A/N: My first real attempt at angsty drama sort of story.. so I hope you enjoy.

It is based on Nickelbacks song "just to get High" from their album Dark Horse. I think you should listen to the song as you read it, or before reading it.. overall just listen to angry music, then you might feel what I tried to convey in the story.

M for Molestation. For real.

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"Just To Get High"

He held on to the microphone, letting his guitar dangle loosely down his front, as he sang the lyrics with his hoarse and rough voice. He no longer belonged to some snotty garage band, no, now he was a real rockstar with roadies and all that crap.

The way to the top had been long, and often he didn't know if he could make it. He had always just loved to play music because it was something he was good at. His lyrics came from his heart and he gave it his all when he sang into the microphone, closing his eyes as he did so.

It all had started in rented rooms in china town on the east coast, where he played with his friends at local gigs and clubs. They had had a blast at each performance, but now.. now there were only him. There were no old friends who had followed him to the top, no, the label company didn't need mediocre musicians – they could always find those on the street corner was what they had told him.

And his friends had always said he was meant for greater things than just garage rock, he was too talented to just rot up in there. But he honestly didn't give a crap about that. Being on the top was lonely, and that was the reason to where he found himself this day.

He walked under the Chinese sign saying china town. His blond hair swayed in a mild breeze as he walked down the everyday crowded street. He had missed being the anonymous Japanese guy, instead of being rockstar Naruto Uzumaki – he had honestly missed the smelly over crowded china town.

As his torn combat boots walked down the main street, he saw familiar faces, people he had spend time with when he was just the blond idiot who played hell of a lot guitar. They looked surprised but also very happy to see that he hadn't forgotten his roots.

He nodded in greetings as he walked down a side road.

There were a special someone he wanted to visit. A special person – a childhood savior, a best friend, and foremost a lover. He had butterflies in his stomach as he turned a familiar corner, and got closer to the old block he used to live in, or where he and Sasuke used to live in.

He had talked to Sasuke back then that he was accepted by a label company on the west coast, and that he had to move over there, to make himself a career. He had asked the Uchiha numerously times to come along and live with him, but all he got was a cold glare.

"What do you expect me to do over there? Huh? I don't have a fat label contract that can stuff my pockets with money." Was the cold and shattered words that left the dark haired lover.

They had had a heated argument that had ended in sex (which wasn't really that surprising, because they always had the best sex when they yelled each other's heads off) and after that Naruto hadn't heard from Sasuke, and before he had time to say goodbye he had to leave for San Francisco.

Now, over 2 years later he returned, to visit Sasuke uchiha.

As he turned down the street where he used to live, he became wildly aware that not only he had changed, but everything had changed. The street buzzed with people who looked like crackheads, hookers and dealers.

He pulled his jacket a bit tighter as he passed some men, who looked suspiciously after him as he entered the building where he used to live. He was just assuming that Sasuke still lived here, but he wasn't sure.

"Hey punk, where do you think you are going?" Naruto stopped dead in his tracks.

"erh.. I am visiting someone.." He didn't turn to face the men. He could hear them walk up behind him, and pulling him on the shoulder so he suddenly stood face to face with a tall brown haired man.

"oh yea? … who are you visiting blondie?" The two men grinned malicious as they checked out the blond.

"none of your concern." Naruto pulled himself loose of the man's hold, giving the taller of the two a deadly glare.

"oh.. think again Barbie, it is definitely of my concern.. you tell me, or I will break those fine fingers of yours.." The man had turned his grin into a deep dark scowl, and he looked definitely not like he was joking about what he said.

"Sasuke Uchiha." Naruto still held his glare at the man, but was surprised to see the man suddenly smiling goofy.

"Sasuke, huh? Go ahead, I didn't think that whore had any friends left.. unless he has gotten himself a new pimp?" The man sized Naruto up and down as he stood grinning.

'whore? Pimp? What the hell is he talking about'

Naruto cocked a blond brow as he turned and walked inside the building, and up to the first floor where he could see the door stood ajar.

Slowly pushing the door open, he took a cautious step inside, looking around in the apartment. It reeked. A smell not distinctive to his nostrils roamed the flat, and he coughed a little as he breathed, almost feeling like he had to puke. There were lying clothes everywhere and he saw needles, lighters, fags, and food products of all sorts. It was disgusting. How could a person like Sasuke, mister tidiness, live in a place there resembled a dumpster.

