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Michiru looked around the graveyard in confusion, "Zarame-sama?!" she called out, "Chika-kun! Shito-kun! Anyone?!" She slowly stepped forward as the fog slowly disappeared from each step. Crying met her ears and she blinked in shock as a young boy sat in front of a grave, "A-Are you alright?"

Michiru asked as she knelt in front of the child. The boy didn't look up at her at all and kept sobbing as tears poured down his cheeks. She felt as if she had seen him before......

"Hey...Little boy?" She gently tried to touch him, but-


Michiru moaned a bit as the first rays of sunlight hit her eyes, "Morning already?" she yawned and reached for her glasses, "Ah...." She glanced over to Zarame to see the little Grim Reaper sitting on a suitcase, "Did Bekko-san place that there?"

Zarame shrugged and flew off as she came over and opened it to see some of her things from her dorm room back home placed inside, "Most likely he asked someone to send some of our things to us huh?"

"Maybe....Did you have any dreams of that song?" Michiru shook her head as she selected some clothes to change into for that day, "Not really...I dream about a young boy in a graveyard..He was crying...." Zarame frowned, "A boy crying?" Michiru nodded and thought a moment, "Yes. It was like he was hurt really badly or was facing something horrible..." Zarame floated a moment, "Maybe you knew the child?"

"It felt like I did," Michiru agreed and stood up, "But...Maybe it's a dream that just randomly popped up in my mind." She smiled a bit, "Yeah maybe that's it..."

Zarame shook his head, "All dreams have meaning Michiru. Just keep that in mind." Michiru sighed, "Alright." She jumped a bit as a loud gun shoot ring out into the air, "Oh no...."


Michiru ran down the stairs a bit to see Shito and Chika in the halls, "You did this on purpose....." Shito's voice created an icy atmosphere as she watched, "I did nothing on purpose!" Chika cried out as he cowered a bit as Shito's gun was pointed directly at the teen, "I just wanted to see if your room was like mine!"

"We are on the same damn floor of course they would be!" Shito yelled as Michiru sighed, Chika woke him up didn't he? "Ohayo Shito-kun, Chika-kun," she timidly spoke causing them both to silence, "Want breakfast?" Chika gasped, "Oh right! It is time for food!"

Shito sighed, "Is he that simple minded?" Than again, when Michiru did come around on both of them they did tend to stray away from their normal attitudes and try to cover up their conflict.....

Michiru glanced towards her left and saw Allen walking towards them, "Ah! Allen-kun! Morning!" The silver haired excorist smiled at her, "Morning Michiru," he greeted as Timcanpy flew around her, "Hi Tim-kun!" the girl smiled up at the flying golem, "Heh looks like Tim's taken a liking to you Michiru," Allen told the Shinigami eyed girl as his golem settled onto her hair, "He rarely stays on people's heads unless he likes them."

Michiru smiled, "Heh well I like you too Tim-kun!" she told the golem as she walked along with Allen leaving Shito and Chika to frown at their closeness before following after them towards the main halls, "So.....What do we do?" Chika asked, "Don't you like go Akuma hunting?"

"Akuma hunting?" Allen asked confused, "I don't know what you mean by that." Michiru gently took Zarame in her arms, "It's like scouting the areas around for Akuma," she explained, "We usually do zombie hunting or Chika-kun's case 'Let's go make some money!' mini missions." Chika scowled at her, "I do not sound like that!" he yelled as she quickly flinched in pain as his hand collided into the back of her head, "Besides-"

"GET BACK HERE SUPERVISOR!!!!!!" They blinked in surprise as Komui jumped out of his office and dashed by them while a man with spikey hair yelled, "KOMUI! Oh, Allen."

"Good morning Reever," the exorcist greeted as the man came over, "Oh you three.....You're the Z-Loaners right?" Michiru nodded, "Um yes," she bowed, "Nice to meet you."

"The name's Reever," the man smiled, "And that little scene earlier? That's normal." Shito glanced to where Komui had ran off to, "Does it happen that often?" Reever nodded, "Damn lazy supervisor," he grumbled, "He didn't want to stamp out some forms and tried to squirm his way out of approving them. I bet he's working on another crazy invention." "What does he mean by that?" the Z-Loaners thought in concern, "Well anyway, I better get back to work. See ya later Allen."

"Bye Reever!"


"What did he mean by another crazy invention?" Michiru asked as they sat down at the table with their breakfast, "Huh?" Timcanpy and Zarame settled between the two as Allen and Michiru sat across from each other while Shito and Chika sat side by side of their female companion, "Komui-san's reason to be running from work?" Michiru repeated, "What did Reever-san mean 'another crazy invention'?"

"Oh that? Well," Allen paled a bit, "Let's just say...Komui acts like a mad scientist when it comes to things that he thinks would help us out here in the Black Order."

"Is ni-san making another dangerous experiment?" Lenalee asked as she and Lavi appeared at the table, "Morning Michiru, Shito, Chika, and Zarame."

"Good morning," Michiru replied as she glanced at Lavi to see a large bruise on his head, "Uh...L-Lavi-kun?" Lavi held up his hand, "I know there's a bruise on my head," he quickly mumbled, "Panda hit me this morning for slacking off in my reports....Darn Panda..." Michiru tilted her head to the side a bit, "Why call him Panda?"

"Oh cause-OW!" Allen sweatdropped as Bookman appeared on top of Lavi's head, "Not again!"

"You better stop slacking you," the old man scolded and glanced up at the Z-Loaners, "I am Bookman by the way."

"I take it you're the Panda man?" Chika asked after the man got off of Lavi who mumbled out curses. Bookman nodded and stared at them, "Hm....You four are interesting..." Zarame squeaked slightly in shock as he glanced around unsure, "Zarame-san?"

"I'm sensing something really really dangerous coming this way," the chibi told Michiru and flew away from Timcanpy as a loud crash was heard throughout the room, "What the hell?!" Chika yelled as he and Shito stood up from their seats as smoke emerged from the cafteria's door, "SUPERVISOR!!!!!!!!"

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