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Sesshoumaru rushed through the halls, moving as a silver blur. Yujiro could feel his Youkai energy coming and he opened the door for Sesshoumaru as he slowed down. Inuyasha's temperature seemed to be rising and he still couldn't breathe correctly. Sesshoumaru placed him gently on the bed, and stepped back, worried.

Yujiro moved forward and took a quick look over the symptoms. "Damn, I should have checked before giving it to him." he murmured, and walked over to a smaller cabinet. In his hand, was a little vial filled with clear liquid. "Lord Sesshoumaru, please hold Inuyasha up so he can swallow this."

Sesshoumaru sat on the bed and lifted Inuyasha to rest his head against his shoulder. Inuyasha let out a little moan as Sesshoumaru's cool hands held him. Yujiro shifted him slightly and poured the liquid into his mouth, quickly plugging his nose and closing his mouth to make Inuyasha swallow. "You can go to sleep Inuyasha, it'll be alright." The head healer motioned Sesshoumaru to lay him down. "So what was wrong with Inuyasha?" he asked as soon as he laid Inuyasha down, and brushed away stray hairs. "Forgive me my Lord; I gave Inuyasha the herbal medicine for his morning sickness without knowing he was allergic to one of the herbs. Unfortunately, he will have to endure morning sickness until we can find a way to make a new effective concoction, but he will be better in an hour or so. Again, forgive me for my carelessness."

Sesshoumaru nodded, "It is alright Yujiro, but please ensure this does not happen again." Yujiro bowed, "Of course, my Lord, I will go and inform the other healers for the new tea for Inuyasha. He may leave as soon as he wakes up." Then he turned and went into a door at the other end of the Hospital Wing.

He sighed, stroking Inuyasha's cheek affectionately as he slept. The mystery of who wanted to hurt Inuyasha was cleared, and Inuyasha was getting better. In a few moons, they would have their pup. He smiled. A pup, He hoped it was a female, he knew that Inuyasha wished for a boy, but with a girl, she would be so adorable and most likely look like Inuyasha, he will have a bit of trouble protecting her against the groups of male demons seeking her affection. Thinking of Inuyasha and their children one day, he fell asleep next to Inuyasha.

As the sun's rays moved over Inuyasha's eyes, he awoke. Sesshoumaru had waken hours earlier and was now stroking his ears and he smiled up at him. His throat was caked with a bitter taste, he remember swallowing the vial of medicine Yujiro had given him. All of a sudden, he felt his stomach twist and he shot out of bed and ran to the direction Sesshoumaru had pointed him to go. Acid pumped up his throat and burned as it traveled up his throat. Inuyasha had tears in his eyes as he continued throwing up everything he ate in the last day. Sesshoumaru felt a wrench in his heart as he held Inuyasha's hair back. Yujiro had seen Inuyasha run pass the door, and went to fill a glass of water for him, which he handed to Sesshoumaru.

After everything had gone up, he spent a few minutes dry-heaving and gasping deeply. Sesshoumaru handed the water to him, and waited as he tilted his head back gently and sipped it to rinse. Feeling better after having gotten rid of the bad taste, he was carried back to bed by Sesshoumaru. In the warmth and scent of his mate, he had calmed down considerably and buried himself into Sesshoumaru.

"Inuyasha, would you like to go back to our bedroom? Yujiro said you may leave now, it'll be more comfortable in a bigger bed." Inuyasha sighed but detangled himself from Sesshoumaru, "Alright. I'm sleepy and I want Hanin!" Sesshoumaru laughed, Hanin was a pillow, well; it was more like a stuff toy was a present from Hiin-chan and Dai-kun on his birthday. She had sewed it in a large

life sized dog and stuffed it with jasmine and rose petals, to help with sleep.

