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Author: Ongaku

Genre: Angst/Romance

Pairing: Ulquiorra/Orihime

Summary: When you are in the worst of situations you seek out the best in people in hopes of making it through, even if it hurts you more in the long run.

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach, nuff said.

Broken Purity – Chapter 04

Orihime sat outside a small café in America. She never thought she would be in another country, so far away from her friends, but it turned out to be the best option. She needed a new start, even though it was sad. Plus, America had the best schools for learning to be a doctor.

At first she wasn't sure she could be a good doctor but the powers she had were screaming at her that she was meant to help cure people.

However, over time she began to lose her powers and soon she was no longer able to see them or feel them. She wasn't sure if that meant her powers where gone completely or if they had just gone dormant since they were no longer needed.

It was probably for the best because she would have been tempted to use them once she became a doctor. That would have been a hard one to have to explain.

The weather outside was nice for a change. Not too hot and not too cold. The tea she sipped on tasted so sweet.

She got a few stares by the guys that walked by. She had learned that her looks were even popular in the USA. She had dated a few guys but it never went anywhere. After her failed serious dating with Uryuu in Japan she just didn't have the heart to ruin another guy's life.

It was crazy, she still had lingering feelings for the man that had taken her captive and changed her life completely.

Today Orihime was waiting up to meet her good friend Tatsuki. She was in town for a fighting tournament so they decided they should get together.

As she waited for her friend, Orihime's mind wondered back to when she got back from the war.

Orihime lay in her bed for the fifth week since they had won the war. She knew that she was worrying her friends but she just didn't feel like trying to be cheerful again. It was much too soon. She had failed in saving Ulquiorra and didn't feel like she accomplished much.

She also didn't feel like the same girl she was before she was kidnapped. So much had happened to her that she grew in many ways. She felt a lot more mature than before so the thought of being around all those high school kids made her skin crawl. She didn't think she could pretend that exams were the worst thing anymore.

Tatsuki had been stopping by to make sure she ate. She didn't want to make her friends worry even more so she ate all the food they provided. It made her sad the first day they tried to get her to eat.

It reminded her of all the times Ulquiorra had to get her to eat. When she broke out in tears again for, who knows how many times, Tatsuki looked about ready to give up.

So, she began to eat the food and the look of relief on her friends' faces made Orihime feel even more upset. She didn't want them to give up on her.

Orihime reached down to her stomach where a bandage was being placed. She had learned that the sword didn't hit any vital spots. They were able to bandage her up and stop the bleeding.

It wasn't until they were able to break free out of Las Noches did she actually get better. The fourth squad worked hard on healing her and pretty soon she had her color back.

She couldn't believe she was still alive after all of that. At one point she cursed them for saving her but then she realized that was stupid. Ulquiorra wanted her to live so she needed to keep herself alive, even if the life she had was a meaningless one.

Orihime looked over at the clock and noticed it was six o'clock in the morning. She heard a light tapping on her door and answered it.

"Come in."

The door slowly opened and in walked Tatsuki. She looked worn out and Orihime flinched because she knew it was her fault.

"Are you going to school today?"

Orihime stared at her for the longest time and then sat up.

"Yeah…" she wasn't sure if she was ready to take on school but she couldn't stay in bed much longer if she was going to live her life.

Tatsuki looked surprised as she watched Orihime get up and make her way to the shower.

Orihime stumbled a bit because she was still sore from the stabbing and because she had been in bed for too long. She needed to take it slow but eventually start up her exercise again.

"Um," Orihime started as she noticed Tatsuki's stares. "If it isn't too much trouble, could you make us some breakfast?"

Tatsuki smiled and Orihime let out a sigh of relief. She wasn't sure what sort of reaction she was going to get if she asked for another favor.

"Sure, just take your time with the hot shower and when you come out I will have a nice warm meal."

Orihime eyes watered up a bit at the kindness she was being shown. She choked back a sob and Tatsuki looked worried.


Orihime just shook her head. "I'll be fine. It's just, thank you so much for being my friend, Tatsuki."

Tatsuki was surprised for the second time that day. She walked up to Orihime and held her in a soft hug.

"Of course, Orihime. You would have done the same."

Orihime and Tatsuki walked to school in complete silence but it wasn't uncomfortable like you would expect. It was just a simple pleasure in knowing Orihime was out and Tatsuki couldn't have been happier.

As they got closer and closer to the school Orihime began to feel nervous. She hadn't seen any of her classmates for such a long time, including Chad, Rukia, Uryuu and Ichigo. She wondered if they were all angry at her or if they just thought they would give her space.

