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There in the marbled ballroom at odds with each other stood Lenalee opposite Allen holding Road bridal style and if Lenalee was pissed before then there were no words for what she felt now. Confusion and...something else...she couldn't understand what. Lenalee sneered and her voice made her displeasure known. "Put. Her. DOWN!"

Allen looked at Road in his arms, surprised she was there. "Road. What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be looking for the innocence." She just hung her arms around him like she was an ornament to be worn.

"I missed ya." Was her chirpy reply as she smiled with those big golden (as a Noah) eyes of hers and that sweet innocent yet mischievous smile of hers. She cradled her head in the nook of his neck as she looked across the room at Lenalee. Road loved the look she was getting from Lenalee. It was so sinfully delicious to Road. A look that said how dare you. or he's mine! That utter physical outcry of disbelief, hurt, and jealous anger that could be seen in eyes and through the eyes to ones very soul.

This moment was soooo good. If only it would last forever thought Road. I wonder if I should tease the little doll just a bit more. Road smiled a knowing smile at the green haired exorcist and licked the top of her glossy lips as she cuddled closer into her Allen. Her lips nearly grazing his neck unbeknownst to Allen as he was now watching Lenalee, trying gage the situation. As a man the subtle implications here were beyond his knowledge. Road leaned up towards Allen's ear. She was so close. So very close

Don't you dare! What's she doing? What's going on? What am I feeling? These thoughts bubbled in Lenalee's head

"Road." Allen's voice stopped Road's sadistic show. "I don't think you should be in my arms." He knew that much at least.

"Awww but why not!? You're so comfy."

"Still I think you should get down."

Road pouted as she hopped down from Allen's arms and bounced a bit on the floor regaining her balance.

"What's going on here?" Lenalee demanded her innocence flaring up at the past taunts of Road. Flaming green specks of dust fluttered off her high heels and taut thighs and matched her steely green eyes.

"Well I already partially explained things but *sigh* it's just things are different now. Please don't be mad at me Lenalee."

"I'm not mad cause your not Allen."

"Please Lenalee it hurts when you say that. I can make all of this work if you'd just let me-"

"NO! This...all of this. It's not you Allen. You must be the 14th. It's his influence. Can't you feel it?

Allen paused and wondered, not for the first time. Just how much of his decision making recently had been his own.

"Lenalee I know this all seems extreme but it can all be explained if you'd only calm down."

"I don't think so Allen" She said his name like it was venom she was trying to spit out.

"I'm brining you back to the Black Order. They'll confirm your the 14th or that it's his influence and find a way to help you or...or something."

Allen just had sad eyes. "There's no way to save me from the 14th. The order can't and won't help me."

"Your coming with me whether you like it or not."

"I wish things didn't have to be like this Lenalee. I really do."


Tyki was staring at a little girl who's eyes were glowing, that was never a good thing. In a room filled with creepy dolls. "Sweetie, let's try this again." I'm just here looking for something.

The little girl gave him a dead stare with her creepy glowing eyes as she hugged an angel doll close to her chest.

"Okay let's start with something easy. What's your name."

"Alice." came the little voice of the blond

"Alright that's a nice name. Can you-"

"You should leave!"

"Can you-"

"You should leave!"

"Can you-"

"You should leave!"

Tyki narrowed his eyes and put his finger on her mouth "Can you tell me where a special crystal is?" Tyki figured he had already found it and it was standing right in front of him but he was hesitant to kill a child.

"Special Crystal?"

"It's called Innocence."


Tyki palmed his face. The things he'd gone through the past week, really. "That's not what I mean and you know it!"

He wasn't falling for her demure childlike charm, the charade was over. "Fine. I don't know anything about any innocence so get lost."

Taking a breath of Carcinogenic smoke, "I don't think so.

"I said LEAVE!" The entire room seemed to shake. The dolls jiggled in their seated places and the dust floated through the air.

Things are about to get more complicated then they need to be thought Tyki. He was right as the dust around the room seemed to shimmer and shine. It began to take shape, like the constellations of the sky. Tyki noticed he had a hard time breathing and tossed his cigarette to the side but that didn't seem to help. He would make the assumption now to be safe. This was no ordinary dust.

"So you do have the innocence." He looked right at Alice with the familial, and creepy, Noah smile. He got no answer from her. Instead there was a shining light and Tyki could swear he saw an angel in the motes of dust the moment of it. Of the crash.

The floor where Tyki had once stood was gone along with Tyki. The air seemed warm and continued to glow. "You should have left when you had the chance." Said Alice.

"That's good advice." The voice came from a shadowy figure behind her. Before she could fully turn around she felt a blunt force strike against her cranium and the world became darker. All she could make out was Tyki's form. "You should have taken your own advice little Alice. But then again. Children give such lousy advice don't they." The words were there but they were no longer registering in Alice's brain and the darkness overtook her senses.


They were back where they had started. A blood soaked room with a chandelier. Lavi didn't have time to be hurt. He fought through the pain. He was a wreck. Covered in blood (most not his own) and his exorcist uniform was torn in places but he gave it all no thought. His sharp mind was working on processing one thought.

