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I Want To Be a Father

Chapter 4

Hazy blue eyes slowly opened and tried to focus on the surroundings. Everything was unclear and all he could see was blurry white. He was exhausted and his head felt all fuzzy.

He could smell the strong disinfectant and medicine that lingered about the place. He scrunched his nose up at the scent; he never liked the smell of hospitals. Slowly, he sat himself upright as his vision corrected itself.

It was then he noticed the other occupant of the room.

With his head rested in his pale arms on the edge of the bed. Sasuke was fast asleep on a chair.

Blue eyes softened as he took in the tense shoulders, and restless features of his husband. He must have caused Sasuke a lot of worry.

Now that he thought about it how long was he out of it?

Gently, he moved his arm and hand so he could run his fingers through the raven locks. He smiled when the tense shoulders relaxed slightly. It was only a simple touch, but Naruto was happy that it caused a difference.

A small sigh escaped the raven's lips, and Naruto watched as the onyx eyes were finally revealed from behind pale eyelids.

"Hey." Naruto smiled.

Sasuke blinked a few times trying to get rid of the image of Naruto awake, his dreams were getting realer and realer. But when it wouldn't go away he bolted upright and just stared. He was awake, Naruto was finally awake.

Sasuke opened his mouth to say something but Naruto cut him of.

"Sasuke…" Naruto began, his face twisting into an expression the raven didn't like. The blonde brought his hand down to his stomach. "Is… is our baby…"

Sasuke closed his eyes and let a small smile creep onto his lips. It was just like Naruto to wonder about someone else's health rather than his own.

"Our baby is fine."

Naruto turned his surprised teary eyes on Sasuke. "W-what?"

Sasuke sat up and got out of his chair. He then re-sat down at the top of the white hospital bed with Naruto.

"Both you and our baby are fine Naruto; you have nothing to worry about." Sasuke said calmly.

Naruto's expression turned into one of relief but the tears just kept building until they finally spilled over.

His baby was fine.

Naruto startled Sasuke by practically leaping into the raven's chest clinging to his black shirt.

"I don't know what I would have done if our… our baby…" Naruto couldn't even finish the sentence.

Sasuke wrapped his arms around Naruto, offering the comfort the blonde wanted and needed.

Despite how scared Naruto was in the beginning, the blonde had now grown incredibly attached to the life growing inside him. He couldn't bear the thought of losing his baby, his baby that was depending on him to keep it alive.

And he almost failed.

It was only about five minutes later before Naruto had calmed down and actually let Sasuke go.

"When can I leave?" the blonde suddenly asked.

Sasuke shrugged. "I don't know, you'll have to ask Tsunade."

"Tch." Naruto huffed folding his arms across his chest.

Naruto really hated being stuck in hospital, the quicker he could get out of this colour deprived place, the better.

"Oh yea another thing Naruto…" Sasuke began also folding his arms. "Tsunade has now placed you on maternity leave; you are not going on another mission until after the birth."

"What!?" Naruto spluttered. "But I have another two weeks before she takes me off missions!"

Sasuke unfolded his arms and shot a warning look at the blonde. "Not after what just happened, you're on maternity leave and that's final."

"That's not fair!" the blonde whined. "What do you expect me to do for the next…" Naruto silently counted on his fingers. "… twenty-six weeks."

"I don't care." Sasuke shrugged. "Learn to knit or something."

Naruto glared at the raven. "I'm not a fucking woman you asshole!"

"Could have fooled me, with all your bitchy whining."



The door suddenly burst open and revealed a very unhappy blonde Hokage. "What the hell is all this noise!? This is a hospital for crying out loud!"

"Obaa-chan why have you taken me of missions I have another two weeks left!" the blonde shouted pointing an accusing finger at the busty woman.

"Don't call me that gaki…" Tsunade growled low in her throat. "… and the reason you're off missions, do you even have to ask?"

Naruto huffed and turned his head away.

