"Guess your right." Logan said, sniffing the air. Immediately after he said this, there was a deafening crack, and the giant fountain split in two, the water pooling to one side or the other as if there was an invisible barrier keeping it from draining into the crevice.

An eerie purple glow seeped from the rift, and soon shadows began morphing and clawing their way out as well. The group looked on in horrified amazement as the literal living shadows of the creatures crawled out, leaving deep rakes in the ground where their talons scrambled for footing.

Claw backed up in amazement as the shadow of the serpent that he had killed slithered it's way out of the crevice as if it were swimming.

As each silhouette emerged, the form of the creature became recognizable; an alien there, a werewolf here. Deadpool and Tony were already busy with their weapons, but the creatures moved at light speed, shrieking like banshees when the fire touched them. People who had gathered to stop and stare when the fountain had cracked now ran in a panic, shouting and screaming as the ebony ghosts pursued them.

Claw sprang to action, along with the rest of the team he noted, and began defending any human that the shadows came near. It wasn't easy. One of the werewolves was able to rake a deep gash in Claw's arm, and although it didn't leave an actual wound, the claw marks showed up as frozen white lines of flesh pouring an aching cold deep into Claw's bicep. He roared in pain, retaliating with his spear as Farcius darted round to latch onto the wolf's back. The animal arched in anger, but Farcius was like a living fire on his spine and wouldn't let go.

Across the square, Edward and Logan were back to back fighting off four aliens, slashing and punching anything that got near. Logan had been able to slash his claws deep into one of the aliens heads, but it did little damage and Logan got his knuckles badly frostbitten in the process. For once in his life he silently thanked Stryker for the Adamantium coating his weapons.

Edward seemed to be faring much better, and Logan noted that part of the reason was that the newcomer was at least as fast as the shadow creatures were. He dodged and attacked with such speed and agility that even Logan's eyes had trouble tracking him. With a small stab of envy he also noticed that Edward could touch the beasts without any ill side effects.

Deadpool was standing on one side of the still gaping crevice, blasting fluid tank after fluid tank of flamethrower fuel into the churning black mass below him. Iron man hovered above, trying to get any creatures that slipped past Deadpool's fire wall.

"OW!! SON OF A-" Deadpool drowned out his own words as he grabbed the other flamethrower off his back and proceeded to dual blast a particularly large shadow that had frozen his foot to the ground.

The Chief was doing well too, he had discovered that plasma grenades worked wonders, the plasma eating away at the monsters like acid. He had four left and suddenly tapped his crystal, having an idea. It began to glow an he spoke into it.

"Red, silver." He commanded, contacting both Tony and Deadpool at once. "Hey guys, back up a little, I have an idea." He said, shooting an alien that was charging him from across the square.

"No thanks Chief-o, we have things under ! control!" Deadpool ground back, dual blasting another dark shape with a cry of "DIE MOTHER $$%!!!"

Iron Man, on the other hand, had seen what the Chief's grenades did, and decided that he knew what he was doing. He flew down, curving behind Deadpool, and while he was still busy cussing, picked him up, pinning his arms to his sides and speeding away from the danger zone. Unfortunately, between the time Deadpool's fire wall was down, and the Chief launched his grenade attack, a huge cloud of indistinguishable shapes poured out of the crack, letting who knew how many new things into the heart of New York. Legolas was deep in battle with a cave troll when an earth-shaking rumble knocked him off of his feet. The shadow creatures took this moment to flee, leaving the square empty of all but the team.

Once Legolas was back on his feet he turned towards the fountain, seeing that it was sealed back up, only a thin crack in the marble showing that anything had happened. The area around the fountain was a different matter. Patches of ice and destruction was scattered around the circle, and so was part of Iron Man's shoulder armor.

"Silver." Legolas muttered into his crystal.

"Yea?" Tony asked, sounding pained and agitated.

"What happened, are you well? You lost some of your armor." From a distance Legolas saw Iron Man stand up behind a destroyed car, holding his head in agony.

"Deadpool happened to me." Legolas' eyebrows went up as he stared at Tony, who was now tugging at his helmet. From the distance it looked as if it were stuck.

"What did you do?" The elf asked, striding over.

Tony's reply came through the air, instead of the crystals. "I got him away from his little pyro party." He sounded even angrier through the robotic synthesizer in the mask.

Now that Legolas was up close he could see that Deadpool had welded Iron Man's helmet to his suit. Tony was lucky he could still move his neck.

The elf tried not to laugh. "Maybe you should have Logan examine the damage, he could probably remove it for you."

Tony's posture became rigid, and a reflexive hand reached to rub his throat. Nearby Claw laughed, joining the party with Wolverine in his wake.

"I'm sure he'll be careful." The large predator chuckled.

Logan strode up to Tony, and without another word flashed a single claw out, severing the metal holding Iron Man prisoner. For a moment Tony didn't move, didn't breathe, and he was almost sure that his heart had stopped. Slowly he opened one eye, then the other, and brought hands up to lift the damaged helm off of his head. Holding the helmet in one hand he ran trembling fingers across his neck. Every one watched him in amusement as he found it, of course, undamaged.

Logan gave a low chuckle. "Few can handle the wrath of the merc with a mouth."

"Got that right pussy cat." Deadpool suddenly broke in. "Listen tin man, you EVER move me out of my element again I WILL KILL YOU." He threatened, his words packing quite the punch with the flamethrower pressed against Tony's now unprotected forehead.

A whistle came from behind, interrupting Deadpool's death glare.

"And I thought I could have a temper." Edward said, coming up to the circle. The Chief was close behind.

"We have everyone?" He asked, looking around.

Farcius landed on Claw's shoulder and chirped a yes.

"Now," Edward started. "Where do we begin?"

*Deadpool interruption* Hi guys! Its me, merc with a mouth. I would like to thank all my sponsors for making it so I could be here tonight. So thank you Deadpool, Wade, Wade Wilson, and the now deceased T-ray who's entrails make such a nice centerpiece, don't you think? I'm just here to tell you that the author is currently suffering from writer's block and needs to brainstorm some more. She wants to inform her characters and her readers that the block doesn't seem to be too bad, so don't get your panties in a bunch about it OK? She would also like to say that Deadpool wasn't the person she ask- wait a minute. Who writes this stuff? *throws bunched up paper over his shoulder* Yea, forget that. The author is having a brain fart and there is nothing you can do about it! So leave it to me. Go and have your stupid intermissions and debate about whether the meaning of life is shaving cream or pink teddy bears. *Deadpool marches off stage, intent on killing the author if she fails to continue to write.* Oh! And that welding job? Maaco's got nothing on me baby! Work of art.

*4 hours later* Ooo! Ooo! She's back!! Round of applause ladies and gentlemen!!

Wolverine and the rest of the team decided that they would head in different directions, Claw and Legolas going after the serpent, Wolverine heading into the sewers with Edward, and Master Chief and Deadpool joining Iron Man in sweeping the city. Before they headed out they all connected their crystals to Death's, contacting her to see what exactly had escaped. She answered, but sounded frenzied.

"You guys had better hurry, three aliens and a slew of cave trolls are already solid and instinctively heading for the nearest cemetery."

Logan frowned. That was all they needed.

"How do you know what became solid?" The Chief asked curiously.

"I just picked up the souls of five terrified humans. That's how."

Tony shivered.

"What do you think we are dealing with?" Wolverine asked.

"I am having a hard time re-gaining my mental bearings. Ever since the rift opened everything is scrambled."

"Sooo…" Logan pressed.

"I honestly couldn't tell you."

Wolverine sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "All right, thanks." The crystals dis-connected and the team split up.

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