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Ch 6

Off in the distance, two shadows flashstep their way across Hueco Mundo's barren wasteland. Moving closer to our imprisoned heroine, they are completely unaware of the horrors she has been enduring. Time is not in their favor, but they must not lose hope.


Will they make it in time?

* * * * *

Back in Gin's chamber, he is curled up, next to Rukia's restrained sleeping body. Both fell asleep surprisingly fast. Rukia, from fear of what he was going to do to her next if she stayed awake; but Gin was just happy to have another night with his toy and wanted to enjoy it as fully as he could.

He misses lying next to a woman at night. In his dreams almost every night, he imagines himself still falling asleep holding her in his arms. Her long strawberry blond hair everywhere, even on his pillow when she'd toss and turn throughout the night. Feeling her soft golden locks brush against his face always made him smile. But that was so long ago, back in Seireitei where she still slept at night, without him. He had been in Hueco Mundo so long, he always wondered if she shared the fond memories of their time together. His hopes were that she still felt the same way for him, his feelings will never change for her. But he will never have her again, they were destined to forever chase each other, but now the running was over. She can't follow him any further, not this time, he had to deal with her no longer being a part of his life. But for tonight, he can pretend. He is dreaming of her as he clings onto Rukia, groping her half heartedly in his sleep, but her tiny body was no comparison to his Ran's..

Rukia is entranced in her own dream world, back in Seireitei, running through the streets of Hanging Dog in the 78th District with Renji. She imagines them being kids again, innocent to the world but ruthless enough to stay alive on those streets. They grew up so quickly it seems now. Their childhood friends passed away and before she knew it, they were enrolled into the Academy, Renji on the fast track to becoming a shinigami. She wasn't in the advanced classes like him but Rukia had always thought she was powerful when she was younger, what happened? She was handed everything she got by the Kuchiki Family, not that she wasn't grateful, she had everything could ever possibly need and more! Most of the women in the Seireitei envied her and wished they could be in her shoes. But, nothing is perfect. She wishes she could have earned it all on her own. She wasn't even strong enough to get away from Hueco Mundo, what could she do? She had managed to get into Squad 13 under Lieutenent Kaien and Captain Ukitake, she had hoped part of that really was due to her skills. She had a place that finally felt like home. Her Captain and fellow squad members would do anything for each other and for her. She pictures herself sitting by Ukitake's desk helping Kiyone file paperwork, she always helped out in any way she could.

All of sudden, her dream world shatters as she was being woken up by a loud crashing through the entrance to Gin's bedroom chamber. He bolts upright in bed as he and Rukia stare at the large hole where his door once was and a dust cloud masking the two dark figures encircles the room for a minute before dissipating, revealing a large black bladed zanpakto as well as a familiar serrated one.

Rukia instantly recognizes both men who burst throught the door and she is mortified that she's naked and tied up when these two find her. (Oh god, I think I'm gonna be sick.) "Ichigo! Renji! Please get me away from this place and this monster!" Tears trickle down her face, falling onto her neck.

"That's what we're here for!" Ichigo smiles that she is still alive, "Renji, grab her."

Gin jumps out of bed and grabs his zanpakto aiming it towards them both, "Pierce his flesh, Shinso!"

Ichigo flashes in front of Renji, pulling out Zangetsu to block Shinso's path. "Now, Renji, go!"

Renji uses shunpo to get to Rukia in an instant, both of them blushing when he pulls back the sheet revealing her nakedness. "I'm sorry Rukia! I didn't mean to.." He slices the restraints with Zabimaru carefully avoiding looking at her body and wraps her up in the sheet. He quickly flashsteps back behind Ichigo, who was still fighting with Gin.

"Sorry to take her and run, but we can't stay around here all day." They were out the door and through the maze of hallways before Gin could get dressed.

"Hmm, guess I'm going back out. Or I could just let them have her." He pauses for a minute, "Ha ha, why would I let them keep her? She's mine."

* * * * * * * * *

Flashstepping through the twists and turns of Las Noches, Rukia felt so alive and safe in Renji's arms. His grip was so tight and she embraces it, making it tighter. (I can't believe I'm actually alive, they came for me.. I can't believe they came for me..)

"Oh Renji! Ichigo! I.. Thank you! Thank you so much!" Renji's arm became wet from the tears she lost.

"Silly girl, you don't have to thank us. We should be thanking you for being able to hold on that long! You are safe now, Rukia." Renji leans in a kiss to her forehead as they speed out of the castle towards the desert.

A large crack of thunder snaps across the western sky above Aizen's fortress. (How very omnious) Rukia thought as she clings to Renji like her life depends on it. A bolt of lightning shoots down striking right behind them. She looks back to make sure Ichigo is ok. "Ichigo, are you ok? Ichigo?" She couldn't see him anywhere. "Renji, where did Ichigo go? Wasn't he right here before the lightning struck down?"

