Bella's POV:

What the hell was I supposed to do now?

Running away from Jacob had been a pretty stupid move on my behalf, but I had to or I wouldn't be able to find Edward otherwise. was I supposed to find him anyway? I had no idea whatsoever where they had taken him (apart from the fact that Jacob had said that they were headed for Italy), and besides even if I did, I had no possible way to get him out of there. I mean look at me, I am only sixteen years old and I know from experience that sixteen year old teenagers do not have much of a chance against twenty something year old men. It was inhumanly possible.

And what about Alice and Rosalie? In all my panic over Edward, I had nearly forgotten about them, which was considerably selfish of me. How on earth could I manage to forget them? They have been the best friends to me that any girl could wish for, and I had all but abandoned them. I am such a pathetic excuse for a friend, I mean who does that?

Rosalie had been shot, and I hadn't got the faintest clue as to if she was still alive, or even dead by the bullet wound or maybe the loss of blood in her system. I winced, the image of Rosalie bleeding on the ground whilst Emmett stood over her with a gun in his hand, was embedded into my memory; it wasn't something I would ever forget. Also, how where they going to treat her? They can't take her to a hospital, as they would get arrested... But they couldn't be so heartless just to leave her in the gutter and slowly bleed to death, could they? I felt like my heart had pummelled to the floor as I thought about the answer to that question.

Yes, yes they could.

And if that were the case – which I desperately hoped not- what would they even do with Alice? Heck, I didn't know why they were taking them along for the ride in the first place. Alice and Rosalie had nothing to do with all this business whatsoever, but because Edward and I had be so careless, one of them was now shot and the other being sent off to do God knows what- I just hoped it wasn't prostitution. Why couldn't Sam have just made them sign some sort of Official secrecy act, and just released them? It would have saved him the hassle of transporting two teenage girls abroad without being caught (if that was what he was planning to do) and it would have saved me the thought of worrying for my two friends who had never endured something as trivial as this before. I have to admit, I wasn't more worried about Edward than those two. Edward used to be one of them, so he could most likely take care of himself. But don't judge me too harshly, I was scared for him almost as much as Alice and Rose, I was just frightened as to how it would affect their lives if we all got out of this alive.

So now I was faced with the awful dilemma. Who do I save first? Do I rescue my best friends in the whole entire universe? Or do I find the love of my life, who I felt that I wouldn't be able to cope or live without him? Oh, how I wished that I was some kind of superwoman, who could appear in two places at once and had immense super powers, which would render me able to fight a large group of men and save everybody, leaving me the heroine.

I snorted to myself. OK, I think that the stress was beginning to get to my head, making me hallucinate about strange solutions to my problem.

And why was I laughing to myself anyway? There was nothing funny at all about all of this.

Yep, it definitely was the stress.

Just as I was contemplating on pulling over to the side of the road so that I could figure out what I was going to do, a faint tinkling sound echoed slightly throughout the car.

I frowned; it sounded like some sort of ring tone. But Jacob had taken his mobile phone into the diner with him hadn't he? And I had even seen him using it whilst I was stealing his car. So what on earth was it then?

I pulled over to the side of the road so that I wouldn't crash; I turned off the engine and listened as hard as I could to the music, trying to figure out where it was being emitted from. It seemed to be coming from somewhere near the seat next to me. I climbed into the gap where you put your feet and looked under that chair, but there was nothing there, apart from a small coke can and a chocolate bar wrapper. However, the sound seemed to be louder from this position, which meant that it couldn't be very far...

And then it stopped.

I sighed, frustrated, and made to climb back into the driver's seat when it began again. I looked around, where the hell was it? I knew that it would annoy me by going off every few minutes, so I had better find it and fast.

I closed my eyes, focusing all of my attention on the chiming melody; I followed its direction, my ear getting closer to the loudest point at which I could hear it. And it was in the glove compartment. Of course it would be; it was the most obvious place to store valuable items, why hadn't I thought of it before? I almost slapped myself on the forehead for being so stupid.

I opened it up and pulled out the small phone, glancing at the number which I didn't recognise and without properly thinking it through, I pressed the answer button.