"Sasuke?" Naruto looked at the coffee table and saw a bag of white powder lye along with a spoon and silver paper. He wasn't unfamiliar with it, as he had been offered the same shit on his tours – fucking drugs, and not just one kind. There were smoke heroin, cocaine and judging by the needles there were a little something extra. Had he really sunken that low?

"Sasuke are you here? Answer me bastard!" Naruto found his way to the bedroom door, and stood unmoving as he held the doorknob is his grasp.

His thoughts were blank and he couldn't think of anything – and before he seemed to process where he really was he had opened the door.


Naruto froze yet again. Inside the dim bedroom with windows covered with bright colored scarves, he saw his former lover, the person he admired most in the whole world, the only person he… loved, riding another man.

Not processing anything at all, and just standing there in the door – staring – he saw the raven move up and down, moaning, groaning and..

"Who the fuck are you!" the man currently under Sasuke, yelled at Naruto, making him return from his momentarily brain freezing.

"I.. uhm.. erh.. I.." the blond looked at the man who yelled, staring him in the eyes, as he still had Sasuke on top – who hadn't stop.

"I said who the fuck are you!?" the man had dark hair and his eyes, they seemed almost snake like. This time the raven on top of him, turned to look what the fuss was about, and as he looked at the blond, Naruto locked eyes with him. They seemed hazy, over glazed and there wasn't as much as a reaction, as Sasuke turned to look at the man beneath him again, still riding him.

"sorry!" Naruto quickly closed the door with a slam, and bolted out from the building.

"Oh so did the whore have visit?" the dark haired male grinned as he saw the blond run down the stairs and halted at the end of the stairs, where the two males still were standing and smoking.

"he has to earn money like the rest of us.." the other male said, as he lightered another fag.

"earn money? Is he.. " Naruto looked confused at the other man.

"He is a whore.. I told you blondie.. he fucks for a living." The taller of the two males shrugged and heaved a lungful of smoke.

"Sasuke.. no.. he wouldn't.. I know Sas-"

"you saw it yourself kid, he fucks, and if I didn't know better, I would say he liked it too.." The man looked at Naruto who just stood phased out.

'Sasuke.. fucks people for money..' Naruto sat down on the stairs leading out.

"you seem surprised, you didn't know? That's new.. he is a rather famous too.. he is one of the prettiest male whores in whole of china town.." The man laughed as he said the words with much sarcasm loaded into them.

If Naruto really had listened he would have punched him in that smirking face, but he was a bit too surprised to find out that his boyfriend – cause they hadn't really broken up, or so was his view on it all- to be fucking anybody willing to put money on the table.

"he is expensive too.. " the other male commented as the two unknown males stood and discussed the whore Sasuke.

Naruto only heard a fraction of what they talked about, all his brain was processing was the picture of Sasuke riding another person, another person there wasn't him. He saw before him how the raven's pink lips slowly parted to moan out those sweet sounds he hadn't heard for a long time. How his hips rocketed up and down and how the other males dick disappeared into the warm cavern that belonged to him. HIM! Sasuke was his fucking boyfriend!

Getting more and more angered than he had been to begin with, Naruto could feel how his blood began to boil – getting hotter and hotter. Why the hell did the Uchiha sink this low, how could he? His pride almost forbid him to even think of smoking, and here he was, fucking and taking drugs – fuck!

Sitting half an hour on the steps Naruto heard a door slam and the male he had seen in the bed with the raven walked down the steps casually, tucking his shirt into his leather pants and making his jacket sit straight again.

"Next time wait your turn you fucking moron.." the man passed the blond, who had his fist balled in anger. He wanted to throw a punch at the man, he desperately wanted to. But instead he just took the insult, and walked up to Sasuke's flat again.

He had couple of questions, and someone needed to get beaten, and there was only one person left to beat up to a pulp.

He was my best friend, I tried to help him,
But he traded everything, for suffering,
And found himself alone.

"SASUKE!" Naruto slammed the door open into the apartment, and slammed it closed again, and just stood glued to the floor as he could see the raven move around in the bedroom.