Either way she felt a little hurt that none of them ever came by after the first time she broke down.

She did get small things from them that Tatsuki would bring. Such as get-well cards, little gifts, fruit and such but Orihime felt like those were bribes so that they wouldn't have to see her in person.

Her heart stung a bit at the fear they seemed to have of her.

The first person Orihime saw as she neared the school was Chad. He spotted her and nodded his head. Orihime did the same and kept walking. Somehow she wasn't surprised that the reunion with Chad wouldn't have been anything exciting. He was a very respectful man who didn't speak much.

However, she didn't expect him to walk up to her and hold his hand out. Orihime was confused at first until Tatsuki nudged her and told her he wanted to carry her bag.

Orihime smiled at him, even though she thought it was unnecessary she gave him her bag. He then walked on ahead and Orihime just gave Tatsuki a strange look. "I guess that is his was of saying he is glad I'm back."

Tatsuki didn't say much more and just nodded her head.

Once they reached the classroom Orihime stopped at the door. Tatsuki didn't force her in but laid a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"You will be okay Orihime; everyone is waiting eagerly for your return."

Orihime took a deep breath and walked into the room. Before she had walked in she could heard the every day chatter of the class, but as soon as she was spotted the room got quiet.

Orihime looked around and wished she could find a hole to crawl in.


Orihime turned to look in the direction of the voice and spotted Chizaru.

"Orihime!!" Chizaru ran up and gave Orihime a tight hug. This time Tatsuki didn't try to stop her. "I'm so glad to see you again. You had us all worried and no one would tell us why you were out except that you got into an accident."

Orihime flinched a bit at the tight hug because of her injury. "I'm sorry to have worried you, but could you loosen up a bit? My injury isn't completely healed yet."

"I'm sorry!" Chizaru flung herself off and gave some wild hand movements.

"Um…" Orihime swung her body around to see who was behind her.


Orihime's heart thumped in anticipation. He had been the only other person to witness what had happened between her and Ulquiorra. She wondered if he was disappointed in her for trying to save him.

Uryuu's face looked stern but then he pushed up his glasses and gave her a soft smile. "I'm glad to see that you are back."

Orihime eyes watered up with unshed tears. "Thank you."

Uryuu then handed her a huge folder. Orihime took it with a questioning look.

"I didn't know if you would want this but since you were someone with good grades I thought I should. I have been taking notes and keeping homework assignments for you these last five weeks. It won't be easy for you to catch up so I hope this helps."

Orihime bowed in thanks. "Thank you, Uryuu; that was a huge favor." She began to feel a bit better knowing that he was thinking about her even though he never visited.

"Also, if you need a tutor you can ask me anytime."

Orihime wasn't sure what she was about to do was appropriate but she couldn't help it. She walked up to Uryuu and gave him a hug. When she was close enough to his ear she whispered some more thanks and told him she was glad he didn't hate her.

There were some cat calls going on in the room when she did this and Uryuu had turned bright red but Orihime didn't care. She was just glad that he was still being kind to her.

When she let go she felt the presence of two people that made her freeze in her tracks.

Ichigo and Rukia had walked in together and they had witnessed the scene between Orihime and Uryuu. She should have known that they would come strolling in later than the rest of the class and together as well. She looked at Ichigo and felt nothing. All the feelings she once had for him were dead.

She didn't hate him but she was hurt by him when he never trusted her. She didn't want to blame him for Ulquiorra's death but she knew that somewhere deep inside, she did.

Rukia walked up to her and grabbed her hand. "How are you, Orihime?"

"I'm doing better, I'm sorry about the last time."

Rukia looked a little flustered. She had been a wonderful friend when she had comforted her crying form the first time, but Orihime knew that she was very uncomfortable with it. She figured that was why she never came to visit again.

"Orihime, I'm sorry I never came by. I… there is no good excuse but I thought that if you saw me you would only feel worse."

The realization sunk into Orihime's head when Rukia had said this. She never thought that Rukia would think she was mad at her or Ichigo.

Ichigo walked up to Orihime and looked her in the eyes. He didn't look as relieved to see her as everyone else did but Orihime knew that was just his way.

"Could we talk after school?"

Orihime just nodded her head and Rukia gave her hand another squeeze before heading to her seat.

Class was going to seem like forever now.

Orihime waited for Ichigo in the back of the school after classes were over. She expected to get there first but what she didn't expect was that Rukia, Chad, and Uryuu were there as well. Tatsuki wanted to stay, but Orihime told her to go on home and not to worry about her.

