The Four Corners

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Warnings: Yaoi, language, violence, death…the usual. There's a bit of OOCness with certain people. -shrugs- I just did it because that's how they're supposed to act in this story.

Spoilers: If you have not played the KH or FF games then some of the characters may be spoilers. This fanfic does not follow the storyline of any of the games, but some of the characters' relationships might reflect their personalities in the games (some completely contradict themselves though; you'll just have to read and find out!).

Pairings: Cloud/Sephiroth, (slight) Axel/Riku, Riku/Roxas (I think this is right, so far…)

Plot: Riku is an everyday student; same boring routine, same empty fridge, same never-at-home older brother. When Riku opens his usually near-empty money tin to order pizza and finds a small fortune, he sets out on a journey to find Sephiroth, knowing his brother would never leave him that much money unless something was about to go terribly wrong. The people he encounters on his journey leave his whole world shattered and reveal everything he knows to be true as a lie. Dreams he never believed existed coming to life before his eyes, Riku must decide which side he will take in what will soon become an all-out war between The Four Corners.

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Chapter Two: Haven

Riku blinked, disbelief evident across his face. "Vampires." Riku repeated, watching the blonde before him nod sincerely.

"Sephiroth was our Clan Leader, and my best friend." Their eyes met, Riku sensing the sadness in the older boy's words as Cloud continued. "Now that he is no longer able to lead us I have taken charge. We don't know exactly what has happened but we do know that the human's leader, Cid, was gravely wounded during the incident that killed Sephiroth. The humans have formed an alliance with the witches and are hunting us down, saying we are responsible for starting what may turn out to be a war." Azure eyes searched Riku's blue-green, Cloud adding, "The boy you saw fighting with Axel, Gippal; he is Cid's son."

"But if Sephiroth was killed during all of this, why are they hunting me?" Riku interjected, shaking his head, "Isn't it enough that they killed him without chasing after me?"

Watching Riku, Cloud said softly, "You're Seph's last blood-relative. If you die the blood-line dies with you."

"My brother's a vampire…" Riku whispered, confused and still shivering as he looked off into the distance dreamily.

Watching the small human react to the cold, Cloud said gently, "Come with me to Haven, we don't have to stand here talking in the rain."

"I don't trust you." Riku said softly, turning his gaze back to the vampire before him.

Cloud nodded. "That's okay."

"Cloud!" a peppy voice called, a small girl around Riku's age running up to them, her short black hair partially hidden by the large green and yellow hood of her hoodie.

The blonde boy looked over to her, smiling gently, "Are the others coming?"

"Already here."

Riku turned to look over his shoulder, Axel behind him, holding out the black backpack for the younger boy to take. A boy with ruffled dirty-blonde spikes was at his side, the long hair at the nape of his neck blowing slightly in the wind. "This is the kid?" The boy asked, Axel nodding to him.

"Riku." Cloud said, looking over at the blonde. "His name is Riku."

Laughing nervously, the boy nodded, "R-right! Riku!" He reached up and rubbed the back of his head. "I'm Demyx." He said to the white-headed boy, extending his hand.

Blinking, Riku just stared at him. "So you're all vampires, huh?"

Larxene snorted when Demyx pulled back his hand slowly, Riku turning to see she was standing near the dark-headed girl, Marluxia slightly behind her. Cloud cut his eyes in her direction and she immediately flustered, muttering an apology and turning away. The smaller girl met eyes with Riku as they flitted over her, smiling at him happily, dark brown eyes accenting her fair skin. "I'm Yuffie!" She said perkily, not bothering to offer her hand, but waving instead.

Riku nodded to her slightly in acknowledgement, watching Cloud warily. This boy held so much power; Axel had probably been doing Larxene a favor earlier by slapping her. If merely looking in her direction required the girl to apologize and turn away he couldn't imagine the kind of punishment she would have received if Cloud had heard her say what she had earlier. Apparently he was a big deal, being the Clan Leader's little brother and all. He took his bag from Axel and locked eyes with Cloud, finally replying, "Okay."

