I originally had this down as taking place in 195 ish but I think it scared some people off cuz they haven't seen or read that far into bleach so I am putting it a bit earlier, it doesn't change the story! This one takes place in the Hueco Mundo arc as well, around episode 161. Someone gets to have some fun with Rukia... But a warning, this is a dark very M-rated fiction and if you love Rukia you might get a little sad at first..

I do not own Bleach or its characters, nor do I profit from these stories..

Ch 1

Espada 9 has just been defeated by Miss Kuchiki, his final attacks still holding her down. She is lying motionless on the cold cement floor. Her zanpakto, Sodenoshirayuki lay next to her side, no longer colored of the purest white, instead now stained with crimson victory. She cannot even open her eyes, thoughts barely forming in the darkness of her mind growing more distant by the second.

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap

(Am I dying? What's that noise?)

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap

(Is it getting closer? What is that?)

(It stopped.. I can't hear..)

With that unfinished thought, Rukia slips into an unconcious oblivion.

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap

The footsteps grew closer to her at a hurried pace. With the blink of an eye, Rukia is whisked away to a chamber deep within the heart of Las Noches.

"Rukia dear, how are you feeling? I know things have been a bit rough since you've been in Hueco Mundo but you are safe from the fighting now," he brushes away some strands of hair from her face. Running a hand down her neck, he calls out again, "Oh Rukia, are you in there? Come on out and play, won't you?"

She begins to twitch and slowly bring her hand up to her chest clutching where she had been injured fighting the Espada. (I'm alive?), She gasps realizing she was concious again and opens her eyes to be greeted by silver hair and an evil, oh so familiar smile stretched from ear to ear.

"That's better, I was beginning to think I'd lost ya."

"Captain Ichimaru! W-Wh-What are you doing here? Where am I, what happened?!" Overcome with emotions, Rukia's head fills with so many questions, (Did he bring me here, did he heal me? My wound is closed but I am still very weak... What happened to the Espada I was fighting?) She was so lost in thought that she didn't realize she was laying in a bed in nothing but a red kimono, with the enemies hands at her throat. Gin flicks his wrist to run along her collarbone and skim along the edge of her kimono's collar.

"What are you doing? Get your hands off of me! You have no right to do any of this!"

"No right to save you? Was that not to your liking? I could have left you to die alongside that hopeless Gillian but I thought you'd prefer to be rescued. Always the damsel in distress, ain't ya, Rukia?" He runs his hand up her cheek. She jerks back and rolls onto her side to face the wall instead of the smiling man. He forces her onto her back, "You will not turn away from me, Rukia."

She pulls her hand back to smack him across his smile but he catches her hand mid swing, "No, no, that just won't do. You need to behave yourself. Bakudo number 1, Sai. There's no use to struggle, you can't fight me."

Rukia knew he was right, (I am too weak to fight back right now.)

"What do you want with me?"

"Why, everything, Rukia, that's why I brought you to my personal chambers. You are mine now, to do with as I please," His smile grows larger at these words as her eyes widen. She opens her mouth to scream but before she can, he releases so much of his spirit pressure that she passes out and her hands drop slowly to her sides.

(This is going to be fun, Little Kuchiki..)

* * * *

"Are you going to keep you eyes closed the entire time? It's not as fun if you don't get into it a little. Well, not as fun for you.." With the binding spell still active, Gin reaches out to brush the hairs off of her neck. He leans in and takes in a deep breath, "Mmm.. Rukia, I have waited a very long time for this, ever since that first encounter I had with you on the bridge when I stopped to speak to your big brother. What was that, 40, 50 years ago?"

Her eyes flutter open in shock because she still cannot move. He begins to kiss her neck, his lips following the outline of her collarbone around to her chest. She yelps as he pulls back the kimono to reveal a little bit of flesh.

"Don't worry, I won't rush this, I want to take my time and savor it.." His voice trails off and his lips move to the edge of the blood red fabric that's still covering her pale skin. He moves his mouth over her breast and gently kisses through the silk to tease her, she shivers from the feeling it gives her. Gin looks at her face to catch her blushing, (Hmm.. Does she like that? I wonder what she'd do if I released the Bakudo?)

"Release," Gin spoke softly, and her body falls limp. It didn't matter that she was no longer bound by a spell, Rukia was paralyzed by fear of what this monster was doing to her. Gin not feeling Rukia resist, rips open the kimono to completely expose her small breasts. He moves his hands over them, lightly grazing each with soft fingertips. He caresses them tenderly, stopping to rub her perky nipples between his strong fingers. She could not move except to arch her back up and breasts out, Gin smiling proudly at this response, he lowers his lips to hug against her body. He traces her nipples with his warm, wet tongue and hot breath. Rukia arches again thrusting her breast to his mouth. She moans a deep sensual sigh, practically begging him to continue his lustful play.

Always one to please, Gin slides his hands over her knees rubbing his way north. His hands went underneath the kimono and found his path blocked by a pair of silk panties. He rubs his fingers gently over her underwear, which excited him to be so close to seeing what they were hiding. He could feel wetness beginning to gather on the silk, he touches the wet spot and she moans again.

"That's more like it Rukia, dear, let it all out. I want to make you feel good..."

(I can't believe I am letting him do this to me! But I cannot fool myself into thinking I really have a choice in any of this. What should I do?) Rukia closes her eyes.