Hey Everyone! Its been a while since I've posted and so I give the sequel, the series is not yet finished so it'll take a long time for me to update. Anyways if you look down, you can see a nice slice of lemon pie, and I hope you enjoy it! Elizabeth,Kendra,Twila, and Patricia if you are reading this, I advise you not to discuss this when you see me; OR ELSE. :) ENJOY!!

Inuyasha writhed on the large bed with pleasure, naked, close to his release. "Ngh, Sess… Sesshoumaru!" The long rope that bound him to the bed post dug harshly into his wrists when he tried to reach down and hold the head that was giving him so much pleasure. He whined pitifully as Sesshoumaru blew against the sensitive tip while keeping eye contact with him, "Sesshoumaru! Stop teasing!" A smirk fleeted itself on those beautiful soft lips. Inuyasha watched with hooded eyes as they slowly descended towards the hard, needy and dripping tip, closing them quickly as the warmth enveloped around him, Sesshoumaru's slim tongue digging deep into his slit. Inuyasha's mouth opened in a silent cry, his body arching as his cum was pulled out of him and swallowed, leaving him panting hard.

Sesshoumaru drank every drop, savoring the unique bitter sweet flavor of his brother as he crawled up between Inuyasha's open thighs to release the exhausted Hanyou from his restraints, rubbing lovingly at the irritated, reddened skin that emerged while a sweet kiss was exchanged between them. He felt Inuyasha cuddle against him and he wrapped his arms around him, their legs already tangled in with each other. Smiling, he placed a small kiss on his hair, moving his arm to draw a blanket over them both.

Inuyasha sighed in his relaxed state, he loved being in Sesshoumaru's arms. It felt warm, safe, and comforting; especially on the nights he became a full human. Only Sesshoumaru could help him on those nights, the first few months he had been at the palace (when they still hadn't confessed to each other and before they even realized they loved each other), he would lock himself in an empty room in the palace, until Sess had found him and dragged him into bed again. Tomorrow would be their first anniversary together, and with that thought, he allowed himself to succumb to the land of dreams. His eyes slowly slid shut, and he fell into a peaceful sleep completely oblivious to being shaken a few hours later.

Inuyasha murmured and turned over onto Sesshoumaru's side; his body suddenly became cold, not the warm chest he had been expecting. He sat up quickly. 'Where did Sess go? Sesshoumaru never left Inuyasha alone in the morning, not without telling him first. His Youkai had begun to freak out more than usual because his time of the month was coming up, and as he was the beta between them, Inuyasha had the need to stay more by Sesshoumaru. Soon, wracking sobs took over his body and he pulled his knees toward his chest.

'Sesshoumaru…' Sesshoumaru's eyes widened from where he sat in the study near Inuyasha's and his shared bedroom, all of Kali's talking drowned out, he was alerted of an urgent meeting because Lady Kali of the East had decided to want to discuss something at this hour. He had tried to wake Inuyasha but he just went on sleeping, 'I probably exhausted him yesterday.' But the scared voice: Inuyasha, just now had him up out of his chair and rushing back to the bedroom, Inuyasha doesn't mind call for nothing, for kami's sake, Inuyasha probably didn't even know he was calling him.

Kali was baffled; he did not just walk away from her. Scowling, she shouted at the Lord as she stood up and followed Sesshoumaru down the twists and turns of the hallway complaining about how he had left her so rudely. Guards held her back when Sesshoumaru had slammed the door to their bedroom open too worried to even stop and close the door; leaving all of them to see what was going on inside.

'Shit!' He thought as he hurried over to the distressed form of Inuyasha; how could he have forgotten?! "Hush, Little One, its okay, I am here now. There is no need for those tears." As he wrapped his arms securely around him, kissing away the tears that have spilled. Slowly, Inuyasha began to calm down, sniffling into Sesshoumaru's robes. "Sesshoumaru?" Inuyasha's voice was small and muffled. "Yes, Little One? Have you calmed down enough?" he replied while he stroked the soft silver hairs of his mate. The head buried in further, "I did it again, didn't I?" A bubbling laugh tore out of his throat, he certainly wasn't expecting that.

Kali and the guards closed the door quietly, 'He should of said so earlier!' she thought angrily, but let it go. "Go and have a room arranged for me and tell Lord Sesshoumaru that we will speak again after breakfast tomorrow! Come on, hurry up!" No matter how all the population of the palace hated her, they did as they were told to because she was of higher status and guest of the castle and left to carry it out.

Sesshoumaru was briefly aware of the door closing behind him but right now he had to tend to his upset mate, and slowly kissed him, tongue lapping his lips which opened up as soon as he had touched them. Sesshoumaru stopped soon after, and picked Inuyasha up in his arms, he headed to the hot spring intending to do what he had done to Inuyasha exactly a year ago.

