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Plot: Picks up after the most recent issue of D Gray-Man, chapter 178, after having recruited Timothy. Allen has begun to doubt the path he now walks having lost the trust he held in Mana. Allen learning he was the 14th Noah and his memories will be overwritten with the 14th's has lost hope in all he believed in. He is still walking forward but he now no longer knows why since his relationship with Mana could have all been a lie. Lost and with uncertainty in his heart, Allen finds comfort in those who know his pain best. The Noah.


Allen, Link, Kanda, and Noise Marie have managed to survive the attack on the orphanage while attempting to recruit the young boy Timothy, better known as "Mysterious Thief G," into their ranks. The orphanage was completely destroyed however and their weren't many survivors excluding the exorcists. Timothy was convinced to join the order after the death of Mother Superior, the doting nun who was like a mother figure to him. The loss of the only home and family he's ever really had at the hands of akuma and that akuma are in his words "souls of people who have been turned into toys or something." He hated his father for treating him like that. To save their souls the similar fate he held at his fathers hand and to protect others from the suffering he was now grieving over, Timothy went with Allen and became an exorcist.

That was the good news. Everything else was far from positive. Link was hospitalized in critical condition after his encounter with the akuma. A non-exorcist fighting an akuma and SURVIVING was unheard of. He should have been thanking his lucky stars if he was conscious long enough to do so which unfortunately he wasn't.

Noise Marie had lost his fingers in the fight against the level four akuma, forced to sever them himself to save himself from the akuma's deadly poison. It was difficult to adjust to and already having the handicap of being blind made this harder to deal with.

Perhaps the worst was the effect on Timothy. He had resolved himself to fighting the akuma but had just been through a traumatic experience seeing the only family he had known butchered. Watching Monster's fight with men to the death, both fighting tooth and nail in savage display. Timothy was young and unused to blood, death, and the like. He was having difficulty coping with the experience. His relationship with Allen had taken to a younger brother/older brother role.

Allen was the only one who could really relate to the young boy since both were orphans, had trust issues, and had a traumatic childhood. Allen put on a mask of cheerfulness trying to help the young boy sort through his problems and find a home and family here at the order.

Allen marveled at how similar Timothy was to the way he himself was when he was younger. He was just as rude, angry, and untrusting as Allen himself had been before he met Mana (although Timothy was more of a crybaby but Allen would never say that out loud).

But for Allen, maintaining that smile of his that was a lie was getting harder each day when you live thinking all you believed in and know is a lie. That you are slowly dying inside because of the 14th and there is nothing you can do about it. That everything you've worked for all these years. All the suffering , pain, struggling, fighting. All the effort and fighting, all to walk his own path as he promised Mana. All of it was meaningless. In the end it didn't really matter.

The one driving motivation in his life was now in doubt. Mana had made Allen promise as he lay dying to "always keep walking forward no matter what. Keep walking forward Allen."

That day Allen had died inside, he had no reason to live. Those words Mana gave him and the love they shared were all that kept him going. He was basically a walking corpse. He kept on living solely for the one he loved

Existing on those words, they were his foundation, his rock. They were his source of guidance, knowing that they were the words of wisdom by which he could live by because they had come from the only family he had ever really known.

But now all that was in doubt. Had Mana really loved Allen or was it the memory of Mana's brother, the 14th Noah, that was inside Allen that he loved? When he said those words, "I love you," was he talking to Allen or to the 14th?

Allen had kept walking forward. Living for Mana. Living for the demon akuma, to free them from their suffering. Living to protect the humans which were precious to him. He didn't live for himself but for those two reasons and he had sacrificed his blood, sweat, tears, and screams countless times for them. Now what? He no longer had any reason to keep walking forward and thus why did he fight for the demons and the humans?

All these thoughts sifted through Allen's mind and the mask of cheerfulness he always wore was gone, his head downcast. Sorrow and hopelessness in his countenance as he walked around inside the ark.

The one good thing about Link's injuries were they finally allowed him to get some breathing room. It had been quite some time since he had been allowed to be alone, no one breathing down the back of his neck watching him and scrutinizing his every move fearing he was a security risk. Since Levrier had left to return to Black Order headquarters in Rome before Link had been injured he wasn't there to appoint someone else to keep an eye on Walker and he was finally able to relax.

