Tayuya was instantly confused.

"And this is supposed to be…what, again?"

Kimimaro handed her the paper and a clear plastic tube of a dark brown paste. "Just do it," he said. "Please?" Tayuya glanced down at the paper. The picture was a rough sketch of the back and shoulders of a human male, with a tattoo design sketched over it. On each of the shoulder blades was an angel wing; between them was a thrashing snake and the kanji, "ANGELS FALL FIRST." Tayuya glanced at the henna Kimimaro had just handed her along with the paper, and sighed softly. Well, it wasn't permanent, and if he wanted it, Tayuya supposed it wouldn't do any harm. She uncapped the bottle of henna, screwing a nozzle onto the end. Kimimaro had already turned around; he now pulled his hair forward over his shoulders, and he was now pushing his kimono off his shoulders. The light purple material fell to hang around his waist, baring the pale, pale skin of his back. Tayuya reached up, and hesitantly began the design.

One angel's wing was drawn onto Kimimaro's skin with the dark henna paste, flowing smoothly from the large tube and adhering to the Kaguya's skin. Kimimaro sat still for the entire tattoo, without moving a hair's breadth. Tayuya could smell the henna the second she had opened the bottle, but now it was stronger than ever. The pungent aroma permeated the air, sneaking out into the hallway through the door, left open a crack. As she worked, Tayuya contemplated the meaning of the tattoo. "Angels fall first?" What did that mean? And the snake? It reminded her of Orochimaru, with its golden eyes, white scales, and black hood. The fact that it was dying slightly disturbed her. Kimimaro really didn't have much more to do than think these thoughts while lying in bed all day, huh?

Then it hit her. The snake was Orochimaru.

Farewell - no words to say
Beside the cross on your grave
And those forever burning candles

What did Kimimaro know that the rest of them didn't?

"Kimimaro," Tayuya said suddenly, pausing in her design of the snake itself. "What inspired this tattoo? I've never seen it before; it's an original, isn't it?"

Kimimaro hesitated, and then nodded. "A vision," he said softly, "showed me what was to become of Orochimaru-sama. Consumed in black fire, but still alive, within the shell of a body…he will live forever, I swear it to you. But his body will be destroyed."

Tayuya held very still for a moment. What was Kimimaro saying? The boy had to be crazy. Tayuya made a mental note to ask Kabuto to put a few extras in the medication Kimimaro was already taking. Tayuya took a deep breath, shook her head once, and then returned to the tattoo. She put the final touches on the snake, and then stepped back. "Alright, then," she said. "Done. Don't touch it for at least eight hours, don't lean against anything, and don't expose it to water for twelve hours. That'll keep the color for a good, long time." She unscrewed the narrow dispenser from the end of the tube, and replaced it with the cap to the bottle. She rinsed the nozzle with water, and then handed both that and the paper back to Kimimaro. "Have fun with that."

Kimimaro nodded once, and left. Tayuya was left standing, very confused.

Needed elsewhere
To remind us of the shortness of your time
Tears laid for them
Tears of love tears of fear
Bury my dreams dig up my sorrows
Oh Lord why
The angels fall first?

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