The Little Things

It's the little things that matter most. Drabblets of varying size and shape with about every canon pairing, gen as well.

This is mostly an archive of all the drabbles I've done so far, with hope it'll ensure I keep on in that vein. Also I accept requests if all of you have anything you're dying to see...~ it might take me a while to get to, though...~

About the only thing I won't write would be something that would push this into an NC-17 rating, nothing too (physically) dark like rape. I'd write consensual sex though I'd have to put it elsewhere...~

Anyways! Digression, I apologize.


Title: Precious
Series: Sukisyo
Character/Pairing: SoraSunao
A/N: archive from 05. 31_days, "all night long I held your hand". Upon learning that Sunao means "Unaffected" or that things don't get under your skin, I felt the innate need to express it. Sunao! Must be a pun!


At night, Sunao dreams of times before. He dreams of losing contact and an unending nightmare that slowly fades into reality. It is the process of dealing, and he does this. He does not wish to dwell on what was, only to go further, but sometimes it feels as if for every one step he takes, he takes two backwards.

Sunao attempts to stifle his heavy breathing, to hide the fear these memories have unleashed deep within every cell and every memory which stays, just close enough to suffocate him.

Sunao feels Sora's arm drape over him, his hand gently slip into the spaces of his own. It is a simple gesture, Sora's eyes are still heavy with sleep, his hair mussed even more than usual. His shirt clinging with perspiration. It is a simple gesture, but to Sunao, it is precious, so precious that he cannot even speak for feeling choked with emotion.

Sunao drifts off again. This time he does not dream, only feels the warmth of Sora beside him.