With Komui now back in charge things had returned to normal...sorta. Allen wasn't supposed to be allowed to use the ark but Komui would turn a blind eye to this and pretended he didn't know anything. If asked he would just smile and say "I had no idea Allen was using the ark." That was the kinda of relationship Allen had with Komui, one of complete trust willing to bend the rules for him.

The 'tap tap tap' of the Allen's feet as he walked down the tile pathway being the only sound inside the ark in a world seemingly devoid of all life and it was eerie.

Allen then, without any vitality or vigor in his act, opened a portal which was his reason for being inside the ark to begin with (well that and to be alone so he could drop the guise of cheerfulness he just couldn't hold up anymore).

As he touched the knob of the nearest door, willing it with his power as the player to shift dimensional space to his desired location, there was a slight glowing light as Allen turned the knob and let the door creak open. The light glowing brightly and gradually increasing as the door swung open to reveal more.

Allen stepped through the portal, that lost and hopeless look on his face still evident and obvious. As Allen stepped out of the light he had arrived at his desired location.

The environment was not pleasant, it was night and an abandoned church stood behind Allen. It was covered in overgrowth yet nature had seemingly made it a more peaceful place then before. It's intimidating architecture now calmed by presence of flora. The surrounding yard had also been overtaken by greenery and had thrived, some trees stood with a dark color to their leaves made only worse by the darkness of the night creating a morbid atmosphere but it was appropriate given his location. Their branches seemed to hang low as if to match Allen's sorrow. Grass and mud intermingled along the ground.

All around Allen there lay tombstones. Their epitaphs hard to read having been warn away by the ravages of time and nature. Those that had not been covered by weeds and plants were also present.

The white haired exorcist stepped through the soft, muddy, earth searching for the specific grave he had come here to visit. It didn't take long. It wasn't an extravagant headstone and as such it paled by comparison to the other tombstones and had been effected by the elements to a greater degree than the others. The epitaph still barely visible and cracks having formed in the granite. It was in a back corner and was overshadowed by a tree and the other headstones, it was practically hidden but wasn't difficult to find if it was the specific one you were searching for as Allen was now.

Allen stood before it, his head hung low looking at the ground as he was dressing in his exorcist uniform. Allen spoke softly as he raised his head but loudly enough to be heard as he hoped whatever spirit might still be lingering behind may be able to hear.


His voice drifted off, nothing followed those words except Allen's sorrow filled silver orbs that to gaze upon the tombstone. The glazed look and pain in his eyes showed his mind was elsewhere, a time long ago past.

There were another pair of eyes that gazed with deep rooted concern although they were not the young exorcists and the presence remained unknown to him. Road Kamelot looked down upon Allen from the nearby tree with a look of concern and sympathy on her face. Her legs dangled over the side of the branch as her sight lingered on the form directly below her.

Road was not in her usual attire however. Instead she donned a formal dress that was quite modest in honestly. Yet the dress showed she was wearing stockings and it was shoulder less with sleeves only running halfway down her arms. Modest yes, but it declared her as a young lady and enticed the eye as such.

Her hair was down in a fashion that was quite unlike her tomboyish behavior and a bow adorned her hair. The outfit was finished by a pair of formal shoes rather than heels (she couldn't walk in those yet nor did she want to but since her thoughts had started to revolve around the young exorcist she had given them a shot and had been practicing. Heels sucked!)

Road was practically unrecognizable the way she looked now. You couldn't tell of her tomboyish and sadistic streak by the feminine appearance she now wore announcing to the world she was just about to become a woman.

The dark clouds that loomed over the night soon gave way to thunder signaling the approaching rainfall which explained why Road had an umbrella.

The thunder was followed by the sound of raindrops hitting the soft earth of the cemetery. Despite this the demeanor of the exorcist beneath her did not change. The dark aura of sorrow and hopelessness still loomed strongly. The rain had no effect on him. He didn't care.

It was rather fitting really, it matched his mood. It was good he didn't look up to the sky when the rain had started otherwise he would have seen his silent admirer.

Road silently opened her umbrella protecting her from the falling water. After some time had passed and Road realized that Allen wouldn't leave because of the rain. He had been standing there with a glazed look on his face for a while now. He probably wouldn't be leaving anytime soon and his clothes were already drenched.

Road hopped down from her position and silently landed beside Allen, who remained unaware of her presence.

The blue haired girl calmly walked up to Allen until her umbrella was able to cover him as well as herself. Noticing that the rain was no longer hitting due to an umbrella, Allen turned quite suddenly with shock at another person's presence.

