Chapter One – The Dead Girl

Co-authored by edwardnbella4eva09 from chapter four and onward. Thus, if you see that username with this same story posted, you'll know that she didn't plagiarize it. =)

Summary: Edward couldn't control himself in biology, not with Bella's dulcet smell. He attacks the room of humans, leaving Bella for last to savour the blood. Then Alice shows up, trailed by Emmett and Jasper. They rip him off the girl to yell at him, and then they quickly began plans to cover this up or get away. They were too preoccupied to notice one human still lay awake—and changing into a vampire. They leave, and the EMT take Bella to the hospital and three days later the morgue. Bella traces the Cullens scent back to Alaska, in need of answers.

Disclaimer: S. Meyer owns the world. Literally. No one is cooler than her. This is also her story that I'm messing with. Yeah, that's right, I'm messing with it. Really, if this were the way the story was meant to go, SM would've written it that way. Her story trumps mine, but hey, this is just Fanfiction! If it were good enough to replace Twilight, well, Steph Meyer would've written it this way! All credit for characters and ideas goes to her; I'm just using them for some fun. Besides, if I was SM, this wouldn't be Fanfiction...


Bella's POV

It was my first day of class in Forks High. The day had gone relatively okay, until I reached biology. I was sent to sit next to Edward Cullen—a boy who glared me down as soon as I got close to him. I noticed how he sat rigid in his seat, gripping the table, glaring at me. I couldn't understand what I had done wrong.

I was unable to concentrate on Mr. Banner's lesson; the only thing I could focus on was the infuriated boy beside me, one who was starting to make the hairs on the back of my head stand up...

His eyes were coal black, and he was gripping the lab table so hard that I could see the wood being ripped downwards at his hold. How strong is he?!

He didn't say a word to me, but only glared. I was starting to get a little scared. His chair was pushed away from mine, his face set in anger, crumpled in concentration. I also noticed he wasn't breathing. What's his problem?

His glare was starting to make me feel uncomfortable, so I swished a long curtain of my hair in front of my face. The fan blew on me right at that moment, and further shielded my face from his view.

Then he pounced. Before I could even blink, he was across the room breaking the teacher's neck. I watched in horror as he went from student to student, gripping his hand around their neck and then cracking the bones, leaving them with large open gashes and their blood flowing down. They were now pale, and presumably cold. Dead.

Then he reached me. An entire class of students had been massacred, and I hadn't so much as thought of running away. However, something told me I wouldn't have been able to escape.

"Stop, please, stop." I murmured, but it only caused a cruel smile to curl his lips.

"No, you smell too good..." he whispered, before leaping towards me. He grasped my neck, but unlike the others, he put his mouth to it. He began to suck out my blood, and I let out a bloodcurdling scream. No one could hear me.

I was burning, and writhing in pain. It hurt so much, but he didn't stop. What is he doing?! I wondered.

Then a short pixie-like girl with black hair stormed in, the one I knew to be Alice. Trailing her was the oversized boy named Emmett, and the girl's blond boyfriend, Jasper.

I was on the brink of death. A few more laps of blood, and I'd be dead. Luckily, the new intruders saved me—unintentionally, yes, but they still did.

"WHAT DID YOU DO EDWARD?!" I heard the burly one scream. Edward paid him no heed.

Then Emmett came towards us. He ripped Edward off me, yelling at him, "WHAT DID YOU FREAKIN' DO?!"

Edward fought against their grip, but they were too angry. I noticed Alice looking around for survivors, but saw none. Did she not realize my heart was still faintly beating?

I held in screaming, crying, or talking. My best bet was to appear drained and dead, which is what I did.

"We have to go. NOW." Alice growled. Edward fought against them, his eyes still barely holding remains of the original black.

"Edward, the school administrators are coming. Do you really want to kill them too? We have to escape—you killed a full class of humans!! We need to go to Alaska, now!" Alice hissed at him.

Alice walked towards the window and cut the glass with her nails. How did she do that? Then she and Emmett pulled Edward through it.

I was alone.

I don't know how long I lay there, but I soon heard voices coming towards the room. "I swear I heard screaming coming from the science hall..." one person said.

The footsteps grew louder and soon enough the vice principal and two teachers were standing in the doorway, staring at the massacre that had gone through this room.

They looked around in horror at the room, but then picked up the phone. "I need to speak with the principal." She stated, and there was a long pause. "NOW!" she hissed.

"Mr. Edgar, come to the science hall immediately. There's a class of students here who all appear to be dead. Bring the EMT officers immediately, and call the police chief." She whispered urgently. She quickly told him the room number, and then hung up, waiting for them to arrive.

They began to walk around, inspecting the bodies. I stayed quiet; were the Cullens still here in the school?

I heard the gasps of teachers as they walked in, but there were no words, only stunned and horrified silence. I wanted to talk, to ask if it was safe from the Cullens, but I felt as though I were on fire. If I did speak, all I would be able to do is scream. If the Cullens were still here it would certainly notify them they hadn't completed their job.

The EMTs were soon bursting through the doors, checking for any survivors. There were none—except me.

"This girl is still alive. Her heart is beating faintly. We have to get her to the hospital, now!!" I heard one of them hiss.

