Sorry I know another story but all the others I have writers block for so bear with me please.


Bella is a wreck after Edward leaves her in New Moon and he also left her pregnant. And he comes back 9 months later.

Chapter 1

Bella was at home with her new born daughter Jessa - Lynn Elisabeth Swan she was the spitting image of her father with her beautiful green eyes and her small amount of bronze hair. And as she laid down to take a nap the door bell rang she got up and answered it. What was on the other side of the door shocked her it was the cullen's all of them. Her mind was screaming not to let them in yet her body let them in.

They all sat on her couch recliner and love seat she sat on her table.

" So" said Edward "what's up."

" Nothing just hanging on you know since you left."

Edward was about to say something when there was a cry in the other room.

She dashed into the other room to get the baby before anyone could speak.

She went over to the crib and brought the baby into her arms so she could latch onto her breast to feed.

Once the baby latched on she took a blanket and covered her upper half and walked into the living room.

" Woah Woah Woah Woah Woah" said Emmett.

" Calm down Emmett you'll survive it's just breast feeding it's natural plus she was a month premature so she needed it and I just didn't stop because bottles are bad for a baby.

All the sudden the door jingled and in came a guy that looked so gay. " Hi Bella am I late or something." " No your not late I'm just feeding the baby then we'll sit down and we'll just watch movies and hang. Have you called Logan yet she should be getting here soon we haven't seen her since a month ago when the baby was born because she got married to Dylan and is pregnant with his child I'm soo excited I'm gonna be an aunt."

" Woah WoahWoah." " Emmett please what do you want."

" Who is this dude."

" This is Gillian, Gill for short he's my best gay friend since you left and was there in the room when I had little Jessa-Lynn."