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Chapter 3: The First Day

When the X-Men got home from the mall after the fight, they told the Professor what had happened. He was mildly surprised to learn the Brotherhood had followed them all the way to California, but understood that Magneto would want to keep an eye on them. He was thankful, however, that the Brotherhood currently shared their need for secrecy, and hadn't used their powers. The X-Men also noticed Logan seemed a little detached during their DR session when they left with about one or two bruises each and only mild concussions.

The next day was the last day before school started for them. They stayed home because the Professor believed they had caused enough damage the previous day. He was also wary of the Brotherhood, not wanting a repeat of the fight. The X-Men were also restricted from using their powers for the day because of the fight. The X-Men felt this was a cruel punishment, being locked up in the mansion without the use of their powers.

The day passed without much happening. Kitty noticed that once in a while, a bird or two would land on the big oak tree in the courtyard and watch them intently. Rahne knew what it was, having already heard of their plan to watch them. She did, however, notice the Red-Tailed Hawk, whom she remembered as Tobias, once flying into the Professor's study. She wondered what that was about, but didn't ask the Professor about it.

Around noon though, Professor Xavier received a call from the school board.

"Yes?'" he answered. "This is he… Oh, I'm sorry to hear that… Really? Hm, I might know of one. I'll get back to you." Logan, he called after hanging up the phone. Can I see you for a moment?

Logan agreed somewhat reluctantly. When he arrived he sat down across from Charles. "Now, first of all," Charles said, "I've noticed you seem somewhat distant since you came back from shopping yesterday. I know having to go shopping didn't upset you that much. I don't have to be psychic to see that something's bothering you."

Logan was silent for a moment. Xavier knew him all too well. "There was this girl," Logan finally said. "She was about to be raped, but I stopped them. She was fine, but what I can't get over is how familiar she looked. I could've sworn I've seen her before."

"You probably have," Xavier said. "Or her mother. You have to remember that so far your past before ten years ago still remains mostly a mystery."

"Yeah, you're probably right," Logan said.

"Now, on to the real reason I called you here," Xavier said. "The school our students are attending's PE instructor has had a heart attach and is no longer able to teach. The school board called me wondering if I knew anyone to replace him. I want you to do it."

"…WHAT?!" Logan shouted. "There is no way-!"

"Before you say 'no,' Logan," Charles interrupted. "Look at it this way: you're giving our students a warm up at school, and then you can work them harder when they come back."

Logan was still uncertain. "I don't know…" he said.

"And," Charles said. "You can keep a closer eye on that girl you saved and keep her out of trouble."

Logan perked a little at that. "Fine," he said, sounding more reluctant than he was. He felt a strange sense of protectiveness about that girl.

"Good," Charles said. "I'll tell the school board and tomorrow you will go early to get ready."

What have I gotten myself into? Logan thought to himself.


The next morning, Logan left early, leaving the X-Men with no morning DR session. They were a little confused but decided to just enjoy the non-hectic morning.

Scott and Jean drove the students to school, and dropped them off at the school. When they were gone, the students took a moment to look at their new school.

"This is it," Kitty said, somewhat nervously. Kurt put a comforting arm around his girlfriend, earning a smile in return. They walked into the school hand-in-hand with the rest of the students. When inside, they went to the office and retrieved their schedules.

Kitty, Rahne, and Kurt all had the same advisory class. It was in the Chemistry room at room number 213. The others went to their own advisory classes and the trio made their way to their new lockers, put in what they were told was their combinations, got their books, and went to the class.

When Kitty's group made it to their class, they breathed sighs of relief. The bell was about to ring and they were glad they weren't going to be late. At the same time, they hoped the others had found their classes alright.

The Chemistry room was set up in rows of tables. Three tables in side-to-side and two people to a table. The room was mostly filled by now with a few seats left. The teacher was sitting in a large desk facing the class. He appeared to be reading a novel and was very absorbed in it.

"Um, excuse me?" Kitty said to the teacher.

He looked up from his book to look at her. "Oh, yes," he said. "You must be the new students. I'm your advisory teacher, Mr. Russell. Take any seat you want and I'll introduce you when class starts," he said with a smile.

The three students nodded and looked for vacant seats. Rahne looked around and spied Cassie sitting with her friend Rachel. Rahne took a seat at a table behind them. They were too busy talking to notice her. She heard Rachel talking about something that happened to her when she left the mall, and Cassie looked concerned. That was partially why Rahne liked her: she genuinely cared about others.