Cloud looked up, searching the skies, before saying softly, "We're heading back; scout out ahead, watch for the Hunters, and keep Riku safe at all costs."

The vampires around him nodded obediently. Axel and Demyx took off, racing across the far side of the school yard to the west, heading towards the city walls. Larxene and Marluxia fanned out and followed at a distance while Yuffie and Cloud walked with Riku, the blonde watching the young boy silently as he lead the way through the storm.

They made their way through the school grounds, through a small grove of trees and towards the west, moving away from the middle of the city and towards the massive gates separating New Town from Old Town. If Riku had been taught that the downtown areas of his city were bad, he had heard nothing but horror stories about the happenings outside of the city's gates. "You live in Old Town?" Riku asked, looking up at the taller boy at his side.

Yuffie, to his left, shook her head and giggled. "We live past the human city, far to the east past the fallen walls.

Riku stopped in his tracks, looking down at her in amazement. "You live in the forest?"

The small girl nodded, dark eyes dancing. "Are you afraid?"

Scoffing, Riku shifted his backpack to the other shoulder and continued on, Cloud watching the boy with a small smile across his lips. The humans had been taught from generation to generation to never venture past the walls. New Town was the safest; the furthest away from the tall, dark woodland covering a massive expanse as far as the eye could see to the east, pressing up against the base of the mountains to the north, and ending only in the south when the forest turned to the sands leading towards the distant ocean. The woods were unexplored, deemed dangerous, and posted off-limits to anyone in their right mind who didn't want to get lost forever. No one who was worth anything lived outside of New Town, but even the vagabonds and gutter trash who lived in Old Town wouldn't go near the fallen walls at the edge of the forest; they weren't that stupid. From ghost stories to distant howling at night, nothing bode well about the forest. So the humans stayed out. Cloud wouldn't be surprised if Riku were scared. Then again, he was Sephiroth's little brother, and that man was fearless.

They walked for along while, through streets and neighborhoods that gradually became smaller and spaced further apart. Then, looming high over the edge of the city, they came to the massive gates separating New Town and Old Town. Axel and Demyx were already waiting for them at one of the small side-doors, the dark-blonde haired boy holding the door open for Yuffie, Riku, and Cloud to pass. Looking around uneasily Riku realized none of the usual watchmen were present at the gate on either side. Patrols usually stationed themselves along the towering barrier to make sure no one got in…or out for that matter. As they walked down a debris-covered slope and onto the uneven, broken pavement of a once great highway, Riku looked back over his shoulder, wondering if he was doing the right thing. It's not as if he was leaving anything behind after all, but there was something about walking into the unknown that sent chills down his spine. The cold twisting knots in the pit of his stomach had nothing to do with the rain; it was something much darker, sinister even. Larxene and Marluxia followed after them, eyes and ears open, listening to the movements of gypsies and tramps shuffling in the garbage as if the storm raging above them wasn't taking place.

Ahead once again, Axel and Demyx were on the lookout, watching for any sudden movements, flexing out their minds to read any traces of abnormal energy other than their own. Axel, looking back when he sensed something powerful behind him, turned to lay eyes on Riku. The boy noticed the vampire's gaze and looked away, eyes scanning the horizon for the broken walls surrounding Old Town. What's his deal…? He thought to himself, looking up and realizing Cloud was watching him as well. Scowling inwardly and looking ahead, he followed the two vampires leading them quietly, Yuffie humming merrily as they walked. They crossed Old Town relatively quickly and reached the broken outer walls, Riku stepping warily after the small girl when she climbed over a large chunk of stone and slid down the other side. "Come on, Riku! It's fun, see?"