Two wet bodies came stumbling into the large bedroom, panting but smiling especially the smaller of them. They landed on the bed, their half-erect cocks rubs against each other. Inuyasha moaned, "Ah, Sesshoumaru…" A familiar pair of lips kissed him; sucking and nipping at his bottom lip. Sesshoumaru kissed him again, trailing it down Inuyasha's jaw line and his neck then finally the firm chest. Inuyasha gasped as warmth enveloped his left nipple. "Ah…" A hand clutched at Sesshoumaru's hair, tangling as every flick or lap of the tongue made sent an electric shock down to his cock. "Ah… Sesshoumaru…" Inuyasha pulled him up, crushing his lips up to the one above.

Inuyasha's golden eyes stared up him, entrancing him every time. "Sesshoumaru… It's been a year now, exactly to the date. I'm ready… Please Sesshoumaru, I want to feel you inside me…" Sesshoumaru's breath hitched, he had been waiting for this for months now, but he was still breath taken by this. He felt such an overwhelming need to kiss him, and he did, hard and passionate. His hand pinched at the dark nubs while their erections rubbed together quickly. "Ah… Sess!"

When Sesshoumaru stopped his movements as Inuyasha near his climax, stroking his cheek, those beautiful eyes opened glazed over with lust. "Inuyasha, are you sure?" he asked. "Sess… I need you… inside of me, please!" That was all he needed, leaning over to the drawers still laying on top of Inuyasha, he groped around for that tube of lubricant he had prepared a few months ago. Quickly, he oiled his fingers, trailing down towards Inuyasha's member. Rubbing the tip lightly as his other stroked up and down his shaft. Inuyasha's moans tortured him endlessly, making its attention with throbbing need but he did nothing about it. Slowly, he dragged it back down, circling around Inuyasha's sacs once before he then began to circle around Inuyasha's entrance. "Uh, Sess!"

A well-oiled digit slowly pushed, passing the tight ring of muscles clenching around it, drawing a breathy moan from the Hanyou. Sesshoumaru gave him a timeout for him to get used to the intruder before pushing just a little further every time. Inuyasha couldn't take waiting for Sesshoumaru and slammed his hips forward, enveloping the rest of the finger inside of himself. He choked out a cry of pleasure as it hit somewhere inside of him, exploding stars behind his eyes. "Ah! Aniki, again! Hit it again!" and his Alpha obeyed, Inuyasha moaned as the finger fucked him and prepared him at the same time.

Two more digits later, Inuyasha was fully prepared and ready, the needy organ dripping drops of pre-cum onto his stomach standing in its fully erect state. As the fingers slid out, something a lot larger than all three fingers was replaced at his entrance, his eyes snapped open, and widened, Sesshoumaru was huge, a lot larger than usual which had him worried if three fingers were enough. But when the husky, lust filled voice of his Alpha reached his ears, he was ready for him.

"This is going to hurt a little, but bear with it, soon you will feel great my little mate." and Inuyasha didn't doubt him. The large head slowly penetrated him; and yet he could feel already himself beginning to stretch from the thick body, and as the rest of Sesshoumaru thrusted slowly into it stretched and burned a little more, tears falling silently as the uncomfortable sensation continued.

Sesshoumaru kissed Inuyasha's face lightly as he entered slowly, a way to assure Inuyasha and also to keep him from thrusting all the way into the tight heat and slamming in and out of him. Finally, he was finally hilted all the way inside of him, he let out a small groan as Inuyasha clenched around him over the already tight and fiery heat of his passage way. "Are you alright Little One?"

Inuyasha nodded, "You can move now, Se---" He let out a gasp when Sesshoumaru shifted slightly, brushing against the bump again. Grinning, the older Inu pulled himself out most of way and slammed back in, setting a steady rhythm, accelerating as the Hanyou beneath him let out strings of moans. "Sess! Faster, please! Aniki! Faster, faster!" Sesshoumaru quickened, lifting Inuyasha's legs onto his shoulders, leaving Inuyasha moaning at the deeper entry. White, long not to mention dangerously sharp claws dragged against Inuyasha's hard shaft, the flesh tensing even more and then the large and heated hand pumped him in time with the thrusts. "Sess… Sesshoumaru…Stop! I'm going to come!" The thrusts came harder, followed quickly by a tight squeeze in time with every one, drawing him so close to completion, "Then come for me Inuyasha, my beautiful mate, Otouto, come for me." With that, Inuyasha exploded, coating their stomachs and Sesshoumaru's hand with white, sticky cum. Both of their fangs lengthened, too long to stay in their mouths and the need to mark each other overpowering their senses.

Sinking his teeth into the soft, delicate and delicious skin, he marked Sesshoumaru as his just as his Alpha was doing to him. The wound healed over when he licked it, and then he collapsed. Sesshoumaru was still thrusting in him, the pleasurable feeling of quick thrusts already had him close again, and the hand still pumped him, feeling even better with his cum sliding over his skin. For the second time that night, he climaxed, pulling Sesshoumaru's with him as well. The white cum filled him with warmth and dribbled out of him when he no longer could be filled. Collapsing on each other, Sesshoumaru pulled out of him. "I love you, Sess." Inuyasha whispered into his ear as soon as the blanket covered them. "As do I Inuyasha, forever."