"Love is stronger than death even though it can't stop death from happening,

But no matter how hard death tries it can't separate people from love.

It can't take away our memories either.

In the end, life is stronger than death"


His lips touched mine softly, forcing my mind away from the agonizing pain that was shooting up my chest. I wanted him closer, where I could feel his heart beat rapidly against my opened, blood soaked torso. My arms reached out to the tan blonde, moaning slightly as I gripped his collar and pathetically tried to pull him closer to me. My breath caught in my throat, allowing silent gasps to break threw my parched lips. His sapphire eyes pierced with affection, warming the already tingling feeling that was going threw my blood stream.

Luckily my lover wasn't as idiotic as everyone thought, as he leaned down closer to me knowing what I wanted. I frowned slightly as my filthy blood, dripped carelessly on his white shirt, staining it. He, once again knowing my thoughts, shook his head to tell me it didn't matter; he wanted to be there.

I kissed his neck softly, nibbling on it gently, to tell him that I was still myself. A slight sting went up the already painful wound that had punctured my chest. Realizing it was the boy's salty tears, I held him as close as my muscles would allow me to.

"Sasuke", my whispered name spoken from the quivering lips of my lover shook me, dreadfully wanting to make it all better. I pressed my lips to his blonde head, ignoring the ashy texture that was left over after the slight brawl the boy put up for me.

"I love you dobe", were the only words I could choke out as my chest heaved forward. Gasping for breath, I clung to the boy in desperation. He pressed himself closer to me, as to try to make the pain go away but only making it worse. A frosty breeze blew over me as I hung limply in his arms. Soft lips pressed once again on my arctic ones, as his voice soothed my insides, closing my heavy eye lids.

"I love you too" it seems ironic that the four words I longed to hear but never had before, was the last thing I would ever hear.


*I do not own Naruto, I just wish I did.* This was my first one shot story thing. Hope you liked it, I'm kind of new to this fanfiction stuff.

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