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White. It was all white. The walls, the floor, the curtains that hang beside the huge window, the furniture – everything was the purest of snow white.

A black eye opened slowly as Sasuke sat up in the bed there were in the white room, the sun was up and his eyes couldn't handle the bright color of daylight. A small drop of sweat trickled down his temple and he could little by little feel how his body began to wake to life.

He was cold, but dripping with sweat, his head hurt and his eyes slowly got adjusted to the bright light, and only moments after he had awaken he could feel how he needed to throw up, and did so by the beds side.

As he wiped the leftovers of puke away from his mouth with the back of his arm, he finally got a look at the room he was in. It really was incredibly white, even the bed was just all white with white sheets.

Was he in some sort of a fancy hospital? No.. it didn't seem like a hospital, there was a somewhat warm feeling to the snow white room. He got up from the bed, discovering it was a Japanese futon placed rather randomly in the center of the room.

The world seemed like it was involuntarily spinning around, and his head hurt like he was just in some accident, and he placed his hands on his temples, trying to gain some balance. As he walked over to the closets object that he could support on, he saw white frames, filled with pictures.

He saw…


Upon the white dresser was placed a lot of pictures, all of Naruto and people Sasuke didn't know. There also were some of the old friends from back in China town, but none of Sasuke. Come to think of it, they never had had a camera before, and it would make sense there were no pictures of them together.

Sasuke opened the door into what there was a hallway, decorated in warm earthy colors. He desperately leaned to the walls as he made his way down the hall.

He entered what there looked like a living room, and found even more pictures scattered around on the many bookcases and bookshelves.

As he walked through the living room, he saw a lonely picture placed alone on a shelf, with nothing else.

As he picked it up his eyes grew a little in surprise. It was of him and Naruto. It showed him sitting with his back against the front of the blond, just like back when Naruto had saved him in that alley… But, this picture showed the blond kissing him. He had a hand underneath Sasuke's chin, carefully tipping his head up so their lips touched in a warm kiss.

Sasuke remembered that day clearly.

It was year's ago, when they both still goofed around and Naruto wasn't anything more than a guitarist in the old garage band. That particular day they had all - Naruto, Sasuke and all of their friends from the garage band and more- left everything behind and gone on a picnic in central park, with blankets and all that came with a true picnic. They were sitting and laughing and playing games, just enjoying one of the early spring days in NY.

Naruto had with some effort persuaded Sasuke to sit with him, and even though all of their friends knew they were a couple, Sasuke still didn't like to show it so public.

But on that day one of their friends had taken a camera with them, one of those old ones with films in, and taken pictures, and he had teased Naruto to kiss Sasuke all day, and finally the blond had grinned and taken Sasuke's chin up and kissed him, closing his blue eyes as he did so.

As Sasuke stood with the picture of that day, he could see how torn it was. It had been folded and was a little dirty.. Naruto had probably had it on him since back then.

It was.. one of the most fondest memories Sasuke has from back then.

As he put the frame and picture down again, he made his way into what there was another hallway, this one also in earthy colors.

'I am in Naruto's home.. so that must mean I am in.. San Francisco?' Sasuke still leaned against the walls, as he walked into the hallway.

"hallo..?" he couldn't just be all alone in the apparently huge house, could he?

As he walked a little further he could hear a piano play and walked towards the sound, and discovered that it was Naruto sitting behind the big black piano, playing something..

The Uchiha stood in the door into the room and listened to how Naruto's fingers danced across the black and white pieces, creating beautiful music..

This time, this place

misused, mistakes

too long, too late

who was I to make you wait

just one chance

just one breath

just in case there's just one left

cause you know

you know, you know

that I love you

I have loved you all along

and I miss you

been far away for far too long

I keep dreaming you'll be with me

and you'll never go

stop breathing

if I don't see you anymore

His rough voice echoed along with the notes of the piano in the room, and as he got a hang of the lyrics he closed his eyes, which made Sasuke tilt his head, and still completely.

Naruto looked like he meant the lyrics, like he was pouring his heart out.. it was hard not.. to stare.

Opening his blue eyes again, he stopped, and picked up the pencil and began scribbling things down on his piece of paper there were in front of him.

"Naruto?" coming out from his hiding spot at the door, the Uchiha leaned against the wall by the door.

"You're up I see.." and with just one action, Sasuke's heart skipped a beat, and it was because of Uzumaki's smile as he had said the words.

