One's Sorrow

On the night of the full moon, in the village known as Sunagakure, there is always a lone figure standing on the rooftops. His short red hair flutters in the winds that give the country its name. From an ever present gourd which adorns his back, the faint smell of blood emanates. His dark rimmed eyes stare out over the deserted streets, and if anyone were to look closely, they'd see his pain and his rage and his madness swirling beneath an indifferent fa├žade. But no-one will seek the truth behind those eyes. For they belong to Sabaku no Gaara, son of the Yondaime Kazekage, jailer of the Ichibi no Tanuki also known as Shukaku. His is Jinchuuriki, a living sacrifice holding the power of a Biju back, living to save the lives of others.

And yet the people fear him. Those he protects shun him. His own father despises him. And so, he fights to protect his own existence. He kills those who seek to kill him to validate his own existence. He survives so he will not disappear. However, the night of the full moon is different. He remembers what it is to have someone who does not fear him, who looks after him, who loves him. He remembers the feelings that he experienced, the warmth that he felt. And the pain that came when he was betrayed by the one person he let in. His own uncle tried to kill him, on the orders of his father. And for the first time, Gaara had to kill someone to save his own life.

Never again. He wouldn't let anyone in like that again. He was the only one who loved him, and he wouldn't let anyone hurt him like that again. That night, he had carved the kanji for love into his own forehead as a symbol. As a reminder of what he had had... and what had been taken from him.

In the light of the full moon, Gaara remembers what it is to feel things other than the urge to kill. And every full moon, a desolate cry carries through the sleeping village of Sunagakure. A cry so full of despair and sorrow that the most battle hardened Anbu shiver, the villagers have terrible nightmares. And the Kazekage himself awakens with tears streaming down his face, remembering the pain of losing his wife.

This is the first of nine little one shots about each of the Jinchuuriki, and some aspects of their lives. Each title is a line from part of a variant of the rhyme for counting crows or magpies. I watched The Crow: City of Angels, and when I saw Ashe beating up one of the guys who killed him while reciting the Counting Crows rhyme, I got the inspiration for this. However I need your help. I need names for the 3, 5, 6, and 7-tailed containers, since I'm not good at making up names. Let me know by messaging me or reviewing and say which name for which Jinchuuriki.

Oh, and I don't own Naruto.