The bell rang and the chattering around the room quieted. Some of the students were glancing at the three new students wondering about them.

"Alright class," Mr. Russell said. "As you may have noticed we have three new students in class today, and several more in other classes. I will call them up and they will say something about themselves." He looked at the roster. "Katherine Pryde," he called.

Kitty stood up and walked to the front, earning stares from several boys in the class. "Hello," she said. "I'm Katherine Pryde, but I prefer to be called Kitty. I live at the Xavier's Institute up the road, and I'm Kurt Wagner's girlfriend." That last part earned some groans from most of the boys.

"Thank you Kitty," Mr. Russell said. She took her seat and he looked at the roster again. "Kurt Wagner," he called.

Kurt stood up and walked to the front, earning glares from most of the boys. "Mien name is Kurt Vagner, and yes, I am German. I also live at the Xavier's Institute and Kitty Pryde is mien girlfriend." He returned the glares back to the boys.

Mr. Russell nodded and Kurt took his seat. Mr. Russell looked at the roster one last time and called, "Rahne Sinclair."

Rahne noticed Cassie perk a little and look around. Rahne smiled as she stood up and walked to the front. "'Ello," she said. "My name is Rahne Sinclair, and I'm Scottish, not Irish. Yes there is a difference. I, along with Kitty and Kurt, live at the Institute as well. I also like dogs and wolves."

She took her seat as Mr. Russell began calling the names of the other students in role-call. She took her seat behind Cassie and watched her a bit.

When role-call was finished Mr. Russell put away the roster. "Alright, class," he said, "We have nothing of any importance to do at the moment, so talk amongst yourselves, but please do try to keep the noise to a minimum." He sat back down at his seat and reabsorbed himself in his book.

With that said, the whole class disregarded his request for minimum noise and all started talking. Cassie pulled Rachel and turned to face Rahne.

"Hi Rahne," she said. "This is my friend Rachel."

"Best friend," Rachel corrected. "Hi, nice to meet you," she said with a smile, extending her hand.

"Hi," Rahne said, accepting the hand. "I'm Rahne. Nice to meet you, too!"

The rest of the class they exchanged meaningless dialogue. Or maybe it meant something to them. Something about who the current cutest boy in school was (Rachel talking this part), the newest fashion (also Rachel), who was currently dating who (the others got somewhat involved in this but still mostly Rachel. Maybe Rachel should've talked to a wall: same interest, same response.). Then the bell rang and the class emptied. Kitty and Kurt made their way to their first class: PE.


Marco couldn't wait. PE was basically his favorite class! Coach Whiler was a laid back, easygoing guy who barely made them do anything. Also, the guys and girls were together in class. They had separate locker rooms, of course, but he still got to see a lot of good looking girls in short gym shorts. The only thing Marco thought of as a flaw in Coach Whiler's laid back strategy was that he barely ever got to see the girls sweat. Oh, well. Can't have everything.

However, something wasn't quite right about today. When he and Jake walked out of the locker room and into the gym, they noticed an obstacle course. First there was a ten foot high climbing rope, then tire steps, a crawl thing where you crawl under rope netting (I think the military uses barbed wire), a few hurtles, then a ten meter run to the end. Everyone was gathering in front of it, talking and wondering what it was.

Then there was an ear-splitting whistle, silencing everyone. There, in the coach's uniform, was a large gruff looking man. Marco's first impression was an army general. He looked about ready to chew them up then spit them out then step on them.

"Good morning, maggots," he said to them, glaring holes in them. Only three people responded, those being the institution student (Kurt, Kitty, and Rouge). "Maybe you didn't hear me," he growled. "I said: GOOD MORNING, MAGGOTS!!!"

"Good morning, Coach!" came the hasty and somewhat frightened responses.

"That's more like it," he said. "As you maggots may have noticed, your usual gym teacher is not here. He had a heart attack and will no longer be teaching." About half the class groaned. "There will be none of that!" he shouted. "I won't have my class moaning and groaning because their old teacher's gone! I am you new coach, and I will hear no complaints on the matter. I am Coach Logan. You may refer to me as 'Coach' or 'Sir.' Is that understood?" There were murmurs in response. "I said: IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?!?!"

"YES COACH LOGAN, SIR!" the class yelled in response, all of them straitening up as though it was a military camp.