"Bella, is that you?" A voice asked from down the line, uncertain if it would be me who would pick it up.

"Who is this?" I demanded. There was no way I was going to be giving out my details to people who I had never talked to before.

"Jacob," he answered.

"Oh. What do you want?" I said aggressively. "I thought we had covered this by now. I am going to save Alice, Rosalie and Edward and there is nothing you can do about it."

"Bella, please, let's be rational about this. You can't possibly imagine the danger you are about to put yourself-"

"I know what I am getting myself into, so don't even start trying to preach to me," I quickly cut him off before he could convince me to stay out of it.

"Look Bella, your Mother and Father are incredibly worried about you. Sure you leave them the odd letter, but you don't leave an address for them to respond to, and for all they know you could be being forced to write and send them."

That struck a nerve. I knew that they would be worried about them, but I thought that my letters would appease that emotion for the time being. Well, it obviously didn't work. "Jake, you have to understand. I can't just leave Edward. He is my entire life and being; I won't leave him for my own safety, not when he risked his in order to get me out of Italy for my happiness." My voice choked at the end of my sentence by the thought of never seeing Edward again.

"I know what he means to you Bella, but there is no possible way on earth that I can do anything to help you. So why don't you just tell me where you are and I can come and pick you up and-" His words gave me an idea. Jacob could tell me where they were. He would know wouldn't he? I mean he was working for Jared and Sam, so obviously they would have told him where to go. Again, I missed the obvious (like with the mysterious music), which was what I had been doing a lot today.

"Jacob, let's compromise."

I heard him sigh. "Depends on what it is," he stated, sounding a bit tired and weary.

"You tell me where they are, and then I will come with you quietly."

"Bella! There is no way that I am going to let you do that. You might not even be able to get out so that we can meet."

"Jacob," I growled, "You better tell me where they are now, or I will smash this phone up and chuck it out of the window and then you will have no contact with me at all. This is an all or nothing situation, now decide."

There was a moments silence while Jacob thought his options through and I waited impatiently. He had better tell me soon, or I would hang up this phone, information or not. "Fine, but you had better keep that God damn phone with you and keep it on, so that I can keep in contact with you. But I don't like this one little bit."

I almost squealed. "Thank you so much Jake, I owe you for the rest of my life. Now where are they?"

"I don't know where Edward is going, apart from the fact that they are flying back to Italy. But he is probably in the air by now. However, I know that Jasper and Emmett are taking Alice and Rosalie to Dr Cullen in Seattle to get Rosalie seen to, but I don't know the exact location." That was all I needed for now. If it was too late to get Edward at the moment, then I was going to do my very best to get Alice and Rosalie home. I turned the keys in the ignition and pulled back out onto the road.

"Before you go Bella, if you look underneath the driver's seat there's a hand gun. Use it if anyone tries anything with you," Jacob said sincerely, his voice was sounding a little strained. Keeping one hand on the steering wheel and praying that I don't crash into anything, I used my other hand and crouched down a little, feeling under the seat to find the gun that Jacob said was there.

"Jacob, are you sure it's there I can't feel any-" But suddenly my hand clasped around a cold metal object that had the distinct shape of a gun. "Aha, I found it," I said into the phone, just managing to turn the steering wheel in time to avoid crashing into the tree that was in my line of course.

"Right, the safety catch should be on, so put it down your jeans, so that you can get it out swift and quickly."

"Thanks Jake, I really appreciate it."

"Just keep the phone on," he ordered just before I hung up.

"Whatever," I muttered putting the phone in my pocket.

I was going to find my best friends and take them home as soon as I could.

And then that only left Edward... I would have to somehow find a way to get into Italy and when I did get there, where was I going to find him amidst the millions of people who resided there?

Well, I'll deal with that question when the time got there.


About half an hour ago I had seen a road sign saying, Seattle, seventeen miles away, and so from then on I had followed the posts telling me which turns and roads to take, and now finally after much anticipation- and slowing down considerably when police cars went past- I had reached my destination, Seattle.

I had been surprised by the amount of cops I had seen today so far on my journey, but as I got closer, I could see that there were even more and as I hit Seattle, they were swarming all over the place.