"How long have I been sleeping?" trying to shake the feeling off him, the raven looked at Naruto with his usual glare.

"2 days.. or so. " Naruto got up from the piano and walked over to Sasuke, standing right in front of him.


"You should rest-" and before he could complete his sentence he was caught short by Sasuke..

"Naruto I need drugs." Naruto looked a little bit baffled as Sasuke said the words so bluntly.

"I need them, I can feel the abstinent begin Naruto.. I can't.. I can't survive without them.." Sasuke turned his head avoiding Naruto's gaze at him.

He knew he needed them, the only reason he would throw up and that he was this miserable was because of the lack of coke.


"Naruto you don't underst-"

"I understand Sasuke, but I didn't drag your ass across the country just so you could continue what you left.."

"Then why did you?"

There was silence for a couple of moments, and the blond walked over to a window.

"I did it, because I should have done it years ago.. Sasuke." He looked at the older raven haired male, his eyes filled with such guilt it took the usual sparkle away from them.

"I.. can't tell you how I have many times I have thought of you, how I wished that you were here.. how I had hoped you would appear before my eyes one day.. 'cause it won't help and it doesn't matter now..it didn't stop what happened to you and it's also too late now.."

The dark eyes couldn't withstand the blue ones, and darted to the ground.

'He is really… a moron..'

Sasuke's eyes got blurry and he without any warning fell crashing to the floor.

"Sasuke! Sasuke hang in there!"

Naruto picked up the raven and he could feel how sweat soaked he was, his clothes was sticking to his skin like he had been under a shower, and he was so cold..

Opening the door into the bedroom he could smell how it reeked like someone died in there, and as he put Sasuke down on the bed he found that the raven had puked by the bed.

"Damn.. so I have to change sheets.." He heaved air in as he took Sasuke into the bathroom, placing him gently on the floor.

"..sheets first.. then shower.."

He dried the puke up with the sheets and walked out to throw them into the washer, turned it on, and walked back to Sasuke.

Naruto took off his shirt and turned on the shower and took yet again a hold around the raven's waist and walked under the ray of hot water. Naruto still had his jeans on, and Sasuke still had his shirt and boxers on, but Naruto figured that the Uchiha was drenched anyway and he didn't really bother to take his own off.

"Wha-" Sasuke coughed as he swallowed some of the hot water.

"God, finally awake sleeping beauty?" Naruto loosened his hold on around Sasuke.

"Why are we in the shower.. with clothes on?" if he had had enough energy he would had let that comment follow along with a lifted brow and a glare, but he hadn't and just let it slip dryly of his lips.

"Well… I would have put you to bed if you hadn't puked all over it, so this was the only thing I could come up with to keep you warm."

Naruto stroked his wet locks back and put his forehead against the ravens, which surprised Sasuke since the blond suddenly was so close to his face – the proximity was for a short moment unfamiliar to him.

"You're still ice cold, so you should stay a little longer until I have the bed ready again.." Naruto opened the shower door and took a step outside as he felt a tuck in his jeans, he looked back at the raven and his body, and how water dripped down it in an extremely sexy manner.

"Could you stay.. I can't stand up alone that well.. " He hated it, not that he felt like his body was corroding, but that a giant blush crept up on his cheeks. And it sounded so cliché too! Like some stupid line a girl would throw at a guy. But he could at least hide the blush as being something relating to his lack of drugs.

"Okay.. but only a little while, I need to make your bed.." taking a step back into the shower, closing the glass door, Naruto pulled Sasuke closer to him.

"..god your cold.. we need to keep you warm." his arms wrapped themselves around the raven's torso, and Sasuke's arms wrapped around Naruto's neck.

"I feel like shit.. Can't you just give me the drugs?" Sasuke's cheeks were burning, and his eyes were half lidded so he wouldn't get water into them. His body was ice cold, but surely he could feel it react to Naruto who had pulled them together in order for Sasuke to regain body warmth.

"No.. I won't, you just got to stick it out.." Naruto's hand crawled underneath Sasuke's shirt and rested on the lower of his back, though it gave a chill down the Uchiha's spine he didn't bother to remove it. It sort of felt.. calming.