Muttering curses under his breath he tumbled down after her, landing with an "oohf!" on the other side of the wall, feet sinking into the moss growing in the shadows of the rubble. Looking up from underneath his hood and following the trunk of the tallest tree he'd ever seen skyward, he stood for a moment in awe of the forest. It wasn't anything like he had imagined, it was mysterious and beautiful. Looking over at Cloud, who was ever-present at his side, Riku thought to himself that if they really were what they said they were the forest made a fitting home for them. It was dark, secluded, and off-limits to humans…but then again if they were vampires, didn't they need humans to survive? Deciding now was not the right time to ask a series of "blood-drinking" questions, Riku continued on, catching glimpses of Axel's fire-red hair ahead of them in the deep green shadows as they followed after him and Demyx. Riku didn't know how long they walked but he could tell it had been quite a while when they finally reached a clearing in the middle of the woods. The sky above them had finally begun to loose it's prowess as the clouds parted and the rain pelting down started deadened to a light shower. The sky past the clouds reflected the sunset, golden hues of orange and yellow mixing with the steadily increasing blue-black of the night and creating pinks in the middle.

Larxene and Marluxia walked up from behind them, Cloud turning to smile at them welcomingly. "Nothing behind us, everything should be all-clear from here out." The russet-haired boy said, looking over at Larxene who nodded in agreement.

"Good," Cloud replied, "let's continue on then."

Riku, following the blonde boy with his eyes as he walked past him and back into the woods, sighed and plopped his backpack down near his feet. "You've got to be kidding me."

The older boy turned back to look at him, smiling gently. "It's not much further, come."

Riku scowled after the boy as he continued on, Yuffie turning to look back at Riku with a giggle, then walking after her leader. Larxene walked past Riku coldly, not bothering to even look in his direction as she followed the vampires before her. The white-headed boy pulled his hood up a bit further so it almost completely covered his face, glaring after her. What was her problem? Was she threatened by him or something? He was a human…she was a vampire…she could like, eat him or whatever, so how could he possibly be a threat to her?

Shaking his head and reaching down for his backpack, Riku looked down in surprise to see it wasn't there. Turning, blue-green eyes met indigo, Marluxia smiling at the younger boy apologetically with Riku's bag over his shoulder. "She's more upset about this than she's willing to admit. Seeing you, it's like looking at Sephiroth, it's a constant reminder that he's not with us anymore." The boy walked past Riku, beckoning him to follow, the human trailing after the vampire as he let that sink in.

Cloud, true to his word, had been right about Haven not being too much further. Squeezing through a peculiarly dense ring of tree-trunks and out into a massive clearing Riku set eyes on a giant mansion. It was standing near the back of the clearing, which had to have been several acres, a small pond to the south reflecting the sunset along its surface. Cloud was standing near the front doors of the mansion, waiting for Riku. Axel, Demyx, Yuffie, and Larxene were nowhere in sight, having already retreated indoors and out of the softly falling rain. Marluxia and Riku walked side by side across the long grass, the russet-haired boy walking past Cloud and inside with a slight nod, taking Riku's backpack with him.

The human and the blonde vampire searched one another's eyes; Riku wary, Cloud smiling softy with his bright blue eyes. "You have nothing to fear." The older boy said softly, "I would never let any harm come to you."

Slightly unnerved but putting up a strong front, Riku walked past Cloud into the dimly lit foyer of the mansion, pushing his hood off of his head so he could see better. Cloud shut the large metal-bound wooden doors behind them, turning to watch the younger boy's blue-green eyes surveying the tall, looming room. Slowly, the blonde reached over and brushed his hand along Riku's shoulder, the younger boy looking back at him with distrust in his eyes.

Smiling, almost sadly, the older boy withdrew his hand and stepped past him, saying as he walked down a dark hallway, "I'll leave you for a while. If you need anything call for me, I'll be in the library."

Marluxia was standing against a nearby wall, waiting to see if Riku needed anything. "Do you want me to show you around?"

