Title: even if it's a false truth
Date/Theme: December 10th / The most ill-regulated memory
Series: Sukisyo
Character/Pairing: a large amount of the cast, canon pairings
Rating: PG-13
A/N: 05 I think? This was an attempt at writing game canon, but I accidentally misunderstood a bit. Because of this it's a bit au.

even if it's a false truth... I want to believe in it


Sora dreams.

It feels like he's walking on air, far above the clouds. He moves in slow, measured movements,
as if underwater, like he's drowning on air.

And then he falls, screaming to the pavement. The world grows dim and closes around him.
When Sora wakes, the only thing he can remember is falling; every other memory falls away, shattered and scattered like pieces of glass when dropped to the floor.


"I just want to forget the past and move on towards the future"

Sunao dismisses the nightmares, the living nightmares which seem to creep behind every corner
on shadowy spider legs, like icy fingers lingering over his shoulders. Nanami nods in agreement, soft, kind, almost as if he understands. But he doesn't. He doesn't know what it's like to lie awake alone at night with whispers of you were abandoned still crashing in his mind.

Sunao doesn't know just how soon his past will catch up to him.

It was inevitable.

Because Gaku had begun to get too involved, always too nosy and finding out information without even knowing, he had to be taken care of.

Aizawa reminded him of this (he cannot ever remember calling him "father", the name seemed foreign and unfitting) of the great mercy that he did allow the boy to live, just without his memory.

He remembers the feel of Gaku's eager touch, the gaze that accepted and adored him.
Quiet. Just the sound of his breathing, the occasional sharp sounds of glass meeting and clinking together. When Gaku was there, every room was filled with a bustle of nervous energy, noise and life.

Nagase stands in an empty classroom, waiting for the sound of footsteps that never come.

4. '
They forget sometimes, that it is he who owns them, created them, and rules over their lives, not themselves. Aizawa knows where they hide, knows that they are ungrateful and will seek revenge.

They hide, but they never run far.

The puppet can never get far from the master, for he always holds the strings.