Hey guys! Well, due to Mixed worlds being liked by Captian Deadpool, I have decided to post the first chapter of Mixier Worlds, the sequel requested by my brother. He is the reason I wrote the first one in the first place, so thank him. Enjoy!


Deadpool walked through his house, pausing every few seconds to shout his 'friend's name again.


He stopped to cock his shotgun dramatically.


He made a face, peering around a corner through his mask's eyepieces, practically his eyes by now. He carried his very large shotgun James-Bond style, and shuffling against the wall, suspiciously peering around another corner. Suddenly there was a rush of air behind him and he pivoted, aiming the gun in the direction of the individual standing in front of him.


The gun hit the ground, "Well, darling, aren't you a sight for sore eyes, or sore whatever…." Deadpool attempted to purr.

Death gave a chuckle. "Nice to see you too Deadpool."

She was about to say something else before Wade held a gloved hand up, signaling her to stop. He then proceeded to feel his ribs, head, twist around to look at his back, and otherwise ensure that his anatomy was unharmed. Finally he put puzzled fingers to his wrist, and, after ascertaining that he was still alive looked quizzically at the robed woman before him.

Death watched his strange behavior for a moment before busting out in hysterical laughter at his look. When she recovered enough to talk again, Deadpool was still in the exact same position, as if he had been frozen the whole time. The still puzzled look on his face threatened to send her over into more giggles.

Deadpool patiently waited for her to catch her breath (not that Death really needed breath, but still, humor me) while he re-arranged his expression to a less amusing one.

Once she was recovered he asked "So, if I'm not dead, or dying, or really high, or really wasted, or in some sort of daydream, or night dream if it is night time, though you can't really tell, and you could be a skeptic considering the fact that somewhere it is always night, unless you count just which side the sun is on at the moment, but that seems very selfish and picky, and TOTALLY American, then why are you here?" He asked, looking up from where he had been counting on his fingers during his little word rampage.

*DEADPOOL INTURRUPTION-----FATAL ERROR* HOLD THE PHONE!!! That was a TERRIBLE choice of words. How about "Incredibly eloquent chain of reasoning", or "Intelligent vocal war of thoughts and philosophies?" Seriously, 'word rampage??' WTH???? Wait, I just talked in text lingo, sweeeeet. Let me try again! OMG!!! WTF??? FYI???? BYOB!!!! Cool. Any way, I'm trying to snag a hot dead chick, so be more careful on how you write me, yea?

"I am here because I need your help."

Deadpool bowed graciously, pretending to sweep a hat off of his head as he did so. "Your wish is my command my lady." He said, kissing her hand.

Death smiled and rolled her eyes, If only the new recruits would be this easy.

"Have the titans escaped this time? Or perhaps some rogue mutant bacteria?" He asked politely, fingering a flamethrower on his back.

Death stared at him for a moment before just letting it go. "No, this time your staying in your world. I seem to have a similar problem, only this time it's, well, reversed. Instead of things running amuck in my world, you seem to have the problem. Somehow there is a glitch in the veil between your world and mine, and now creatures long dead are coming back. Right now they are just spirits, but if they feed, well, they will have bodies again."

Deadpool cocked his head, rubbing his chin as he thought. "So we are going to have a zombie infestation huh?" He asked as he strode towards his weapons room.. "Flamethrower, throwing knives, flamethrower, shotgun, flamethrower, SMG, flamethrower…."

Death smiled and shook her head as she watched Wade rifle through his arsenal. "Yes, something like that. I need you and a group I have chosen to meet in the woods just south of here. I have a clearing in a cemetery where everyone will meet. Be there by midnight, and I will finish briefing everyone there."

Logan sat on top of a worn tombstone, his cigar providing a faint glow that lit his face whenever he drew on it. He was staring suspiciously at a young man that was leaning against a broken monument across from him. The individual had a head of tossed bronze hair, and pale skin, but the most interesting was his eyes. They were pitch black ringed in liquid gold. Logan immediately thought he was a mutant, but something told him otherwise. For one thing, he didn't even smell remotely human. For another, when Logan had passed him earlier, he couldn't hear a heartbeat. That made him especially suspicious. He broke his stare from the man and swept it around the circle, noting who else was there.

On his left, Claw lounged on another broken monument, Farcius settled in on his shoulder. Logan noted that the bird actually glowed slightly in the darkness of the woods. To Logan's right, Legolas sat next to a tree, his bow laying comfortably on it's side. Next to Legolas, Master Chief stood with several weapons on his back, and across from him was another newcomer, someone who had been in the papers a lot lately. Iron Man. He was the brightest glowing, his chest piece all but lighting up the circle.

Logan heaved a heavy sigh. "Where is she?"

Claw gave a lazy shrug. "She said midnight, according to the moon it's about then."

Tony glanced at the time display in his helmet before retracting it into a compartment in the back of his suit, a new feature that allowed him to walk around de-helmeted without carrying the thing. "It's 12:20, she's definitely late."

Logan sighed again and started fingering one of his claws, watching absently how it caught the moonlight.

"Maybe Deadpool is holding her up." Legolas sniggered.

"Aw, if he is I'm gonna……" Logan started, before feeling a tap on his shoulder.