"I'll do it," Axel said, stepping out of the shadows, "The girls want you in the garden, the flowers are drowning."

Marluxia, tisking to himself, replied, "Very well then…" He looked over at Riku, smiling apologetically once again, and handed him his bag. "Don't let Axel scare you, he's a big softie once you get to know him."

"Get the hell out of here." The red-head barked, sighing and glowering as the other vampire walked slowly down the hall with a smile and slight giggle. Waiting until Marluxia was far gone; Axel looked over at Riku and crossed his arms over his chest. "Let's go find you a room, shall we?"

The younger boy followed Axel with his eyes carefully, following the red-head back down the shadowed hallway he had come from and through a series of small, dark rooms before reaching light. Stepping into a wide, well-lit room with a flowing towered fountain in the middle, Riku's eyes went wide. The roof was a glass dome, the paneled glass embroidered in gold and silver, rain showering down from the evening sky and flowing down the stained glass windows beneath the dome. "This is amazing…" Riku heard himself whisper, Axel looking over at him with a smirk.

"You'll get used to it." The human, looking over at the vampire questioningly, followed after the older boy as he passed the fountain and began up a staircase along the non-glass side of the room. "The girls will decide to re-vamp something and fix different rooms in Haven on a whim." He gestured down at the fountain and orb-lights mounted on the wall while Riku tried not to comment on the "vamp" pun. "Most of the bedrooms are fixed now but the front of the house needs a bit of work. We're still deciding whether or not we should fix it, it might be safer to leave it in ruins."

"Safer?" Riku asked, reaching the top of the stairs and realizing this part of the mansion was lit too, the walls a creamy white and the top and cherry-red at the bottom, the hardwood floors stained with a cherry finish. More orb-shaped lights hung on the walls between dark-colored doors. Bedrooms, Riku supposed. Axel hesitated before a door near the middle of the hall, thinking to himself, but then continued on. The younger boy noticed, asking, "Whose room is that?"

Axel halted his next step, turning to look back at Riku. "It was your brother's."

Eyes widening, Riku looked over at the door. Silver, curving handle, dark red-black grains swirling through deep cherry wood… Letting out a small, hurt laugh, the younger boy reached out and touched the doorknob, turning it and letting the door open soundlessly. No wonder his brother never bothered coming home, why would he when he had everything he wanted here? Expecting to find a room donned with a canopy bed, feather-pillows atop lavish chairs, and fancy paintings on the wall, Riku was startled to find this room resembled nothing like that at all. In fact, if anything it was a reflection of the room at their apartment, with the small exception of the dresser and bed-posts being carved out of something resembling white-oak. Floor-length creamy curtains were draped across a large glass door beside the head of his bed, leading out onto a drenched veranda overlooking the forest surrounding the mansion. It was much simpler than it could have been, and seemed rather unused. Maybe Sephiroth really did spend as much time at home with Riku as he possibly could. It didn't look like he slept here either.

Fleetingly looking around for any signs of a hidden coffin, Riku backed out of the room and shut the door, turning to see Axel was waiting on him patiently. The taller boy was leaning against the wall right before an open door, moving his head to the side in indication that this was Riku's new dwelling. "See if you like it." The boy said when the human stepped closer, Riku peeking his head inside as the vampire watched him in slight amusement, fangs peeking out over his bottom lip. The human walked into the dimly-lit room, this bedroom was nothing like Sephiroth's. The bed was in a different position, long-ways across the back wall. A large oval mirror was mounted on the right wall, a short fat dresser underneath it, his backpack plopped on top of it. On the left wall there was an opaque glass door, the younger boy opening it and looking inside. It was an elaborate bathroom, complete with a shower/tub, long marble vanity, and a wall-length mirror. Turning when he heard Axel behind him Riku jolted slightly, heart pounding, piercing acid-green eyes freezing him to the spot. Grinning, flashing his canines, the vampire said jokingly, "Scared of me, aren't you?"