"What? Yeah of course he was right here. Where did ya go go Ichigo? We don't have time to play games! Come on!"

Another boom from thunder shoots over their heads shortly followed by more lightning. Rukia falls to the ground and lands on her knees. "Renji, why the hell would you drop me like that?! What's wrong, are you scared of a little lightning?" She looks up, ready to throw sand in at his stupid expensive sunglasses, but he was gone. "Huh? Wh..What's going on? Where did they go?" There was no one around her as she stands up and dusts her hands off on her sheet. She looks to the sky which has turned a hazy yellow. "What crazy weather.." Thunder bangs out again above her head, "Is lightning going to strike again? It did before and they both vanished.. I wonder.."

After a few seconds of rumbling, following suit, another bolt struck down close to her again. She shrieks and closes her eyes.

(I'm still here), she opens her eyes and sees she is no longer outside. She is back in Gin's bedroom, waking up next to him and he has a very tight grip on her body.

"What the hell is going on? What did you do to them? Where are they?" Rukia tries to shake his body off of her as he wakes up rather surprised.

"Awww, why'd ya go and have to ruin a perfect dream like that, huh? I was enjoying that so much, Rukia. What are you yacking about anyways? Where did who go? Who were you dreaming about?"

"Dreaming? No! I wasn't dreaming! Well, I was but then I woke up from the dream when Ichigo and Renji burst through your door," she looks towards the door expecting to see massive damage done to the area but to her surpise, it was perfectly normal. "What's going on here? Did I really dream all of that? Oh god, no.. It can't be.. I'm still here, I thought I was safe."

"Well, you are safe, but sorry to disappoint but I am the only one in here with you. No Ichigo, no Renji. Just you and me. And since we are both awake now, let's have some more fun, shall we? It's close enough to the morning, we can get up early today." His smile returns as his grip around her waist tightens.

* * * * * * * * *

Gin lets go of her for a second to climb out of bed and put his pants on, not taking his eyes off of Rukia at all. He leans down to grab her and she smacks away his hands, "Don't touch me! Leave me alone!." She pulls the sheet over herself, hiding underneath it. Gin laughs and reaches down to pick her up, sheet and all. She struggles but the sheet has her bound now.

(Oh great idea Rukia.. I wonder where he's taking me now..) She couldn't tell which direction they were going. Gin maintains a steady pace, carrying his wrapped up toy. She could feel them going up a set of stairs that seemed to take forever.

"Upstairs? Where are you taking me now?"

"To your room. I can't very well leave you unattended in my room so you can stay up here for awhile. You will be nice and safe up here." Gin pats her on her head through the sheet. "Ahh almost there." He gets to the top of the stairs and walks down a hallway to the last door at the top of this tower. He fumbles in his pocket to grab the key to Rukia's new room. He unlocks it and walks them in. It was an all white room with a large window overlooking Las Noches. There was a bed near the window and an open door that led to a small private bathroom.

"No one will bother you up here," he walks over to the bed and sets Rukia down carefully. She pokes her head out of the sheet to take in her new surroundings. "Is it to your liking?

She glares in his direction, not uttering a word. (Like I'm supposed to grateful to be put in this tower..)

"I'll bring you some clothes to change into later. For now the sheet will do, you won't be needing much clothing up here anyways," his smile grew thinking about the things he still wanted to do to her. "What's wrong? Don't you want to play some more? I know I do." He gets on the bed moving closer to her.

"No! I don't want to play anymore. Please.." Her voice begins to crack as her eyes swell.

"Oh Rukia, what am I to do with you? Ahh I think I know," he looks over to the wall at the two metal circles hanging on chains. "Let's get you up." He grabs at her arms so she can't push him away. She tries to kick at him but her legs are trapped under the sheet that he is climbing on. "Not this time. Come with me. We are going to make you more submissive." He manages to slide a hand under her and pick her up in the sheet. He walks over to the chains and wrangles one of Rukia's hands free. He opens the small shackle and puts it around her small wrist. Closing it and locking it into place, he quickly takes her other hand and restrains it as well. He sets her down and looks at her; her arms are straight out on each side making her look like she was going to be crucified. "Now for your feet.."

Gin secures her kicking feet into the matching restraints, just enough chain for her to stand and move but her feet won't go more than a couple of inches off of the ground. He stands back and smiles.

"And, let's lose the sheet," he grabs the corner she had tucked in and pulls the cloth loose from her naked body. She cries out as she is left hanging, completely exposed. "That's more like it."

"I hate you. You're disgusting." Rukia spits in his direction just missing his head.

"Now, now I'm playing nice so you have to too." He takes off his pants and looks her up and down. "Mmm.. I will never tire of you.." He gets close enough to touch her shoulder but doesn't let his body brush up against hers yet. He runs his hand down to her breasts, caressing her flesh. Leaning down he takes her nipple into his mouth and bites gently as Rukia lets out an uncontrollable moan. "I know you like that Rukia, it's ok if you enjoy this."