Where's Lenalee?

His body moved and the back of his mind worked on waking Timothy and Bookman. Timothy was still suffering the affects of trying to possess the new Noah and Bookman had been swiftly defeated by said Noah. "Tim Ji-ji come on. Wake up. Get up. We don't have time for this." He slapped Timothy and that seemed to wake him. Lavi cradled Bookman and was about to try the same thing when he heard "Try that with me and I"ll kill you." Bookman was awake but they were far past being too late.

"We need to move. Lenalee's missing." yelled Lavi

"She's an exorcist she'll be fine. She's been trained for this kind of thing." Came Bookman retort.

"Noah's are different and besides we weren't fine just now were we."

"Your letting your emotions rule you Lavi. Don't forget your place."

"Just hurry up and move you old panda." With that Lavi began to run. Began to search. He took every slim characteristic about Lenalee and tried to figure where she would head. It was all small details that might and could lead up to nothing but what else did he have to go on. If only she had left some clue. like leaving the doors open or...or...If only she was okay.

Then he heard it. A sound that was unmistakable. The sonic bursts of Lenalee's innocence.


Allen was bothered by his opponent. He really was. He was shaking a bit. But he'd rather be the one to face her than have Road or Grant do it. The level 3 akuma was watching Allen's every move and Allen knew it. It was safer if he fought Lenalee himself.

Lenalee propelled herself across the air of the room and right at Allen who stood there, waiting. She was so fast he didn't need to wait long. just until...he could make out the tears in her eyes shine in the evening moonlight. now.

With a whisper: "Crown Clown"

A quick shift of his balance and feet and he sidestepped Lenalee's attack in an instant and his clawed arm shot out and grasped her by the leg and he used her momentum to spin Lenalee around and hurl her into the marbled wall causing the mansion to shake. It was barely a scratch to an experienced exorcist like Lenalee but then again Allen wasn't really trying to hurt her. She was upon him again this time using a blink maneuver. shifting in and out of the visual spectrum in an attempt to confuse the opponent.

Allen raised his hood and put on his metal cowl. Lenalee's strike was fierce. She meant to end this as quickly and humanely as possible. For Allen's sake. Out of the blink and into a backwards scissor kick. It connected. But not with Allen. Crown Clown had taken his form and his head had been lowered beneath the cape. All she had struck was the innocence form. Allen Brought his arms up and once again grasped Lenalee, this time around the Thighs and brought her swinging down face first into the floor. She propped herself up and prevented taking a face full of marble with her arms. Allen maneuvered his leg around Lenalee's torso as he held her Thighs in a kind of close quarters combat wrestling hold. She was pinned against the floor and Allen's leg

Road was Laughing and clapping her hands together in joy

"We don't have to fight Lenalee. I'm working at something bigger than you or me right now."

Allen's hands were on her thighs. Her thighs! He was so close to her. He could see everything from his vantage point. None of this was on a conscious level for either of them though. They were too deep in the heat of battle. Yet such a beautiful pose for two warriors clashing or for two lovers.

Lenalee wasn't listening. She flared her innocence and a spark of green burned near Allen's face giving Lenalee the momentary distraction she needed and she torqued her body and sent Allen head over heels and onto his back. Using her arm she now had him pinned to the ground "Just come home Allen." her angry tears falling onto Allen's cursed eye activating it, and red and black covered his eye and a translucent spinning monocle appeared. And he saw everything

"I can't."

Lenalee could reach out and touch the curse which caused Allen so much pain. Why did it seem to penetrate her to her very core

Crown Clown's cape sprung to life and separated the two. Each skidding across the marbled floor to their own corner. Allen pointed gently at Lenalee as he straightened up. "I can see your pain Lenalee. With this eye of mine I can now see your suffering and I'm so so sorry.

"Huh?" Lenalee didn't have words. She didn't understand. Allen elaborated without needing to know. "The curse has evolved. Now the souls of the living appear before me. And yours is in such great distress. I guess that's because of me." Allen hung his head in shame. "I'm so sorry for that." It caused him great guilt to know this but this is the path he had chosen and just like every path he chose he would follow it to its conclusion.

It was at this point that Lavi burst into the room followed shortly by Timothy and Bookman. Lavi was gasping for breath, as he had sprinted here. "Lenalee are you-" His voice caught dead in his throat. There he was. There was Allen. His thoughts were split down the middle. His concern for Lenalee, who's innocence was obviously activated. And the surprise, relief, and questions that arose from Allen's sudden appearance. Lenalee seemed okay.

"Oy Lenalee are you okay."

She didn't say anything as Lavi walked towards her. His pulse was still in his throat but he tried to put on a good show of levity. Lavi decided to try questioning Allen.

"Oy Allen it's good to see you but what'cha doing here. Did the Black Order send you as backup without tellin us." Lavi knew that was highly unlikely. That's what the golems were for. But still he had to hope.