Riku scowled, turning away, "I'm not exactly used to being around people like you."

When feeling a pair of hands at his waist and lips on his neck, Riku thought his heart would stop. The boy behind him had drawn him against his chest so quickly the human hadn't realized it had happened. Pulse pounding in his ears, the vampire's breath hot against his neck, Axel whispered, "Are you sure you're not just scared?"

"I-I…" Riku stammered, trying hard to swallow, a cold chill running down his spine causing him to shiver against the boy behind him.

Chuckling softly, Axel moved away, saying as he reached the door, "Make sure you change out of those wet clothes. You'll catch a cold."

Stunned, Riku watched the other boy close the door on his way out, reaching up to touch where Axel's lips had so fleetingly brushed his nape. Blushing lightly, and then scowling, Riku kicked off his shoes and pulled his hoodie over his head, damp shirt coming off along with it. Sighing to calm his racing nerves he took his long hair in his hands, pulling it forward over his left shoulder and walking off towards the bathroom to get a towel. Drying his hair, then shrugging out of the rest of his clothes before changing into something dry, he walked barefoot across the plush carpet to the dressed. Digging through the depths of his backpack, fingertips brushing his tin to reassure himself it was indeed still there, the boy let out a soft sigh. There were so many questions racing through his mind, and though he wanted answers he also wanted more than anything to be alone for a while. When the others were around he couldn't think straight. Black and green striped long-sleeved t-shirt accenting his white hair, Riku sat on the edge of the bed and pulled on dry socks and his slightly damp shoes. His legs were long and lithe beneath the bleached jeans he was wearing, nimble fingers pulling the fabric of his jeans down over his sneakers before standing up and walking towards the door. He stood there for a long time, looking down at the handle of the door uncertainly, taking his time before finally finding his nerve and letting himself out into the hallway.

Darkness greeted him. Blinking, Riku took a step out into the hallway, gasping when the lights nearest to him clicked on and illuminated his path. "Motion detectors." The human said to himself, "That's an interesting touch." He wandered the length of the corridor, fingertips brushing along the walls absently, taking in his surroundings. Reaching the end of the hall he entered a large dark room, cathedral-ceiling causing his footsteps to echo eerily against the wooden floor. A ballroom?

"What are you doing here?"

Riku turned around quickly, looking up to see a woman standing behind him, a hand on her hip as her eyes burned red. "I was just…" The boy stammered, backing away from her a step. She was so intimidating, black hair swept up in a series of feathered locks, lips pursed, her entire figure donned in black. If any of the people he had met tonight were indeed vampires he had no trouble at all believe she was one. Her eloquent, cold demeanor radiated power. "I was looking around…"

Red eyes flickering, the woman dropped her hand to her side, noticing the way Riku's hair was shining in the low light. "White hair?"

Blinking, the human reached up unconsciously and touched the locks falling across his shoulder, asking, "What about it?"

Smiling, chuckling under her breath, she said in recognition, "You're Riku, Sephiroth's brother. I'm sorry; I'm not used to your aura."

She's apologizing to me? "N-no problem." Riku replied, nervous laugh choking from his throat.

She opened her mouth to say something but a sudden look of horror crossed her face, turning her head to the side as if listening to something from down the hall. "Come with me!" She ordered, grabbing his forearm and taking off at a run that made everything they passed blur into a mass of dimly lit color. When they reached the dome-room the woman pointed towards the stairs, "Go down there and press the panel at the bottom of the stairs, hurry!"

Riku, confused but too scared to argue, followed her instructions. The woman stood for a long time at the top of the stairs, listening and looking through the many glass windows donning the room. Beneath the human's footsteps and the trickling of the water in the fountain she could hear something, voices. Something wasn't right. They were coming.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs to quickly he ran into the wall slightly, the boy turned and pressed against a panel sticking slightly out of the wall; if she had not told him to look for it he would never have realized it was there. "What now?" Riku asked, pulling at the corners and pushing down, trying to get it to move.