"I can't right now.. have to wait till tomorrow.. where the hell did I put my lighter.." Out from the bedroom walked a naked raven haired man. His skin was slightly red, and his hair ruffled up. He had some money which he tucked into a jar on the coffee table.

"Sasuke! Damit! Look at me bastard.." the anger there had fueled the blond was slowly dissolving, and replaced by something else.. pity? Sadness?

The raven merely just looked at the blond in bored expression as he lit a fag.

"Who are you again?" Sasuke sat down on the torn couch, as he puffed on his fag, and lined up a row of white powder from the little bag Naruto had seen earlier.

"you little.." Naruto walked over to the Uchiha and slapped the smoke out of his hands, straddling both of Sasuke's hands to the sofa's back piece, as he sat down on the naked raven's thighs – immobilizing him completely.

"Don't tell me you have forgotten me you little bitch.." Naruto felt the urge to beat the sense back into Sasuke, but as he looked into the dark orbs, he could tell that the Uchiha was gone. He was simply just too high to even think.

"I don't know you. Now let me go you piece of shit.." the raven wiggled in the strong hold of the blond, and the more he turned, the more he could feel Naruto tighten around his wrists.

"ow.. that hurts you little.."

"Oh so that hurts?" Naruto squeezed hard around the right wrist of Sasuke's.

"let go.."

"Try and see your best friend high, or maybe your lover getting fucked by another man.. try and see if that fucking hurts!" releasing the wrist he had squeezed hard, he slapped Sasuke on the side of the head, with so much force that Sasuke's head turned to the side.

Spitting blood out, Sasuke glared at the man above him.

"try that one more time and I swear I will kill you.."

Noting the threat Naruto hit again, and again Sasuke's head flew to the side.

"You fucking bitch!" Lashing out after the blond, the Uchiha's hand was caught, he sat still as he saw Naruto hold around his wrist again. Naruto squeezed around the wrist, but stopped, which made the raven nervous. Maybe the blond was going to snap it, and break it in two – he was a bit afraid.

"you really don't remember do you?" Naruto slowly let go of Sasuke's right wrist.

"what are you talking about?" cocking a dark brow Sasuke looked at the blond, who had seized with his hitting, and was now just looking at him.. his startling blue eyes.. they seemed so familiar..

Naruto looked into the dark onyx eyes, trying hard to make Sasuke remember past his high and back to when he lived there. He couldn't have forgotten.. he couldn't.

"I.. don't remember you.." Sasuke finally said, seeing the little spark in the blue eyes disappear.

"Fuck it.. you have to remember.. we lived together here! We.. we had sex everywhere in this flat!" Naruto squeezed at Sasuke's left wrist as he furrowed his brows, angered.

"Ow! I said I don't remember! Let go you asshole!" Sasuke tried with his free hand to push the stubborn blond man off him.

"You fucking have to!" Naruto took hold of the raven's right wrist again, and straddled it against the couch, as he crashed his lips against Sasuke's, licking with his tongue on the Uchiha's fine pink bottom lip.

Parting his lips a little, Naruto grabbed the chance and forced his tongue inside the raven's mouth. Caressing the others wet muscle; he felt how Sasuke slowly forgot to struggle against him, forgetting that he wanted to get free.

Exploring Sasuke's mouth he could taste the bitterness from the smoke, but he just deepened the kiss as much as he could, making their teeth hit sometimes.

Slowly parting their lips, their tongues left a trail of saliva between them, as they sat in the couch, both panting a little and both with a hint of rose to their cheeks.

"fuck you dobe.." Sasuke leaned his head against the blonds front, gasping for air.

"Fuck you for leaving me.."

I watched the lying, turn into hiding,
With scars on both his lips, his fingertips...
Were melted to the bone.

Naruto smiled as he let go of the raven's wrists, and wrapped his arms around the raven, tucking him close against his chest.

"fuck you Uzumaki.. you shouldn't have come.." tears began running down the raven's cheeks and down his lips, as he began shaking.

"get the fuck away!" Sasuke pushed the blond off him, and bolted for the bedroom, locking it as he closed the door. Naruto had reached the door as he had locked it, and began hitting on it.

"Sasuke! Damit! Open the fuck up! I mean it you bastard! You need help!"

"Oh so now I need help? Thanks a lot Idiot! Where were you a year ago? Or 2 years ago? Huh? You weren't in this stinking hell hole, broke and on the verge of being thrown out.."

