Point Pleasant Does Not Belong To Me. Obviously.

Thank You To Dani Suicide.

She stared in horror as she realized what had happened. What she had made happen.

Yeah. She had done that.

'But how?'

Her eyes found Boyd's again. While hers were scared and confused, his remained completely amused. He raised his eyebrows, looked from side to the other, then his smile grew.

She quickly turned away and started walking again. Walking away from him. Walking away from... that.

The difference this time was, after those first few steps, she no longer felt scared, no longer felt shocked by it. No, instead she felt almost...

"Excited?" Boyd's husky voice whispered to her from behind.

Christina's mouth dropped open as she stilled, almost causing the strange man to crash into her.

Her face was bright red. Some due to the fact that she had been so wrapped in her thoughts, in her feelings, there to have noticed him following her again. Some due to what he was implying. But mostly, it had to do with the fact that he was right.

She was. She really, really was.

She didn't know what the hell happened, what the hell had been happening but whatever it is...

Lucas chuckled behind her. So close, yet so far away. She shivered, feeling him take another step closer.

"It's okay to like it," he repeated. "I know I did."

Chris blushed harder.

He couldn't see her, and he didn't have to, he just knew. And he laughed even harder.

Placing a hard look on her face and fisting her hands at her sides, Chris whipped around to face him, ready to tell him off, ready to deny everything, ready to scream at him to leave her alone, but as she met his eyes... something changed. He changed.

Chris swallowed but before she could even utter a sound, he had her. And before she knew what was happening, she was laid out on top of the cold black hood of the car she'd use her anger out on moments before, laid out under Lucas Boyd.

The older man was trapping her between himself and the car, his hands cupping her face, his lips pressing hard against hers.

Her legs, at some point, somehow, had wrapped around his waist, holding him closer, her arms cirled around his neck, her hands moving through his hair, her body arching, as she met him every step along the way.

As she moaned, he used the opportunity to slip his tongue inside, exploring every inch of her. Her hands slid down to his shoulders, pushing away the expensive suit jacket, needing to feel more of him. She had half of his shirt unbuttoned by the time it hit the ground with a soft thud.

Lucas kissed and sucked on her neck as she let the shirt fall down as well, her hands running over the newly exposed flesh. She couldn't seem to get enough of him.

His mouth trailed back up her neck and bit down gently on her earlope. "I want you Christian," he growled.

"God, yes," she moaned, her hands scratching their way back up to his neck, her hands running through his hair once more, grabbing hard fistfulls to pull his head back up to her...

But it wasn't Lucas anymore. It was... Judy?

'What the hell?'


Opening her eyes Christina blinked a few times quickly then looked at her friend in confusion. "Huh?"

The other girl narrowed her eyebrows for a moment. "Man, are you okay?"

"Huh?" she repeated, looking around, finding herself back in the Kramer's house. Back in her.. Isabelle's... room.

Judy smiled. "You were having a dream... I've been trying to wake you up for like the past five minutes!"

Her face fell. "Oh." She looked back at Judy and put a smile on her face. "Oh, sorry," she started to blush. "It was.. uh... just a... good dream."

Judy gave a sly, knowing look. "I'll bet," she said and they both laughed.