"You can't open it?" she called down to him.

"No!" Riku called back, looking to the top of the stairs just in time to see her jump from the tall platform to the top of the fountain, gasping lighting as she fell. She lit on top of the fountain lightly, looking down into the middle of the water and thrusting her boot-clad heel down hard, something clicking. The panel next to Riku swung open, nearly slapping him across the face. By the time he had turned to look at it in amazement the woman already had his arm again and was dragging him through the pitch black, the hidden door swinging back shut behind them and cutting out all the light. Breath slightly ragged, his heart pounding, Riku wondered vaguely what was happening that would have her reacting this wildly. Her red eyes shone like rubies in the dark as she turned back to look at him, searching his eyes as clearly as if they had been standing in broad daylight. "What's going on?" Riku whispered to her and they halted their movements, standing completely still and silent, listening as the sound of running footsteps echoed towards them.

"Yuffie!" The woman hissed, the footsteps halting abruptly in front of them.

Panting as softly as she could, the small girl said, "I was coming to get him; did you sense it too?"

"Where is Cloud." The woman stated; not a question but an order to respond.

The girl shook her head, red flickering in her brown eyes. "I don't know Paine, the boys are outside already trying to stop them from reaching us. We don't know how many there are, but they have a witch with them." Her eyes glinted. "A powerful one."

Riku looked up to the older girl at his side, watching her eyes for any sign of what she might be thinking. Paine… Riku stored the name mentally. Cloud had said something earlier about the humans and witches teaming up to fight the vampires, but a powerful witch? What did that mean? More powerful than a vampire? "We need to get Riku somewhere safe, we won't be able to stay here."

Yuffie nodded. "You go find Cloud, I'll run with him somewhere and hide."

Paine took off, calling over her shoulder, "Stay hidden until we come to find you, do not come back here."

"I know!" the younger girl called back, looking over at Riku and taking his hand. "Let's go this way." Riku couldn't really protest, he couldn't see where they were or where they were going. If she hadn't been leading him he would have stayed there, lost in the dark. He was content to follow after her, her vampire eyes easily guiding their way through the rooms. The human could hear something ahead of them through the walls, shouting and mixed sounds of a fight. They must be close to the outside of the house. Leading them through another room in the opposite direction Yuffie released Riku's hand and left him standing in the dark for a moment, walking across the room and pulling back a long, thick velvet curtain to let in the moonlight. Riku, now able to see, walked over to her as she watched the events happening outside. "Gippal's not with them, why are they here…" She let out a small sigh, turned to look at Riku and flashing him a smile while saying, "You ready for a run?"

"I don't know," Riku replied, brow furrowed as he caught glimpses of figures moving beneath the moonlight. "Wouldn't it be safer to stay inside if the people who are trying to kill me are outside?"

Shaking her head, short black hair bouncing back and forth across her cheeks, the vampire replied, "The house is the first place they'll look, and they will know all the places we would hid someone like you…"

"How could they know something like that?" Riku asked, searching the girls eyes.

A strange light flickering in her irises turning her rich mahogany to lipstick red, Yuffie said softly, "They have their resources." Confused but knowing not to press the question right now, the human watched the little vampire pull out one of the tall squares of glass out of the window and make a space they could easily climb through to get outside. Sitting the pane down gently Yuffie crawled through, playing lookout while Riku did the same after her. They ran from the mansion into the beginning of the woods behind the house, hiding and waiting. Anxiously shaking her leg, the vampire listened to the sounds of the fight, the human wondering just exactly what was happening. Riku watched her, judging from the looks crossing her face how well the fight was doing, until suddenly the girl raced off while calling, "Don't go anywhere, I'll be right back!"

