The tall man picked up the fancy pocket watch and stared at the numbers on it that were designed in an unusual pattern. His brown eyes focused on them as the clock began to tick and smiled placing it in his top breast pocket. He patted the pocket gently and then grabbed a nearby dark trench coat. He picked up the hat that was sitting on the coffee table and placed it on his head, straightening the brim and reaching into his pocket for a set of keys that jingled as he took them out. He walked over to the door of the apartment and opened it, glancing back over his shoulder at the newspaper that he had left on the dining room table. It was lying flat open on a page with a headline that read:

"Two teenagers found dead at the scene of the crime. Police have no suspects as of yet but a few eyewitnesses recall seeing the two briefly in town before they were killed. The boy and girl look to be about the same age and height. This is just another occurrence that has been going on for several months now."

The man grimaced a little and then closed the door behind him as he departed. Once outside he lit a cigarette, blew out a puff of smoke and then walked down the hall lowering his head as a couple passed. He walked over to the elevator and pressed the down button. As he waited he pulled his wallet out of his pocket and stared at the top photograph.

"Oh kid" he whispered, "Just hang in there. We'll be seeing each other soon" he added as the elevator arrived and he stepped inside, the doors closing immediately after he got on.

(To be continued..)