Something was wrong with this picture. Both Lenalee and Allen's innocence were activated. And then there was Road just standing in the corner, smiling and waving. That stopped Lavi

"YOU SHOULD BE DEAD!" he cried out, pointing a shaking hand in her direction. Lavi hadn't forgotten the last encounter he had with the Noah of Dreams. How could he. He still couldn't shake what she had said. The dead faces of his friends. The truth of what she said. How he wasn't really anyone's friend and just a fake. It had left him with nightmares. The irony of the Noah of Dreams giving him nightmares.

Her truth had haunted him since and even to this day, especially today. It had been rubbed in his face.

"That's no way to greet a girl after we had so much fun together Bookman jr." said Road

"Lavi you. You look awful. what happened to you?" Allen asked observing the soaking red and tattered clothes of Lavi

"A damn Noah is what happened to me but forget about that. Road is right there."

No one said a thing. Not Lenalee. Not Allen. Not the sweetly smiling Road. It was just deathly quiet like the truth was just waiting to be said aloud.

Finally, after what seemed a lifetime."Yeah, yeah she is." Allen said.

"But but...-" why aren't their weapons pointed towards Road instead of each other. Lavi had pondered this upon entering the room

Lenalee interrupted Lavi. "Allen's aware Lavi. He's with the Noah now."

"What?!" Lavi must have heard her wrong. There must be something in his ear.

"You heard me. Allen's with them."

Road took the oppurtunity. "I thought you said Allen was the 14th now. You should really stick to the lies you choose to believe in."

"SHUT UP! Lenalee's sharp outcry. Lenalee was about to rush Road when.

"Ah so much noise." Tyki came strolling in. His long hair fluttering behind him and Alice thrown over his shoulder. "Children should be seen and not heard. You know."

Damn two Noah's are bad enough. Lavi and Bookman can help but Timothy is just a Rookie.

"We outnumber them we can win this Lavi."

"You might want to count again China doll." It was Xadi litterly dripping from the ceiling and fully forming next to Tyki.

This is bad. This is so bad. Three Noahs against our small lot. Dammit Allen

"Who's that you've got there Tyki?" Allen asked.

"Her name's Alice and she's an innocence user."

"What did you do to her!?"

"She was being uncooperative...and rude.

Allen bent down next to Alice as the exorcists in the room just tensed their muscles knowing that if a battle broke out then they would be crushed.

"Hello there. Wake up. Come on now. Wake up." Allen tried to gently rouse the sleeping child. He succeeded.

"Huh...wha..what's going on?"

"I could ask you the same question. Alice right?"

"Yes, that's right." She said as she tried to get a grasp of her surroundings

"I hear your an innocence user."

"I don't know what that is."

"It means you're a very special person"

"I uh...you shouldn't be here. None of you should be here."

"We'll be gone soon enough so be patient."

"How am I special?" Asked Alice.

"It's a very complicated story but to keep it simple for times sake you have to make a choice. You can go with those four over there and they will have you fight scary monsters or you could come with me and make a better world for everyone."

"Allen that's not right! She's just a little girl she's not old enough to make a decision like this!" Shouted Lenalee.

"Better to give her the choice of the Black Order than forcing her into it like you were don't you think. Especially given how young she is." Replied Allen.

"I'm not that young." Alice puffed. "Besides I have to stay here with grandma. She's very sick."

Lenalee whispered to Lavi while Allen was distracted. "We have to do something. We can't allow an accommodator to fall into the Noah's hands and a little girl no less."

Lavi whispered back "Fine we'll make a move on my mark you..."

Back with Allen who was crouching so he was on Alice's level much like Mana had done so many years ago. "We'll see what we can do for your grandma but what about other family members?"

"She's the only family I have left."

"I see. Well you only have two choices and staying with your sickly grandmother isn't one of them."

"Then I choose...

Lavi's hammer extended at a rapid rate and was ready to smash into Allen When Grant suddenly appeared and stopped it entirely with just one hand. That was Lenalee's cue, she sped along the ground and circled and attempted to grab Alice.

Without looking up, still crouching. "Really Lenalee? You'd have Lavi strike me while my back is turned. I don't supposed he'd like to take me up on my offer." Turning to look at Lavi who shook his head no "I don't need to hear what your offering Allen."

"That's fine I guess."

Lenalee was fast. Too fast to be stopped by any of the Noahs with her new crystallized innocence. She scooped up Alice and zipped back next to Lavi and her defensive position.

"I won't let you take this girl 14th."

Tyki made a motion to summon his butterflies but Allen stopped him. "Our goal was to destroy the innocence not kill an innocent girl."

"Usually killing and destroying innocence go hand in hand shonen." Responded Tyki.

"Well not with me here it doesn't. Besides fighting all these exorcists to the death. I just couldn't bear it and for you it would be too much trouble am I right Tyki."

"Hmmm. Your right about that."

"Then let them have this one."

Tyki nodded liking the idea of an excuse not to exert himself. "Looks like you exorcists get off easy. For now."

"With that Allen opened up a portal to the original ark. "We've got something better, times 2." He said holding up two fingers.

"Goodbye Lenalee and Lavi." With that Allen and the Noahs disappeared and a scream tore form Lenalee's throat "ALLLLEN"


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