Shadows of Beginnings


-Prequel to Shadows of a Dream-

It was high time that he cleaned this place. Goodness it was dusty. It was nearly impossible to find anything without sneezing from all the dirt and dust everywhere. Where was his apprentice? He was supposed to clean all of this. Yes, he was teaching him the finer arts of magic, but this was part of his duties as well.

The old man fixed his pointed hat as he stood up straight. Slowly, he turned and walked towards the door before calling a name.

Quickly, a very short figure appeared. No, he was not a child; it was just the type of creature he was that made him so small. With his big, round ears and his high voice, it made any little child want to hug him.

"Mickey," the old wizard asked. "Why have you not cleaned this room yet?"

"Gawsh Master Yen Sid, I thought this room was one of the ones off limits," the creature replied.

The old wizard, Yen Sid, stared at his pupil for a moment before saying, "No, it is not. I am looking for a book with a black cover and silver writing. Clean this room and when you find it, bring it to me."

"Yes, Master Yen Sid," Mickey Mouse said as he gave his master a respectful bow before scurrying into the room.

Mickey disliked all the chores that his Master gave him, but if it meant that he could continue on in his studies, then he would do it. He learned the hard way to just do his chores on his own. He would never try using magic to do it again.

On the bright side of what he now dubbed 'the broomstick fiasco', there were many brooms to help clean the just recently finished Disney Castle. It had taken years to create.

As Mickey started cleaning off the shelves and the book covers, he thought back to the person that might as well have adopted him. It might have looked odd for a human to be so close to creatures such as mice, dogs and ducks, but good old Walt was one in a million. Even Master Yen Sid showed respect for Walt Disney.

Mickey frowned a bit. Poor old Walt was no wizard like Yen Sid, and his age was finally catching up with him. He had gotten word from Minnie that their old friend wasn't doing so well lately. Walt had said that, once he got his masterpiece, his castle was created, that he could finally move on in peace, knowing that Mickey would be there to protect it.

That was why Mickey had so willingly gone to Yen Sid for his intense magical training. He would not let Walt down, and the old man had insisted that Mickey get some training when they discovered a new, and extremely rare ability of his.

Mickey could summon a weapon more powerful than any other. It was a special weapon with abilities like Walt Disney had never seen before. That was when Mickey was introduced to Yen Sid, who insisted that he needed some training.

The mouse sighed as he cleaned off book after book. He would have to ask Master Yen Sid if he could go and visit Walt before his time came, because they all knew it was swiftly approaching.

Suddenly, Mickey stopped cleaning and did a double take at the book he had just tossed aside. The cover was pitch black like the darkest of nights, but the writing on it, in a language he didn't know, was shining with silver.

Quickly, he reached down and pulled the book into his arms before rushing towards his master's office and knocking on the door.


The door opened on it's own as Mickey approached his master and placed the book carefully on the desk.

"Very good, now finish your work and you may contact Minnie. A trip to Disney Castle will be in order soon."

Mickey nodded, and with a quick bow he left the room. He did not go far though. He was curious about the book, and curious about why Yen Sid wanted it.

"I fear you were correct Walt," Yen Sid said after a moment. "The darkness is rising quicker than normal."

"Yes, I sensed as much," another voice answered, sounding slightly distorted. "And the child?"

"Born the Master of all Keyblades will be when the darkness rises. His ability to open the Door to Light and control the power of Kingdom Hearts will guide his way. To chaos or to peace, his own choosing will decide," Yen Sid read from the book.

"The power of Kingdom Hearts, you say?"


"Isn't that power restricted to the royal family of Twilight's Destiny?"

"It is, but the Princess's son is already passed his childhood, so it cannot be he that the prophecy speaks of."

"No, not him, but perhaps another. Yen Sid, my time is winding down. I leave the knowledge of what is to come in your hands. Give it to who you deem worthy."

"I will Walt. I will."

Mickey Mouse was standing outside of Yen Sid's office with a curious look on his face. A child with that much power would be the Keyblade Master? He looked down as his own Keyblade appeared in his hand. He knew he would have to help this little one somehow.

But the first thing to do was to find who it was.


Author's Note

Yes, this is a prequel. I decided that I might as well put in a background story that kind of works with what little we've seen of Birth By Sleep, but working with my storyline.

And this fic isn't nearly as long as Dreams, let alone Reality. Actually, I think I have around…only 16 chapters planned out. Why? I don't have them skipping around from Disney world to Disney world.

And this is under Ventus and Sora because they're the main characters and they're brothers. None of this weird Ventus/Sora shipping stuff, especially since one's about 17 and the others 4 throughout most of this story.

So now I have a very serious question to ask you. I got a review for something I wrote three years ago, and while it made me laugh, it's also VERY offensive and racist. Here's the review, submitted by Dpotter.

You are pretty sick in the head. I really think you enjoy killing people.

Your morbid sense of destruction will be your downfall. I was really worried

about you until I remembered that you were from canada. That explains alot,

you actually have alot of talent but choose to squander it on killing and

mayhem. I guess you don't realize that most people enjoy the good guys

winning, but I understand your lack of sense and lack of backbone, being from

the spineless country you are from. Oh well some people just can't be saved!

Just try to think before you write and leave some of the death and mayhem out

of the story.

So if you got this review pertaining to whatever country you live in, what would you do? This does nothing but portray the stereotype for Americans that many people in Canada (at least where I live, and have visited) believe in. I know it's not true, because I know a lot of people from the USA and they're all really nice. Yes, this includes all of my reviewers! =D

Heart you all, no matter which country you come from!

Krystal Lily Potter