Shadows of Beginnings

Epilogue – Life

Under the snow
Beneath the frozen streams
There is life

Terra looked up at the heart-shaped moon in the sky. It was that moon that would someday give Sora powers beyond imagination, and that was what had targeted the boy from the day he was born. Because Sora was targeted, Ventus had to die, and because Ventus died, Aqua did. Yes, this pain was the stupid moon's fault. He hated Kingdom Hearts with everything that he had left in him.

He winced as he could feel the darkness struggling with the light inside of him. It would be too painful to keep living in the realm of light, but he refused to go into the darkness completely. There was only one place where it wouldn't hurt anymore, where he could continue to exist: in between.

It felt like he was only half alive now.

You'll have to know
When nature sleeps she dreams
There is life

Mickey came over to Terra and said, "Gawsh, I know it hurts Terra but you have to keep your promise to…well…your friend. Looks like I'm forgetting too. Everyone else musta forgot already."

Terra nodded his head and said, "Thank you for everything Mickey. You've been more of a help then you think, especially to me."

"We all need help at times," Mickey said. "And I'm just glad I could help you guys protect…"

Terra chuckled and said, "You don't remember, do you?"

"No," Mickey said. "But it's his br—hey! Were did their bodies go?"

Terra whipped around, and sure enough, the bodies of Ventus and Aqua were gone. He smiled bitterly and said, "Away."

Mickey nodded and said, "In the end, everything that happened will be worth it. I know it will."

"I hope so," Terra muttered.

And the colder the winter
The warmer the spring
The deeper the sorrow
The more our hearts sing

Terra glanced at Mickey and said, "You should get back to your gummi ship before Donald and Goofy start wandering. They won't know why they're here."

Mickey laughed and said, "Yeah, I should. After all, I have an entire world to take care of. Where will you go?"

"I'm going to go to a place where it won't hurt as much," Terra said. "A place where I can still watch over the one I need to protect, even if it is only checking in on him every once and a while."

Mickey nodded and said, "I guess this is goodbye."

"Yeah," Terra nodded. "Goodbye Mickey, and good luck."

The mouse smiled sadly before he reluctantly started running towards the gummi ship where a confused Donald and Goofy waited. By the time they were in space, Mickey too was confused about why they were there, not remembering anything about what happened.

Terra sighed deeply. He knew he had to make one stop before he left the light, just to check in.

Even when you can't see it
Inside everything
There is life

Riku stared at the little girl oddly. Sora insisted that she was okay, and that he wanted her to play with them. Didn't Sora know anything about cooties? Then again, the kid was always strange.

Riku didn't particularly care if the little girl that now lived with the mayor played with them. Sora would have to watch her, that's all. That, and she would have to live with the fact that Riku was the boss, no ifs, ands, or buts.

"Fine," he muttered. "But I don't want her to go to the place we found yesterday."

Sora blinked, remembering the secret place that they had found on their island. Kairi had been at the mayor's house then, so she wasn't there to see the place where there was rumored to be a monster.

They found out that there was no monster, and had promised to share the place with no one else. It would be their secret.

Sora turned around and smiled at Kairi and said, "Come on. You'll like the island. You can meet Selphie later too. She's a year younger than us, but I'm sure you'll be friends."

Kairi nodded her head and then smiled shyly at Riku as she stayed behind Sora. He was pretty intimidating, but if Sora said he was okay, then he must be okay.

"Do you know how to swim?" Sora asked, breaking her out of her deep thoughts.

"Not really," she admitted shyly.

"I can show you then. My—well…someone taught me to swim a little ago," Sora said. "Can't 'member who. Musta been a 'sitter. Oh well."

Kairi giggled a bit and blushed at him. She liked Sora quite a bit, and already she felt like she had known him all her life. Yes, she was sure that she would definitely like life of Destiny Islands.

After the rain
The sun will reappear
There is life

"You have ta promise not ta tell Riku," Sora whispered to Kairi as he walked around the small island, pulling Kairi by her hand.