Now I was faced with yet again another problem. Where the heck was I supposed to find them? Jacob had said that they were at Dr Cullen's house in Seattle, but there were thousands of homes in Seattle and I couldn't exactly go around and knock on every single person's door and say 'Hi, there. Is this Dr Cullen's house?' No, I would probably get arrested for harassment, if you could even get done for knocking repeatedly on doors.

But soon I got caught with large amounts of traffic that was blocking most of the roads leading into Seattle.

What was going on here?

With no way of getting out I just had to follow the cars and hope for the best. I mean who knows, maybe I will see Carlisle or Jasper walking along a street and then I could follow them.

Yeah, like that'll ever happen, knowing my luck I'll probably just get lost and then by the time I actually found where they were residing, they would be gone.

So for the next half an hour or so, I crawled through the roads until finally I, along with all the other cars, entered into a massive clearing, which was nearly full to the capacity. I drove forward until I reached a Police officer who waved me off to the side next to a red car which I had been driving behind for the last thirty minutes or so. I parked up and got out, checking that the phone and the...gun were safely stored away from view. I still winced whenever I thought about the gun hidden in the waistband of my jeans. If the police caught me with this, I wonder how many years in prison I would get?

I stiffened as I walked passed a police woman, feeling very self conscious of myself. Do I look too scared? Does my face look too guilty like I was hiding something? Are people watching me and do they recognise me? Or am I just giving too much away altogether?

Successfully, I managed to walk past them without them even giving me so much as a second glance and I let out a breath of relief that I hadn't even noticed that I was holding, and I relaxed, slightly.

The crowd ushered me down some more streets no matter how hard I tried to resist, but there were too many of them and people were pushing and shoving me forward, giving me no choice but to comply.

Eventually, everyone emerged onto a main road that had been cleared off for some kind of... fair or festival. And forgetting all of my worries for a moment, I stared around in wonder. I had never seen a place so bright and happy before. People were singing, dancing and different types of music were floating through the air towards me. The music didn't clash though; instead it made the atmosphere of it all seem nicer. Men were dressed up in costumes and outfits that I was sure that they wouldn't wear on a normal outing and women were wearing heavy make-up like celebrities wear on television or in music videos.

Children were singing and holding hands, skipping through people, giggling along the way...

And then there was me, an Italian Princess, who had a gun stashed away whilst she looked for her best friends and then her boyfriend all whom were in the clutches of the Mafia, who would most likely torture, kill or hold me for ransom.

All these people around me didn't have to worry about anything that I did. All that they had to worry about was whether they would get that promotion or not, or whether they would get an A on the test they did the other day.

I smiled sadly. No matter the last few months that I had had here in America. I had never experienced all of this. I still had the worries in my head, but they had seemed further away when I was in my paradise with Edward. And for a few moments, I had the urge to join them all and pretend that I was normal girl and laugh and dance.

But I didn't. My friends came before my own personal desires. I had to remember that.

So I kept my head down and hurried through the crowd.

But the problem was, over all of this loud music, I didn't hear the phone ringing; Jacob calling me urgently, telling me to ditch the phone and fast.


Great, now I was lost.

For the last two, three hours maybe, I had been walking through the city with no set destination, just hoping by chance that I would miraculously stumble upon Alice and Rosalie. And at the moment, I had just entered onto a street that held no apparent interest for me. Just a few shops, which by the looks of it was boarded up and a long brick wall that was so high up that you couldn't see what was hidden behind it.

It was beginning to get colder as the evening wore on towards the night and I struggled to find any body heat within me, even if I wrapped my jacket tighter around my body. I scowled at myself for not being rational when I sought out my plan. I had no money and I should have thought about what would happen when it gets dark. Then I groaned to myself. I guess that I'll be sleeping rough tonight then...

The sounds of footsteps slapping against the cold concrete, brought me out of my thoughts about where would be the best place to sleep outside. Startled, I jumped a little before turning around to see what the noise was precisely. A man was reasonably far behind me and was on his cell phone, but he wasn't looking at me, he was looking at the ground, his mouth moving slightly as he muttered into the device.