"Sasuke.. please open the door.. this is silly.." Naruto hit the door, before he fell to his knees.

"Silly!? Fuck off Naruto.. fuck off to your rockstar wonderland.. and don't show your face here again!" on the other side of the door, a shaking raven sat, stalk naked and in need of his drugs.

"Just.. fuck off!" He wanted that coke now.

"Sasuke please!"

"I said fuck off!" it was right there, past the door, waiting for him – the fine white heaven.

A helpless tear fell down the sun kissed cheek, and was dried away with the back of the palm. How had it gotten this far..


"leave Naruto!" that coke was practically screaming his name.

Naruto got up and put a hand on the door. He wanted so much to just.. hold Sasuke. To have the old grumpy but loving Uchiha back.. he would trade anything in the world for it.

Sighing in defeat, Naruto left the flat, looking on last time back at the bedroom door, before he closed the door into the flat.

But I can still remember what his face looked like,
When I found him in an alley in the middle of the night.
Tell me what you know! Tell me what you gone and done now!
Tell me what you know! Tell me what you gone and done now!
A gun would do the trick, get it over with,
You're better off...
To take all you've got and burn it on the spot,
Just to get high-igh, igh, igh

Naruto sat in his hotel room, his head in his hands. How the hell did the Uchiha get into such deep shit? Prostitution and drugs, how the hell did he get into such bad company? He couldn't match it up in his head, it just didn't add up. Sasuke was way too cool to be shanghaied into drugs easy, or at all. He must have been tricked, or forced.

Naruto wrapped his fingers around the blond locks. He only had a week off before he had to return to San Francisco, but he couldn't leave things as they were here. He couldn't just turn his back to Sasuke, not again.

"fuck.. what am I going to do.." Naruto got up and walked out to the joining bathroom and turned on the shower. Pulling of his shirt he looked into the mirror, facing him on the left side wall. He looked at himself, his ragged hair all messy, his skin tanned from the hard sun out west and as he turned his back he saw the scar he had gotten by accident, when he and Sasuke had chosen to have sex against a fence.

He smiled as he recalled the fond memory of that evening, which quickly faded into nothing. The sex he and Sasuke had shared were always passionate and heated, never just.. sex. He unbuckled his pants and took them off, along with his socks and boxers.

He stepped into the water and closed his eyes. As he did he saw before him the look Sasuke had given him while he had seen him have sex with the other man. It looked like there wasn't anything left, like Sasuke wasn't even there, but just an empty shell.

Finishing up the bath Naruto did nothing but to think of Sasuke. As he got dressed in a pair of black slacks and a dark blue shirt he looked into the mirror. He was going to meet with an old friend from his days as garage rock band and he didn't need to think of Sasuke when they went out for drinks. He just didn't want to.

Arriving at the pub where he and his friend were going to meet he thought of Sasuke as he saw a man light a cigarette. He didn't particular think much over it, but Sasuke had never smoked before, he hadn't seen it before today.

Succeeding in not thinking about Sasuke for well most of the evening, he couldn't deny that he had spaced out once in a while, but he just brushed it off when his friend asked if he was okay. He didn't need to tell about how Sasuke fucks for living, a living for drugs, and more sex. He figured he needed the drugs to forget about how many people travelled through his stained bed sheets.

Feeling the night air nipple at his skin, Naruto chose to walk home. He needed to get his head aired. After all he had heard and seen that day – not only about Sasuke but his friend as well – he just needed to get it all out in an arm length, or else he wasn't sure he was going to be able to breathe.

As he walked down the sidewalk, he heard some loud sounds, canisters falling and then something sounding much like a fight.

He began running over to the alley and down the small road between the two buildings.


He saw a person look up as he ran down the alley, and then the person ran for it, before he could catch up.

"OI!" As he saw the man run and was about to yell profanities and run after him he heard a sound from behind him. He saw that a person moved under the garbage from the canister, sounding in pain.

"Oh my god, are you okay!?" Naruto sat down on one knee helping the person free from the garbage, so they could stand up, but as he just got the person up, the person just fell in his grasp down to the ground.