"So, is this something all of you want to talk to me about?"

She looked around as all of them nodded their heads and Orihime sighed. She was starting to get a bad feeling about this.

Finally, Ichigo showed up but he had a stern look on his face. Orihime gulped and backed away a bit on instinct. She didn't want to believe that Ichigo would be mean to her but he never really knew her entire story.

"Inuoe-san? Is something wrong?"

Orihime lowered her head. "I'm sorry. I guess I'm just a little nervous."

She felt a warm hand being placed on her should and saw that it was Rukia. Orihime nodded her head in understanding; she didn't need to be nervous because she was still loved.

"There is no need to be nervous. We are all just worried about you." Ichigo said, rubbing the back of his head as if he were more nervous than her. "I just have a few questions for you."

Orihime knew it. They wanted to know what happened to her in Las Noches. Her stomach turned at the reminder of it. So many horrible things happened she wasn't sure she was ready to relive it.

"That Ulquiorra guy, what kind of relationship did you have with him?"

Ichigo's first question was not what she expected at all. She couldn't believe how blunt he was. In actuality she shouldn't have been shocked, but she wasn't sure how to answer him so she opted to just tell him the truth.

"I loved him."

They said nothing but Rukia's eyes had gotten bigger and everyone else looked uncomfortable.

Ichigo moved up a little closer, a face full of concern. "Inuoe, did they brainwash you?"

Orihime was starting to feel angry. First they thought she might have betrayed them and now they were starting to sound like they thought she was crazy.

She shook her head back and forth in response.

"I don't understand -- how could you love him when he was our enemy?"

Orihime looked him straight in the eyes and glared. Ichigo took a step back again in surprise. "He was kind to me. He was my one constant in a world that was so foreign to me. I never expected to love him but he was the only thing that kept me sane."

Her friends said nothing and for some reason it made Orihime even angrier. She clinched her fist waiting for a response.

"But, he wasn't human. How could you love a monster?"


It was a word Orihime hated to hear when associated with Ulquiorra. She didn't even like it when it came to any of the other Arrancar. They were just hurt souls, once human. They did not deserve to be called monsters and they did not deserve to be used as pawns by Aizen.

When Gin had called Ulquiorra a monster, she had gotten angry even before she liked him. It was just her way.

So when she heard Ichigo mumble the word, after she had just told them she loved this man they called a monster, she snapped.

"Monster? You have no room to talk and if you want to talk about not being human, why don't you talk to Kuchiki-san about it?" she looked at Rukia and immediately regretted that when she saw how hurt she was.

However, she did not take it back. She was ready to make a point.

"Ichigo, you scare me. I once thought I loved you but when you changed to fight, your form scared me more than any of the Arrancars. It was on par with the fear I felt when Aizen came in my room."

That comment shocked all of them and Ichigo's eyes were wide. He looked completely dumbfounded.

"You have no room to be calling Ulquiorra a monster. You have no idea what I went through on those long months in Las Noches. While you guys were thinking I betrayed you I was breaking inside, piece by piece."

Orihime's eyes began to water up. She didn't want to be this ugly with her friends but they had to know what she went through. She was tired of being judged wrongly.

"Ulquiorra may not have been my best friend but he was slowly learning what a heart was. He was the only one who never hurt me. He took care of me. I don't care if it was Aizen's order at first."

She began to shake. The words were starting to spill out of her mouth like word vomit. She just couldn't stop it.

"He- He was there for me even when Aizen told him to leave me alone. He came rushing to my aid after I was raped by Aizen."

That one word got a gasp out of all of them and Ichigo started to look really guilty.

"Ulquiorra, he helped me to move on from it. We got intimate and even though he didn't know how to hold me as a loved one, he was so gentle in everything he did. He even listened to my story and let me touch him without jerking away."

Orihime couldn't speak anymore. The memory of her love-making with Ulquiorra was too much to handle. It felt like it was only yesterday that he was with her. Her knees gave way and she fell to the ground. Rukia and Uryuu came rushing to her aid to make sure she wa okay.

"I'm so sorry." Tears streamed down her face. "I tried so hard to stay strong and have faith in all of you but soon all I could see was him."

She clung to Rukia, hoping that the small woman would forgive her for saying such a cruel thing earlier. Rukia held her again but this time it wasn't awkward so Orihime knew there were no hard feelings.

Ichigo sat on the ground in defeat. "I'm sorry. I had no idea how horrible it was for you. I shouldn't have said those things. Please forgive me."

