The 12 Rules of Ichigo and Renji's Love

1. Bright hair is beautiful. If some jackass thug rags on said bright hair you have partner's permission to kill him painfully.

2. Parents with goatees and little blond sisters must be on leashes when visiting house.

3. If you ever, ever try to talk about the age gap or how dead one partner is you will be disbowled.

4. Pineapples and strawberries are gods gift to fruit. Period.

5. Every argument fight must be solved with a spar. It is justified to use bankai when fighting about what curtains to buy.

6. If you sense shinagami, lock the friggin door.

7. Sex Night is on Friday. But saying you don't know what day it is and having intercourse the whole week is fine too.

8. Partner must help other with combing hair. Especially if the hair is red and knotty and belongs to a tattooed man.

9. Slashing up hollows and rearranging the severed pieces to proclaim "R+I = TRU LUV" is not romantic Renji.

10. Putting your hair in a ponytail, drawing black zigzags on your face and going "Grrr I'm Renji, my zanpaku-to is a snake monkey mutant, I'm a big pineapple-ly moron," is not funny Ichigo.

11. Screaming "Been there, done that!" during Sex ed. is a very good way to get kicked out of class.

12."I love you" doesn't need to be said, it's been known for a while now.