His surprise only grew once he saw who it was. It took a moment for the face to register what with the change from her usual attire. But once her voice met his ears he instantly recognized her.

"Allen-kun." the lengthening and change in the tone and pitch of the suffix. There was no mistaking who it was. Only one person Allen knew of spoke to him like that.


Allen widened the distance between them and his body tensed and braced for battle. "What do you want Road!" The white haired exorcist was instantly defense at the sign of his enemy. A fight was soon to follow assuredly. Maybe the Earl had decided to finish him off while he was alone and without backup remembering the recent assassination attempt that occurred at the orphanage.

Road tilted her head slightly, It looked as though tears had been running down Allen's face the moment before she made her presence known. But with the rain she couldn't be sure. How does one distinguish tears from rain? They are all the same when one is suffering.

Keeping her head tilted, she added a light smile. Finishing the cute expression by tipping her foot turning it in the dirt innocently. "Oh Allen-kun you act as if you aren't happy to see me! I am hurt really." At this she lost her smile and hung her head slightly in mock disappointment.

Allen knew not to let his guard down at her innocent act even if her change in clothes did help. "Don't play with me Road. Not now. What do you want? Are you here to kill me?"

Road now knew that joking would not work at the moment. "Alright Allen-kun. I'll be serious although I was trying to cheer you up." She pouted a little as if to make her point. Still not even a smile from Allen. 'sigh it's to be expected though. Who could laugh after seeing what I could do to them.'

The eldest Noah met his gaze, now putting aside her playful nature for the moment which showed as her eyes and face now took a serious form to match Allen's. "Sigh Allen if I was here to kill you I could have done it a moment ago when I was behind you. It would have been easy wouldn't it?"

The white haired exorcist didn't relax at hearing this but his mind toyed with that idea as he tried to remain vigilant in the presence of such a dangerous foe. His mind saw logic to her reasoning but still kept his guard up. "Then if you aren't here to kill me what are you here for?"

By this point Allen was soaked by the rain. His hair matted down to his head, exorcist robes clung tightly to his body. The warmth of his body leaving to be replaced by the cold of the water's moisture.

"I'm here to see you. That's all."

"Don't toy with me Road! What's the real reason?"

Road met his accusing gaze. There was no humorous look in her eyes as there was when he had met her before. It lacked the joy, wonder, and hint of sadism of the times past he had seen her. As if the change in clothes had changed her as a person. Her eyes were serious and held the tone to match.

"I really am here to see you Allen. Not to kill you. Not to entertain myself. And not to do the earl's work or under anyone's orders. Just to talk with you."

Allen's mind try to process this information. There was no glint in her eyes that showed the malevolent and mischievous intent he had seen before in it. Instead he saw sincerity!...and....and what else? looked like sadness in those eyes. Eyes that held sadness much the same as his own.

Was this a trick? Had she pulled a 180 on him? He kept thinking it was a trick. This was the same girl who had stabbed him in the eye! But her words from before rang true no matter how many times he spun it through his head. If she was going to kill him she could have done it when she was behind him less than two minutes ago.

Her logic and behavior, combined with Allen's kind heart and sorrow filled stated, caused him to relax somewhat. He straightened his back from his battle position and put his hands to his sides.

"How can I trust you?" Allen said in a calm, normal voice. Absent of the tension it held moments ago but still filled with emptiness which matched the look on his face.

Her reply was simple. "besides the fact I could of killed you, you can't. You'll just have to take my word on it. I promise you no harm or abduction will come to you at this time. After you leave or I leave though then we are back to being enemies I'm afraid. But for now we are just two people standing in a graveyard in the rain talking. One getting ridiculously wet even though I tried to help. Not an exorcist. Not a Noah. Just two people and nothing more."

"You mean a temporary truce."

Road slapped a hand to her face. "Why didn't I think of that word Allen? Yeah that's exactly what I am talking about. You made it so much simplier. The truce ends when we part ways."

Allen was hesitent to believe this even though the Noah had held true to their words before when they were in the ark. No harm had come to anyone during the meal and conversation between Allen, Road, and Tyki and the other exorcists. Although harm did come after the meal was finished but still the noah had held their promise.

"Again how can I trust you?"

"Like I said Allen. You can't. You'll just have to take me at my word."

However something told Allen her words rang true. It was a feeling, a vibe, an aura. Something told him she was honest and sincere. Perhaps it was all the evidence gathering up in his head. How she could have killed him. Noah's past honesty. The look of sincereity he saw in her eyes. And this feeling that well it was alright.