"I could never enjoy this!" She was beginning to tear up again. She turns her head to look out the window, to try to ignore what this man was doing to her body.

"Ahh I know what will bring you around," he begins to lick his lips as he pulls away from her breast. He reaches down with his hand and slides it across her bare entrance and then slowly pushes it inside of her.

"Ooohhh," Rukia gasps at the strong finger moving in and out. (This is really hard to ignore.)

"Would you like me to lick you?"

She continues staring out the window, not wanting to make eye contact.

"Ehh, let's try it anyways, I promise to make you come." Gin gets on his knees and leans forward and begin to kiss her thighs and run his other hand up her leg. He kisses his way up and when he reaches her lower lips, his hand slides up and spreads her open so he can get a full view before diving in. "So beautiful," he softly blows at her pink core causing her hips to rock back. He licks her lips and moves his way inward, taking her clit in between his lips and rubbing it gently, kissing it.

"Oh god," she couldn't hold back, she felt like she was going to explode at any minute.

He continues moving his finger inside of her, pulling back to tease her and then thrusting forward to please her. He now begins to lick her small swollen nub and draw circles around it with his tongue, every couple of licks stopping to suck it gently.

"Ohh.. Oh god.. I.. I.. Unhh.. Unnhhh.." Rukia tightens up and comes, rocking her hips hard against his finger to his surprise. She was panting so hard she let go of her hold on herself to hang from the restraints like a doll.

"My, my. Look at you all worn out!" Gin pulls his finger out and looks at her honey dripping from him. "I'll let you rest for a bit, but then I'll be back to get mine. Sorry but I'm going to leave you on the wall for now, you can't be trusted yet my dear." He stands up and walks to the bed wiping his hands on the sheet, then reaching for his pants to get dressed.

"Wait! You can't leave me like this! Please!"

"Maybe this will teach you to listen to me. Once I can trust you, Rukia, I will let you stay in here free of restraints but for now I have to keep you safe silly girl." He walks back over to her, chained to the wall, leans down and kisses her cheek, "Don't worry I won't be gone too long. No one knows you are up here yet so I need to go tell Aizen-sama I moved you so we can have this tower all to our selves. Don't go playing with anybody else while I'm gone." He throws his head back to laugh as he walks towards the door, reaching to his pocket to get the key. "Hmm on second thought, maybe I will leave the door unlocked. It's not like you will be going anywhere.. See you soon Rukia!" He waves good bye to her, turns and walks out the door, shutting it behind him.

She can hear him walking down the halls, humming a happy tune to himself. "Oh god, this nightmare is never going to end," she looks back to the window, "Is someone really coming for me? Did Aizen just say that to drive me crazy? Please, someone.. Come save me!" She doesn't have the will to even stand up, she really feels like she is never going to leave Hueco Mundo, so she continues to hang, lifeless in those chains. She starts to cry herself to sleep, at least she can get away in her dreams.

* * * * * * * *

Gin walks down the long hallway, looking at the many other rooms as he passes them by. (I hope Aizen-sama doesn't mind me taking the largest room in this tower, but I need to keep her away from everyone else and that room can conceal her spiritual pressure so it will be harder for someone to find her and rescue her there. I really hope the Espada take care of whoever is coming this way.) He walks through another door and begins descending the large staircase. He flashsteps down the many stairs in an instant and heads out of the tower towards Aizen's throne room.

Entering the large room, Gin looks around at the members of the Espada standing around, awaiting orders from Aizen. "What's everyone doing? Have the intruders breached the castle walls yet?"

Some of the Espada were obviously missing. Aaronierro was defeated by Rukia, Noitra was looking for someone strong to fight, Szayel was in his lab, watching Renji and Uryuu move through the tunnels. "Where are numbers Four and Six? I hadn't heard any reports of them fighting anyone yet." Gin looks around the room for an answer.

"They are out taking care of some things that I had asked them to."

"Aizen-sama, there you are. Do you have any orders for me? Has anyone breached Las Noches inner wall yet?" Gin was anxious to know how much time he had left with his toy.

"No, I know you want as much time with your plaything as you can get so I will allow you a little bit more. But Gin, you had better hurry back to her. I have not seen my sixth Espada for awhile, he was prowling around the towers this morning. You wouldn't want him to stumble upon your toy, would you?" Aizen looks at Gin, already knowing where he had stashed Rukia.

Gin looks out the throne room window trying to sense Grimmjoww but to no avail. "Hmm. Well, Aizen-sama, if you would, please alert me of any changes in security. You know where I'll be." He smiles and nods to his former Captain, taking his leave back to Rukia.

Aizen keeps smiling after Gin exits, "This should start to get interesting, I knew Grimmjoww would find some interest in guarding those towers today. I hope he gets to have a little fun before Gin returns."


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