Never Too Late For Fishing (Drabble/Ficlet)

By Andie O'Neill

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

Pairing: Beckett/McKay

Genre: Romance, Drama, Fluff, Drabble/Ficlet

Rating: PG

Spoilers: Season Five (I guess)

Warning: Slash

Summary: McKay corrects a mistake.

A/N: This story is really based on the episode "Sunday" from season three. With Valentine's Day coming up, I've been in a serious romantic mood. This is the result.

Disclaimer: I don't own the show or it's characters.

It was a beautiful day. Rodney McKay had never really believed that fishing could be fun, and if he were to be honest, now he knew for sure… it really wasn't fun, but none of that mattered. It wasn't about the boat, the lake, the annoying bugs trying to suck him dry… hell; it wasn't even about the fish. All Rodney cared about was the person smiling happily beside him, looking more at peace than the scientist had ever seen him. He'd finally taken Carson fishing. Rodney knew he was staring, but he just couldn't get over how happy the Doctor looked. As far as he was concerned, they were sitting in a dinky boat, on a muggy lake, being bitten by bugs he didn't even want to think about. To Carson it was a beautiful sunny day, on a calm relaxing lake, listening to the birds chirping and the sounds of water lapping against the boat. Rodney had never seen the man look more beautiful, and suddenly it didn't matter where they were. He just wanted to keep that content smile Carson was sporting firmly in place for as long as Rodney was alive. "Ya know… usually when you fish your supposed to actually be paying attention to the fish," teased Carson, pulling Rodney from his thoughts.

Rodney rolled his eyes, looking away. "Don't get a big head or anything, but believe me when I say, your far more interesting than the fish," he muttered, glaring at his pole which hadn't moved for nearly three hours.

Carson laughed. "Me get a big head? Of course not… that's your job."

McKay turned his glare from the pole to Beckett, watching the Scott trying to hold back his laughter. "Funny," he muttered, smacking his neck when he felt the bite of yet another alien bug.

"Sorry Rodney… I know how much you hate this kind of thing."

Rodney shrugged, looking away, his mind drifting to another place for a moment and he could feel his heart constrict. "When you uh… died. I thought I'd lost you forever. All you wanted was to spend a little time with me… enjoy a day of fishing, something you obviously love. I should have taken you then. I guess this is my way of correcting that mistake. I know I can be a little selfish at times, but you're important to me, and I swear to you I'm going to make sure you know that… even if it means fishing."

Carson's eyes softened immediately as he leaned in to give Rodney a gentle kiss. "Thanks Rodney… that means a lot."

Rodney could feel the weight on his heart fading away upon hearing Carson's words, and immediately smiled. Perhaps fishing wasn't so bad after all….

The End