There was nothing wrong about that, I thought so I turned around and began to continue walking down the street. Then I jumped again as another man entered the street who certainly hadn't been there before I turned around behind me. This man too was on his mobile phone and was talking into it.

But unlike the other man, his eyes were focused entirely on me, as though he was the predator and I was his prey. I shivered slightly and then crossed the road so that I could avoid this man. However, as I was doing this, I felt eyes on my head coming from behind, making my skin prickle and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up on edge.

Fear began rising up inside of me again. What were the odds that something like this would happen to me? It always does, men on a cold, dark empty street or alleyway and then it will either be rape next or kidnapping.

My pace went faster as I brought my hand nearer to my hip, ready to use if it was really necessary. Despite feeling safer with its presence, I still didn't want to use it. Well, I didn't even know how to use it in the first place. But I was terrified that I still might end up shooting someone if I wasn't careful. So, I kept my eyes straight ahead, hoping that it was a coincidence that there were two men on the same street as me, alone, staring at me and crossing the road...

Wait, what?

They were coming towards me and were much closer than I had them accounted for. I prepared to run, but my legs were locking me in place, rendering me unable to move a single inch. So I opted for the next best thing- which was the gun.

Swiftly, I pulled it out of my jeans and flipped the switch, taking it off of safety and pointed it at the first man, and then the next.

"Stay away," I warned. In my head I had wanted to snarl it out, but it came out more pleadingly that I would have liked.

They smirked at each other and began taking steps towards me at which I took some back. My finger twitched on the trigger and they saw my little movement, but their smiles just grew wider as if they were not at all afraid of my empty threat.

"I'm warning you," I tried again, my voice wavering at the end.

But suddenly they stopped and I almost jumped in the air with triumphant.

Something hard pressed against my head. "Drop the gun now, and I will not shoot you," said an unfamiliar voice from behind.

I froze, realising that I was at gun point and was being told to drop my only guarantee of safety. Slowly, I unclenched my grip of the weapon and let it fall to the ground, hitting the floor with a slight thud. As soon as the gun was out of my hold, my hands were pinned behind my back and I was slammed into the wall, my cheek pressing against the slimy bricks which were coated in grime. I growled into the wall and thrashed around again, trying to free myself, but then the gun was pressed against my temple and I stopped, knowing that they would kill me.

"Good girl," the man with the gun drawled. "Now Isabella, we are going to let you go, but you're not to run or I will shoot you with this gun." And to prove his point he pressed it harder against my face. "Understood?"

I nodded, grazing my cheek a little in the process. Whoever was holding my arms released them, giving me a chance to flex them before I got any cramps. "How did you find me?" I demanded.

He thought for a moment before answering. "First we tracked the car that Black was using and we tracked it to Seattle. Then we tracked that mobile phone that Black was supposed to be using for business calls. It was only a hunch that you would be with him, but we found you. Though we were expecting Black to be here as well," he looked around as though Jacob would suddenly pop up out of the shadows.

My brain took this all in and was still panicking about this situation and my eyes darting from left to right, searching for a way to get away from them... and fast.

The man holding the gun saw my eyes and laughed. "Don't even think about it princess, Sam has had many people looking for you these past hours, and I am not going to let you go so easily." My heart sunk to the ground. The man carried on. "Now, I have someone here who would like to talk to you," he said and held out a phone. I stared at it for a moment, wondering if it would blow up in my hands or something. He rolled his eyes and clasped my hands around it and forced it to my ear.

"H-hello?" I asked down the line.

"Bella, is that you?" came the reply.

"Edward!" I cried.

"Bella, I am so sorry. I should've been more care-" Then he groaned as it someone had kicked him.

"What's wrong? And don't say you're sorry, it's not your fault."

"It's nothing I can't handle," he replied and I could almost see him grimacing as he said those words.

"Edward, where are you, I'll come and find you."

"No, don't. I'm on my way to Italy and I swear Bella if you come and look for me, I will never forgive you if you get hurt."

I gave a shaky laugh. "You know me Edward, give it another hour and I will probably have broken my arm."

