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"If you could live in any time, when would it be?"

Ianto looked up from his book and gazed at the Captain. Jack had clearly gotten a bit bored with the paperwork he'd been told to finish.


"Well, you know if I could get this manipulator to work, I could take you anywhere, anytime. It would be a rough ride, but I could. I was just wondering when you'd go to"

"You're meant to be doing paperwork Jack"

"I will, just answer the question

Ianto considered this quickly, "Hmmm. The 40s"

Jack raised his eyebrows, "Seriously?"

"Oh yeah, you see I always had this sort of romantic view of the 40s. A stupid idea of being a soldier and going to dances when I could. Of meeting a girl, and dancing with her to Glen Miller under the moonlight. And when I was away, she'd write to me and keep me going"


"Of course I had to meet the guy who was the soldier instead"

Jack chuckled.

He stood up from his desk and pressed play on the nearby CD player. The upbeat tones of In The Mood drifted around the office.

Ianto laughed as Jack offered his hand.

"Mr Jones"

"Thank you Sir"

"You know, I always loved the 40s"

"I know you did. Wish I could have been there"

Jack grinned. This only seemed to confirm to him that he and the young Welshman were a perfect match. Plus it was a very nice way to get out of the paperwork...

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