Summary- AU, AH, Charlie and Renée Swan own a horse ranch in Montana. Bella has been around horses all her life, a true country girl. Diablo Ranch gives lessons on their 25,000 acres of land. The Cullen's show up at the ranch. They were being banished there by Esme and Carlisle for being too spoiled. Bella and her family will show them how to be tough, while falling in love.

Disclaimer- I do not own Twilight. This is just a fanfic, I make no money.

Bella POV, 18 years old

The new meat should be arriving soon with their parents fancy car. Man, sometimes I hate the rich people. Most of them are so spoiled, that money comes out of their ears. Jackson sneezed, trotting easily through the pasture towards the entrance to the ranch. Charlie was off with Porkchop, getting some chickens and cows. I never go with them because I know I'll get attached to a cow, and we won't be able to eat it. The Montana sky seemed to go on forever and ever. Quite breathtaking. I heard the honking of a fancy car in the distance. Here we go. A shiny black Mercedes Benz pulled up onto the ranch property.

"Ho." I stopped Jackson as I got off of my adorable black quarter horse. I tied his reins to the hitching rail, tight, because Jackson likes to get out and start havoc with the other horses. A man that I would guess to be in his late twenties got out of the car. His hair was a creamed blonde, and his eyes a bright blue. A woman got out of the passengers side. Her hair was caramel colored, as were her eyes. She was short, but looked tough. Walking over to them, and their fancy car was easy, it was finding something to say to these rich folk that was difficult. The man stuck out his hand, and I shook it gingerly.

"I'm Carlisle, and this is my wife, Esme. We called last month about leaving our kids here for a year. There in the back." A year with a bunch of spoiled, rich, brats. Oh how wonderful.

"Pleasure to meet you, Carlisle. I'm Bella, Charlie's daughter. If ya want to get your kids out now, you can. I'll show them the way to the guest house. There is five of them, right?" I asked, tapping my boot lightly on the ground. He nodded, and went to the back door of the car.

"Children, get out." He told them. The first out was a lady with pixie cut black hair, and an exuberant smile. She was shorter than most, and looked to be buzzing with energy. The second out was a well built male, with honey blonde hair. He was standing in an official position, while holding onto the smaller girl. Incest, much? A lady with golden blonde hair, and a model like figure got out next. Her hair was wavy and flowed down her back. She was tall, and looked mean. She hasn't seen mean yet. I snorted quietly to myself as the next Cullen kid got out. He was a broad built male, with curly brown hair. He looked like he could beat the stuffing out of anyone. The last out was a man with a bored form, and tousled bronze hair. His face showed utter boredom, as did his emerald green eyes. His eyes were captivating, as was his beauty. Like I'd ever tell him that though.

All of their faces showed of shock once they took a look around. I had to stop myself from laughing. Renee came out of our ranch styled house, running over to us.

"Mom, meet the Cullen's." I told her. Renee smiled, her bright perky energy already showing affection towards them. Jackson whinnied, pulling on his reins. "Jackson." I hissed, leaving the rich kids and going to my horse.

"I'm Renee Swan, it is wonderful to meet you!" She practically squealed. That's mom for ya. She has so much energy, that she doesn't know what to do with it. I untied Jackson, and put my foot in the stirrup. I climbed on, and he pranced over to Renee. I rolled my eyes, as I stopped him. "Well, howdy there Jackson." She gently rubbed his nose.

"I see you people are a tad bit afraid and angry that you're here." I pointed out, looking at the Cullen children. The pixie one looked furious at her father, as did the rest. Carlisle and Esme smiled, taking their cellular phones and other electronic items. Carlisle got out all the luggage, which was a lot. Carlisle and Esme got in the Benz and left the ranch slowly.

"So, what are your names?" Renee asked, leaning against Jackson.

"I'm Alice." The pixie one answered in a strained voice.

"Jasper." Said the man that got out of the car after her.

"Rosalie." Said the really gorgeous girl with cold blue eyes.

"Emmett." The man with the curly hair said.

"I'm Edward." The gorgeous man spoke. His voice had a tint of a British accent. Wonderful, rich Britain kids.

"Nice to meet you all. If you just follow Bella and Jackson here, she'll lead you to where you'll be staying." Renee said, friendly. Alice nodded.

"Right this way." I told them as the picked up their suitcases. This should be one hell of a year. I walked with Jackson, while Emmett was right behind me. Hmm, should I? Just a little bit of a warm welcoming. I pinched Jackson's ear, really hard. Jackson kicked his right hind leg out, and all you heard was a scream. I looked back over my shoulder. Emmett was doubled over, and holding his thigh. The others sure did look shocked. Rosalie ran to him. "You might not want to walk behind a horse. Just a fair warning." I said, and kept walking. Oh yeah, this should be interesting. Once I reached the blue and yellow ranch house, I turned out Jackson in the round pin. Unlocking the door, and stepping inside was mainly awkward for them. "Well, here's where you'll be staying. At 6:30 on the dot, come back up to the main house. That's when we have dinner. Enjoy your stay at Diablo Ranch." I put on my fake cheery smile as I left. I wonder what could be running through their heads right about now.

Alice POV and Thoughts

Just because I went over the credit card limit once, doesn't mean that Carlisle has to drop me in this hell hole! Does he hate us or something? I hate farm animals! I hate farm people! They are all so smelly and disgusting. I swear as soon as I get my hands wrapped around Carlisle's throat, that will be the end of this!

Jasper POV and Thoughts

I could tell that Alice was furious at Carlisle. I cannot really say the same for me. I don't like how he tricked us into thinking we were going to New York. I do love ranches and farm animals. I used to live on a farm back in Texas. Maybe this won't be so bad.

Rosalie POV and Thoughts

Damn Carlisle! Damn him! He put us in a deserted ranch to rot in hell! Why? I used too much money on the credit cards, once or twice. That doesn't mean we have to be banished here! I cannot stand farm animals. They scare the living shit out of me. You never know if a chicken can sneak into your house late at night and eat your brains out.

Emmett POV and Thoughts

Farm animals are alright. This ranch is alright. The thing that isn't all right is a pissed off Rosalie. She never ever wants to do it when she is pissed. Damn Carlisle.

Edward POV and Thoughts

This year should be an interesting year. I most definitely want to learn about that ranch girl, Bella. She is gorgeous. I've never really met a farm girl. I wonder if she made her horse kick Emmett on purpose. I'm a little wary about later today and the rest of our year here.

Bella POV

Jackson trotted back over to Renee. "What do you think of them kids?" She asked, staring up at me. I shrugged.

"Spoiled rich brats." I sighed, laughing as I did. Renee laughed.

"I guess we'll just have to change that. Tomorrow Alice and Rosalie are going to get their horses, along with the others. Tack them up, right, and take them for a ride through the pasture." Renee told me. I sighed, nodding as I went to un-tact Jackson. Tomorrow will be interesting.