"Oi.. hang in! Oi! can you hear me!" feeling that he was beginning to panic, Naruto scoped the person up in his arms, and carried him out of the dark alley. He was too panicked to call an ambulance, so he just pulled the first cab he saw in.

As he waited for the cab to stop, he looked down on the person and for the first time he was able to see who it was.

"fuck.. Sasuke.."

"are you getting in or what?" the cabdriver looked annoyed at the blond man standing with another man in his arms.

"pop the door open will ya.." placing Sasuke carefully on the backseat, Naruto gave directions to his hotel.

As they arrived to the hotel, he took Sasuke in his arms again and walked in.

"Sir? Are you alright? Should we call an ambulance?" the hotel manager looked concerned at the blond as he carried an unconscious person in his arms.

"no, but send some ice and towels to my room.." getting into the elevator, Naruto pushed the button to the top floor and finally arrived at his room.

Putting Sasuke down on the bed, Naruto ran out to the bathroom and opened the faucets fully to the hottub. He then ran back to the bed, he took Sasuke in his arms and carried him out to the bathroom, and placed him down on the floor.

As he was about to pull the shirt of the raven, he saw in the strong bright light how the clothes were torn. He had felt them dangle when he had carried him, but didn't think much of it, but under the bright light he saw how the shirt was ripped down the Uchiha's pale shoulder, how the normally tight fitted jeans were torn in the seams.

"Sir?" a maid knocked on the door and opened it.

"leave it on the bed!" Naruto didn't have time to thank the maid, and just yelled much harder than he meant, and scared the maid who quickly closed the door.

Pulling the leftovers from the shirt of Sasuke, he could hear the raven grunt.

"who.. where am.." unable to focus the raven slipped off again, unconscious.

Slowly sliding the jeans off Sasuke, afraid of causing further pain, he saw they were blood stained in the back, and as he trailed them down the raven's thighs, the blood made a trail.

It was too much. It was simply too much. Pulling the raven into his embrace Naruto cried. He cried for Sasuke. He cried how someone had… raped, drugged and used him. He cried for Sasuke, and for how he must have been longing for Naruto to be there.

The tears just fell down his cheek, and he cried out loudly, tucking the unconscious raven close. Sniffing and stifling his cries, Naruto held the Uchiha so he could look at him. His dark hair clung to his pale face, his body was filled with bruises. Putting the dark haired man down, he got up and turned the water off, before stripping out of his outfit getting naked.

He then took the raven and sat down in the tub, the warm water stinging his skin as he sat down, having the raven leaning against his front.

Taking a towel and dipping it in the water, he began washing Sasuke off, getting the trash and blood of him. As he slowly stroked the pale chest, a dark eye peered open.

"wha-.. where am i!!" Sasuke panicked and was almost up from the tub, when Naruto got hold on his should and pulled him slowly down.

"Sasuke it's okay.."

Turning around Sasuke saw the blond sit behind him, in a tub full of warm water.. how had he..

"Where am i? how did I get here!?" Sasuke suddenly winced and fell down into the tub, making water spill over the tub's edge.

"Sasuke!?" Naruto sat up on his knees, and fished the raven up from under the water. He gasped as he felt the blond hold him in a tight embrace, not seeming to let go. He coughed and winced as he felt an unbearable pain in all of his body.

He then remembered fragments of what had happened. He was hitting on a white haired older man, he asked if he had wanted some "fun". Sasuke needed the money to buy more heroins from his dealer, and had therefore gone out seeking willing men. And after some minutes with the man, he had turned on him. He had ripped his shirt and he was hit in the face, so he felt to the ground and then..

A tear left his dark eyes. He had been..

Sasuke leaned against the blond's toned chest, feeling Naruto kiss the top of his head.

He had been raped.


The least person he had expected to see was Naruto.. and yet the blond had been there, he had taken him with him. He had been there even though he had said he didn't want to see his face again.

"I know.." Naruto just sat and rocketed back and forth with the raven a little while, hearing the raven cry against his chest.

Naruto let go off the raven and got up, slinging a towel around his waist, before he patted into the bedroom and grabbing something in his bag and heading back to the bathroom.

"here.. they are painkillers.." handing the two white pills with a glass of water to Sasuke, who drank it, he put the glass back down and got into the tub again.

Sitting with his back against the tub, Naruto signaled for Sasuke to come close, and the raven hesitated for a short while before he leaned his back against the blond's toned front.

