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I could hear my heart beat ring loud in my ears as we all celebrated the win from the rodeo. It has been so long since we have had a win like this. I was so thankful that my new brothers and sisters were able to join in on this one. Charlie had splurged and got a ton of alcohol, which was very out of character for him. Renee had drank more than I had seen her drink in years. She never was the drinking type. We started a big bonfire in celebration of the win. Alice and Rose danced around the fire in their drunken happiness, shouting to the heavens. Jasper and Emmett were having a very competitive battle of who drink more beer. Brooke and Edward were cuddling by the bonfire, whispering to each other. Hunter held in his arms as I lost myself in the flames, thinking over the events of the day. My heart was over flowing with happiness from the win. All I had wanted in the last few years is to put that bitch in her place and show her who really dominated around here. That's the least she deserved from her not so subtle advances on my husband. She also deserved the very painful beating she got in the parking lot after the rodeo was over. I chuckled silently, remembering the scared look on her face when Rosalie ripped a chunk of her hair out. I believe Jasper was recording the entire fight.

These people- Edward, Jasper, Emmett, Rose, and Alice had become my family in the months that they had been here. It feels like its been so long that they've been living with us, but it had only been about 4 and a half months. I was thankful that they still had a lot more time here. My heart would ache when it was time for them to return to the high class life. I wonder how they'll adapt back to living in luxury? Will they even want to? When I first met them, I never thought they'd survive a week here without a cell phone, but they've proved me so wrong. They are the best people that I know. My heart swelled with happiness thinking about my new brothers and sisters. I would miss them so much when they had to leave. Hunter's arms around my waist pulled me out of my thoughts. He had a huge smile plastered on his face. I raised my eyebrows at him. The others had taken their drunk selves to their rooms. I knew there would be very bad hangovers in the morning.

"When do we start building?" He asked, twirling a piece of my air absentmindedly in his fingers. I sighed, thinking over the start dates. I was going to hire some contractors and builders to do it, because we weren't that good. Sunday seemed like a good day to start building. The sooner it was started, the sooner I could have my dream house.

"Tomorrow." Hunter nodded. He drunkenly put out the fire as I waited for him on the porch of the house. He stumbled over to me and I grabbed his arm to help him keep balance. Truth was that I was in no better shape then him. It is a miracle that we made it to our room unscathed. Sleep was a welcome visitor.


The builders arrived too early in the morning for my liking. The pounding in my head wasn't just the sound of their hammers. Even though they were building across the creak, sound traveled so easily in such an open place. I groaned as I groggily got out of bed, my head pounding. Hunter was still sleeping, his arms stretched out where I had just been. The morning feed would be a pain in the ass with this hangover. I decided to cowgirl up and head out to do the chores in my pajamas and boots. Jackson was happy to see me with his food. He whinnied loudly as I dropped the food in his stall. I mucked almost all the stalls out and filled all the water buckets. It was almost eleven when I finished, just like any other day. Everyone was still asleep, even Charlie, which was odd. Around noon, Renee emerged from the house. She hardly ever drank, and boy did she look like hell. Her face was a queasy green color and she swayed uneasily. I rushed over to her side quickly.

"Are you okay, Mom?" I asked, worried. I grabbed the closes bucket I could fine and held it out for her, trying not to gag. Renee really shouldn't drink anymore. Every time she does, we usually draw straws to see who has to be the victim of her puke bucket. I'd definitely need a shower after this. I helped her back into the house and onto the couch. Some color started returning to her face as she curled into a ball on the leather couch. Charlie moseyed his way out into the living room a little while later. He was in much better condition than Renee. He grabbed a glass and filled it with water, bringing it back to her. She took it eagerly. Satisfied that Charlie had things under control, I went to wake up my sleeping husband.

Hunter had a pillow in his arms, holding it close. I giggled quietly to myself at the adorable man. I crawled on top of him, softly kissing his cheek. He groaned, rolling so he was flat on his back. I kissed my way along his jaw line, and stopped at his lips, smiling.

"Good morning beautiful, how was your night, mine was wonderful with you by my side." I grinned as I sang the soft song, finishing by giving him a soft kiss on the lips. He smiled into our kiss and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close. I sighed with content, laying my head on his chest. Right here, being in his arms is my world. He meant more than anything in this world to me, and I don't know how I'd ever make it without him. He's my rock to lean on and the one I could always go to. When we were apart, I felt like I was trying to breathe without lungs, trying to think without a brain, trying to live without a heart. He completes me in everyway humanly possibly.

"I love being able to wake up and see your gorgeous face, baby." He whispered, running his hand through my hair. My stomach filled with butterflies from his sweet words. Mischief overcame me and I started jumping up and down on him. He laughed at my excitement.

"They started building today." I squealed, grabbing his shoulders and shaking him with my own excitement. A smile lit up his face which in turn lit up my heart.

"When will they finish it?" He asked, pulling me close to settle my jumping.