Tsunade rubbed her temples as she sat down on the empty chair next to the blonde's bed. "Sakura's report on you plus what happened on that last mission I have every right to take you off missions. In your condition not only will you endanger yourself and your baby, but you will also endanger your team-mates."

Naruto held his head low she had a point no matter how much he wanted to deny it. "When can I leave?"

"After I quickly check you over."


About an hour later Sasuke and Naruto were in the living room of the Uchiha Mansion.

Sasuke was sat on the sofa with Naruto's head resting is his lap as he ran his fingers through the soft blonde hair.

Naruto had his eyes closed, he enjoyed the feeling of Sasuke running his finger through his hair.

Neither one spoke, they were happy in the silence and just being close to one another. Though neither one would admit it – it would cost too much pride - that mission had shaken them both up quiet a bit.

"Ne Sasuke?" blue eyes opened and looked up at the raven.


"What actually happened on that mission? All I remember is that girl using Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu but everything else is a blur. Will you tell me what happened?"

The fingers running through blonde hair stilled for a minute, then resumed what they were doing. Naruto closed his eyes as Sasuke took a breath…


"Heh, remember why you came here?" she asked, as she slumped to sit on the water clutching her shoulder with her other hand.

"Amaya!" both of her team-mates shouted as they saw the damage that was done to their leader. They both quickly appeared next to her as one of them put her good arm around his shoulder.

"Sasuke!" Sakura shouted as the three Konoha ninja's joined back up, and stood next to each other.

"Where have you taken Naruto?" Sasuke growled.

Amaya laughed. It had a slight hint of pain to it because of her wound but she didn't care. She had got her revenge. "Blondie is exactly where we left him at the start of this battle, tied to that tree…"

Sasuke's onyx eyes had gone impossibly wide as the realisation of what she meant sunk in.

Amaya and her two team-mates had disappeared in a cloud of smoke but not before leaving her parting words.

"… Six foot underwater."

All of the Konoha shinobi were rooted to the spot, there friend had been under all that water for so long.

"Sasuke!" Sakura screamed but it was too late...

He had already dived headfirst into the water.

Swimming as fast as he could Sasuke reached the bottom and looked around. The mud from the floor was making the water murky and it was difficult to see.

He couldn't see Naruto.

Refusing to give up he carried on swimming about, his head darting in all directions for any sign of the blond, a glint of sunny yellow in the corner of his eye caught his attention.

Swimming faster than he ever had, Sasuke found Naruto with his head slumped forward and still tied to a tree. Grabbing a kunai from his pocket, the raven slashed the ropes that bound his husband.

Grabbing the blonde Sasuke swam to the surface.

"Sasuke!" Neji, Sai and Sakura shouted running over to him.

"Sakura! He's not breathing!" the raven shouted at the rosette as he pulled himself out of the water with Naruto in his arms.

"Jump into the trees so I can treat him!"

Doing as the medic-nin said Sasuke jumped into a large tree and placed Naruto on a thick branch, it was a second later the other three joined him.


Sakura tipped Naruto's chin up and placed her cheek centimetres from his nose and mouth.

As Sasuke had said, Naruto wasn't breathing.

Placing both hands on his chest Sakura gathered her chakra to try and save him.

'Please… anything but him'

"Come on Naruto… you can't let this beat you." Sakura chanted pushing as much chakra as she could into her hands.

Sasuke stared helplessly at the unusual pale face of the only person he now loved in this world. Tears were building up in the corner of his eyes and blurring his vision…

But he refused to let them fall.

'Don't take him from me…'

"Come on Naruto!" Sakura continued to chant her chakra was running out she couldn't do this much longer.

Neji and Sai turned there heads away, it was obvious Sakura was going to run out of chakra and she would have to pronounce the blonde dead.

"Dammit Naruto breathe!" the rosette screamed tears spilling out of her eyes as she punched the blonde square on his chest.


Naruto began coughing up the water in his lungs.

"Naruto!" everyone shouted.

"We need to get him back to Konoha now!" Sakura spoke in an urgent tone.

Sasuke nodded.

He wouldn't speak, because he knew if he did he would sound so frightened and broken.