Naruto took the towel and began slowly scrubbing the raven again. As they sat there in silence, none of them spoke. The blond didn't feel like he could ask the raven what have happened, he had after all.. abandoned him.

As they finished up, and got toweled, Sasuke looked at the blond. Naruto had gotten more toned, his muscles just being visible, giving him another look from the teenage look he had had when they lived together. He now looked mature, older.. sexier.

Feeling the raven look at him, Naruto smiled at him, making the raven turn his head and look at something else – though earning the dark haired male a pair of rosy cheeks.

Handing Sasuke a pair of boxers and a shirt, Naruto demanded.

"You are staying here tonight."

Sasuke nodded and got dressed, before they both slipped under the fine cotton blankets spread out on the bed. In the dark Naruto could feel Sasuke scoot closer, though without touching the blond – even though they just had been sitting naked against each other in the tub.

Naruto grinned in the dark, and took hold of the raven's waist, pulling him across the bed and into his embrace, so they were spooning. He snuggled his nose against the raven's neck, before he placed a kiss there and sighed. They were both quiet, but it was as if Naruto heard a "thank you.." through the dark.

Three days no sleeping, he gave up eating,
He sold his mother's rings, she said nothing,
And pretended not to know...
He started stealing, to supply the feeling,
Found out he pulled a knife, on someone's wife...
And held it to her throat.

Lying awake in the dark, the raven couldn't sleep. He was stalk awake, in pain and he knew what would help; it was out in the bathroom, in the front left pocket.

Hearing the blond sound asleep, Sasuke pried himself loose from the dominating hold Naruto had had on him. He got loose and winced as he sat up on the edge of the bed, slowly getting up without waking Naruto.

He sneaked into the bathroom, locking the door behind him. He then quickly located his torn blood stained jeans, and found what he was looking for. He threw the jeans on the floor, and snorted. It wasn't like it was the first time it had happened; it was just the first time he hadn't received payment.

Finding a mirror and placing it on the edge of the tub, he lined 2 rows of the magical powder from heaven and then he held a finger on one nostril before sniffing first the one row and changing side and taking the second row. He coughed a little, before he licked the rest of the powder from the mirror.

The shit was his savior.

He then flumped down beside the tub and felt how his veins felt warm, and how he slowly but surely got a blurry vision accompanied with the buzzy feeling that made his whole body tingle. It was like an aphrodisiac and painkiller in a bag.

He smiled as he closed his eyes and tilted his head back and leaned it against the edge of the tub, making the mirror fall down in the tub.

Naruto blinked as he heard a sound.

"Sasuke…?" he felt for the raven on the bed, feeling it was still warm where he had been lying. Panicking as he found out that the raven was missing, he tore the sheet of and quickly ran over to the door into the hotel room, but it was still locked. So he hadn't left the room.

He then saw light from the bathroom, and walked over to the door, grabbing in the handle, feeling it was locked.


The raven just sat against the tub, high, and noting nothing of what happened around him. He had taken 2 lanes and then one more a little while after, and was beyond stoned.

Naruto tried to listen if Sasuke was pissing or something, but no sound came from bathroom.

"Sasuke! Damit! Open up!?" Naruto hit the door hard with his fists, and soon enough got it open.

"Sasuke, fuck.." the raven had passed out on the floor, blood streaming out of his nose and onto the tiled floor. The blond quickly got the raven up and shook him, but go no reaction. He was all gone.

"fuck.. bastard!" finding some melted ice, he poured it over the raven, who gasped and woke to life.

Naruto thanked god he wasn't dead, or else he wouldn't know what he would have done.

Taking a towel he dried the blood away, and pulled the shirt of the Uchiha, so he didn't get cold. As he put the shirt down he saw the bag, with its contents gone.

"you sniffed the whole bag! How much was in here?!" Naruto shook Sasuke, who couldn't focus and just changed from unconscious to conscious.

"Answer me you dumb fuck!" angered Naruto took the bag and threw it out in the garbage shaft (meant only for personnel), along with the clothes. He hit Sasuke on the side of the head for good measures and threw him into bed.

Next morning as he woke, he found the raven gone again, bed cold. He threw the sheets of again, but only to find the raven sit and look out the window. His eyes glistening in the morning sun there were overlooking the magnificent city.

