"Bella what's that on your foot?" EDward asked me. We were in my room and sitting on the bed.

"Nothing." I lied as I hid my foot under the comoftor. He tickeled me until my head was in his lap and my feet were in the air. He stopped and grabbed my right foot before I could hide them again.

"Bella is this a tattoo?" He asked incrediously.

"Absolutely not." I lied.

"Bella..." He warned.

"So maybe it is." I said putting my foot back down. I stared at the tattoo on my foot. It had a heart with an arrow on it and it said Edward. He raised an eyebrow,

"Well I like it,wait til Emmett finds out. DO you have anymore?" Should I tell him? I guess he took the one on my foot extremly well. I raised my shirt. Across my rib cage was written Crazy little psyco. EDward laughed. And I lifted my hair so he could see a tattoo that said...I run with vamps.

"Luckily that one's washable." Edward laughed.

"Well...did they hurt?"

"Not so much." I lied. It hurt a lot.

"When did you get them? How come you didn't tell me?"

"A few weeks ago and I didn't tell you because you would object."

"Hmph. That's probably true." I laughed. And he grinned.

"I might get a tattoo...right here on my heart with your name on it." I grinned. my head was still in his lap he leaned down and pecked me on the lips.

"I love you."

"I love you too Isabella."