He scooped the blonde up and into his arms and the team took off with lightning speed back to Konoha.


"When we got back Tsunade fixed you up, then all we had to do was wait for you to wake…"

Naruto opened his eyes and was startled when he saw a few tears make there way down Sasuke's face.

The raven wasn't out right sobbing; it was just a rare display of emotion. Emotion only Naruto could pull out of him.

Sasuke closed his eyes to stop anymore tears. "I was so scared Naruto, I thought I was going to loose you."

Naruto was sure that it had finally hit Sasuke that he once again almost lost someone precious. After overcoming that loving someone doesn't make you weak, and that he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Sitting up the blonde brought his face close to Sasuke's; if the raven was bothered by his personal space being suddenly invaded he didn't show it. Naruto gently kissed the tears away before bring his lips to meet with the brunette's.

It wasn't a passionate, rough kiss like they usually took to favouring. It was gentle and comforting and something Naruto knew Sasuke needed.

Their lips moved gently against each other in perfect harmony, Sasuke brought his left hand so it was resting on the small of Naruto's back supporting and keeping him there. Naruto brought his hands to tangle themselves in raven locks.

The gentle movement of lips became much more passionate with their growing desire, a swipe of Sasuke's tongue to the blonde's bottom lip caused Naruto to immediately open his mouth for the raven. Sasuke didn't think twice before his tongue darted inside the moist cavern re-staking his claim on the familiar territory.

A rather loud grumble however, broke the couple apart.

"Ehehe…" Naruto scratched the back of his head. "Looks like somebody is hungry."

Sasuke snorted. "Like usual."

"Hey!" the blonde squawked. "I'm eating for two people you know!"

Sasuke gave the blonde an 'are you stupid look.' "You eat for six people anyway, what does eating for two now have anything to do with it?"



The months seemed to fly by and Naruto's stomach got bigger everyday, although he would never admit it out loud, Sasuke thought seeing Naruto with a rather large pregnant belly was cute.

He also learned some very important dos and don'ts as well over the months.

The one on the top of the don't list was calling the blonde anything he could take as someone calling him fat – Kiba had learned the hard way.

Sasuke couldn't help but smirk at the memory,


Kiba had decided to pop round with Hinata, who was bring some ointments over for Naruto - they helped relax his back muscles apparently.

The dog nin hadn't even been in the house two minutes before he was shouting his mouth off.

"Jesus Naruto! You look like a whale!" the brunette yelled pointing at the large rounded stomach. "Are you sure you're not a safety hazard!?"

Naruto had immediately frozen on the spot his expression unreadable, however Sasuke and Hinata only had one thought going through their heads.

'Kiba you idiot!'

Now this could either go really well, or really bad.

It was only when Sasuke noticed the red glint in the usual deep blue eyes, that he realised Kiba was in trouble.

"What did you just say?" the blonde grounded out through gritted teeth.

The brunette flopped down on the couch in the living room a massive grin on his face.

"I said you look like a whale! You're fucking huge!"

When Kiba actually looked up at Naruto's face he feared for his life.


The door to the Uchiha Mansion flew open none too gently. A shaggy brunette male landed with a hard thump on the floor.

"GET OUT AND STAY OUT YOU MANEGY MONGRELE!" a pregnant blonde shouted from the door, before said wooden object closed with a loud bang.


Sasuke couldn't help but like that memory. He was never too fond of Kiba to begin with. It was also amusing to watch as the dog nin avoid Naruto like the plague. Fearing that he would get attacked again.

The baby shower was a complete and utter disaster, Sakura and Ino had scared Naruto for life – they did get some cool stuff from the girl's however. The blonde swore Sasuke would suffer if he ever brought it up again. No matter how tempting it was to tease the blonde, Sasuke knew when not to push his luck. So any mentioning of a baby shower was a taboo subject in the Uchiha House.

All that was left was the arrival of the new family member.

Naruto was due any day now, and Sasuke was on edge. He was calm but that still didn't stop a few nerves and what ifs.