"Sorry we are late." Deadpool's voice came from behind. Logan pivoted to find that Deadpool had tapped him with the cold barrel of the shotgun. "You were saying, fur ball?" Wade asked as he walked around his friend, suddenly jumping up to sit lazily on another large tombstone.

Death strode to the center of the circle, not offering an explanation as to why they were late. Logan decided not to ask.

"Thank you all for coming." Death began, calling everyone's attention. "Before we begin I am sure that you would like to know who our newcomers are. The young man across from Logan is Edward, and I'm sure a few of you will have heard of Iron Man already, or Tony."

Tony raised his gauntleted hand and waved apprehensively.

"Didn't we do well enough on our own last time?" Logan asked, eyeing the pompous playboy skeptically.

Tony frowned. Edward shifted slightly, his gold eyes narrowing.

"You did very well Logan, but I thought it couldn't hurt to have more help, believe me, the more talent you have with you the better. The creatures you are facing are intangible at the moment, but very tough. Once they feed and solidify, they will be equal to what they were in life, with one exception."

"Oh joy! The inevitable exception." Tony muttered.

Death smiled at his reaction, then continued. "They will be able to summon minions, basically anything that was dead they can raise into servant zombies."

"Told you we would have a zombie problem!! Was I right or what?" Deadpool piped up, looking very proud. Edward rolled his eyes, remaining silent.

Death continued. "If you can prevent their feeding, they should be easier to destroy. They look like faint silhouettes of their former selves right now, and generally heat weapons are best against them."

Tony suddenly perked up as he realized that he was one of the few heroes present that had a good heat weapon on him.

"OOOO yea!! Flame throwers baby!!" Deadpool crowed.

Death nodded approvingly. "It would be prudent for you all to have a fire weapon of some sort, though when it comes down to the last claws and bullets will work, just not nearly as well"

Legolas nodded. "What sort of creatures are we dealing with this time?"

Death thought for a moment, closing her eyes as she swept her realm telepathically to search for any vacancies. "I believe you have three Volteri, a small squad of Elites, numerous cave trolls, four hell hounds, three werewolves, sixteen aliens, and the emerald serpent."

Claw uttered a low growl. "That will be awkward." He muttered, glancing down at the hard, green scales that formed his armor.

"I'm sorry to say this, but that is so far what we have, the rift isn't fixed yet. I will keep each of you updated through these." She said, holding up seven crystals, each a different color. They were each on a strange black chain, very thin, but very strong. She began striding around the circle, giving a crystal to each.

Red for Deadpool, black for Claw, gold for Edward, yellow for Logan, blue for the Chief, purple for Legolas, and sliver for Tony. Death herself wore a clear one.

"Put these on. They will act like an intercom system. You can call anyone wearing the crystal by simply saying the color crystal you wish to contact. Only the person wearing the crystal will be able to hear what is said unless that person gives it permission to allow someone else to hear as well. Claw, yours will automatically extend to Farcius. I suggest memorizing the colors now, because these may come in handy. They can also only be taken off by yourself or me, that way they can't break or get stolen unless you remove them. Any questions?"

Logan raised his hand sarcastically.

"What Logan?"

"Where do we start?"

"Good question. And I'm not so sure the answer will be one you are looking for. I believe that the portal will open in the center of New York city."

Tony's mouth fell open. "That's gonna be fun to explain to the authorities." He commented.

Death nodded. "Tell me about it. Claw, I believe that you will find the emerald serpent more around Liberty Island. He will need to feed much more before he is solid, but don't underestimate him. The aliens will probably head for the sewers right away, but for the rest you are on your own, good luck."

Suddenly she vanished. Everyone was silent for a moment, staring at the spot where Death had been a moment ago.

"Guess she was in a hurry." Legolas commented somewhat sarcastically.

"Lets hope in a hurry to seal that portal." The Chief replied. Everyone nodded.

"Time for us to be in a hurry." Deadpool announced, grabbing hold of each individual in a series of teleportations before teleporting everyone to the center of the Big Apple itself. The second they made it there Deadpool immediately regretted porting that many people at once and used the nearby fountain to puke in. Tony wasn't looking so healthy himself at the moment either.

"Ugh, never again." Claw muttered, Farcius looking slightly ruffled. Before anyone could notice that he wasn't there, Edward arrived behind them in a puff of air. His hair looked windblown.

"Did you run?" The Chief asked incredulously. Edward gave a wry smile.

"Yea. I could see that something like this was coming so I avoided it."

"Lucky you." Logan muttered. As soon as everyone was sure that they weren't about to follow Deadpool's example, they looked around.

"Looks like we got here before they did. Nobody seems panicked, and there is no property damage just yet." Tony observed, glancing behind him as if he expected something to sneak up on him and prove him wrong.

"Guess your right." Logan said, sniffing the air. Immediately after he said this, there was a deafening crack, and the giant fountain split in two, the water pooling to one side or the other as if there was an invisible barrier keeping it from draining into the crevice.

Ok, so quick clear up, the 'Emerald Serpant' was a sea serpant that Claw fights in my second Claw story. (I don't have it up, I wrote it in a notebook) Claw, having the last of his original armor destroyed in the fight, skins the serpant and makes his current armor out of the scales. The scales are alien acid proof, just so you know ;D