*New and Past Readers*: If you've noticed, I changed the characters to "Sora & Riku" instead of "Sora & Kairi" because, well, the two main characters in this story are basically the two boys. Kairi doesn't really come into the picture until the last few chapters. Sorry if I spoiled anything to any new peeps out there, but I'm pretty sure I didn't.

Chris Brown's song, "Heart Ain't a Brain," influenced me to write this story, hence the title. I'm taking a different approach to it though, since his song was about how he is still in love with this girl and such, while mine is like 'the heart vs. the brain.' Get it? Kinda?

This part is what I would call the "informational chapter" of the story. I wouldn't really call it a prologue, since it really isn't much of one. Anyway, happy reading!

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They say that the human brain is the control center of the body.

It controls and coordinates the mental and physical actions of a person and is the center of thought and understanding. It receives and interprets sensory impulses, and transmits information to the muscles and body organs. It is the seat of consciousness, thought, memory, and emotion, and contains much intellectual power. Anatomists seemed to have proved that throughout many years of research.

Even with all these facts, Sora just did not believe them.

Why? Because he claims that his heart acts on its own, too.

As much as he wanted to say that the brain was the only thing in his body that had a thought process, he could not help but feel his heart trying to take control of his actions. Ever since he had met her, his mind and his heart were at a constant battle with each other.

His heart wanted Kairi, the beautiful redhead. She was simply astonishing to him. Her violet-blue eyes put him into a trance everytime he glimpsed at them. Her fragrance of sweet strawberries made his senses dance. Just looking at her made his heart beat triple time. However, the main thing that attracted him the most was the pureness of her heart. Sure, she was straight-out gorgeous, but the kindness and sincerity that she held within amazed him.

Since their hearts were connected, he could feel his heart beat in perfect rhythm with hers. He knew they were meant for each other. But when it came to analyzing the situation Sora was in and what the future might store for them, his brain retaliated back.

Of course he agreed with his heart the most. He risked journeying through many different worlds to save Kairi. He had even sacrificed his own heart to restore hers. He wanted to have her with him more than anything.

Unlike his heart, though, his mind thinks before it leaps.

His mind kept telling him that he was the Keyblade Master, the Warrior of the Light. It told him that his duties to save the other worlds would come first, and that would mean leaving the poor princess back at home on the islands, waiting for him to come home. He did not want her to constantly feel alone and worried about his whereabouts, wondering when or if he would ever come home to her welcoming arms.

Besides, what are the chances of him not being able to see her face ever again, anyway? Pretty big, since all the Heartless and Nobodies wanted to tear him to shreds.

At these thoughts, his heart would always criticize him for thinking too much. His heart would argue that it would hurt his best friend more than anything if he decided to ignore their feelings for one another over some ridiculous denouement that he thought up. His brain would then fire back with the same thought of him never coming home and the amount of pain he would cause her if that did happen.

In a way, both the heart and the brain had some good points, but the heart tended to have a more positive view at the relationship whilst the brain made him feel more cautious. He would even wonder if she ever liked him the same way at all.

Sure, they are the best of friends, alongside their silver-headed buddy, Riku. Sora and Riku would always compete for the little redhead's attention, and Riku would always win over him. Riku was always the taller and stronger one of the trio. He was also a big hit with the girls in school. Sora could never compare to someone like that.

Sora also thought that if he did spill the truth to Kairi and she rejects it, it would obliterate their friendship. He did not want to risk losing their friendship over a confession, so he kept his feelings inside. His heart was not very abiding with his actions, but his mind kept telling him that this was the safest way to go.

But what if he wanted to risk stepping off the safe road and into the danger zone?

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