I hadn't realised until now that love could make you do the craziest of things.

After all I had been through in these past few months – and let me assure you, I have been through a lot – it had never really crossed my mind.

That saying was everywhere though; on TV, in Hollywood, books and so on... So you must have thought that I would have picked up on this trend by now wouldn't you? But no, I was unbelievably oblivious to the doings and love lives of on screen actors and fictional book characters, so of course I was oblivious to that statement.

Well, I laughed inwardly to myself, until now that is.

He thought that by sending me away, he would be saving my life. Of course he would think that, I mean, he has attempted similar actions in the past, but surely he must have known me well enough by now to know that I would never leave him and go down without a fight. I loved him too much to let him go, even if those harsh words it had only uttered to me minutes ago still resounded within my ears, I was not willingly leaving him. Also, I knew that the only reason he was doing this was because he loved me, but did he not even consider the pain he would put me through if he perished in a gun fight? Probably not, but under any circumstance, I would never leave him behind. Never.

So, he should have considered all of this when he made this decision, without me, if I may add.

As I turned onto the road away from the airstrip, I could hear the screams, shouts and protests and I began driving away from the safety that Edward went through all of the trouble providing before he sent me away with Jasper.

But only he mattered to me at this very second in time. My life was small and insignificant compared to his which was ticking away with every second I was taken closer to him

I knew if we both got out of this he would eventually forgive me, but if we didn't...

Well, I guess that neither of us would be around to find out.

My heart began to beat erratically against my rib cage as I sped my way through the roads in the black Mercedes. I had a strong feeling that my heart beats were numbered; and I knew that every second I raced forward, I would probably die. My blood knew it as I could feel the adrenaline rush through my veins, prompting me forward.

How we had ended here in this position, I would never know.

But I only know that it was for the better and not for the worst.