Orihime felt her heart get crushed even more. She had made the man she once loved, beg her for forgiveness and she didn't feel good about it at all.


Orihime turned her attention to the energetic girl coming her way.

"I'm sorry I made you wait."

Orihime just smiled at her. "No worries, I got here a lot earlier than the time we scheduled. The tea at this place is just wonderful."

Tatsuki took a deep breath and then took her seat on the opposite side of Orihime. "It certainly smells good. What kind did you order?"

"It's a red tea. It has a sweet taste to it."

"I guess I will have some of that then. Waiter!"

As Tatsuki tried to flag down some help, Orhime watched in amusement. Her friend never really changed. Though they were much older Tatsuki was still a bit of a tomboy, however her figure had finally filled out some. She was looking very attractive.

"So," Tatsuki started after she finished taking her order. "How have things been with you?"

Orihime twirled a strand of her long hair in between her fingers. "Everything is going okay. Classes have been tough but it is a great experience. Thankfully everyone has been so nice to me."

"I bet your English has gotten really good." Tatsuki laughed a bit at the thought of it.

"As a matter of fact, most people tell me I hardly have an accent." Orihime puffed out her chest in order to act silly.

Tatsuki then laughed out loud and Orihime smiled warmly.

"How is everyone back at home?" It was a question she wasn't sure she wanted to ask but knew it was going to come around eventually.

Tatsuki relaxed back in her chair and sighed. "Ichigo is gone now. He went to Soul Society with Rukia. It was strange because we had a funeral for him and everything, but we knew he wasn't exactly dead."

Orihime could only imagine how awkward that might have been, but it made sense. There was no way they could explain his non-moving body for all eternity.

"Chad has started a helping center for young kids. He provides shelters and food for the ones trying to run away from home or don't have a home. It's funny because he is so huge but all the kids love him like he was a big stuffed bear."

Orihime giggled at that. She had always seen Chad as a big softy so she was glad that others did too.

"And Uryuu…" Tatsuki trailed off not sure if she should finish.

Orihime stopped smiling when she noticed Tatsuki stop. Even though it had been two years since they dated it was still a touchy subject.

"Go ahead Tatsuki."

Tatsuki gave her a sad look but continued. "He has finally gotten better. He isn't dating anyone but he went back to school this year to finish his last term."

Orihime was glad to hear this. Uryuu, she truly did love him but their relationship just didn't work out. She just couldn't let go of the lingering feelings she had for a dead man no matter how hard she tried.

She had crushed him and so she punished herself by not letting herself get closer to any other guy than him. Even if that meant she was alone for the rest of her life.

Tatsuki's tea had finally come. She took a sip and let out a pleased sigh. "That does taste good."

Orihime could only nod, the memories of her time with Uryuu coming back to mind.

Orihime was now seventeen and in her last year of High School. Things had never been completely the same since her confrontation with Ichigo but they were able to make peace and still call each other friends.

She never did anything with them though. Except Uryuu, he was the one she saw the most out of the group that had once invaded Soul Society. At first it was just because she needed help in catching up with her studies.

She just didn't have the strength to learn it all alone and Uryuu was at the top of the class. She felt a little guilty at first but as time went on she noticed she really enjoyed his presence and he didn't seem to mind hers either.

After she didn't need him to tutor her anymore they still met up from time to time. Eating dinner together or just drinking tea and conversing. She never thought Uryuu would be someone she could talk with. It made her giggle when she noticed how their roles seemed to be a little reversed.

She felt more like the man in the relationship. The only time she was reminded he was the man was when he would reach to hold her hand or if he kissed her cheek softly.

It sent her heart in flutters. They never actually stated they were dating but somehow it had come to that.

Graduation was just around the corner. Orihime and Uryuu had both made it into Tokyo University so she would be leaving behind a lot of her friends. She was glad she would know at least one person.

Orihime decided she would become a doctor. She wasn't completely sure she could do it but when she told Uryuu he urged her on, saying she would be a great doctor. It made her blush at how confident and proud he acted of her.

Uryuu was going into design. He loved to make clothes and Orihime loved wearing them. At first he didn't know what to do and when Orihime first suggested it he turned it down flat.

It was after she asked him to help make her some shirts that he decided he really enjoyed it. She wore those shirts quite often because she loved getting the compliments on them.

Her relationship with Uryuu was going well. They didn't really do all that much, he didn't even kiss her on the lips yet, but she was glad they were taking it slow.

She wondered if it was because he knew about her rape.

