I Don't Own Twilight


Emmett and Bella were standing there facing each other.

"I'll let you keep alll the details in you mind because Edward can't read it. Now I think we should do something like, break his piano or we could attack them with paintball guns or maybe have them attacked by a vampire slayer" Emmett rambled.

"Emmett, why don't we take a lot of Edward's piano, his cds, and clothes. We also could take Jasper's clothes and hid his and Alice's bed." I suggested.

"Bella your a genious! But we have to tell that pixie and we should hid it all in the downstairs closter and when they open it paintballs should drop on them" Emmett rambled as he bounced up and down like he had to pee.

"Emmett you get the paintballs and I'll start with Edward's cds then get Jasper's clothes and you can get his bed." I told him.

"Yes ma'ma," he yelled and took off.

I had the last of Edward's cds when Alice showed up.

"Bella, I can't beleive your teaming up with Emmett," Alice shouted while gently shaking Bella.

"Alice, are you going to help or not?!" Bella asked.

"Yes, duh, I'll start with the piano." she stated and dissappeared in a flash.

Finally, we got everything hidden just in time as Edward, Rosalie, and Jasper got home.

"Hey guys," Alice sang a few octives too high.

Bella and Emmett crept silently down the stairs and started "playing" a game.

Edward walked from the far end of the house where he normally plays his piano.

"Where is my piano?" Edward asked.

"I don't know," Bella lied.

Jasper decided to be the nice brother and help Edward look for his be-loved piano. After a while of Jasper and Edward searching they both stopped in front of the downstairs closet door.

"Bella why does Emmett have hot pink hair?" Rosalie asked.

"He gave me blonde hair so it was pay back" I flattly stated.

Emmett looked at me we got up and walked over and stood beside Alice and Rosalie whoe were standing near Jasper and Edward.

Jasper decided to open the door and huge paintballs hit him and Edward.

Rosalie and Alice were completly shocked. Me and Emmett were rolling on the floor laughing out guts out.

The two turned to face us, their hair was covered with green, orange, blue, red paint.

"Bella did you plan this?" Edward asked trying to dazzle me.

"No, why would I do something as diabolical as that?" Bella asked as she took a step closer to Emmett.

"Bella your lying," Jasper spoke.

"You and you sit there till we get back" Edward hissed, shockingly we listened and took our seats.

We sat there in complete silence till we hear Jasper and Edward yell. The second part of the plan worked perfectly Alice and Rosalie had to steal all of their clothes.

I quickly jumped on Emmett's back and we ran from them, to our secret hiding spot.