Perhaps Allen's depressed state contributed to his decision but he let down his guard. "Alright Road. We can talk." he said somberly.

A small moment passed between the two as the rain fell about them. Then Road began to step towards him which instantly put Allen on the defensive again. "Stop right there Road!"

"Allen you are soaking wet and standing in the rain." She continued to close the distance beween them.

The white haired exorcist invoked his innocence. The white clawed left hand of his "Crown Clown" activating and at the ready to slash Road to ribbons should she come to close.

Despite this she was unphased by it and her steps continued.

"I mean it Road stop or else!" Still she continued she was nearly next to Allen now.

Tension, fear, and adrenaline shot though Allen's body and he shaked a bit. "Not another step Road!"

Ms. Kamelot took that last step and was standing right in front of the exorcist who wore a shocked expression and stopped the slight shaking as his heartbeat relaxed back to normal and the adrenaline stopped.

She held her umbella over the both of them looking up at him without that glint of malevolence in her eye, just sincereity and empathy....and something else.

"I"m just getting you out of the rain Allen-kun."

Allen's surprise was evident, "Road....wh...why didn't you listen to me? I could have hit you."

As the rain fell all around about them, seemingly mirroring how Allen's entire world was crashing around him as well, Road answered. "Because I trust you Allen." She gave him a light smile.

Allen was at a loss for words upon hearing this.

"besides it probably wouldn't have killed me." she said

"oh that's right isn't it?" Allen's head tilted to the side. He felt like an idiot. He had forgotten about that but still. The fact was it probably wouldn't have killed her. Yet still she had taken that chance.

She took hold of his hand jolting him at the sudden contact with a person he held so little trust in. "come on" She pulled him back in front of Mana's gravestone.

As they both stood under the umbrella looking at memorial for Allen's dead foster father Road spoke up. "who was he? Your father?"

Allen's head turned slightly so his eyes could look at the person next to him as if trying to confirm what he just heard. "No. Foster father. He took me in when I was young. He.....he meant a great deal to me. It hurt so much when he died. was Mana who I foolish tried to bring back to this world as an akuma and he gave me this scar."

Nodding her head, "yeah, I knew about that last part. I didn't know who he was hurts doesn't it. Losing someone precious to you."

Road being empathetic towards another who grieved for someone lost? That was just too weird but it wasn't the strangest thing about her that night so it didn't dwell with Allen for too long.

" really does. I wanted him back so badly. He was...everything to me. The only person who was a ray of light in a world of darkness for me. I was left in the dark again when he died not knowing what direction to head in."

His heart grew heavier as he spoke of the one he loved, knowing it was probably all a lie. He had been alone all along and the only light in his life was never real. His entire life and being a sham. So alone. So cold.

Road could now see tears starting to form in Allen's eyes. There was no mistaking it with the rain this time. She knew those tears well. Allen continued.

"He...he always told me...'no matter what happens Allen keep walking forward. No matter what happens don't stop walking forward until the day you die.'"

Allen tried to fake a smile as he spoke, tears now falling gently down his scarred face, practically folling the path of the red penticle mark that marred his face.

"I originally didn't get what he meant by that but those words became the thing I lived by because after he died...." He didn't finish, just drifted off into silence but Road realized it then. The mystery of Allen Walker that she had pondered countless times was now becoming clearer and as the pieces became clearer, her heart began to break for the young exorcist if what she thought was true.

"You died that day too didn't you? Inside you had died and had nothing left to live for." Allen's eye's opened wide in surprise of her understanding, looking at the young Kamelot who had seen into his soul so "Tha...that's right. When I was allowed the chance to bring him back I took it without a doubt. I was such a fool, I had turned my father into a monster. He was so angry he....I regret what I did to him so much. I was so stupid for trying to bring him back."

Road put a hand on Allen's shoulder, "Allen you weren't a fool for trying to bring him back."

"But!.." Road interuptted him, "Trust me Allen there is nothing more right then wanting to be with those you love when god feels they should be taken from us."

Road had to ask the question which was burning in her soul. "Did you want to kill him Allen?"

"No. I...I didn't know what to do. The innocence activated and before I knew what happened I had...killed him. That's why I decided to become an exorcist, to repent for the sin I had committed by bringing my father back. The suffering I had brought him by turning him into that! I see the souls that are trapped as akuma. Oh there suffering is unimaginable. I became an exorcist so no one would suffer like Mana did. No one's soul should. I followed Mana's words and walked my own path that I set for myself...or so I thought."