Orihime was not doing well. She was stressed from her hard classes and because of her relationship with Uryuu. They had been dating for almost 5 years now but Orihime knew something was wrong.

They never really fought but she could sense it in the tense atmosphere. He was not confident in her feelings towards him. It was all her fault but she couldn't seem to move on. It was like something inside of her was telling her he wasn't the one.

She wanted so badly for it to be him. He was kind, handsome, loving and just so perfect but her heart was cruel and didn't seem to want him.

The first time they kissed it was sweet but Orihime had felt nothing. She figured it was just a random fluke because she was nervous but it never seemed to change.

She prayed that Uryuu did not feel the same thing. She wanted to be able to let him think she was getting all those feelings through it.

She then prayed that in time she would start to love him more. Hoping that the fondness in her heart would grow with the amount of time they spent.

At first she thought it would actually work but then they slept together for the first time.

It was so terribly awkward. Orihime even wished she wasn't there. Uryuu seemed ashamed but Orihime knew it wasn't his fault. She held him close as they feel asleep together but Orihime was starting to feel a great fear for their relationship.

As time went on the sex got a little better but something was missing and they could both sense it.

Their happy relationship was starting to break and Orihime didn't know what to do.

Class was finally over so Orihime grabbed her things and dashed out. She had to meet with Uryuu today. He said he had something important to tell her. She was really nervous, wondering if he was going to break up with her.

She felt a little guilty when she realized she relaxed some at the thought of it. She was tired of hurting him and thought it might be best if they did end it.

By the time Orihime had gotten to the destination, Uyruu was already there. He looked to be really nervous and Orihime gulped.

"Hey, did you wait long?" she walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek.

"Not at all, how was class?"

Orihime just shook her head. "Don't ask. At least I'm still making high grades in English now."

For some reason Orihime wanted to learn to speak English fluently. She was getting better and better at it with time, but it was really difficult.

They stood in silence for a while as Orihime tried to read Uryuu's face. He was acting a little strange. His eyes were shifty and his hands where fumbling around in his pockets.

"Um," Uryuu took Orihime's hand and Orihime looked at him with worry.

"Is something wrong?"

Uyruu just shook his head and let go of her hand. He then reached in his pocket and pulled out a little black box.

Orihime's heart stopped. This was the worst thing that could have happened.

Here she was thinking about breaking up with him but he was planning to stay with her forever.

As he opened up the box Orihime eyes began to water up. It was beautiful. The ring had the same kind of design as her hairpins. It was too much.

"Orihime, will you marry me?"

Orihime burst out in tears and covered her face. She knew this was going to kill him but she just couldn't marry him.


It was quiet as Uryuu dropped the box. It landed on the floor with a soft thump.

Orihime couldn't bring herself to look at him. She felt like a devil trampling on his feelings like this. Marrying him would have been a bad move when she still felt empty inside.

"I'm so sorry. Let's break up." Orihime said through sobs.

Uryuu said nothing and Orihime couldn't take it much longer. She grabbed her bag and took off running, not daring to look back.

Five days later Orihime got a package on her front door.

It was from Uryuu.

Orihime opened it up and gasped. It was the ring he had proposed with.

She checked the mailing address and saw that is wasn't in Tokyo.

She cried hard for the second time that week.

She felt like a horrible woman.

Orihime tugged at the item on her necklace. It was the ring that Uryuu had given her. She just couldn't bring herself to throw it away. It was a reminder of all that she shared for Uryuu and to never forget what she did.

Tatsuki looked at the necklace and frowned.

"Are you going to be okay, Orihime?"

Orihime just nodded. "Yes, it's still sad but I have gotten better. Besides, I'm not the one who got hurt."

Tatsuki didn't say anything more.

Orihime picked up her drink and took another sip. Something about the tea at this café relaxed her.

She opened her eyes to see what Tatsuki was doing but got the shock of her life instead.

Her eyes grew wide as she let go of her cup and let it fall to the floor. It shattered and tea spilled all over.

"I hope that cup isn't expensive." Came a deep voice.

Orihime wondered if she had finally lost her mind. There in front of her, standing to the side of Tatsuki was a pale man with dark hair and deep green eyes. He looked to be just a few years older than her and he no longer had the tear marks or helmet, but there was no way she couldn't recognize him.

"Ulquiorra?" her voice came out in cracks so she cleared her voice.

Tatsuki's eyes went wide next. She knew that name well, once she was able to get Orihime to talk, his name would always come up.

