Drabble: Sara and Grissom if they got married what they might say to one another. Oh my dearest beta reader is out of town, by chance something is off please over look it.

Hope you enjoy


The day had come; Sara dressed in white, Grissom in a custom made tux. He stood in ah as Sara walked down the isle. She approached Grissom, he reached out, taking her hand they looked at each other and smiled. Turning around and looking at the priest.

The priest spoke saying all the things they'd longed to hear, finally asked Sara and Grissom if they had anything they'd like to say to each other before he pronounced them husband and wife.

Grissom looked into Sara's eyes, a tear flowed down her cheek.

Grissom "Sara Sidle, from the moment our eyes met I knew I loved you. Never told you, never had the nerve to tell you. As time grew into months and then years past by I knew I couldn't hold back.

I've grown as a man and a lover, it took me a long time to realize how much you mean to me. I know now, you accepting me as your husband, I am worthy of your love.

I am honored and humbled, I never deserved your love. I still don't, but here you are, strong, brave, caring, beautiful, brilliant and passionate."

He paused; "Today I look into your eyes, and what I see is your everlasting love for me. I belong only to you, and you alone for the rest of our lives. I will comfort you in time of need, I will help you through good and bad times. I promise to support you no matter what happens. Know I will always respect and love you for the rest of our life's.

I will be there when we grow old and may we have a long and wonderful life together. Someday may we have a family and our family will know our love we share as one.

Sara Sidle will you accept this ring I offer you as a token of my every lasting love for you?"

Sara smiled, tears flowed down her cheek. She softly spoke.

"Gil, you are the only man I have ever loved, you are my lover, my heart and my soul. I will love you until the end of time. I will live my life with you and someday our children will know our love. May we live a long and healthy life and grow old as one.

Gil you are my passion, you give me strength." She smiled at him

"I'll be yours forever, if you will accept me, I promise to support you in anything you choose to do, and to comfort you in time of need. I promise to always be yours. We both know from the day we met I have loved you, as a woman could love no other. I will be there for you until the day I die.

Gilbert Grissom, I Sara Sidle love you with every breath I take and will accept this ring you offer me."

She paused as their eyes met

With this ring, I thee wed and join our live as one."

They smiled at each other, Grissom leaned forward and put his arms around his wife kissing her passionately. The priest cleared his throat, they both looked at him.

"May I pronounce you husband and wife. Please everyone give your blessings to Mr and Mrs Grissom."

They smiled at each other knowing they had started a new adventure, one they both knew would have a everlasting ending.

The End