"you were still dead inside after you killed Mana. What did you live for?"

"For them. For the demons...for the akuma. To free their souls from suffering. Then for those people who became precious to me. This hand for the demons and this for the humans." he lifted his clawed hand then his normal hand to indicate them respectively. "But now..."

Road again displayed an amazing ability to finish his thoughts, "is it because of the 14th?"

and again Allen was jolted at her ability of perception....or mind reading. Whatever it was she read his thoughts like a book but he doubted it was the latter. " did you know about-"

"We know." Road interuptted. "We found out after you were able to save the ark. What did that change Allen?"

Letting out a soft sigh "everything. I had loved Mana and....and I thought he loved me...bu...but when he said he loved me...was he really talking about the 14th? Did he see me at all or did he only see his brother?"

Road whispered quitly with concern "Allen."

"His words...his love meant everything to me. I lived on because of those words and found a purpose. But now those words of his that have kept me alive...kept me moving forward...they're gone. I can't trust them anymore. I thought I was walking my own path that I set for myself but it seems as if I was walking a path set for me by Mana and the 14th."

Road saw how dead Allen looked, his eyes were absent of hope, love, and warmth. She listened attentively to Allen's every word, "Now I find out that my mind is going to be overwritten with that of the 14th's and...and...what reason do I have to keep moving forward for now? I see the end of my path. I see all I have done and nothing I did mattered at all. All I have done, all the effort and suffering to walk down a path I thought I was paving for myself was pointless."

At this point tears were steaming down his face. He truly looked lost and alone. Allen's eyes widened as yet another surprise as Road's arms had found their way around him in a hug. Road! is Road? She was comforting him in his darkest moment. This young girl who was his enemy. Who had killed so many people and reviled in the suffering of others was...comforting him? "Road!"

Her eyes were closed as she held him close to her, her head on his shoulder. "Allen I know the pain you are feeling. I know how bad it hurts, how wrong this world feels and you just want to lay down and let yourself forget and disappear. I am so sorry." This had answered many of her questions about Allen. About how he could be so kind, so caring, to his enemies and to the akuma. His motivation and what drove him. The mystery of Allen Walker was slowly becoming much clearer to Road. Yet the answers she had gained had brought her to care even more for the young exorcist. She now knew why she couldn't get him out of her mind. What made him different from the other humans. He was just like them! He was just like her!

"Allen," she whispered softly into his ear elicting a feeling within him that Allen couldn't identify, "you and I are very alike believe it or not. You know our pain and feelings better than anyone else. No wonder you are different from the other humans. You are more like us than you know."

"More like who?" was Allen gentle and curious response

"Like the Noah. The 14th within you has already started to awaken hasn't he? Have you started to see some of his memories? You should know that all Noah carry the memories of all their spiritual ancesteors all the way back to Noah himself. I have memories of all the past Noah of dreams. Have you begun to see past memories the 14th had?"

Allen's mouth hung open as he tried to remember. "I...I see things...things I don't understand. People...crying...blood...happiness. The memories I have don't make any sense. They are tattered and broken."

Rubbing his back as she pulled her head away slowly so she could look him in the face as she spoke. "They don't make sense yet but they will become clearer as more memories are unlocked. Hopefully it will become clear before the 14th completely overwrites your mind. I would like you to see what I see.

"What?" was all Allen could muster. What did she mean?

"Allen you once asked why the Noah help the Millenium Earl. Why would humans want to destory their own world. We do have a reason. Have you ever wondered what the akuma are? Why they evolve? Why the Earl wants to destory this world? And why we call you exorcists the apostles of a fake god?"

"What are you talking about Road"

"Allen...what you feel right now...that is why we Noah help the Milenium Earl to destroy this wretched cruel world that god has turned a blind eye to. We too have felt your pain...the absence of a god who claimed to love us."

Allen could only shake his head in confusion "I don't understand what you mean Road?"

"The way you feel right now Allen, how do you feel about the world around you? You said that Mana was the only source of light in a world filled with darkness and now you aren't even sure if there was any light to begin with. How do you feel about a world that is so cruel and miserable? That could make you feel such suffering and misery. Such emptiness. A world where your loved ones are taken from you and you are left alone and in pain, like a piece of you soul has died. You can see the suffering of the souls of akuma but can you see the suffering of the souls of the living? People are suffering merely by exisiting in this world god has created. I am certain Allen that if you could see the souls of the living...they would be in just as much pain as those of the akuma. That is why the akuma are suffering...they were freed from this dark and twisted world when they died. But now they have been brought back and they hate it after having known a kind of blissful peace of nonexistence. That is why we Noah follow the Earl. We know better than any human could how wretched and broken this world that god has abandoned is."