She had learned he was one of the Arrancars they battled and was the one responsible for her kidnapping. She had also learned that he was the one who took care of her and that Orihime loved. However, what confused her the most as that she also heard that he was suppose to be dead so how on earth-?

She turned to her side, following Orihime's gaze and sure enough a man fitting her description was standing there, a more human version of him anyway.

Orihime stood up and walked up to him. She grabbed the front of her shirt but her hands were shaking. "Is it really you?"

He put his hand on her head. "Yeah."

Orihime fell to her knees. "But how?"

Ulquiorra reached down and picked her up. "Be careful, you just broke a cup on the floor you don't want to get cut up, especially since you can't use your powers anymore."

Orihime's head snapped up at that. She had never told anyone that. "How did you know?"

He smiled at her and Orihime couldn't believe it. The look on his face was so foreign but so nice.

"It's a long story."

Tatsuki cleared her throat and Orihime turned her attention back to her forgotten friend.

"Well, it looks like I'm a third wheel here so I'm going to head on out."

Orihime gave her a sorry look.

"Don't look at me like that. I'm going to be in town for the next week so I expect to hear about this the next time we meet."

Orihime jumped with glee and hugged her friend. "Thank you Tatsuki!"

"Yeah, yeah, see you later."

Once Tatsuki was out of sight Orihime turned her attention back too Ulquiorra. It was still so unreal to be seeing him again.

"We better do something about this mess and then we can go to my apartment to talk about this."

Orihime took his outstretched hand and followed him to the front desk.

"The owners of that café sure are nice." Orihime sat down on a couch in Ulquiorra's apartment and fiddled with her hands. Now that she thought about it, this was Ulquiorra. He may be a human Ulquiorra but being alone with him in his apartment was stirring up so many emotions.

This could all be a dream for all she knew! It just didn't seem possible that he was really here and she was in his home.

Orihime was so absorbed in her thoughts that she didn't even realize that Ulquiorra had been calling her name.

It wasn't until his face was right in front of hers and his hands were on her face, did she notice.


Orihime blinked. It really was Ulquiorra. She hadn't been called that in so long.

His eyes were piercing green just like she remembered. Staring into them was mesmerizing.

"Calm down."

Orihime took a deep breath.

"Feel better now?"

Orihime nodded her head as he let go and took a seat right next to her.

"I know this has to be strange for you."

Orihime laughed inside at the understatement. What she couldn't understand was how he was being so calm about it.

"When I first figured it out, I was in shock too."

Orihime turned her full attention to him. "What happened, how is that you are here?"

She watched him, amazed that his face was actually showing some slight emotions. It wasn't nearly as much as most people but it was no longer still and lifeless like it was before.

"When I died that last day we saw each other, I seriously thought it was over. The world around me was completely black and so cold but then, out of nowhere, the world was blinding white and a huge gush of warm air overcame me."

Orihime stayed completely still not wanting to interrupt him in anyway.

"A voice – It was strange really. It told me I would be able to start again but in the future. I had no idea what he was talking about because I couldn't remember my past. He then told me he would be borrowing the power of the one who loved me to do this."

Orihime was surprised to hear this but it was all starting to make sense. She had lost her power because they had been taking away by a being she didn't understand.

"When I came to I was in England. It was only a year after the war with Aizen but I didn't know that. I had no memories of my life as an Arrancar. I had no memories of you." He turned to Orihime and gave her a sad look.

"I was really stupid and now I can understand what he meant by a second chance. I was destined to suffer the same way I did before. However, I had the choice to change it and continue living instead of dying and becoming an angry hollow."

Orihime could feel the anguish from him and the reminder of the tears on his face came rushing back. She placed her hands on his and gave it a squeeze.

He didn't pull away and seemed to calm down some.

"While I was on the verge of death all the memories of you and my evil days came rushing back. It was harsh but when your face came to mind I knew I couldn't die. I fought to keep on living until I got to some help. I dragged my aching and beaten body out of the alley so people could see me. A strange man, who ended up taking me under his wing, took me to a doctor and I survived."

Ulquiorra turned to look Orihime in the eyes.

"Want to know the funny thing?"

Orihime nodded her head.

"That man was actually Gin."

Orihime didn't know how many times she could be shocked in one day. So he was still alive and living in England of all places!

"I know. I never thought I would see him again. He was a real ass too, but he told me he liked you so he would help."

Orihime almost fell off the couch at that statement. He was the same old Gin, making stupid jokes and teasing her even from afar.

"Um, I guess I'm glad? At least we can see each other again."

