what ever she did to him would be much worse. But before I let her unleash her fury on Mark I decided to push her just a little more. "Bang Bella…Bang Bella…DOWN SET HIKE!" Bella's face when so red I could see it through her helmet as she took off towards Mark. But she was still looking at me with the whole time with nothing but complete and total intensity, that showed just how anger she was. So I threw her the ball. She caught it in full stride faster then I have ever seen her run before and then she turned up-field and without hesitation she lowered her shoulder and picked up even more speed as she barreled into Mark. Who hit the ground with one of the loudest thuds I had ever heard. I watched Bella as she rocketed into the in-zone with perfect form and blinding speed. But then I looked to where Bella had knocked Mark to the ground and found he was motionless. Bella had knocked him out cold.

Slowly Mark stated coming back to, but was completely disoriented. He looked around at the coaches and started asking "What happened?"

"You where knocked out while playing football."

Mark processed this for a second and then asked, " Who did it?! I want to see him…"

"Hi" Bella piped in still with her helmet on. "That would be me!" She said with sheer pleasure.

"What…no you are only like 5 feet tall and cant be more then like 100 pounds…yea right seriously who did it?"

"Me" Bella said repeating herself once again as she took off her helmet. "And it's rude to ask a girl her weight, but for the record I weigh 120 and I am 5'6."

"What the- " Then suddenly you could tell her remember everything and then he tried to stand up. But as he got to about ½ way up he fell back to the ground and blacked out once again….Idiot.

Emmett who had been watching the whole thing choose now come and swoop Bella up and carry her off to the sidelines. Where the rest of our team was celebrating the victory.

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