"You know it's going to be worse.. right? I haven't been craving them so much yet.." The dark half lidded eyes looked into blue ones and he wasn't supposed to.. he didn't want to.. he-

"I know.. and I will stick it out.. as will you, right?" Naruto's hand crawled up his back and the other hand down, down to Sasuke's sweet ass.

"i.. hope so.." he didn't want to, he had told himself no more, and yet Sasuke closed the little distance there had been between their faces, and kissed the blond. He nipped at the plum bottom lip of Naruto, and the young Uzumaki opened his mouth, giving way for the raven's tongue, letting him roam his mouth hungrily.

Without any resistance at all, Naruto's hand crept down Sasuke's drenched boxers and squeezed the tight ass, and without noticing anything else than Naruto kissing him, the blond withdrew his hand from Sasuke's back and placed it against the tiled wall.

Naruto could feel himself getting hard really fast, and with good reason, he hadn't had sex in two years. Unbelievable for most but that was the way of Uzumaki, once he put his heart on the line for someone, he wouldn't falter the least. Not even for cheap whores or brothels.

"mmnh.."Sasuke moaned into the kiss which Naruto had come to dominate, and as Uzumaki's hand wandered down the tight piece of ass, and almost all the way down to raven's asshole, he stopped, ending the kiss abruptly.

"I can't.." Naruto withdrew his hands, and quickly stepped out the shower, closing the glass door behind him, and leaving the raven heaving for air.

He walked down the hall and into the laundry room, where he closed the door, and leaned his back against it, panting hard.

"I can't.. I am sorry Sasuke.. I want to but.. I need to know." The water piled up on the tiled floor in the laundry room, as he sat against the wooden door.

Naruto sat down with his back against the door, tilting his head against it, closing his eyes in thought.

'it has been years since I have seen Sasuke, since I last kissed him.. I wanted to.. but.. I need to know.. I need to make sure. . that he still is mine.'

Even though he had left Sasuke in the shower he could feel his body become cold from the soaked jeans and water there still was on his body. He got up and opened his jeans and took them off along with the also soaked briefs, allowing his hard on to spring free.

'fuck.. ' it was undeniable, he wanted to fuck Sasuke, but couldn't and as he stood there in the laundry room, all naked, he did the only thing he could think of..

His hand was still wet as he grabbed hard around his stiff erection, and as he pulled his hand all the way back to the base he grunted. Pictures of Sasuke, the feeling of his skin, how he had looked so seducing in the shower..

"Ah.. fuck.. Sas..-uke..mnh.." He began jerking his hand back and forth, and as he could feel his knees cave in he fell to the floor. He closed his eyes, and thought of Sasuke, of how incredible sexy he was during sex and how he would moan his name.

"Sasuke! Fuck.. I need.. you.." his hand jerked harder and faster around his dick, and as he could feel he was about to come he fell far over, supporting with one hand on the floor.

"arhh!!" he came on the tiled floor beneath him, and he milked himself until the last drop, making his body jerk for every pump he added to drain himself completely.

"..hah.. this is bad.. this is really bad.." Naruto sat down and closed his eyes.

Meanwhile Sasuke had sat down in the shower, he couldn't keep himself standing, and the warm water was beginning to feel a little cold, so he turned it off and got out. He took of the wet shirt and boxers, and unbothered found out that he was semi erect.

"..damn you Uzumaki.." he took a towel around his waist, trying to cover his erection. And walked into the bedroom – which took much effort-, where he found no Naruto and no new bed sheets. He couldn't keep his eyes open, he felt so tired, so he just got up on the futon and feel asleep with a towel slung around his waist as the only thing covering him up.

Naruto had gotten a pair of black adidas pants on and had found the new bed linen in the laundry room for the bed, and as he walked inside the white room, he found the raven sleeping with a peaceful expression on his face.

"You couldn't wait till I got the new linen on?.. sheesh.." Naruto snorted to himself, and shook Sasuke so he was awake.

"mmn.." he just turned around and roll over to the other side.

"You asked for it bastard.." Naruto pushed the raven of the futon with a loud 'thunk' he hit the floor.

"OW! What the hell are you doing!?" Sasuke sat up, and rubbed is still hurting head, and now also hurting hip.

"You can at least sleep with linen on and you're clothes are in the dresser over there.."

Naruto pointed to yet another white dresser, in the corner of the room, just by a big window.

". . . "

Putting on new sheets and linen he made the futon ready, just in time to glimpse at the raven taking on a shirt, watching how his abs stretched as he pulled it on.