Ulquiorra gave her a strange look. "Don't ever be glad about him. I would have found you on my own eventually."

Orihime held back a laugh. So, he didn't like to admit he had help, especially not from Gin.

"It wasn't easy, you know."

The look Ulquiorra was giving Orihime sent a shiver down her spine.

"You had to go off to Tokyo and then to America and that damn Ichigo had to go kill himself to be in stupid Soul Society. The only way to find you was to trace your steps. That is when I found out you were dating Uryuu."

Orihime went cold. So he knew about that. Her heart started to beat wildly. She didn't know what she was going to say.

"I almost went to get rid of him but then I decided to let it wait, a few more years wasn't going to kill me."

Orihime began to cry, but the tears weren't just sadness. It was a mixture of happiness, sorrow, pain, and excitement. She felt them all for Ulquiorra and for Uryuu, the two men she would ever love.

Orihime threw her arms around Ulquiorra and held him tight. "Please, don't leave me again. I don't know what I would do."

Ulquiorra wrapped his arms around her and rubbed up and down on her back slowly. "I would never leave, now that you are finally mine."

He pulled away from her and looked her in the eye one more time before covering her mouth with his own.

Orihime finally felt it. The jolt she had missed from Uryuu, the swarm of emotions in that one simple kiss. It was enough to make her dizzy. She clung desperately to Ulquiorra in fear that she would fall over.

This only seemed to make him want more. His kiss got stronger and hungrier. He forced her lips apart so that he could sweep his tongue across the expanse of her mouth.

Orihime was surprised at first. He had never been so forceful before. She got over it quickly and decided to not let him have all the power.

She wasn't going to just lay there like last time. She had learned a few new things when she tried to make her sex life with Uryuu better.

She climbed up onto his lap and pressed her body close to his. The warmth of their bodies being pressed together made her realize she was wearing way too much clothes.

She was about to take off her sweater, but gasped when Ulquiorra suddenly picked her up.

"Wha-what?" She felt awkward being held up like she was as light as a feather.

"Not here." He gently kissed her on the cheek and started to walk towards what Orihime assumed was the bedroom.

Orihime blushed a bit when the realization of what they were about to do sunk in.

He carried her with ease and placed her down gently on the bed.

Orihime just continued to stare at him as he walked back to the door to close it. Her heartbeat was pounding wildly in her chest. She hadn't felt this exhilarated in years.

She couldn't take it anymore, he was moving so slow! As soon as he reached the bed Orihime reached up and pulled him into another fierce kiss.

Ulquiorra was a little taken aback by her aggressiveness but got over it quickly when he felt the softness of her breasts press against him. Orihime was on fire, she wanted him and she wanted him now.

She almost couldn't believe that she was acting this way. It wasn't really like her to be so forward. As they continued to kiss Orihime began to shed all her clothing and then started to work on his.

Pretty soon they were down to just their underwear. Orihime broke apart from their kiss to place her mouth upon Ulquiorra's chest. Ulquiorra moaned when she licked the place where he used to have his hollow hole.

It was strange sensation for him but exciting as well. In fact, it was exciting enough for him to not hold back. He forced Orihime down on the bed, hovering just above her so he would not crush her under his weight.

Orihime yelped a bit but didn't seem to mind. Ulquiorra looked in her eyes and saw the lust and love in them.

When he came down for another kiss Orihime groaned against his mouth. His tongue skillfully explored her mouth, tasting every dip and curve.

Orihime had never had such a passionate kiss before. It made her lower regions burn in excitement.

She wanted more -- way more.

Orihime wrapped her legs around Ulquiorra and teasingly pushed her hips up against his swollen groin.

Ulquiorra shuddered as he began to rock up against her.

Taking the initiative, Orihime forced Ulquiorra down on the bed. She straddled his hips and tilted her head down to look at him. He was breathing heavy but his eyes never left her.

"This time I will pleasure you." Orihime began to trail more kisses up and down his chest while her hands began to roam.

When she reached his boxers she slipped one hand inside.

Ulquiorra was not expecting this and gasped in surprised when he felt her hand on his erection. "O-Orihime."

His hips began to lift off the bed as she began to stroke him. He arched his back up again and again, moaning and finally closing his eyes.

Orihime smiled at the small victory.

Wanting to do more, she pulled down his boxers and positioned herself. She never enjoyed giving head but there was something else that men liked and she knew she was good at.

Ulquiorra looked up to see what she was doing but immediately fell back down when Orihime licked the tip of his erection. Then she unclasped her bra and placed his penis between her breasts.