Insisting he'd rather walk, they walked across the castle together back to their room. Back at their rooms, Inuyasha surprised Sesshoumaru by jumping on him just as he got on the bed, "SESSHOUMARU!!" He laughed when he saw Sesshoumaru's shocked face as he jumped onto him. They landed on the bed; jostling the pillows to fall down. Inuyasha was on top, giggling happily and Sesshoumaru laughed lightly. Sesshoumaru flipped them over, careful not to squish him. "You will pay for that Inuyasha," and he begun tickling his sides.

When the hands began tickling Inuyasha, he burst out with new peals of laughter. Struggling to get out of his grasp, he tried to move underneath him and in a way it worked, Sesshoumaru stopped tickling him and groaned loudly. Inuyasha was confused. "Are you alright, Sesshoumaru?" He wiggled around some more, trying to get out. "Ah…" Sesshoumaru froze on top of him. "Damn it! Stop moving, Inuyasha!"

"What did I do?" Inuyasha asked bewildered. "This." Sesshoumaru ground his pelvis into Inuyasha's thigh, conveniently located between Sesshoumaru's. Something clothed, and hard rubbed against him. "Oh. OH." The rubbing continued, and he could feel himself stirring from the sensations. "Well, aren't you going to do something about it?" his voice was husky as he whispered into the furry-triangular ears. "Ungh… d-do something about it?'

"Of course, you don't think that having to sleep with a problem like this is easy, do you?" He questioned. The smaller male shook his head stiffly. "Hm, how about I fix your problem first, then you can solve mine." He said as he began stripping Inuyasha's pants off.

Sesshoumaru moved to face Inuyasha's erection, stroking from the tip to base softly and blew on the tip. He began licking his as Inuyasha watched attentively, wetting the hardened flesh. "Nngh." Sesshoumaru smirked and twirled his tongue around the bitter tip, closing his lips around it and sucked hard. "Ah!" Relaxing his throat, Sesshoumaru let the long length slide in until there was no more to take. Inuyasha moaned loudly as Sesshoumaru's head bobbed up and down, throat tightening around him. He went faster and moaned, sending vibrations all around. "Oh Kami!" Inuyasha shouted as he climaxed.

Sesshoumaru swallowed Inuyasha's cum, before asking for his turn. His little brother blushed but complied, fingers fumbling to release the knot around Sesshoumaru's hips. Pulling them down, he was met with a glorious site. A large dripping member stood tall and proud before him. Timidly, he stroked Sesshoumaru with feather light strokes, rubbing his thumb around the tip, gathering the pre-cum and spreading it around. Inuyasha hesitated when Sesshoumaru groaned but lowered his head to suck it. A bitter but wonderful flavor spread around his mouth as he sucked, every time gathered a bit more flesh until he could not take any more into his mouth. He stroked hard at the base while his tongue twirled and sucked, giving Sesshoumaru pleasure. "Nngh, faster Inuyasha…" The smaller demon bobbed his head quickly and did not stop. Moments later, Sesshoumaru came into his mouth. Inuyasha couldn't swallow it all so some dripped down his chin but Sesshoumaru licked it away before Inuyasha could wipe it. "You were wonderful Inuyasha. Thank you."

Inuyasha blushed hotly but buried his head into Sesshoumaru's chest, Hanin forgotten on the floor and fell asleep. Sesshoumaru smiled, following his lead shortly.

Inuyasha rolled over to the other side as the afternoon sunlight poured through the curtains and on to his face, pulling the covers above his head, becoming a lump in the covers with pointed tips. In a moment the cover was flung off the bed and onto the floor, the Hanyou it once covered stumbled and rushed his way to the bathroom, sounds of vomiting echoed loudly from the open doorway. Sesshoumaru winced and stood up, walking quickly to the regurgitating pregnant male.

A hand offered a glass of water while another rubbed circles along his shoulders and spine, comforting him slightly as he rinsed his mouth and took a few gulps to rid of the burning in his throat. Swallowing the last one, Inuyasha groaned as a warm cloth wiped at his brows, slowly passing over his lips, wiping away the repulsive taste on his lips.

