Name: Aideen Aira (Last, First)
Meaning: Little fire of the wind
Age: 15 (kinda)
Father: Abel Nightroad
Mother: Unknown
Other Family: Aunt Seth (Empress of the New Human Empire)
Likes: Animals, Anime, Music, Ocean (anything that has to do with water really), Methuselah (Vampires), Forests, To be alone
Dislikes: Rosen Kruez Orden, Boys (She's not a lesbian), Spiders (any bugs actually), Bright places, Daytime, Her bed, Her 'family' (You'll find out why later.), Rude people, Preps, People who try to act like they know her
Personality: She's really shy when people first meet her, but after a while she opens up a bit. She is a very trusting person and doesn't like it when people are mean to her or anyone else. She tries to not get close to anyone because everyone she's ever really loved has died or been taken away. She doesn't trust her family 'cause they've lied to her too much.
Past: Her 'mom' did something to her brain to where she lives her life slowely so she thinks she's human. Her 'mom' told her her 'step-dad' was her reall dad until he died. Then she met her real 'father' who was really mean to her. (You'll find out more in the story.)
~Story Start~
Aira's POV:
"Mom, I'm home!" You yelled throughout the house, but the only response you got was silence. Even your older brother was silent. 'What's going on with them?' You thought to yourself as you walked inside the kitchen. When you entered you saw a crap load of people staring at you. "What? Do I look funny? If there's something wrong with the way i look, then Don't look at me?!" You yelled/stated the last part and they kept staring. 'Ok... This is gettin' annying!' Right when you were about to yell at everyone a lady wearing weird clothing in a redish color stood up and cleared her throat. She was about to speak when-

"She doesn't need to know!" That was your lying mother yelling yet again, gosh how you hated her. "I've tried so hard these last 15 years to try to keep it fom her and now your going to ruin it! Your the ones who asked me to take in this monster!" Your eyes widened as your mother pointed at you and called you a monster. 'How am I a monster! What are they talking about.' You knew your whole life that you were different from everyone else. You just never knew what made you so different. Oh doggy, where you about to find out!

"Aira, I am Cardinal Sforza of the Vatican. I am here to tell you of the truth and to take you home." She made sure to put emphasis on home and you looked to your mother who had her head hanging low.

"What are you talking about? What's going on?" She walked up to you and put a hand on your shoulder and started to guide you outside.

"We will tell you all that when we get you to Rome." You were astonished. 'Why would they take me to Rome?' You got to the airport and saw a strange looking plane that all the passerbys had to take pictures of.

"What's that?"

The cardinal smiled and said, "That is our airship the Iron Maiden."

"People don't call planes airships anymore. We call them planes." Of course you had to be a smart ass and piss people off, but this woman was different. She just smiled at you and kept walking to the airship.

"Why are we going to Rome?" The seemed surprised when you spoke up suddenly.

"We will tell you why when we get there." You blew after that.

"WHY DON'T YOU JUST TELL ME KNOW?! PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY LIED TO ME ENOUGH! I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF YOUR LIKE GOING TO KILL ME OR SOMETHING BEFORE I DIE!!!!" They were quite startled when you screamed like that at them andshifted in their seats nervously, but all still remained quiet. You decided to give up and just sat down in a seat in the back far, far, far away from everyone the whole way to Rome. When you were over the city your mouth fell agape at the sight of a huge building, in the cnter of the city, that had a huge cross attached to it. "What is that place?" You said silently to yourself, but someone heard you appearently.

"That is the Vatican stronghold where we work and live also, the same for you." You stared at the woman who smiled softly and nodded her head. You were gonna make sure you drove these people nuts. "Also, the Pope lives here too, so be good." Your face lit up as a mischevious smile crossed your face.

"Of course, I'll be as good as a princess," yous aid sarcastically as they all got worried faces. 'Probably fearing for their safety.' You thought as the airship landed softly and silently on the ground.

"Wlecome to your new home, Aira. This is where you will train and live for the rest of your days unless you wish to leave." You didn't care about that part right now, you were concerned about something else.

"Are all like religous and stuff?" They looked from one another and one of the Priest smiled.

"Yes, why?"

"Because I'm atheist." All of their jaws dropped as you scratched the back of your head nervously. "So..... When do we start?"