"I won't," she said with a giggle. Riku had gone home early that day, but Sora's mother was still on the island to keep an eye on them. Add that to the fact that little Sora was terrible at keeping secrets, then it was obvious what they were doing.

She glanced up at the large waterfall flowing beside them and reached her hand out to feel the cold water, watching with fascination as the sunlight hit the mist, causing a rainbow to appear in the air.


She turned around and saw Sora peaking out from behind some large leaves. She smiled broadly and skipped over to him, following him behind the plants without a second thought.

A gasp escaped her lips when she realized she was in a long, dark tunnel. She was a little afraid, but when Sora took her hand to lead her down the rest of the way, her fear was gone. He saved her from the water, he found her, and he was her friend. She knew her new hero would protect her.

She gasped again, but this time because they had entered a huge cavern. There were some cracks in the ceiling, allowing sunlight to streak into the room, so it wasn't nearly as dark.

"Where does that go?" Kairi asked, pointing at a wooden door without a handle at the back of the cave.

"Dunno," Sora answered honestly. "Hey, I know!"

Kairi watched curiously as Sora picked up two sharp stones. He passed one to her and said, "Lets draw each other by the door, that way Riku won't see it and we'll always remember the first day we came here."

She smiled broadly and said, "Okay." She took one of the stones from him and smiled to herself as she watched her new best friend. They sketched the images of each other, giggling at Sora's poor attempt and Kairi's slightly better one.

That was odd, she had never been the best artist. No, the best artist had been…well, she didn't remember. Maybe it was her? Kairi shook those thoughts away and smiled at Sora again. There was no point thinking about the past when her future was right in front of her.

After the pain
The joy will still be here
There is life

Terra grinned as he watched Sora say goodbye to Kairi as she left with the mayor's wife, Suzu Yamada. He hadn't expected to see the little girl there, but he was glad that she was. Even if Sora didn't remember Ventus, Terra knew that there was a good chance that the little boy would still feel like something was missing from his life. At least with Kairi there, he wouldn't think about it as much.

He glanced over at the setting sun, remembering how Ventus liked to sit and watch it. Aqua had made fun of him being a sap for liking to sit and watch the sunset, but once she had come to Destiny Islands she understood. No other world out there, not even Twilight Town, had a sunset quite like Destiny Islands.

He sighed deeply and reached down into his pocket. Two keychains rested in his hands, the sunlight glinting off of them. He walked towards the edge of the water and dropped them into the ocean. They weren't attached to each other, but they seemed to stay together at the tide swept them out to the sea.

He smiled sadly before turning on his heel and walking into a portal of darkness. Never to return to Destiny Islands again.

For it's out of the darkness
That we learn to see
And out of the silence
That songs come to be

Sora peaked open an eye as he heard his mother settle down in her bed to go to sleep. Once he heard her soft snoring, he quickly wriggled himself out of his sheets before toppling to the floor with a soft thump. He quickly got up the floor and crossed his room, climbing up his big fire truck and onto the chair. From there he reached up to the shelf, and with a struggle, started to pull a thick book out.

With a great yank, he got it out, but ended up tumbling backwards. Luckily, he missed the hard plastic of the truck and ended up tumbling onto his teddy instead.

Sora put the book onto his bed before grabbing his teddy with the R on its foot. The one with an S was ripped, but his mother was fixing it at the moment.

He climbed back up onto his bed and snuggled back under the covers, holding his teddy close to him.

He opened the book of fairytales and blinked with surprise. There was a picture inside of it. It was of himself playing with his racecars, and it couldn't have been taken that long ago. Maybe a year or so ago. What confused him with the older boy in the picture. He had the same eyes as Sora and his mother did, and the same hair color as his mother.

Sora looked at the smiling boy with confusion. He couldn't remember who this boy was, but he had a feeling he should.

Sora shook his head and carefully put the picture into the back of the book. He promised Kairi that he'd read her his stories, but first he needed to learn how to read better.


And all that we dream of
Awaits patiently
There is life

There is life

"A far off memory like a scattered dream. A scattered dream like a far off memory. I want to line the pieces up, yours and mine."

The End

Krystal Lily Potter