"You should eat.. you are.. really skinny" Naruto looked away, finding it hard to contain himself if he saw too much of skin of the raven.

"I am not hungry.. I just want my drugs." Sasuke had taken on one of his own shirts, and a pair of boxers and a pair of grey jeans. His own clothing was much different from the blonds. The shirts were tight fitted and his jeans were slim fitted as well, making his body seem fragile and yet built.

At this point he hadn't any muscles left, mostly because he didn't bother with keeping his body in shape, and he hardly ate anything due to the drugs, they took his appetite away, and when he ate it was only something like a chinabox. It had by now made his body seem very skinny and he overall just looked very… girly.

"Have you even looked yourself in a mirror lately? You aren't just skinny you look like you are starving yourself." Naruto walked over to Sasuke, who stood by the dresser, supporting himself against it.

"If you didn't notice, I give a shit.." Sasuke gave Naruto a stiff glare, and the blond just snorted.

"You lost your touch old man.. I aint falling for your death glare, now come with me to the kitchen.."

Naruto took hold of Sasuke's hand and pulled him along, only to find that Sasuke's body wasn't answering the raven's commands.

"I might have lost my edge, but I will get it back, and I don't want any food.." Sitting on the floor, the Uchiha curled his legs up to his chest.

"Who said anything about you, I am hungry, and come on, you need to walk if want to built up a bit of muscles." The blond grinned and pulled the raven to his feet, he took both hands in his and slowly Sasuke seemed to finally gain balance, being able to walk. Though it faltered from time to time, his lack of drugs screwed with everything in him, making the world he saw distorted and his balance was from time to time gone down the drain.

As Sasuke sat down in the kitchen he saw the blond fish pots and pans from the cupboards.

"I thought you would have waiters in such a big house.." the raven snorted as he still looked at the blond, who was busy finding different remedies for his cooking.

"I do have a cleaning lady there comes once weekly but else, no." he grinned as he put down a coke in front of Sasuke.

"You can drink a coke cant you?" he cocked a blond brow as he awaited a reaction from the raven sitting at the kitchen counter.

"I guess.." Sasuke sighed and looked out the windows behind him, which held an astonishing view out over the city.

"I don't like people snooping around here so I keep it a minimum, the same goes for friends and other people. I like this to be mine, and only mine, a sanctuary. So I don't ever bring people here."

From behind him the Uchiha could hear Naruto began chopping vegetables, and that he had put a pot over with water.

'But you brought me here.. for what reason I wonder..' Sasuke took a sip from the coke and felt like he was about to die. The carbon in the coke was too much for his empty body and he pushed it away.

"Don't like it? Oh well I have other things, like milk and water.. maybe juice?" Naruto looked at the raven, who just shook his head. He felt like he could puke again if he ate anything.

"Suit yourself, FYI my cooking has improved the last two years, so it's your lost.." and there Sasuke gave his usual glare, accompanied with a lifted brow.

"Well as I said I aint got a cook, so I needed to make my own food, and since I can buy all the food I want I can kinda make everything i want. I am really good at making pork ch-"

"Naruto why did you bring me with you?"

Naruto was cut short in the middle of his sentence, and his eyes looked at Sasuke and then down at the kitchen table and the chopped vegetables. There was silence for a long time, before he could breathe a deep sigh.

"You promise you won't laugh?" Naruto still held a strong gaze at the vegetables as if they were the most fascinating thing in the world.

"I can hardly even walk, why do you think I would laugh at you at this point?" Sasuke tried to get eye contact with the blond, but he avoided the black orbs and walked out from the kitchen, where Sasuke could hear he opened some cabinets and closed them again, before returning to the kitchen.

"Okay.. I will tell you, and you will think I am stupid and you will laugh. Or snort, because that's what you do best-"

"Just tell me you idiot."

"Okay.. if you insist." Naruto walked up in front Sasuke, and got down on one knee, and even though the older Uchiha could tell by now where this was going, he was beyond surprised. He was.. paralyzed. Nothing could move his entire body even if he wanted to.

"Sasuke Uchiha, will you marry me?" Naruto opened a little black box, inside two shiny rings were placed. They were of silver, and they were just ordinary, no carvings nor gemstones, just plain round silver.