What if something went wrong? What if Naruto or the baby didn't make it? What if? What if? Sasuke knew he was being silly – he never admit it though. But didn't all new parents feel something like this?

"Hmmm… Sasuke? Are you alright?"

Startled slightly Sasuke turned and faced the door way of the living room, Naruto was leaning against the frame with one hand on his stomach.

"Shouldn't that be my question?" Sasuke went to get up but Naruto shook his head to stop him.

"I'm fine so stop worrying." Sasuke frowned at that. "I'm just getting a glass of water then i'll sit down with you."

Sasuke watched as Naruto left the living room in the direction of the kitchen. He sat back in the chair and just let his mind wonder.

It was only when he heard a glass smash that he was on his feet in seconds.

Darting straight into the kitchen Sasuke found Naruto on the floor hold his rather large stomach, a smashed glass to the side of him.

"Naruto are you ok?!"

Naruto just smiled up at him. "It was just a twinge i'm fine." he made to stand up.

Sasuke gave the blonde a disbelieving look. "Don't lie to- "

"Gah!" the blonde doubled over in pain.

"Gaki! This baby wants out now!" the nine-tailed fox shouted within his head.

"Sasuke." the blonde spoke between pains. "Kyuubi says this baby wants out now!"

Sasuke eyes widened.

He was prepared; he had spent ages going through his head on what to do. But now that the time had arrived…

His mind had just deserted him.

"Sasuke! Gaaahhh! Don't just stand there, do something!"

Well he was just going to have to do what Naruto did all the time. He was going to wing it. Scooping the blonde up into his arms Sasuke ran straight for the hospital.

With his speed it didn't take him long, although some of the villagers caught sight of him and gave him odd looks. He didn't care though.

Bursting through the hospital doors, everyone directed their attention to him. Lucky Sakura was there.

She was on her hospital shift.

"Sasuke! Naruto!"

The raven turned to the pinkette. "He's going into labour Sakura!"

Emerald green eyes widened, then turned serious.

"You!" the pinkette pointed to a brunette medic-nin behind the reception desk that wasn't doing anything. "Go get Tsunade-shishou now, tell her Naruto has gone into labour!"

The girl nodded and teleported from the room.

"Follow me Sasuke." Sakura turned on her heels and walked as fast as she could through the corridors of the hospital to Naruto's room, Sasuke quickly following her.

Naruto was throwing curses here and there, and was getting some disapproving looks – not that he cared. He had a fucking baby trying to get out of his body by tearing a hole in his stomach; somehow he had the right to curse.

Where the hell was Tsunade when you needed her?

Sakura finally came to the room set up for Naruto, and about damn time in Sasuke's opinion. He laid the blonde on the hospital bed and stepped back.

"Ahhhh!" the blonde cried in pain holding his stomach.

"Can't you do something!" the raven yelled angrily at Sakura.

The rosette glared at him. "I can't do anything without Tsunade-shishou, incase you didn't notice it's not everyday a male gets pregnant! Only someone with her medical skill would be able to operate safely!"

"I didn't say operate on him!" the raven shot back. "Give him something for the pain!"

"There's nothing I can give him!"

Sasuke was about to make another comment when the door slammed open. Tsunade was there already snapping gloves onto her fingers.

"Sakura, get me a scalpel," the dirty blonde then turned to the cabinet in the corner, scanning the contents she looked for the general anesthesia and shoutted over her shoulder, "Uchiha get out and wait outside."

Onyx eyes narrowed. "I don't think- "

"Now!" she bellowed.

Sasuke would have argued that he was staying but Naruto's cries of agony stopped him. If he argued with her it was only going to make the blonde's pain last longer. Reluctantly he turned around and left the room.

It was only after about twenty minutes of pacing did he sit down on a stool and waited.


Three hours later…


Sasuke was starting to get really worried.

It had been hours and he had heard nothing, he had seen nurses go in and out constantly, but when he went to ask them something they would carry on and ignore him.

What if something had gone wrong?