"How much longer will I have to endure this shit?" he snarled out. "I'm sorry, love. Yujiro is looking into it, and trying to make the tea as soon as possible. Please hold on for a while longer, think of our beautiful pup in a three moons. " Inuyasha groaned from underneath his chin, "Well, they should at least be nicer you know, Yujiro said I'm the special one who gets to vomit every morning, because apparently, the general herbal tea doesn't work. It's so tiring being pregnant. " sighed Inuyasha. He felt a little peck on his lips and a brush of long, silky hairs against his skin. "Again, I'm sorry Inuyasha. I will try my best to make it comfortable." Inuyasha sat up straighter and nuzzled his cheek against Sesshoumaru's. "You don't to apologize, Sess. I love you, and the pup. Having to be tired and barf every morning is just a short torture. But, like you said, in a few moons, we'll have the most amazing pup in our arms." Sesshoumaru smiled at him, Inuyasha leaned back against his mate's chest. "Wait, I heard fighting! What happened?" Sesshoumaru sighed and wrapped his arm around the swollen torso, "We found the person, and apparently Kali was leading him. She wanted the Western lands so she thought that if she harmed you, she'll be able to succesfully take over with no trouble. It didn't work because I noticed paperwork being sent everytime. As well as the false information she sent out. Now come on, time to head for Yujiro's office." He helped Inuyasha up and they headed on their way.

On the other side of the castle, the old dragon demon sighed over a pile of medical scrolls. Yujiro had gone over piles and piles of medical books that listed ingredients and made a small list that may help Inuyasha. "Hm… the effects will be dulled by sugar but if just boiled it will be bitter… Honey? And ground mint to refresh? Or maybe a bit of lemon zest. That will work. Perhaps I can add it to his breakfast instead. No, it will dilute its strength if placed in certain foods." Letting out a long sigh, he grabbed another scroll.

Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha heard a long sigh as they reached the doors. "Hm… what troubles you, Yujiro?" The healer looked up in surprise before closing the scroll before. "Lord Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha, please have a seat. What troubles me you ask? I have found alternate herbs that may help, but they are rather difficult to prepare without knowing Inuyasha's preference." He turned toward the smaller male. "Inuyasha, would you prefer the medicine separate from your foods as in a vial, drinking it as a tea, or mixing it with your meals, though it may alter the taste and since your sense of smell and taste will be stronger, your stomach may not like it." he asked. "Well, I suppose the tea; I would appreciate if I didn't taste the medicine."

Yujiro nodded, "Alright, I'll tell my assistant to make the tea for breakfast while I give you a check up on your pup. I will be back in a moment." He stood up and walked out of the room. Inuyasha's stomach gave a loud growl and he flushed a brilliant red. Sesshoumaru smiled softly and stood up. 'I'll be right back Inuyasha." And he too, walked out of the room. Inuyasha waited in the silence and jumped as Yujiro smiled as he walked back in, "Lord Sesshoumaru has just gone to fetch some breakfast for you, but said we could continue. Now, anything new other than the usual morning sickness?"

Inuyasha nodded, quite shy. Yujiro arched an eyebrow. "Like?" He asked. "Uh… How do I say this…?" Yujiro waited patiently. "Err… I'm growing boobs." Yujiro didn't seem that surprised. "Growing breasts are normal, although pregnant male demons should begin growing them at month four. Perhaps I've saw wrong, please give me a second for me to look again." Yujiro walked over, gathering his energy into his hand and lightly hovered above Inuyasha's stomach. Concentrating, he looked deeper, expecting to see a pup at the two month stage of pregnancy but was surprised to find something else. "Amazing!!" he shouted, startling Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru who just walked in with a tray. The healer opened his eyes in excitement and moved to look at them both. "Amazing!" Sesshoumaru grew impatient. "What is amazing? Is the pup doing well?" Yujiro bounced on the balls of his feet. 'That's just it!!! It's not pup!! It's PUPS!!! Last time, when I checked you, I made a mistake, so really you are not two months pregnant, but really four months! Two more moons and the lands will rejoice with the birth of the pups!"

Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru were shocked, in two months, not one, but two pups were going to born. Inuyasha turned to Sesshoumaru, and hugged him hard. "Two months!! Two months, Sesshoumaru, and we'll have a pair of pups!" Sesshoumaru kissed his lips passionately until they could no longer go without oxygen. Yujiro smiled happily at them. "Oh yes! I forgot, well since we had the months wrong, growing breasts are normal. Also, you're probably already feeling it, but you'll be feeling a bit hornier than usual. It's safe to have sex though, so no worries. Actually, it'd be better to meet Inuyasha's sexual needs than leave it Lord Sesshoumaru; his Youkai might not take it well if you don't. There aren't any other problems? No? Alright, you're free to go." They smiled and thanked him, Sesshoumaru picked up the forgotten tray and they made their way out, back to their room. Just after they left, they heard Yujiro shout 'Pups!! Amazing!" Inuyasha laughed, "He seems so excited about the pups."

"Yes, he thinks of them as his grandchildren because we are so close to him." Inuyasha pondered quietly, "Sess?" Sesshoumaru looked over to his mate, "Yes?" "Can we make him the pups' grandpa? Please?" He laughed. "Of course, we'll ask him later, when he comes by with the tea."

They reached their room, and Sesshoumaru closed the door while Inuyasha headed for the bed. Climbing on carefully after him, he laid the tray on the bed, handing a bowl of boar meat stew to Inuyasha and getting one for himself. Inuyasha finished his quickly and munched on an apple (something he craved constantly) while leaning into Sesshoumaru's side. A knock rapped against the door, and Yujiro entered holding a cup of steaming tea. He passed it carefully to Inuyasha who took a hesitant sip. "Like the flavor? Sesshoumaru mentioned your apple craving and so I added some of the dried skin in." Inuyasha nodded happily as he tried to sip it without burning himself. "Wait till its cool, Inuyasha; you're going to burn yourself. Besides, there's another apple on the tray, munch on that first." Sesshoumaru took the cup away and placed it on the tray, passing the apple to Inuyasha. He paused in biting into the apple and instead stared at Yujiro.

"Um… Yujiro?" He asked. "Yes, Inuyasha?" Inuyasha looked at Sesshoumaru, who nodded. "Yujiro, would like to be the grandfather figurehead to our pups?" The healer looked shock. "I would be honored to be the pups' grandpa! Thank you!" He bowed; the smile on his face was large. "Your welcome Yujiro, I don't think there is anyone else better."

"Thank you again, my Lord. I will take my leave now." He smiled happily at them before he left. Sesshoumaru handed him the cooled cup of tea back to Inuyasha, "Drink," Inuyasha complied and handed the empty cup to him so he could move the tray by the door for the servants to take later. Knowing Inuyasha felt tired, he brought his stack of paperwork over to the bed so he could work. Inuyasha closed his eyes and fell asleep, but kept a firm hold on Sesshoumaru. He worked in silence, only the occasional rustling of papers and even breathing from Inuyasha made noise in the room.

"Sess…" He looked over; Inuyasha was still asleep so he returned to his papers. Inuyasha moaned again. "Sess…Nn." He scrunched his eyebrows together, was he having a nightmare? He stroked the Inu's hair as the other hand wrote quickly. The sleeping demon whimpered and leaned into Sesshoumaru's side, his movements shifting the air towards Sesshoumaru. The smell of arousal hit his nostrils and stopped what he was doing. "Nn…" ''…meet Inuyasha's sexual need…' He debated silently, should he keep it off; after all, Inuyasha was sleeping. He gathered his work and placed it on the table and settled underneath the blankets to hug Inuyasha, smelling the stronger lust now emitting from Inuyasha.

