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Ashley's POV

Life sucks. Life isn't fair. Everyone has heard those two phrases, I have. But, you don't really understand what they mean until your mother and father decide to force you into the truck and MOVE you half way across the US of A.

Yeah, that's right. They are making me MOVE AWAY!!!! Away from my best friends-they were like family to me. Away from my school-come on, I'd just gotten used to the lay out. Away from the place where I grew up- this place held memories that could never be replaced.

And they are thinking about replacing this place-my home-with a grubby little town residing in the state of Washington. Yeah, you think I'm joking when I say that, but guess what the towns name is….Forks!!!! Who names a town after something you eat with???? It's like 'Hey, where are you moving?' 'Forks' 'Second drawer to the left, by the stove' COME ON!!!!

I had actually tied myself to the door, refusing to come, but my stupid brother had to get the plyers and started cutting the cords off of me. Stupid Aaron.

So here I was, leaning my head against the cold window of the truck and watching the scenery change, hugging Mr-(A/N: Sorry, but if I were to put his name, she would kill me. SORRY!!!!!!!!) to my chest, struggling to keep the tears in my eyes. I was NOT going to give them that satisfaction.

One thing about Forks was that it was cold and WET!!!! And, well, I have dogs. And dogs plus wet equals a stinky, irritated, pissed Ashley. And that is something no one wants to see. And, I HATE the cold!!! I hate it with a BURNING PASSION (A/N: I say this all the time. I'm going to end up putting random quotes that say in here, just so you know.)

But, hey, there are a few good things about this.

A) Ashlyn can't force me to sing in the Pop Show this year. Hehehehehe, her evil plan was foiled. FOILED!!!!!!!! (A/N: She is singing in the Pop show-a sort of talent show for people in choir-whether she likes it or not)

B) I heard that the area was covered in wolves. (A/N: Important fact about Ashley: she LOVES wolves.) I almost smiled at the thought. It would be so freakin' awesome to just go into the woods one day and just happen across one of those beautiful animals.

I sighed at that, and closed my eyes, trying to push away all of the thoughts of leaving. The last thing that went through my conscious mind was the image of a beautiful sandy colored wolf.


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