"Wait a minute!" the boy called after her, but she had almost disappeared around the side of the house by the time he had spoken. Furious at being left behind Riku made his way along the side of the tree-line, watching the mansion for any signs of movement. He cut across the open and into another line of trees going towards the front of the house, pushing aside leaves and splashing through puddles. He had been dragged into this unwillingly, he wanted to see who it was that was after him this time…and if the others were alright. Riku didn't know if he could trust them, but so far everyone had helped him and tried to keep him safe. The past few hours seemed like a dream. Stars blinking between scattered blue-gray clouds above him, the human could see in the light shining down from the night sky that there was indeed a battle of epic proportions waging at the front of the house. It looked like a few of the hunters had snuck inside, a vampire running back inside after a disappearing figure, Riku stepping out of the woods just enough for him to follow their movements.

"Roxas, over here!"

Riku started, turning around to see a boy around his age a few yards from him, sapphire eyes gleaming under messy brown spikes. A blonde boy with amazing crystal-blue eyes ran over to the brunette, looking over and noticing Riku for the first time. The second boy, the one the brunette had called Roxas, arched his eyebrows and said, "You shouldn't be here! It's too dangerous…" He turned to the boy at his side, "Sora, stay with him, I'll go get the others."

Sora nodded, the blonde boy running off, sapphire eyes catching blue-green and a smile plastered across his face. "It's good that we found you before you got involved in all of this, do you live in Old Town or something?"

They don't know who I am… Riku realized, the panic searing through his mind dying abruptly and relief washing over him. They were hunters, but they weren't with Gippal and they weren't after him. They must have been attacking the mansion over what had happened with Sephiroth and Cid; they were merely fighting the vampires. When Riku looked back towards Haven again several figures were running from the front doors and into the forest, two branching off from the rest and coming back to Sora and Riku. "This is the kid?" The man who had spoken was looking down at Roxas questioningly, his red hair and blue head-band contrasting starkly with his green eyes.

The blonde boy nodded, "Vincent said for us to take him back to Old Town, we don't need outsiders finding out about this or trying to get involved. He's going to stay and help the others, Tifa too…"

"Wait," Riku interjected, not sure how to get out of going with them without revealing he was supposed to be here in the first place, "I don't live in Old Town."

Cocking his head to the side, the tall, tanned red-head man asked, "You're from New Town and you managed to wander all the way out here?"

"Well it's obvious, Wakka," the blonde scoffed as if it were obvious, the man looking down at the younger boy, "They're vampires, they have to eat."

Cold chill racing down his spine at Roxas' cold words and angry tone, Riku's eyes darted between the three humans. What could he do? He couldn't tell them just to leave him here now, not when they were thinking he was a midnight snack. With no one with him who could do anything to fight back Riku resigned to wait for the right time and get away from the hunters whenever he could and somehow make his way back. Then again, it was night and the woods were like a labyrinth. Seph what should I do

Deciding it would be alright for now, figuring that as soon as Yuffie or one of the others noticed he was missing they would come find him, Riku resigned not to say anything and act like he didn't know what was going on. It was kind of nice not having to worry about the other humans trying to killing him for the moment, eyes moving from one unfamiliar face to another. There were so many people involved in all of this. Clenching his fist, he suddenly realized how weak he was. These humans could fight against vampires, yet he couldn't do anything other than let the vampires protect him and wait to see if Gippal and his team would come to kill him. He hated it; he felt so helpless. He wanted to be stronger; he wanted to be able to fight…like Sephiroth had…

Grabbing his wrist lightly, Roxas pulled Riku to him, the two boys searching one another's eyes. "We can talk when we're away from here, let's go someplace safe."

Sora and Wakka nodded, watching carefully for any pursuers or threats in much the same way the vampires had when leading him to Haven. The blonde pulled the white-haired boy along gently until he resolved to follow after the hunter on his own, walking back through the woods in the general direction of the city. He thought fleetingly as he left the tree line he caught a glimpse of Cloud walking out of the mansion, azure eyes burning red as he searched the woods for Riku.

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