"By the end of the week. It reminds me of 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition'." I giggled as Hunter shook his head with amusement. "Now all we need is Ty Pennington!" He rolled his eyes with humor.

"Everyone is super hung over, huh?" He said, rubbing his head. I leaned over to the bedside table and handed him a Gatorade and Tylenol. He smiled gratefully as he took them.

"Yeah, I helped Renee." He grimaced, knowing the torture of holding Renee's puke bucket. She had never been good at handling her liquor. Hunter had been the lucky victim one time. I was still in my pajamas and felt gross from being hung-over and finished with chores. The horses wouldn't need a good work out for a couple of days from all the hard work at the rodeo. Unwillingly, I left the bed to go shower, leaving a pouting Hunter behind.

The warm water beads soothed my sore body. The rodeo had really done a number on me. I didn't notice them before, but I had bruises on my calves from how tight I was squeezing the horses. My hands were bruised from all the movement they endured yesterday. I was use to the numbing pain it brought along. Horses had been my life for so long. I couldn't picture who I would be if I didn't have Jackson, or any other horse for that matter. I nearly screamed bloody murder when I felt a hand on my shoulder, bringing me back to reality. Hunter was standing naked, behind me in the shower. I grinned at him. What was this boy up to? Didn't he know Charlie would kill him if he found him in here with me?

"What are you doing?" I asked as he shut the shower door behind him. He had a playful grin upon his face.

"Well, I feel the need to shower just as much as you do." He wrapped his arms around my waist from behind. The feeling sent tingles up and down my spine. His body was hot against mine, and we slid together even more perfectly from being so slippery.

"Well, let me help you with that." I smiled to myself, grabbing the bar of soap and turning to face him. His eyes were filled with love and lust. I began running the bar all over his body, rubbing the soap around with my hands. He kissed me passionately, pushing me up against the shower wall. My head was spinning from all the amazing feelings soaring through my body. I quivered with pleasure as Hunter lifted me up to wrap my legs around him. The room was filled with steam, and I don't believe it was from the shower alone.

End of the week:

The house looked like a dream come true. The workers built it to my exact specifications, even carving a 'B' and a 'H' into the wooden deck. The workers had known me my entire life, and charged me fairly cheap for all the amazing work. The house was a fairly large wooden house with a deck that wrapped all the way around. The windows were a French style that fit perfectly with the wood. The roof was a dark green, blending in with the trees behind the home. The inside was even more beautiful than the outside. The walls were a crème color and the floor had oak wood paneling. There was a huge fireplace in the living room with a mantel above it. The kitchen was spacious and had a huge island in the middle of it. There was two guest bedrooms, which also had the same creme colored walls, but instead of wood, they had fuzzy brown carpet. Our bedroom had the same colored walls and carpet, but it has a sliding glass door which opened to the Montana sky behind us. It was my dream home. I couldn't hug the workers enough. Hunter and I just had to move in our furniture and appliances, which they graciously offered to help us with. When everything was in perfect place and to my liking, I cried. My life was falling in to place just like it was meant to be.

Charlie and Renee had allowed Carlisle and Esme to build a house on their land because how much their kids were loving it here. Their house was much bigger and elegant than mine, but that didn't bother me. I knew that was Esme's thing. She loved to draw blueprints and make everything spot on perfect. They were placed just west of us, in another open clearing with a beautiful view. Their kids were so excited that they would be living here. Alice was bouncing off the walls to show her parents all the skills she learned. I couldn't help but laugh at that. Brooke was excited to meet Edward's parents. They took a liking to her, but how couldn't they? Brooke was one of the most loveable people. Alice, Rosalie, and Edward were enrolling in the community college this September. Jasper and Emmett had gotten jobs working in the city. Brooke was living as an on call vet. For once, it felt like there was no drama and everything was going how it should be.

Until that one phone call…

December 15th

"Hello?" I asked into the phone. Hunter was out with the boys, celebrating Edward and Brooke's engagement. The girls were sitting in my living room, giggling over a bottle of wine and chick flicks.

"Hello, is this Isabella Johnson?" My heart fluttered every time I was called by my new name. After all these months together, I still haven't gotten use to my new name. The man on the phone had a deep voice. He sounded very strict and mean looking.

"Yes, this is her. May I ask who is calling?" I said into the phone while leaning against the archway, watching the movie that Alice had put on. It was called 'Dear John', if I'm not mistaken.

"This is General Gunner calling to report that Hunter Johnson is being drafted out back to Iraq for a twelve month tour." My heart shattered into a million pieces as I dropped to the ground. "Hello?" I struggled to find my voice, afraid at how it would sound.

"When?" I managed to whisper. My hands were trembling, and I had gotten the attention of my sisters.

"December 26th." The day after Christmas? Our first Christmas married? My mind was struggling to keep all my thoughts coherent.

"I'll tell him." I heard him say goodbye and the dial tone. I knew I couldn't hold back the lump in my throat or the tears in my eyes.

What if I lose him? My world turned black at the thought.

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