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'Achilles Last Stand'


'Led Zeppelin'


Isabella Swan's Point Of View

How many miles is the distance between space and Earth? Five-hundred.

How fast am I rocketing towards Earth? The speed of light, or two-hundred ninety-nine million, seven-hundred-ninety-two thousand, four-hundred-fifty-eight miles per second.

So, if you were standing in Volterra and you turned your head for a split second, then looked back. You would see me. Then, of course, you would be killed by the Volturi guard, before you get to see me hauled off to this big happy vampire who thinks he rules the world.... which he kinda does... for the Vampires at least.

So, here I am, minding my own business... no, that's a lie, was trying to be a snoop and look down at Earth from Heaven when I kind of... well, tripped. Yeah, I tripped. I guess the big guy in charge wanted me to have an adventure in the dungeons of Volterra.


I was brought back to the present as the guards threw me into a cage. Yeah, a cage. Not a nice cell, a cage. Like one of those sticky, ghastly doghouses. I loathe this.

I clenched my teeth, but I knew there was nothing I could do, all my strength or any powers were destroyed when I left heaven. All I have are my wings.

Ah, my wings.

.I had a very large wing span, almost twenty five inches! I am very proud of them... except for now, when I wish they could maybe be a little smaller. Just to give me some more room in this crap hole.

I raised my head and saw the disturbing faces of those hateful vampires glaring at me like I was a rat.

I cracked a smile at how opposite this was, they were the rats and I was, well I'm no goddess, but I sure have never killed any living animal! Human or creature. I am a vegetarian for the good Lord's sake!

"What are you smiling at, fool?" the bigger one asked me with a scowl.

I just smiled wider, he was the fool.

My eyes dilated in pain as the vampire took hold of the base of my wings and yanked, while digging his fingers into the pure white feathers.

I gave a blood curdling scream just as we reached the main room, where the leader was kept. Just a guess.

"Oh my!" a very queer sounding voice exclaimed in, what seemed to be, happiness. Not even noticing how I was crying in pain.

"That will teach you." the tall muscular man growled with a laugh.

"Now, now Marcus. You know not to hurt a woman." the putrid vampire laughed.

"Aro, you can barely call this creature a woman." ouch. That one stung a little.

"What do you mean, brother?" 'Aro' asked.

"She is an angel!" many of the rooms occupants hushed at the news Marcus announced.

"That's preposterous!" Aro chuckled loudly.

"Really? Ask it." Geez, Marcus isn't the highest person on my nice list.

"Ma'am, are you an angel?" Aro asked, bending over and grabbing the lock from Marcus.

"Who wants to know?" I asked defiantly through clenched teeth.

"The king of Vampires!" Aro laughed.

"Really?" I asked, "where is he, because all I see is an annoying vampire who is very conceited."

His chalky white face paled.

"Just answer the question." Marcus commanded.

"Why?" I asked with a giggle. This was fun.

Aro snapped his fingers and a short, hooded figure appeared.

"Jane, dear?" Aro asked with a smirk.

"Yes, master?" a child like voice asked.

I was appalled! A child as a vampire.

She lifted her head a fraction of an inch and all I saw was a wicked smile and I knew I needed to run, to hide! These things could kill me.

My hand shot up and I gripped the black choker on y neck.

But... minutes passed and the child's smirk faded and soon she was frowning.

The girl lurched for me as I scooted back as far as possible in the cage, my wings sticking out through two of the holes while the girl began braking the bars and ripping the air close to my skin.

I was hyperventilating when Aro finally called the girl to a halt.

My frantic gaze drifted past each of the vampires faces, this was a shock to all of them.

My Violet eyes froze on a tall man with golden eye, not crimson like the rest. His graze held emotions beyond bewilderment. His bronze hair covered his eyes in the most gorgeous way...

But, there were others, only six, but they were there!

"Help!" I begged, reaching my hand towards the beautiful boy.

One of the older ones golden eyes softened.

"Aro... would it be possible for my family to take her?" the man asked.

My eyes watered at his kind act.

"Carlisle! She is a disgrace! She needs to be gotten rid of!" Aro replied.

My eyes widened. I was going to die.

"You don't even know for sure she is an angel."Carlisle stated calmly.

My gaze switched to Aro, who looked disappointed.

"If you wish to keep her, that can be arranged." Aro responded in a calm manner.

My eyes fluttered closed.

"Let her out." Aro demanded Marcus, who looked to be about to have an aneurysm.

The door was crudely ripped off.

I toppled out of the cage in a heap in front of Aro's feet.

He looked down at me in disgust.

"Stand up." Aro ordered me.

I put both of my hands in front of me on the ground to give me balance. Then, with a huff, I heaved myself up.

My shoulder muscles ached, so I stretched.

My wings flew out and hit Marcus. I gasped and yanked my wings in.

"Why you little —" his voice was cut off by the sound of a snarl. A snarl coming from the beautiful vampire with bronze hair.

"Back off, Marcus." the man growled.

"You dare to stand up to me!?" Marcus roared.

"Stop!" I squeaked out.

Marcus's hand came down so quickly I'm sure nobody could have stopped him.

I flew backwards with a strangled noise escaping my mouth.

I flew, and flew... just to land in a freezing boulder.

"Oof!" I exclaimed.

I looked up into those liquid golden eyes full of rage.

"Marcus!" the bronze haired boy, and Aro roared.

"I'll kill her myself!" Marcus growled.

I squeaked in fear and buried my head in the boy's chest.

"Oh, shut up! Let's go Carlisle." the bronze haired boy furiously stated.

"Okay, Edward." Carlisle said as we snuck out.

Edward... how fitting...


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