The door to Naruto's room opened once again but this time Tsunade stepped out, well he was about to find out the answer to his question.

She gave him a small smile of reassurance.

Sasuke's doubts instantly left him.

"Naruto is currently asleep. Poor Gaki is exhausted." placing a hand on his shoulder her smile and eyes softened. "Congratulations Sasuke, you have a beautiful baby boy."

Sasuke stood rigid, trying to process the information.

He had a son.

He had finally accomplished the last of his goals. He had revived his fallen clan.

Tsunade let go of his shoulder and continued on her way down the hall when Sasuke decided to move and enter the room. Not matter how much she wanted to stay, he had duties and paperwork to attend to.

"Tsunade." The raven called with one hand on the door handle, the blonde woman stopped and turned to face him. "Thank You."

He entered the room without looking back.

Tsunade smiled at the spot that the brunette just occupied, before heading back on her way, heels clicking on the floor.

"You're Welcome."


Entering the room, the first thing Sasuke noticed was Naruto fast asleep on the bed. His peaceful expression indicating he was having a nice rest. The baby bump obviously now gone.

A small whimper drew his attention to the other occupant of the room.

Sat on a small rocking chair in the corner, Sakura had a small bundle in her arms wrapped in a dark blue blanket.

It didn't take much thought to know what it was.

Sakura smiled up at him when he turned his gaze on the small bundle in her arms. Standing up she walked over to him.

"Do you want to hold him Sasuke?"

The raven nodded his head and Sakura immediately handed the newest Uchiha over to the brunette.

Sasuke was memorised at the sight.

The small being in his arms was beautiful. The boy didn't have much hair, but what fine strands had come through were dark, he was obviously going to have Sasuke's hair colour. His skin wasn't as pale as Sasuke's but not quite as tan as Naruto's either. Small hands clung to the edge of the blanket where the opening was for his face.

"He's beautiful isn't he?" Sakura stated looking over the raven's shoulder, Sasuke nodded. "He hasn't opened his eyes yet though, so we don't know what colour they are."


Sakura turned to look at Sasuke's face. "Huh?"

"Their blue, see?"

The pinkette turned back to the baby and her breath left her. Sasuke was right.

The baby was looking up at its father curiously with the most gorgeous pair of navy blue eyes Sakura could swear she had ever seen.

"What are you going to name him?" she asked curiously.

Sasuke stared at the baby in his arms. His baby. "I don't know but I want to wait for Naruto to wake up before we decide anything."

"Well, there's no time like the present."

Both Sasuke and Sakura turned to look at the now awake and smiling blonde on the bed.

"Naruto!" Sakura chirped, dashing over to his side, Sasuke following right behind her.

"Hey Sakura-chan," the blonde smiled then turned to Sasuke. "Sasuke."

Sasuke just smiled at him.

"Can…" the blonde began. "Can I …"

"Hold him?" Sasuke finished the sentence. "Of course."

Gently handing the baby over to the blonde, Sasuke watched as Naruto's face lit up. He couldn't measure the happiness and pride swelling within him. Nothing was going to take his family from him now.


"Have you given him a name Sasuke?" the blonde looked curiously up at the onyx eyed man.

Sasuke shook his head. "No, I wanted to wait for you to decide with me."

Naruto smiled. "So what shall we name him then?"

Sakura tapped her chin in thought. "You need something strong yet gentle. Stern yet forgiving. Handsome yet cute."

Sasuke gave the girl an odd look.

Sakura looked at him. "What?"

"Where on earth did you come up with all that?" the raven asked, Naruto just giggled in the background.

Sakura clasped her hands together. "Well your son is gonna be a mix of both of you and that's what I feel should be portrayed in his name."


Both Sasuke and Sakura turned to the blonde on the bed who was holding the now sleeping baby.

"I think we should name him Kaito."

"Uchiha Kaito," Sakura spoke the name allowed. "It has a ring to it, I like it."

"Kaito." Sasuke spoke, bending down so he was level with Naruto and his son. "I love it."

Naruto smiled. "Welcome to the family… Kaito."

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