There were silence for a long while, and as Naruto kept sitting there, the Uchiha couldn't match it up in his head. What was the moron doing exactly? Had he just proposed to a drug addicted person who have been screwing and humping for the last two years? Was he… stupid?

"this.. this is why you brought me here?" Sasuke said like it was a matter of fact, and not with much emotion in the words.

"I… I wanted to bring you, but you wouldn't come, remember? So I worked like insane to get my records out, to earn some money, so I could become everything I left you for, so when the day came, I would take you with me and show you what I have done, for us."

Naruto got up, and placed the little case on the kitchen counter in front of Sasuke.

"I did it so you wouldn't feel like I left you back then for nothing, cause I didn't, I wanted to make us a home, and that is why came 3 weeks ago to your house, to bring you.. home."

Sasuke couldn't render a word; nothing he thought could come out, it sounded like a really bad joke from Naruto. Had he seriously gone through all that just so he could prove to him that he was man enough to take care of them?

"Sasuke I love you, I always have.. and.. I just want to know if you.. still love me too?" Naruto looked Sasuke in the eyes; he wanted to know, no, he needed to know.

"Naruto I.. I need time.. to think.." Sasuke left the kitchen and the blond, walking back to the bedroom, closing the door behind him, and sitting down on the futon.

A teardrop fell from sun kissed cheeks as he closed the case with the rings.

'maybe it was all a dream anyway..'

On my knees, I'll ask

last chance for one last dance

'cause with you, I'd withstand

all of hell to hold your hand

I'd give it all

I'd give it for us

give anything but I won't give up

'cause you know

you know, you know

that I love you

I have loved you all along

and I miss you

been far away for far too long

I keep dreaming you'll be with me

and you'll never go

stop breathing if

I don't see you anymore

He hadn't seen the blond the rest of the evening and as night fell, he thought that the blond would come, but he didn't. It was now morning and Sasuke could feel his skin itch and his heart beat, he had again puked, but this time he got to reach the bathroom in time.

His vision was blurry and he felt like he was about to die.

'So this is what happens when you don't get drugs..'

He itched and scratched his skin to blood on his arms, and as he got out of the bedroom, he felt to his knees and screamed.

It hurt. His entire body felt like it burned and like his really was about to die.

"Sasuke calm down! What's wrong!?" Naruto sat down by his side and saw the scratch marks, how his arms were torn with blunt fingernails.

"Damit Sasuke.." Naruto took Sasuke to the kitchen and put bandages around his arms.

"Naruto.. I am burning.. I can't.. I want my drugs!" Sasuke began crying and again began itching his arms, trying to rip the bandages off.

"Stop Sasuke! Stop goddamit!" Naruto held Sasuke in an iron hold, his arms on his back, and his face against the floor.

"Will you stop!"

"Naruto it hurts! I want to die! I hurts so much.." he knew it would be hard getting Sasuke clean, but from yesterday just till today he had gone total frenzy, and everything went overboard. When he could feel Sasuke finally stopped struggling he loosened his hold, and saw tears overflowing dark eyes.

"Why are you tormenting me.." left the ravens lips.

Naruto backed off, and he couldn't stand looking at the Uchiha, he was likewise in pain..

Sasuke got up from the kitchen floor and used the kitchen table to raise his body with. He had no energy since he hadn't for 4 days straight, and he could barely stand up. Tears still fell from his eyes, but as he got up he saw, the little case.

In a sober moment he opened it. He saw again the rings.

"I will.. I will overcome this.." he closed it again, and made his way to the bedroom. If he just could live it out, then it would be all good again.. he wanted to overcome this.

As the day passed by, Naruto could hear how Sasuke would scream in pain, both pain he inflicted on himself, but the tormenting feeling of his whole body in war with itself.

He couldn't do anything other than patch the raven up when he wasn't on the edge of frenzy; he had locked the door into the bedroom, since he couldn't hear if Sasuke left the house before it might be too late.

He couldn't concentrate much on work, and had called in to his manager to cancel some appointments, due to "family problems" as he had put it. The manager was surprised because the blond star never talked like he did have a family; he never talked about them anyway. So it came with utter surprise that he had cancelled tests and certain interviews.

But he had been strong in his statement and said no. He needed this time, he said, and the manager could only oblige.