Inuyasha rubbed himself against Sesshoumaru's thigh causing the older demon tensed up. The erection rubbing against him flared his lust as well, but he did not want to disturb Inuyasha's sleep. The sinful sounds coming out of Inuyasha's mouth did not help with anything. Inuyasha moved his hand in his sleep, brushing over the large bulge in his pants. A groan escaped out of his throat, and he turned to watch Inuyasha, lustful. His otouto was biting the bottom lip with his little fangs; legs wrapped his own, rubbing furiously with the movement of his hips. He got harder, something seemingly impossible at the moment. Leaning down, he bit the tip of the furry triangle softly. "Inuyasha…" Without waking up, the mouth opened slightly to let a small whimper. "Inuyasha…" he whispered, this time louder. His hand wandered down between his legs, rubbing himself through his pants as Inuyasha rubbed harder against him. The other tried to free his trapped leg. The blanket was getting hotter around him. Inuyasha just wouldn't wake up, and he did not want to finish with his hand.

Moans, whimpers, and little growls escaped Inuyasha, only making Sesshoumaru struggle more to get Inuyasha to wake up. His need was almost hurting, and he grew tormented with lust. Flipping himself on top, Inuyasha woke up, dazed and hard. A heavy weight was on top of him and he looked up into the red eyes of Sesshoumaru. 'What the hell?! '

"Inuyasha…" growled Sesshoumaru, "Um… why are you on top of me, Aniki?" He realized his legs were wrapped around Sesshoumaru's, his eyes widened. 'No way… Did I…?' He looked up; Sesshoumaru was trying to control his lust as he waited for his brother to realize what was happening. He groaned loudly when Inuyasha accidentally rubbed him as he shifted to look down at their legs. "Inuyasha, now."

Inuyasha shivered at the lust in his brother's voice and nodded. Quickly, within moments, both of their clothes were on the floor, and their lips and tongues were working furiously while Sesshoumaru prepared Inuyasha as fast as he could without hurting him. A wave of pleasure crashed into Inuyasha as Sess' fingers hit his prostate dead on, and he arched his back. Sesshoumaru sucked and nipped at Inuyasha extremely sensitive nipples, his brother's moans were driving him crazy and he needed to be inside the tight heat. Positioning, he licked at the mark, leaving Inuyasha relaxed, and thrust in…

He fucked him. Hard and quickly, hitting dead on and within moments Inuyasha had climaxed with a loud cry, cum dripped down their chests and stomach. Sesshoumaru followed with two more thrusts, letting his warm seed shoot into Inuyasha's body. Exhaustion settled in quickly though, and he fell asleep cuddled next to his older brother, still connected. Sesshoumaru held him protectively in his arm, brushing strands of hair back behind Inuyasha's ears as he began to follow Inuyasha into the lands of dreams.

A sweet kiss woke Sesshoumaru the next morning, he saw Inuyasha grinning at him from his arms. "G'morning!" Tightening his arms, he bent down to catch the lips in greeting. "Good morning indeed." He sat up, pulling the smaller demon with him. "The pups have not bothered you this morning?" Inuyasha shook his head. "I'm glad; it's not fun waking up every morning to puke out your guts like you have food poisoning or something."

"Of course, alright, since you are able to eat breakfast without gagging at the scent of it, let's head down and see what Hiin can cook up for us." Together, they took a bath in the spring, and got dressed. As they headed down, they were greeted happily by many they've passed in the hallways. The off-duty night guards waved as from their table, as Hiin walked over to greet them. "Lord Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha, glad to see you back in the kitchen in the early hours. What would you like for breakfast?" Sesshoumaru looked over at Inuyasha, wordlessly telling him to order first. "I want eggs, the herbal tea, apple pancakes, and apple slices. Then, I want some boar meat stewed in a bowl of rice porridge please." She nodded and looked at Sesshoumaru. "I'd like a bowl of boar meat in rice porridge, a cup of jasmine tea, and a plate of fresh meats."

Hiin smiled. "Alright, your food will be here soon." Sesshoumaru thanked her and she went away to cook up their foods. Inuyasha smiled happily and bounced in his seat when he saw the apple slices coming his way, his mate watched in amusement.