Edward laughed, "True," but then I heard a loud smack and Edward groaned again.

"Edward what's-"

"Bella, I want you to run as fast as you can. Paul has a temper at the best of times and you need to get away from them now."

"But, what about you? I am not leaving you," I said defiantly.

"Just do this one last thing for me. I don't want to die knowing that I hadn't been able to save or protect you."

"Die? Edward what do you mea-" I began to panic now. I had heard him clearly enough but I didn't want to admit that what he said was true, so it was best to pretend to be clueless about it, it would save me a whole lot more of pain by burying it deep down than if it was in the front of my mind, which probably will happen soon. But before I managed to finish my sentence, the phone was ripped out of my hand and the guy talked into it again.

"So Eddie that was the last you'll ever see of your girlfriend again. Do you know what Jared has planned for her...?" I zoned out, I didn't want to hear anymore, and I had already decided that I would do what Edward said and run.

My eyes landed on the gun on the floor in front of me and my mind quickly formed a plan. I just hoped that it would work. When their eyes were not focused on me, I bent down and snatched up the gun.

I pointed it at one of their feet, shut my eyes and pulled the trigger. The gun erupted with a massive bang and the force of the bullet made me stumble back a few paces. The man with the phone dropped it and reached for his gun, but then I pulled the trigger and shot his leg. He went down with a cry and the last one stood there, unsure as to what to do; stay with them or run after me, but I didn't give him much of a chance to decide. I took this opportunity and sprinted down the road away from the yells and gun shots that were aimed at me.

I sped down the street and around the corner onto another one, and then continued doing that for another five roads until I emerged back into the festival.

I almost felt safe surrounded by all of these people. But was unsure as to whether any of those men were still chasing after me, so I began pushing my way throughout the crowd keeping my eyes forward and wide open. I glanced back a few times, checking to see if anyone was pursuing me, but all I could see were people enjoying the music.

However, just because they weren't behind me, doesn't mean that I wasn't being followed. By chance I glanced to the side and I saw the third man running towards me, his face looking murderous. My eyes widened and I changed my course, running away from him. Every second or so, I would look behind me, and because I was being so careless, I basically allowed someone to knock me to the ground.

With a small cry I fell, my necklace freeing itself from my top and jacket, in full view of everyone. I put it away hastily, praying to God that no one had seen it, but then I heard my name being shouted out over the commentator's speakers. My heart skipped several beats. Now I had no way in hell of remaining inconspicuous and my face was being plastered all over these screens and people were staring at me and whispering.

I stood up gingerly, wincing when I put support on my leg.

And when I thought that all hope had been lost, a comforting voice called out my name. I turned in that direction just as a males voice called my name as well their voices standing out from the crowd, and then I saw Alice and Jasper running towards me, worry etched all over their faces. I ran up to Alice and enveloped her in a hug. I had never been so glad to see her in my life.

But there was just one other problem, Jasper was there as well. I knew that to save Alice I would have to go with Jasper and he wasn't even that bad actually. He was fair, but I knew that there was a darker side to him that I had never seen before.

"Alice," I sobbed, wrapping my arms around her tighter. I opened my mouth to say how much I was worried for her when Jasper cut in.

"We need to go now," he murmured so quietly that only we could hear him. I was all set to go with them so I could get Rosalie as well. Jasper didn't know I had a gun and I could use that to my advantage later on. But then there were screams erupting from the crowd and they were moving towards use. Jasper's eyes widened and he grabbed Alice, pushing her out of the way and then reached out for me. However, the car stopped behind me and I turned to run from it, but hands grabbed me from behind, pulling me backwards. I tried to run, but the person overpowered me and I fell back into the car before the door shut and we sped off.

It all happened so fast that it hadn't properly registered in my mind where I was.

"Bella, I found where they are, and I'm going to help you," a voice said from the driver's seat.

"You idiot!" I exploded. "I had it all planned out. I was this close to finding them." And to prove my point I help up my thumb and forefinger only a centimetre apart.

Jacob stopped the car and turned around to face me. "You're going to need our help on this one. You see I also found out what they are planning to do with Edward, and it is not pretty."

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