Allen was speechless. All that Road has said he couldn't deny. He felt it too, no matter how much he wanted to deny it a large piece of his heart agreed. After all he had seen how could god leave it up to exorcists to save themselves from the akuma. Why had god allowed the Akuma to come to be in the first place? Why had god brought death to exist? Why? Why? Why?

Everything in this world felt so wrong, empty, and cold. Allen felt such truth and peace with Road's logic and it disturbed him emensely, it went against everything he had fought so hard for. Yet his futile efforts were part his sorrow and a factor in what was wrong with this world. His struggle hadn't mattered. Now he and it would soon be erased by the 14th.

Touching his cheek and running her finger over his scar, "Allen...I know you may not believe me when I say this but...I admire you for wanting to save people...for trying so hard to save them. I have lost that kindness that you still have...I know you want to save people and their souls you hate this world that is so cold and cruel? That could let such sorrow and suffering exist only for you to take it upon your self to try and fix things in an attempt that you now see as futile?...Do you hate it...this world? Not the people...but this way of existence?"

It was a long time before any sound was heard other than the falling of the rain around the two. Everything seemed to freeze around Allen and become irrelevent for at this moment he realized the answer to Road's question and it shocked and frightened him. "Yes...I hate this world"

Road put her full palm against his cheek in a comforting manner, "It's surprising when you first admit it to yourself isn't it Allen-kun? You want to save people but this world is beyond salvation. That's why we Noah help the Earl. Like I said before it should become clearer when you recover more of the Noah's memories."

For a few minutes neither spoke. Road just analyzed his eyes trying to figure out what Allen was thinking while Allen was puzzling over these revelations he had found about himself, about the news Road had divulged. He eventually realized how close they were and her hand was softly holding his cheek. This brought him out of his daze and he was uncomfortable with how close she was and turned to the side to look back at the grave of Mana.

"I need to be going now Allen. I hope you feel better but...knowing what I do well...I wish you the best. Sorry but next we meet it won't be on friendly terms like this. But don't worry, you know me. I'll give you the same warm, friendly treatment I always do. I just can't guarantee there won't be blood involved" She said with that sadistic smile that Allen had not seen this entire night and just as quickly it was gone.

In a swift motion she stole a kiss from his lips as she had done before when they were in the ark. Yet this time it wasn't the same. It wasn't as passionate rather more chaste and filled with longing and remorse. There was no joy or ecstatic energy as there had been before when she crashed her lips against his. Rather it was as if she was gently taking it all in one last time and savoring it, sadly as if this taste would soon disappear forever.

Before Allen could react it was over and she slowly stepped away towards a door she had materialized out of nowhere.

Allen had to at least know why that kiss was so...different? Amongst all the strange changes that had appeared in her he had to at least know that.

"Road." She turned and met his questioning gaze. "Wha....What was that just now? That wasn't like...before....What's happened to you? You are so different."

At that she smiled a soft and genuine smile that he had only seen upon her face this night. It was not the smile of a child...nor a Noah....rather that of a young woman with inner turmoil bubbling beneath the surface and amusement with his question.

"That kiss was different because...I wanted to kiss you one last time...before you are....erased and replaced with the 14th."

It was a goodbye kiss!!? She realized just how severe things were. In all reality he was soon going to die in all sense of the word and someone else would be walking around in his body. It touched him slightly that she could feel something for him other then a girlish crush of a youngster.

"And for the other question. Well I am different because...there are more sides to me than you have seen. Same with Tyki, the Earl, and even what we are doing with the akuma. Speaking of which. The akuma were not made to be weapons Allen. That's all I can tell you. They were not made to be weapons."

With that Road turned towards the gateway before her and stepped through it. The gate disappeared and Allen was left alone amongst the dead of the graveyard to contemplate all the new thoughts that now ran through his head. He noticed that he held an umbrella now. How!!?....Road's umbrella!! She...? Road had left her umbella with Allen. Whether by accident or intentional to keep Allen out of the elements was unknown. But Allen had a good guess and he felt guilty.


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