Soon, Hiin came back carrying a large tray in her two hands, carefully setting the rice porridge to each, and then separating the order to each demon. She smiled at them and left them to enjoy their meal. Of course, the pregnant demon dug in energetically at the large plate of apple pancakes and the apple slices to the side. Sesshoumaru blew on Inuyasha's bowl of rice porridge to make sure it was cool knowing that his little brother would forget. Too fast, Inuyasha was already done with his apple pancakes and slices and opened his mouth with a cute 'Ahhh…', while leaning closer to Sesshoumaru who held his bowl of porridge. Shaking his head slightly, Sesshoumaru blew on it once more before feeding his brother a small spoon of it.

Inuyasha smiled at the little bit of affection they were showing to everyone in the kitchen and insisted Sesshoumaru continue to feed him. To feed him more easily, Sesshoumaru moved to sit beside Inuyasha, and that's they spent the rest of breakfast, chatting and eating.

As the two months passed, Sesshoumaru was continuously awakened in the middle of the night by Inuyasha, who would be craving from a simple staple food to a passionate night, and dealing rather violent mood swings. One night, Inuyasha was experiencing some contractions, but he could see that Sesshoumaru was really tired and didn't want to wake him. Instead he curled up in the safe arms and tried to hold in his whimpers of pain. 'Come on, pups. Just wait a little longer, Papa will be awake soon.'

The sunrise broke through the clouds and into the bedroom, Inuyasha was glad. The contractions hurt a lot and he couldn't wait until Sesshoumaru woke up. A particular wave of pain caught him unguarded and he gave a loud cry of pain. The older demon jerked awake, giving quick glances around the room before landing on Inuyasha. He immediately sat up, "Inu?! Is it time?" He nodded slightly, cringing. He would have laughed at Sesshoumaru's panicked look if he were not in so much pain. His mind went blank for a few seconds before he wrapped the sheets around Inuyasha and hurried to the Hospital Wing, much like he had the day he found Takahiro.

Yujiro was surprised to see them but he waved them over quickly. The other healers also came over to assist, Yujiro scolded Inuyasha for waiting. "Inuyasha, you need to come immediately, next time, don't wait for Sesshoumaru to wake!" When Sesshoumaru heard this himself, he also scolded Inuyasha. "What is this, I'm in labor and I have people lecturing me?! How fair is that?" He gave another cry as the contractions came more frequently, burying his head into Sesshoumaru's side. "Okay, you're almost ready. Remember, it helps to breathe deeply." Thirty minutes later, they were ready to start pushing. "Breathe Inu! Yujiro, can you see the head yet?"

"Not yet, I think the next push. Three, two, one, push! I can see the head! Okay, three, two, one! Push!!" A cry penetrated the air and everyone smiled. "Congratulations! It's a boy!" Yujiro handed the baby to be cleaned and wrapped in a towel before turning back to Inuyasha. "Come on, Inu, you can do it." Sesshoumaru stroked the sweaty hair back from his forehead, letting Inuyasha squeeze his hand with all his strength. "Okay, get ready… Three, two, one, push! A couple more… Three, two, one, push! I can see the head! Come on, Inuyasha! Three, two, one, push!" Yujiro caught the pup and again passed it to a healer on standby. "It's a girl! Good job, Inuyasha!"

The demon mentioned smiled tiredly, and stared at the sleeping male pup passed into his arms, before looking to the other in his mate's arms. "They're beautiful, Sess." He whispered. Sesshoumaru looked away from his little princess and at Inuyasha's glowing face; he leaned down to peck a small kiss, "Thank you Inuyasha. I love you."


Two pups raced each other in the garden, both with long silver hair but possessed features of Sesshoumaru, except for their large round eyes, and Hanyou ears. They were named Jiro (boy), and Yuuko (girl). Today, marked the day of their fifth birthday. Sesshoumaru and a once-again pregnant Inuyasha watched happily from the branch of the large tree.

"Papa!! Jiro's pulling on my hair ribbons again!!"

THE END . ( Sorry not a very good one…)