Chapter Two

Myra's eyes spread wide open, staring into Steve's own. She felt his tight grip on her shoulders disappear, her body staggering backwards a little before she regained her balance. Her bottom lip began to tremble as her eyes observed the man before her remain standing in place.

Myra's hand rose up to her mouth, covering it. "Oh my…Steven…" She said, her voice muffled behind her fingers. "But I thought you…you…"

"Loved her?" He said, his head lowering and shaking from side to side to tell her "no". Myra sighed, her hands crossing over her chest. A small tear fell down her cheek as she sniffed, her eyes averting from Steve's own to the floor. The tear continued to slide down to her chin, finally dropping down onto her bare forearm.

"That's what I thought, until she just up and left out of here a few weeks ago! Big Guy and Harriette didn't even know where she went! All they knew was that Laura Lee packed her bags and skedaddled off with…with…him!"

Steve turned his back to Myra, his head still hanging low. Myra turned her head to see Steve removing his glasses to wipe his eyes.

"Who? Who was it, Steven?" Myra asked, moving over to Steve. She placed a hand on his back, recoiling it after he shrugged his shoulder. "Stevie, please! Tell me!"

"The only other man who could win Laura Lee Winslow's heart, that's who! Stefan Urquelle!"

Myra gasped, a frown soon taking the place of her formerly surprised face. She fumed, grabbing Steve's hand and leading him over to the sofa. The both of them sat down, facing each other. Steve reached into his shirt pocket to take out a handkerchief and fiercely blew his nose into it.

"That little she-devil!" Myra brought her shaking hand up in front of her, formed into a fist. She gritted her teeth as she shook it a little bit more before stopping and opening her hand.

"Only that evil Laura Lee Winslow would do something like that!"

Steve sighed. "Aw, Myra…"

Myra smiled a little and looked at Steve. She brought her hand up to Steve's chin, lifting it up with her finger so that his eyes were aimed on hers.

"Steven, it's true!" Myra placed her hands in her lap and folded them. "From the beginning, I could tell that Laura never saw you the way she saw Stefan. She didn't love you the way that I-"

Myra stopped, a tear dropping from each eye. A whimper escaped from her closed lips as she turned around so that her left side was facing Steve.

Steve's eyebrows rose as he sat a little aback as a reaction to Myra's sudden change in posture. "Myra? What's the matter?"

Myra wiped another tear from under her left eye, sniffing and turning back around to face Steve. "Steven…I-"

Hearing the front door open, Myra and Steve whipped their heads towards it to see a police officer dressed in their white and black uniform hanging their hat on the top of the tree adjacent to the door.

"Hey Steve. Myra, is that you?" He stopped in his tracks and took a moment to look at the weeping woman sitting next to Steve. His eyes moved over to Steve, a confused look on his face. "Steve, what's wrong with Myra?"

"Uh, hi Big Guy…Uh, uh, uh, uh…" Steve said, his eyes wide open. "We were supposed to go to the Polkamania concert…but they cancelled the date at the last minute! I mean jeez, can't they at least make up their minds on what day it'll be?"

Carl scratched his chin and narrowed his eyes for a few moments before his face returned back to normal. "Oh…well, I hope that gets straightened out, Steve." He said, making his way into the kitchen.

After seeing Carl disappear into the kitchen, Myra looked into Steve's eyes and sighed.

"Steven, I'd better go…" She stood up, keeping her eyes on Steve as she started to back peddle towards the front door. Her mouth was fixed into a nervous smile as she let loose an uneasy sounding laugh.

"Myra, wait!" Steve got up from his seat and started to follow her to the door. "What were you trying to tell me earlier?"

"Bumblebee lips…" She grabbed his hands and put both of them in hers.

"Yes?" Steve asked, his eyes widened in anticipation.

She frowned. "I love you Stevie, but…" Myra hesitated, looking away.

"But what?"



Myra's face grew long as she let go of his hands and lowered her head. "Steven…I don't know if I can love you anymore…"

To be continued in Chapter Three!