Night time had arrived, and Naruto opened the door into the bedroom, finding Sasuke passed out on the futon, bandages ripped and clothes torn. He had really been on a killing frenzy. Every picture had been slammed into something, destroying the frame, and making glass chars lye scattered on the floor like small knives. Naruto vacuum cleaned the small pieces up and removed the frames, and took everything else there could be dangerous away.

He then sat down and began undoing Sasuke's bandages, so he could put new ones on.

"Naruto..?" Naruto jumped as he heard the low voice, and saw the black eyes looking at him with tears there threatened to overflow them.

"You surprised me there.. Thought you were asleep.."

"I.. do…"

"What are you talking about?" Naruto wrapped one of Sasuke's arms in fresh bandages, so there wouldn't go infection in the wounds he had created with his nails.

"I.." and before the raven could say what he wanted, he was overpowered with sleep.. his body was fighting against his every wish.

Naruto got up and locked the room of, and went to sleep in the guest room down the hall.

So far away

been far away for far too long

so far away

been far away for far too long

but you know, you know, you know

Naruto woke next morning, and he couldn't hear anything from Sasuke's room, but as he opened the door, he saw the raven lye beside the door.

Naruto panicked and was for short moment afraid that Sasuke might have inflicted more pain onto himself, but he was luckily just asleep, and woke as Naruto had taken him up.

"I.. am hungry.." the words left the Uchiha's lips like a slow whisper, just barely audible.

"Want to come down with me to the kitchen or should I bring you something?" Naruto held the raven in his arms, feeling how the older male relaxed his head against his shoulder.

"I want to come with you.." Naruto took Sasuke down to the kitchen, placed him in one of the big chairs he had taken from the living room so that the raven could sit comfortable.

"You feeling better then?" Naruto poured some juice and made a slice of toast with jam on and placed it in front of Sasuke.

"I think.. I just felt hungry when I woke.. " Though when he looked at the toast, he couldn't bring himself to eat it. It was disgusting and he felt like he needed to puke, though he knew there wasn't anything to throw up by now.

"Sasuke you need to eat, your body doesn't have any fat to rely on anymore and you can hardly stand as it is.." giving the bread a glare, he pushed it away, he couldn't eat it, it was just to revolting.

"Didn't you say you were hungry?" Naruto cocked a brow as he saw the raven scowl at the bread.

"I can't.. " Sasuke turned his head away from the table, like a child not wanting to eat his vegetables.

"This is it! Goddamit Sasuke you need food! Just eat it!" Naruto walked over to the table and pushed the plate right in front of Sasuke again.



"Eat it!"

"You can't make me."

Oh this was it, Naruto had had it with watching Sasuke turn into nothing but skin and bones, and he was practically disappearing in front of his eyes.

Taking a big bite from the piece of toast he chewed it slowly and then grabbed Sasuke's chin, forcing him to look at him, and then he kissed the raven, forcing his tongue through the Uchiha's lips, and slowly pushing the toast inside his mouth. Sasuke grunted and tried to make Naruto stop, but he couldn't move the blond one inch, and he had no choice but to swallow the food.

Naruto released his hold on his chin, watching how the raven heaved for air.

"What do you think you are doing! Killing me with food!?" Sasuke was about to yell more profanities and nasty words, before Naruto yet again descended his lips upon his, and yet again forced food into his mouth.

This progress was more or less repeated until the entire piece of toast was gone… and juice.

"I can to make you eat your food.. and if you don't start doing it yourself I will continue.."

Sasuke sent him a glare; though he knew it had no effect on the blond man he still did it. And alone the thought of getting forced more food down his throat gave him chills. The blond was a sadist.

"I am going back to the bedroom.."

"Yea yea.. don't go and throw it up.." Naruto sat down to eat his own breakfast as Sasuke walked back.

On his way, he passed the piano room, where he first saw Naruto. It was a simple room, just a room with blue walls and windows. No furniture, no pictures. Actually when he thought about it, the whole place lacked furniture, and even though there were books and pictures in the living room there weren't any trinkets, no vases no nothing really. Only pictures.

He walked into the piano room and sat down, looking at the black and white pieces, running his fingers over them. Here Naruto came to make music, all alone he would sit here and write the lyrics..

He looked up at the piece of paper on the little mantle placed in front of him. It was the piece he had heard Naruto sing. It sounded so sad and yet like.. It was promise.

Sasuke studied the last lines, and the notes, though he had no idea how to read them, he had heard the rhythm of the music, and then he picked up the pencil and scribbled something down on the paper, and got up and left the room.

