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'Who's Sandie Jenkins'




Edward Anthony Masen Cullen

She was beautiful. This place was beautiful. I'm so glad I got to see it before going to Hell. Heaven... Those warm, inviting golden gates. These golden streets... it was everything I wished for, yet it was something I could never have. That pure, flowing hair. Those gorgeous, doe eyes. And those lips, crashing against my own. I knew it could never last. She was meant for greatness, and I was not.

"Edward, are you coming?" Bella's soft voice enchanted me, setting me alight and warming my un-dead heart. She was standing beside a gate that lead to the biggest, most beautiful building I had ever seen.

It was almost like the Notre Dame, but more beautiful and old. The whole building was surrounded by fluffy, white clouds and the boisterous, blue sky. It was perfect. And I have no idea why someone would ever want to leave it.

"Yes, Bella. I was just admiring the scenery." I chuckled, taking a deep, un-needed breath and I walked to her. She smiled up at me, her head tilting to one side.

"What are you thinking about?" she questioned, grinning and setting her hands on my chest. I instinctively wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her to me. She gasped when my hands rubbed the place directly between her wings, her eyes closing.

Isabella Swan was going to be the death of me.

"Oh, just about how beautiful you are. And how I wanted to do this." I lowered my lips to hers with a small, happy smile. She was my life now. She has been sense I saw her in that horrible cage.

"Of all people. My little girl falls in love with a Vampire. What are the odds?" a woman laughed, walking out of the castle. This was Bella's mother. She didn't seem angry that I was embracing her daughter intimately. In fact, she was smiling.

Her hair was a dark purple, darker than Bella's light shade. Her eyes were full of joy and love. For the girl in my arms?

"Mother!" Bella exclaimed, taking a good step away from me. Her face was turning a deep crimson. I choked on my air. My eyes dilated as I watched her jugular flow with blood. In an instant I was an animal, clasping a hand over my mouth and nose to possibly stop the sweet smell from entering my lungs. But as I stared at her neck, I knew I was losing it.

"Run!" I gasped, falling to the ground in anguish.

"Edward—!" Bella's honey voice hit me like a wave. I was lusting over Bella's blood. Bella. The woman I was just kissing. A sob escaped my throat.

Two ivory arms incased me. I was bent over, my hands and knees pressing into the golden road. Bella pushed me so I was on my knees, my head resting in the crook of her neck. The place I so badly wanted to be, but I knew I could never be for this reason exactly.

I was so close... just one bite. No one would have to know. And she smells so good...

No. I wasn't going to commit that heinous crime. Not anymore, and certainly not to my love.

My love.

I stopped breathing, wrapping my arms tightly around Bella.

"I'm so sorry. Thank you... so, so much." I whispered into her ear, feeling a wetness soak through my shirt as Bella buried her head into my neck. My heart broke when I heard her sobbing. I had caused this.

"You have no reason to thank me. Come on, I want to show you my room." She stuttered, giving a small laugh. Slowly I stood, bringing Bella with me. She pulled her head away from my shoulder, her hands finding my way around my torso so she could hug me. I breathed in her scent lightly, testing my limits.

We had forgotten about our audience. Bella's mother stood a little ways from the door to the humongous castle. Her eyes were open wide as she stared at me, being embraced tightly by her daughter.

He almost lost control. But.... she obviously loves him. What a conflicting thought. My daughter, my beautiful, loving, clumsy daughter falling in love with a Vampire. He seems so... protective. Could he really love her?

I was brought out of Bella's mother's thoughts when Bella's finger's grabbed fistfuls of my shirt. I looked down at her with a questioning look, but she wasn't looking up at me. She was in a silent conversation with her mother.

Her beautiful eyes were open as wide as could be, begging her mother. She was on the brim of tears, I could tell. Her cheeks were flushed pink and her beautiful, plump lips were quivering.

I was right. Just a few seconds later, a tear slipped down her cheek. I quickly whipped it away, frowning slightly. I grabbed her chin and gently tugged her head to look up at me. Our eyes met, and I knew her mother was okay with it. With us.

"Let's go." I said with a smile, pulling her with me into the castle-like building with her mother.

After I entered the building, I realized how big it really is. It had ceilings as high as the sky, literally. The ceiling was glass. And, like a huge sunroof, it opened and closed. At the moment, it was open.

"Edward, I need to talk to my mom about... some things." Bella whispered to me, wiping her eyes. I smiled at her, nodding. I was going to hear every word of their conversation. Not on purpose, of course. But, I do have excellent hearing.


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