Alex - Selena
Nate - Nick

Alex's POV

Oh Great Its Raining And I Have To Go Catch The School Bus Just My Sort Of Day, Running Down The Stairs Shouting 'By Mum See Ya Later' I Grabbed My Backpack Slinging It On My Back I Grabbed A Piece Of Toast And Legged It Our The Door Followed By A Faint Yell From My Mum Saying 'Ring Me If Your Going To Nates'. Oh Now I Know You Want To Know Who Nate Is Well Hes Been My Best Friend Since Diapers Our Birthday Are Days Apart, 5 Exactly, And I Have A Secret Crush On Him.
'Alex!' I Hear Someone Shout From Behind Me And I Tearn Around And See Nate Running Up Too Me Soaking Wet, ' Hey Why Are You So Wet Nate And Why Are You Here You Live Like 3 Miles From Here' 'Oh Well I Asked My Mum To Drop Me Of At Yours But When I Rang The Doorbell Your Mum Answered And Told Me That You Had Just Left So I Basicly Ran After Ya' He Replied With A Long Breath At The End, I Giggled And He Smiled At Me Slinging One Arm Around My Shoulders As Hes Done For The Part 4 Years. 'So Can I Come Round Yours After School' 'Sure Thing But You've Got Too.....''.....Ring My Mum, I Know She Told Me Before I Left'. He Chuckled And We Both Got On The Bus.

'Hey Nate Wait Up' I Practicly Shouted, He Spun Around And Stopped, 'Hey Lexi' He Said Softly Hugging Me As I Hugged Him Back I Could Feel Eyes On Me, I Pulled Back And Turnt Around, Oh And Theres That Cow Gigi Staring At Me With Jealesly(SP), Just Cuz Im Hugging One Of The Most Popular Guys In School. I Turned Back Round To Face Nate 'Should We Get Going' He Asked With His Soft Velvity Voice, He Could Make Me Faint With That Voice God Sakes I Wish I Could Just Tell Him That I Like Him No That Wouldnt Be Right Would It? Should I? But Weve Been Friends For So Long!. 'Lexi, Lexi' I Heard Someone Saying My Name Slowly I Zoned Back To Reality Too See Nate Waving His Hand Infront On My Face 'Whats The Matter You Zoned Out For About 5 Minutes Lex' 'Nothing Just Thinking Come On Lets Go' I Replied ' Ok But We Have To Walk In The Rain'.

We Have Been Walking For About Five Minutes Till I Turned To Nate 'Nate You Know Your My Best Friend''Yeah' He Replied 'Can I Ask You A Question' 'Of Course' 'Ok Well I Like Someone Well Love Someone Thats Ive Known Since We Were Babies And I Wanna Tell Him That I Like Him What Should I Do And How Should I Tell Them' I Asked Staring Into His Hazel Eyes, 'Kiss Them' He Replied And Then I Did.
After 5 Minutes We Pulled Away Out Of Breath. I Leaned My Forehead On His And Whispered 'Did You Know It Was You?' ' Yep' He Answered 'But How?', 'I Dont Know But Now Can I Ask You A Question' 'Ask Ahead' He Took His Forehead Away From Mine And Asked 'Will You Be My Girlfriend'......


I know its crap but its my 1st oneshot

review :P