The day went uneventful by. Sasuke got out from time to time, when he wasn't sleeping or feeling like his body was carving in, he would take a seat in the living room and sit and look out the windows.

"Yea.. We haven't been out for a while, huh?" Naruto sat down in another chair admiring the view as well.

"I don't think I can handle the outside right now.. I can't even handle myself.." Sasuke looked at the blond who gave a weak smile, one of those he could remember he would always give when he didn't know what to say.

"..So.. are you going to eat by yourself to night or am I forced to continue the same way as last time?" He gave a grin as he could tell Sasuke was mad about how food was forced, with brute strength none the less, into his body.

"I will try to eat.. by myself." He said and got up and they both walked into the kitchen, where Sasuke took seat in the big comfy chair again.

Naruto began cooking and in manner of half an hour he had cooked up a meal with nudels and meat. They didn't talk during that time, Naruto concentrated around the cooking and dicing of vegetables, and Sasuke sat looking at him doing so.

He wasn't hungry, but he would try for Naruto's sake, and for his own. He wouldn't like to get more food forced down, both because it didn't taste that good and also because Naruto was so strong, unlike him, and could hold his face in an iron grip.

A plate with nudels and meat was placed in front of him, and a glass of water. The portion was tiny compared to Naruto's but the blond knew he couldn't contain that much food after having starved himself for almost a week, so he started out slow.

"Come on.. It tastes really good, and I told you I improved since we last lived together.." Naruto took a bite of his own plate and "uhmm!" how good it was, and Sasuke was just about to push away again, when he remembered he would at least try to eat.

He spun his fork around in the nudels and picked it up and got all the way to his mouth, and then stopped. It didn't even smell good, it just looked.. like food. Nothing he really had the desire of shoving into his mouth.

"Sasuke come on.. It's like four bites then you are done.." Naruto sat and saw how Sasuke tried to eat the one bite, but he couldn't and put the food down.

"I am sorry.. " he said low, as he looked down at the food.

"yeah.. so am i.." Naruto got up and over to the raven who sat unmoving in the chair. He pulled the plate closer to him, and as Sasuke thought he was going to take it away, he saw it was only so he could reach the fork with nudels.

"No Naruto.. no. please don't." Sasuke would normally never beg, but he was too panicked when he thought about getting that shoved into his mouth.

"I said I was sorry.." Naruto took the bite and again grabbed hold around Sasuke's chin, kissed him and forced his tongue inside, allowing passage for the food.

Sasuke's tongue fought to shove it out again, and during the push and shove movement between the two, their tongues graced each other, and the vile act of being forced fed was turning out to be rather..

"mmn.." Naruto ended the searing kiss by kissing Sasuke lips, making sure he swallowed the food.

"See.. It's not that bad now is it? I told you I had improved."

"You can't just shove food into me like that!"

"Then start eating it yourself!"

"I don't want to! I am not hungry."

"Well I told you there were 4 bites.. so 3 more to go.."

"You can't be serious-"

The plum lips forced the raven's mouth open and yet again their tongues touched through the nudels, and the food kiss, as it were, lasted much much longer than the previous - and continued to last longer until Sasuke finally had swallowed the last bite.

"There we go. All done."

"Don't mock me idiot."

"I aint bastard. I am keeping you alive."

Sasuke scowled, very unhappy that he was force fed, like some stupid child.

"I think we should go out tomorrow."

"Out?" the scowl turned into a concerned face, and Sasuke sank a little in his chair.

"Yea.. we need more food first of all.. And you could do with some new clothes.."

"What's wrong with what I have now?"

"Nothing, just no point in having much money if we can't use them on ourselves is there?" Naruto grinned wide, and Sasuke didn't say anything to retort his answer.

"I also think you are recovering very well, and it would be good for you also to pay the doctor a visit."

"No doctor."

"Sasuke I am not saying it as if you have a choice. I am demanding it from you." Naruto gave the older male a glare, showing he meant it.


"First.. We need to assure you are clean from drugs. Period. And from.. " Naruto's word drifted into nothing and he looked down on his plate.

"To see if I have aids and shit, right?" Sasuke stated.


"Okay.. I will.. On one condition."

"Sasuke I said this wasn't for discussion, you are going." Naruto gave a serious look at the older male again, and was met with smirk, almost like the old Sasuke was back..

