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She leaned a bit on her hand, her frame draped in white silk as the screen played out before her. Her cerulean eyes blinked from the screen to the figure that stood beside it. It had been a long exciting day. She felt warm digits caress her own before clasping them in his fingers and than bringing them to his lips for a delicate kiss.

"Your highness," Sailor Pluto bowed deeply before the two Monarchs. "I can only deeply apologize for my actions… time passes slowly and going back I could not bare to see you in such agony," she was ready for her punishment. It had taken great effort to erase memories and play with destiny to let the following life play before her King and Queen. She had felt guilty robbing the Prince of his memories but knew he suffered less having no idea about Serenity until they were almost ready to wed. It had been the hardest robbing the Princess of her memories and had been tricky making sure she never ran into the future King Endymion when she encountered Chibi-Usa. Yet, it had been done and the following life was before them. One where they met and fell in love without the burden of the world crashing about them. Without destiny steering them on but their own desire for one another.

"My love," his soothing voice brought his Queen out of her day dream about what she had just saw and her attention focused on the lone senshi before her.

"Well," she began smoothly as she slowly sat up, her fingers never releasing her husband's. "I must admit this version of our existence you just showed us was much more pleasant than what really happened between us," she breathed, her eyes once more going to the flickering screen. It was an odd sensation knowing her past but now these moments… this new life where she and her love fell in love in college it was making her heart turn over. It was magical, amazing, realistic… a beautiful love story that was actually quite amusing. With both of these destinies battling within her it was obvious only one could survive… thus why Pluto was here now.

"My Queen. Forgive me for causing this time rift… I just had to show you these stolen moments before I wiped them forever." Sailor Pluto bowed her head once more, ready for punishment.

"I hate to admit this but… I am afraid I greatly favor Pluto's past for us than our own," her husband's dark cobalt eyes floated to her own and she caught his teasing glint and her tiers rose.

"I must confess I do too," Neo-Queen Serenity confessed, the two monarch moving closer to one another. Sailor Pluto's head sprang up. What the hell? She had broken every rule… she should be sentenced to death and they were gushing over how much they enjoyed it? She let out a slight disbelieving chuckle. Well, this might turn out well…

"Not that I didn't love growing up with you darling and loving you…" He breathed and she nodded moving closer to him. He tugged on her hand and she rose from her throne to sit upon his lap delicately.

"I liked not having to suffer over you…" Serenity confessed and Endymion chuckled and gently caressed her cheek, his eyes bearing into hers lovingly. Their new memories coursing through him and causing his heart to swell more for her.

"I bet," he teased and she giggled, gripping onto his lapel as she scooted closer.

"I am humbled and amazed at how much you loved me… you were crazy you know that? To fall for a crazy college student who said she was going to rule the world?" She said with a wink and he chuckled.

"Paid off in the end," he breathed, his voice going deeper and Sailor Pluto was quickly seeing she was going to be erased from their consciousness if they continued talking to one another. She cleared her throat. Slowly they both turned to her, their eyes blazing with passion for the one they held and Pluto gulped a bit.

"You can only keep one set of memories… only one reality can exist. I must change this quickly or I fear you and the lives of your warriors may have nervous breakdowns," Sailor Pluto cautioned, the urgency in her voice bringing the two monarchs back to their senses.

"Sounds serious." Neo-Queen Serenity breathed with a shake of her head and Endymion's hands gripped to her lovingly, his eyes adoringly taking her in. "Darling?" She questioned turning to him and he grinned a bit at her. She nodded and turned back to the senshi of time. "Can we keep our stolen moments?" She asked softly and Sailor Pluto blinked confused for a moment than a broad smile spread across her lips. She bowed deeply.

"It would give me great pleasure to your Highness," she whispered and when she rose she came face to face with sparkling cerulean orbs.

"I cannot thank you enough for this great show of love you gave us," the queen smiled lovingly and Pluto held her breath. "I must caution you though…" She continued. "Sometimes the pains in our lives help us become who we are. Though you have much time on your hands I suggest this be your last attempt at changing fate." Serenity smiled and Pluto nodded quickly and than was alarmed when the Queen wrapped her arms around the tall senshi. "Thank you for giving us a chance to fall in love with one another without anyone pushing us… no destiny… no past… just us," she whispered sweetly into the Time Guardian's ear and Pluto smiled, closing her eyes in happiness as she returned the hug.

"Please set things straight for us will you Pluto?" Endymion smiled, appearing behind his bride as he pulled her back into his embrace. "Than quickly return lest we realize what a crazy thing we do," he grinned gently leaning his head against his wife's and Sailor Pluto nodded, bowing before them before erasing from their vision all together.

They felt images rush past them and their brains felt on a roller coaster as moments vanished and were replaced by new ones. When the whirlwind ended Serenity blinked her eyes open and let out a breath. Her form was suddenly pushed up against a wall and she grinned as lips crashed upon hers, hands roaming possessively as her own wrapped around her husband's shoulders lovingly.

"I love you Usa," he breathed across her cheek and she giggled into his neck. She glanced up at him and her eyes sparkled as she cupped his cheek.

"Yeah, I know," she grinned and he smiled brightly at her sense of humor than dove for her lips once more.

The doors to the throne room opened slowly as small hands pushed upon them.

"Chibi-usa… your parents might be busy," Mercury scolded quietly with a sense of amusement. Her eyes glanced up and she smirked a bit suddenly seeing the King happily making out with his Queen.

"Woah… never saw them do that before," the small five year old commented than a grin lit her face when she heard her mother's giggles fill the room.

"I have," Mercury grinned, the memories fresh in her mind.

"Well, I like it!" The small Princess giggled as she made her way across the marble floor. The two monarchs heard their child's laughter and pulled from one another to stare at the small bundle bouncing towards them. They grinned and leaned down, both scooping her up in their arms.

"Yeah, me too," Mercury grinned closing the doors and turning down the hall. She shook her head and than pushed open the door to the Senshi's private war room. Venus turned eagerly to the door and Mercury smirked placing her hands on her hips.

"It worked!" Venus cried happily, Sailor Pluto bowing her head to the four senshi before vanishing.

"Yes, I remember," Mercury smirked pointing at her head as she rushed towards them, Venus grabbing onto Mars and Mercury. She let out a content breath, content with the joy of their past.

"You know…" Jupiter said suddenly. "Usagi still does owe you big for going out with Yusar…" Jupiter grinned to the brain of their operation and Mercury's smile fell as the memories of three horrific dates with Yusar assaulted her.

"Yeah she does," Mars laughed and Mercury stormed from them and raced towards the door. She threw it open.

"Serenity!" She screamed and the three senshi laughed racing after her. This was gonna be good.

The End.