He sat on the edge of the bed, and heaved a sigh, tucking in his blond locks in relief that Sasuke was still there.

"you thought I had left.." the raven said, not looking at the blond who sat with his back against the raven.

"I.. don't know.." Naruto looked over his shoulder at the raven. He looked much like the old Sasuke as he sat there in the window – his dark hair messy from the bed, his eyes focused and his body..

"you thought I was going to leave you behind.." finally looking at the blond, Sasuke stared directly into the blue of the blonds eyes.

"You thought I would leave you.. as you left me.." he then looked out the window again.

Naruto got up from the bed and walked over to the raven, leaning against the wall beside the window, looking at the Uchiha with an intense gaze.

"Why did you do it.."

Eyes darting down to the people on the street, Sasuke said nothing.

"why did you do it… Sasuke.." Naruto crossed his arms as he still held his gaze on the raven.

Sasuke looked shortly out the corner of his eye at the blond and back at the ant size people on the street. He didn't say anything, he just.. sat there.

"tell me sas-"

"What!? Tell you what! What do you want to hear Naruto!??" Sasuke hollered at the blond, furrowing his brows, breathing hard as he had used a lungful of air on his words.

"what is it you want to hear so much?" Sasuke got up and stood in front of the blond, who had straightened himself from the wall.

"you want to hear how I started drugs? Is that it or is it how I started being a whore!? Huh? Well let me tell you rockstar, I was raped and got drugs to numb the pain, and then I got addicted and you know what, there is only one way to get cash really fast.. and that is to fuck your way to it.. but you wouldn't happen to know cause you got yours on a silver pla-"

Naruto hit Sasuke on the side of the head, making him fall to the floor. Sasuke looked up at the blond, seeing the blue eyes dripping with tears overflowing them.

"I didn't get back here to find you fucking to get high! I didn't leave this behind to come back and find that you.. that you.. have been fucking a million people to get yourself a gram of happiness!"

Naruto pointed out on the street as he pointed out the million people. He looked at Sasuke with tears dripping down his cheeks and onto the floor. His eyes seemed red and he couldn't hold his gaze on the Uchiha, who just sat on the floor, eyes narrowed at the blond.

Sasuke got up, and crossed his arms.

"I didn't have a fucking choice you unknowing asshole.. I had stole what I could too supply my coke, but after there wasn't more I could steal you know what I did? You want to know.. I pulled a knife on a woman, threatening her to give me all her money.. " Naruto stood with jaw wide open as he heard the words spilling out from the dark haired man in front of him.

Sasuke's hand ran under his nose. He was in need of more coke.. he could start to feel how his body was beginning to react to the lack of it. Naruto saw how Sasuke averted his eyes, and how his body seemed to shake and how his hands began to drum against his skin.

"you held a knife on an innocent to get yourself high..?"

"you dumb or something.. I already told you that.." Sasuke began feeling cold, and his body began feeling sore again as it had been last night.

If only he could call his dealer, then he could get a fix and get out of this horrible feeling he was having.

"are you even listening to yourself!? You threatened someone that they might die if they didn't supply you with money so you could go and get yourself a fix in that stinking whore house!"

Sasuke looked at Naruto, his eyes flickering and his body ice cold and drenched in cold sweat.

"You fucking idiot, you don't know what it feels like! You don't know what it feels like to live in that so called whore house! No job, no money and only creepy old men fucking you to supply you with what little happiness you can get! You don't know the half of it!"

Sasuke turned and walked over to the blonds bag tearing the first and the best pair of jeans out, along with a shirt, before he was about to stomp barefoot out the hotel room.

"Sasuke you dumb bastard! Stay damit! I can help you.." Naruto held onto Sasuke's arm as he took the jeans on.

"help? Help me? You think I need help? I am beyond that Naruto.. this is my life.. and I fucking live it as I choose to.. you can just go back to your little sweet wonderland!" He pulled his arm from the blonds hold, walked over to the door.

"how? You are just going to be fucking and taking drugs till the day you pass out of an overdose.. and how is that happiness.." Naruto looked at Sasuke as he took the door handle and froze.

He looked back at the blond, feeling nauseous and sick, and into the blue eyes, there seemed so hurt.