"Good. That's another thing: you will answer every question with a 'yes, sir' or 'no, sir.' There will be no slacking off." He glared around at them. "Now, I'm going to call role, and you will raise your hand and answer 'here, sir.' Understood?"

"Yes, sir!" the class said in unison.

"Good," he said. He looked at the roster. "Martin Gall."

"Here, sir!"

"Sarah Tay."

"Here, sir!"

"Jake Breneson."

"Here, sir!"

"Kitty Pryde."

"Here, sir!"

"Kurt Wagner."

"Here, sir!"

"Marco Laxus."

"George Washington!"

"…Marco Laxus."

"John F. Kennedy!"

Coach Logan walked over to Marco, who had a huge smile on his face. "Would you mind telling me why you're mocking me, Mr. Laxus?"

"Yes, sir, I would mind," Marco answered.

"Humor me," Logan growled.

"Well, sir, everyone seemed kind of tense, so I figured I'd try to lighten the mood a bit. Is it working?" Marco asked, looking around.

"No," Logan said simply. He was right. No one had laughed at Marco's jokes, and the tension and fear remained. "But since you like 'lightening the mood' around you, why don't you try it in detention. I hear they're all a little depressed in there." Marco's face fell and most of the class laughed a bit. "Now, unless anyone else has something to add, I'll continue."

The rest of role passed without any more trouble. "Now, if you'll look behind me you'll see your test. You will run this one at a time. You will have six minutes to complete it. If the six minutes ends and you are yet to reach the end, you will fail. If you fall, and don't get up in three seconds, you will return to the beginning and the timer will keep running."

"*This looks easy,*" Marco whispered to Jake. "*I could run this thing with my eyes closed.*"

"Is that so, Mr. Laxus?" Coach Logan asked. "Well if you're so confident, why don't you start us off?" The class chuckled as Marco grudgingly walked up to the first obstacle. "Three… Two… GO!"

Marco jumped up the rope and climbed… then fell flat on his back after a few feet. The class burst out laughing as he laid there.

Coach Logan walked over and leaned over him. "I'd say 'go back to the beginning,' but you're still there." The class laughed some more as Marco struggled to get up and back up the rope. After a few tries, he finally made it and continued with the course. However, when he was halfway through the crawling part, Coach Logan blew the whistle signaling the time was up.

"Well, well," Coach Logan said. "Looks like someone isn't as tough as he acts."

The class laughed as Marco made his way over to the bench. However, after most of the class and tried and failed the obstacle course, they didn't feel like laughing anymore. Only a handful of students managed to pass the course (Kitty, Rouge, Martin Gall, and Samantha Hill), and a few were only a few seconds behind (Jake, Sarah Tay, Josh Corner, and Patricia Kall). Kurt was excused from doing it because of a "physical disability." The rest failed just as miserably as Marco.

"I'm disappointed," Coach Logan said. "Only a few of you were in shape enough to complete this simple course! Go to the locker rooms and change and report back here before the bell rings."

The class went to the locker rooms and returned a minute before the bell.

"Now I don't know how things used to run around here, but those days of slacking are over!" Logan told them. "From now on, you will eat, drink, sleep, and shower PE. At the end of the school year we will run this very same course to assess if you have improved. And let me tell you, by the time I'm done with you, you'll be running this thing blindfolded! Is that understood?!"

"Yes, sir!" the class responded through groans of pain.

Then the bell rang and the class grudgingly got up and walked out.

"Mr. Laxus," Coach Logan called. "Don't forget! Come back here after school!"

"Yes, sir," Marco groaned as he left.


The day passed with more and more of the school learning the pain of PE. When lunch came, more than half the school were either dragging a friend or being dragged to the cafeteria.

When Marco got his lunch, he made his way over to where most of the others were already seated. There was Jake, Rachel, and Cassie, with their new friends Kitty, Rahne, Kurt, and a Goth girl named Rouge.

Marco put his tray on the table next to Jake, who was in better condition than he was, and painfully eased himself into the seat.

"What happened to you?" Rachel asked, somewhat amused at his pain.

"PE's still taking its toll on me," he grunted.

"Why?" she asked. "Coach Whiler change his strategy a bit?"

"Haven't you heard?" Jake asked. "Coach Whiler had a heart attack. We got a new coach now. Someone called Coach Logan. I think he was in the military or something."

"Canadian Special Forces," Kitty said. They looked at her.

"How do you know that?" Marco asked.

"He lives at the Institute vith us," Kurt told them. "He puts us through physical training almost every day."