"Who said I was ever negotiating on this either?" Naruto leaned back in his chair.

"Okay then, let's hear it.. What do you want from me then?"

"I want to hear your song." The blond's eyes widened.

"B-but it's not really finished, and it's not that good yet-"
"just play it for me, and I will go." Sasuke said, cutting of the blond.

"You promise?" Naruto gave a suspicious look. The raven was still a sneaky bastard, even if he was in this state.. Apparently.

"Yea yea I promise. On Uchiha honor and all that.." Sasuke said, trying to avoid the fat smirk spread across the blonds face.

"Okay then.. Let's go.."

As they walked into the piano room, with no furniture, they both sat down on the little bench, as Naruto cracked his hands.

"Keep in mind it's a work in progress.."

"Just play idiot."

"Fine bastard."

A foreplay in notes danced out of the piano as Naruto played, and as he began singing the lyrics, Sasuke closed his eyes and listened. As he got to the first chorus and his voice pitched, it gave him the chills.

Naruto sang the parts with so much passion, and as Sasuke opened his eyes as Naruto came to the second verse, he looked at the blond who looked from the notes down at the piano, and back up, and as he did so, he suddenly stopped. Taking the piece of paper up, looking at the notes.

"Did you write this?" he asked cocking a brow at the raven.

"Just play it will you?"

"Alright.." Naruto again made a foreplay on the piano, and sang the last verse over again to get a flow going. Sasuke closed his eyes as he listened to the rough voice singing the part he had scribbled.

I wanted

I wanted you to stay

'cause I needed

I need to hear you say

that I love you

I have love you all along

and I forgive you

for being away for far too long

so keep breathing

'cause I am not leaving you anymore

hold on to me

and never let me go..

As the song finished, they just sat there in silence. Naruto's fingers still lingered at the piano's pieces of black and white, before he pulled them down in his lap.

Sasuke looked at him, and as the blond turned to look at the raven, a tear drop fell from his cheek and onto his jeans, leaving a little dark spot.

"Do.. Do you really mean this? Do you really mean what you wrote..?" Sasuke reached out to caress the tear away.

"I do. I already told you yesterday ago, but you didn't understand because I was so sick.. and talked like I was delusional."

Naruto's eyes widened.

"I don't remember that.."

"I didn't suspect you to, since your just that thick" Naruto snorted at that. ".. but.. when I am sick, there are times where I need remember why I am here and with whom.. and because of that i want to pull through.. I want to be with you."

Eyes still wide in disbelief, Naruto stared at Sasuke, before he with the back of his hand removed the teardrops from his eyes. As he removed his hand from his eyes, he could feel the raven kiss him on his lips, letting a hand rest on his chest.

Naruto felt the rim of his lips getting licked and he opened up his mouth, deepening the kiss instantly. He pulled the raven as close as possible could, kissing Sasuke like he hadn't kissed him for years.

"mmn.. naru.. I can't breathe." Sasuke gasped as he ended the kiss, trying to gain air.

"oh! Sorry.. I am just so happy.. I am sorry.." the blond caressed the Uchiha's cheek, before he suddenly got up and ran out of the room.

"Where are you going…?"

And almost just as fast as he had left he was back, with a little black case in his hand.

"You really are an idiot.."

"What do you mean?" Sasuke sighed and rolled his eyes, before he let his right hand dangle in front of the blonds face.. now with a silver ring on it.

Naruto stared at the ring and then he opened the case.

"When did you..?" he looked back at the one ring in the case and back at Sasuke's hand.

"like.. yesterday or something.. can't remember"

"You can't remember?"

"no?.. I took it on as motivation so I wouldn't fail in my progress towards being drug free.."

Sasuke was surprised as Naruto sat down on one knee and kissed his hand.

"I am the happiest man on the planet now.. "

Sasuke snorted, but couldn't hide a blush on his cheeks.

"Here let me put yours on." He motioned for Naruto to give him the case. He took out the ring and Naruto handed his right hand to him, where Sasuke gently put the ring on.

"Does this mean I can sleep in my bed again?"

Sasuke felt the urge to hit him on the side of the head and just smiled; putting each hand on either side of the blonds scarred cheeks.

"This means you will Only sleep in your own bed, from now until you fall dead."

Naruto grinned, putting his hands on Sasuke's and leaning in..

"I can live with that.."

..and kissing the raven.