"its better than to live without you.." the raven opened the door and closed it with a slam.

Naruto stood looking at the door as it was closed. He hadn't moved. He hadn't tried to stop the raven haired older male from leaving his room, why?

He walked over to the window and looked out and saw the little dot on the ground there was Sasuke, walking back to china town.

He hadn't stopped Sasuke because he didn't know what he needed to do nor say to be there for him.. he didn't.. he wasn't.. he couldn't just take Sasuke with him.. could he?

Naruto sat down on the bed, grabbing his notebook and pencil. He never thought that the passive, nonchalant, controlled dark haired older man had turned into a quivering drug addict who no longer possessed any of those qualities. He had yelled at him like he had never heard or seen before, and he had said things Naruto had never thought that Sasuke was ever capable of doing. He had stolen from his own mother to supply his addiction. He had held a knife on someone's wife, to supply the feeling..

Naruto scribbled some random lines down on the paper, as he sighed. He still remembered how Sasuke had looked when he saw him last night. His hair messed, his clothes torn..

Throwing the notebook fucking far away, Naruto pulled his knees up and curled his arms around them, letting his head rest against the knees. How the fuck had it gone this far, why hadn't he returned for a year ago, why hadn't he returned and forced Sasuke to come and live with him – then all of this wouldn't have happened, then Sasuke would still be his.. and Sasuke wouldn't..

He couldn't hold the tears back. It hurt so much to think about, that Sasuke had been raped, and not only once.. He had been drugged to live through it, but instead got sunk in. He.. it was his fault.. he was responsible for this.

But I can still remember what his face looked like,
When I found him in an alley in the middle of the night.
Tell me what you know! Tell me what you gone and done now!
Tell me what you know! Tell me what you gone and done now!
A gun would do the trick, get it over with,
You're better off...
To take all that you've got and burn it on the spot,
Just to get high-igh, igh, igh (high-igh, igh, igh).
Tell me what did, where you gone and hid?
Show me, is what you really want, watching what you've got
Circling the drain, throw it all away,
Just to get high-igh, igh, igh (high-igh, igh, igh).
High-igh, igh...oooooh!

Sasuke leaned back in his couch as he had taken his fix, leaving the needle on the coffee table, feeling how the brick of reality be torn away from his wall. He closed his eyes and all he could sense was how heavy his body felt and how his mind seemed to spin around like in a Mary go round. He had not eaten since he had left Naruto's apartment, and all he wanted to do was to shoot himself high and forget about Naruto, the people he had to fuck to get more drugs and how he was going to meet rent deadline. He wanted to just sit in his apartment and forget it all.

(High-igh-igh-igh, high-igh-igh-igh)

Tearing the door open, Naruto found Sasuke on the couch, looking at the blond man with those glazed eyes of his. His sight flickered and he couldn't keep his eyes open long enough to watch the blond find a bag, stuffing it with some of his things, his jar of money, his passport, a couple of his belongings.

(High-igh-igh-igh, high-igh-igh-igh)

After taking the bag over his shoulder, he picked the raven up in his arms again, feeling the raven hit him, though not hard, he was too weak to real being able to hit him that hard. He walked down the hall and out to a waiting cab. He almost threw Sasuke into the back seat and his bag into the trunk of the bright yellow vehicle.

"Airport, now, go." Naruto ordered, stuffing a 20 dollar bill into the man's hands, as he held onto Sasuke and sat back in the cab, waiting for them to reach the airport.

Tell me what you know! Tell me what you gone and done now!
Tell me what you know! Tell me what you gone and done now!
A gun would do the trick, get it over with,
You're better off...
To take all that you've got and burn it on the spot,
Just to get high-igh, igh, igh (high-igh, igh, igh).
Tell me what did, where you gone and hid?
Show me, is what you really want, watching what you've got
Circling the drain, throw it all away,
Just to get high-igh, igh, igh, igh
Just to get high-igh, igh, igh, igh
Circling the drain, throw it all away,
Just to get high-igh, igh, igh, igh.

It was going to be sunny on the other side, and there he didn't need to pay so he could live a happy life, no there he could earn money for having a happy life..

It was all just a new beginning.

For the both them.

Hope you liked it, it was my first try at this kind of story, so I would be happy for reviews.

Tha Perv.