Marco looked horrified. "So you have to go through what we did every day?!" he asked.

"Actually," Kitty said, "what we went through today was nothing compared to what we're used to."

"Yeah, well, I think he already hates Marco," Jake said.

"No, he doesn't," Kitty said. "He probably sees Marco as a challenge."

"What do you mean, 'challenge,'" Marco asked.

"Mr. Logan prides himself on his training skills," Kitty said. "He's probably going to try to break you. Make you the 'perfect soldier.'"

"Man," Marco said. "I think this G.I. Joe wannabe takes his job way too seriously."

"I'd be careful where you say that," Rouge finally spoke. "Mr. Logan can pop up anywhere and has an amazing sense of hearing."

"Do you see him here?" Marco asked matter-of-factly. "No," he said without waiting for an answer. "So I'm perfectly safe."

"I wouldn't be so sure," Rahne said.

"We'll see," Marco said.


When school was out, and all the students were going home, Marco was trudging along towards the gym.

When he got there he saw Drake and Woo, the worst bullies in school, there, too.

"What are you doing here, dork?" Woo sneered.

"Same as you, I suppose," Marco said, scowling. He still hadn't quite forgiven them since they dissed his mom. But if Coach Logan was overseeing them, perhaps it would be tolerable.

Just then, said coach walked in. In one hand there was a mop and a bucket, in the other, a pair of rags. He set them off to the side and walked up to them. Instinctively, they all straightened. Logan smirked.

"So," he said, "can any of you tell me why you're here?" Marco almost immediately raised his hand. Logan sighed. "Okay, Mr. Laxus, tell me."

"WE'RE HERE BECAUSE WE DISRESPECTED YOU, SIR!!!" he shouted, military-like. He looked at Drake and Woo. "At least that's my impression." Marco was already smirking to himself, though the others didn't seem as amused for some reason.

Coach Logan glared at Marco, effectively wiping the smirk from his face. "Well," he said, "you're right. You're all here because you all need to learn respect. And what better way, than physical labor."

"Sir?" Woo asked nervously. "What exactly are we doing?" Drake face-palmed himself, and Marco snickered. Woo never was very bright.

"Marco, tell him," Logan said. He figured he'd humor the boy.

"Well," Marco said, putting on his detective face. "Considering the fact that we are, effective as of now, 'juvenile delinquents,' and the fact that there is equipment all over the gym, also adding the fact that Coach Logan so graciously provided cleaning equipment…" He paced around for a few seconds, adding unnecessary and unwanted drama. "I'd say we're going out to eat!"

Woo breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank god!" he said. "For a moment there I thought we were going to have to clean the whole gym!" They stared at him. "What?"

Marco looked at Drake. "You hang out with him to make yourself feel good about yourself, don't you?"


"What?" Woo asked, getting nervous again. Sometimes he felt as if some people knew more than he did.

Drake took Woo by the shoulders, as if he were sharing something personal. "Woo," he said, "we are cleaning the gym." Woo looked shocked and mortified.

"Actually, Marco is cleaning the gym," Logan confessed.

"WHAT?!" Marco asked. "By myself?!"

"Well first all of you are going to move the equipment out," he said. "Then Woo and Hoo here are going to clean the locker room."

"By myself?!" Woo asked, even more shocked.

Drake sighed patiently. "I'll explain later, Woo," he said.

Logan supervised them as they moved the equipment to the side of the gym where it was out of the way.

"Come on, Woo," he said as he walked with Woo toward the locker room. As he went Drake grabbed the mop but Logan stopped him.

"Oh, no," he said. "You'll be using these." He produced two rags and a bucket of water. They groaned again as they went to the locker room.

Marco couldn't help but smile. Cleaning the locker room with nothing but water and hand rags? HA! Hilarious. Logan caught Marco's smile and snickered.

"Not bad for a 'G.I. Joe wannabe,' huh?" Logan asked, his snicker turning into a growl.

Marco groaned. "Who ratted?" he asked.

"No one," the coach answered. "I was passing through the cafeteria to the vice principal's office and I overheard your little comment. For that, you can come again tomorrow, and hopefully the locker room wouldn't have gained too much filth." With that said, he walked out of the room, promising to expand Marco's punishment if he couldn't see himself in the floor when he returned.

Marco grudgingly started working. "Kitty said he might try to break me," he muttered to himself. "If that's true, then he's off to a good start. Jesus Christ, how could this get worse?"

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