Ulquiorra couldn't take it much more. He writhed against the sheets while calling out her name. When she licked him another time he couldn't hold back. He began bucking faster and faster pushing him closer to the finish.

A powerful shudder wracked his body when he finally came.

Orihime moved just in time so not to get it all over her face. She moved up on top of him and began to kiss him again. She could feel Ulquiorra's heartbeat race and it turned her on even more.

Ulquiorra couldn't believe just how much control Orihime had over him. Even though he was no longer an Arrancar he knew that he was still a lot stronger than her. The feeling of her breasts up against his bare chest brought back the memories of what she had just done and he growled as he pushed Orihime back down under him.

Orihime's eyes grew large at his sudden thirst for power but it was all forgotten as soon as she felt his hand on her lower regions and his warm mouth closing over her nipple. Orihime could feel her body burning with intensity and she wonder for just a brief moment if this is what he felt.

His fingers rubbed against her, stroking her and making her cry out as his pushed two fingers into her.

Orihime began to buck her hips into his hand and had a flashback of the last time she made love with Ulquiorra. When he pulled his hand away Orihime whimpered from the lost contact.

Ulquiorra took his time to pull down her panties. When she felt his warm breath on her most private parts it was her turn to gasp.

He placed his tongue into her wet entrance and it took all the control Orihime had not to scream. He moved his tongue around her clit while his fingers began to pry open her entrance so he could go deeper.

Her continued to stroke her with his tongue and fingers as Orihime bucked her hips up and down slowly and then faster. She was on fire. When he groaned she felt the vibrations and finally came.

Orihime was breathing really heavy but the fire was not gone. She pulled Ulquiorra back up into a kiss. She could taste herself on his lips, which was odd, but could easily be ignored as soon as she felt his hardness on her thigh.

Ulquiorra placed himself up against her entrance, slowly rubbing the tip of his penis up and down. Orihime used all her self-control to keep from thrashing around under him. Ulquiorra gently thrust himself into her opening, causing them both to let out a shuddering moan.

Her inner walls squeezed him as he slowly began to pull back out. When there was nothing but the tip inside her he thrust his hips forward at full force.

Orihime cried out as he sped up. Her hands grasped his shoulder roughly while she matched his hurried thrusts.

Soon, their movements became restless as they slammed against each other desperately.

When she thought she was about to cum Ulquiorra started to change their position. Orihime was then lying on her side. Her leg was drawn up by Ulquiorra's strong hands. It was something she had never experienced so when he pushed his length back into her Orihime could hardly breathe.

She had never been penetrated so deep before. He pounded into her with more strength and force than he could before and Orihime could do nothing but moan and try to remember to breathe.

Orihime had never known of anything to feel so good. Her moans and quiet screams echoed through the room.

When he hit her sweet spot it pushed her over the edge. He laid her down on her back as her legs tightened around his hips while her orgasm wracked her body, clenching around his penis tightly.

Ulquiorra continued to pump her slowly as she rode out her orgasm but it wasn't long after when he came himself.

Ulquiorra pulled out slowly and lay down next to Orihime, his arm draped over her chest. Both of them were breathing like they had just been on a ten mile run.

Orihime waited for him to leave the bed or move over but Ulquiorra never did. Instead he pulled her closer and wrapped the blanket around them.

Orihime's eyes began to water up. She clung to Ulquiorra and put her face against his chest. "I love you so much."

Her words were a whisper but she knew Ulquiorra heard them.

"I know."

She tensed a bit when he didn't say it back. She wondered if he truly understood what love was yet.

He must have sensed her tense up because he sighed.



"I more than just love you." His voice was quiet but it did not waver.

Orihime looked up at him with questioning eyes. There was no way he could have seen it in the dark but he could feel her stare.

"I might have said you were mine but, really, I belong to you. Every single part of me is only here because of you. You can hear it right?"

Orihime was confused for a bit until she realized she was on his chest, with no hole, and a soft thud could be heard.

"You gave me a heart. Not just a blood pumping heart, but the kind I had been searching for over thousands of years."

Orihime grabbed him tighter. She felt like a fool now. It should have been obvious that he loved her. He showed it in so many ways by spending so many years looking for her.



"I love you."

Orihime was getting tired of crying but at least they were happy tears. "Thank you."

After a few moments of silence Orihime just had to ask.

"So… what now?"

Ulquiorra played with a piece of her hair in between his fingers. "We live of course."

Orihime smiled. She should have known his answer would be short and to the point. As she contemplated his answer her eyes got heavy and she finally feel asleep.