"Bella?!" I heard Charlie choke, but I could make no reply. I could no longer focus; the fire burning all throughout me took over my every thought...

Edward's POV

I killed a room full of innocent children. I really am a heartless, soulless monster.

Bella's blood smelt too good, I had to have it then. I had been thinking of other schemes to get it without so many deaths, but the monster raging inside me could not wait to be satiated.

I broke everyone's necks in the room in a matter of minutes, killing them. I saved Bella for last so I could savour her blood.

I began to drink, and the taste was amazing. Saccharine, dulcet, delicious... it was beyond anything I had ever tasted before. Then Alice, Emmett, and Jasper showed up.

Bella's blood was nearly gone. I took another gulp, certain that I had just about drank her dry by then. However, I wasn't able to suck every last remain because I was pulled from her. Jasper and Emmett were yelling at me, angered and repulsed by my lack of control.

Their words were almost pleasant compared to how vile and angry their thoughts were towards me. Alice checked for heartbeats, but I knew I had already finished everyone off. They were all dead. Wait—was Bella?

I looked over, but she was lying still. Unmoving. If she were alive, she'd be at least writhing with the burning sensation, and screaming too. I killed her. The poor, innocent girl. As well as a room full of others.

I vaguely noticed Jasper cut the window open, but I was in too much of a daze to notice. I thought I saw Alice text someone—presumably Rosalie—and I was being dragged out the window.

It was time to face up to Carlisle. I was going to disappoint him so terribly.

We had little time to talk when we returned. We grabbed our most important possessions, stashed them in the car, and sped to Alaska. I was, of course, the prime suspect for the slaughter, so we all had to leave—quickly.

I couldn't focus very much on the conversation at hand. My thoughts were instead directed towards myself, full of self hate.

I did make out a bit of the conversation—we would be staying near the Denali's, but in our own house. We'd be there in a couple days.

I drove silently behind my family, berating myself over and over again. I'm a callous, malevolent, vile, heartless, soulless monster.

How could I even still call myself a Cullen?

Bella's POV

I was in the hospital. My body was writhing with the fire, my lungs aching from all the screaming. I wished to die so very badly, but whenever I opened my mouth all I could do was scream; I could never make out "KILL ME!".

Thus, I lay in anguish on the hospital bed, hearing Charlie and Renee weeping over my tortured body. Apparently my heartbeat was slowing with each passing hour. It was the slowest and most painful death I could ever imagine.

Then, finally, it ended. I was declared death. The fire in me was reduced to only burning in my throat.

I could focus now, and I realized how much clearer everything was. The details were so vivid, and I could see an eighth colour I had never been able to see before. My hearing was heightened—all of my senses were.

The doctors said something was different about my body—I had changed physically; my body was pale, and much more beautiful.

I did not open my eyes, as I assumed I knew what I was. I remember Jake's tales from when I was a little girl. "Have you heard the legends of the cold ones? They drink blood. A group of them used to live around here, called the Cullens. They claimed to be safe—animal drinkers. We still didn't trust them..."

It made sense. They were incredibly strong and fast. They were pale and cold, as though no blood was circulating in their body. And, of course, Edward had drank my blood. But weren't they supposed to be animal drinkers? Maybe that was why Alice was so shocked.

I had spent my time burning deciding what to do next. It seems I could never go to my family—my throat flamed, aching to satiate itself whenever a human was around. I was unsafe.

I'd never see Charlie again, or Renée. My life has been turned completely upside down.

The doctors wanted to do tests on my body, as it is nothing they had ever seen before. My father vehemently rejected that, and since he was the respected police chief they let it go.

I was buried in the cemetery—but I wasn't dead. I broke free of the coffin, and dug back up to land. I filled the hole with dirt, then I ran out into the forest to hunt—animals, of course. It was dark outside, the midst of night. The forest cascaded around the burial grounds, luckily for me. I knew that this burning must have to do with a vampire's need to drink blood—like Edward had done with me. But I won't be like him.

I could smell some kind of blood; it wasn't appealing like those who buried me had been, but it was something. Some kind of animal. I couldn't see where it was yet, but I knew it was close. When I smelt the scent getting closer I raced towards it.

A heard of deer stood drinking from the pond, oblivious to my presence. I travelled quietly closer to them, but it was as if they sensed the danger. I prowled towards the biggest one, lunging towards it. The other deer scattered away running as I broke the fawn's neck, digging my teeth into it, gulping down the sweet blood.

It definitely wasn't what I was expecting. It reminded me of the one time I went to a restaurant with Renee, and ordered a hamburger. When I got it, I eagerly sunk my teeth into it, only to find the taste revolting—it was a vegetarian burger. I suppose animal blood is much the same as tofu. I filled up until I could drink no more; I couldn't have my throat burning from thirst if I was going to be around humans.

The Cullens scent was in the forest; I recognized it immediately. Edward had a sweet, enticing, enveloping scent that draws me in. I followed it back to a big white house. It was absolutely stunning; decorated fabulously and designed extravagantly. I explored the house, gasping at the beauty of the house. I found a pair of keys in one of the rooms and pocketed it; there may be a car left that I could drive to find them. When I was sure I was familiarized with the scent, I checked the garage for a car. Sure enough, there was one car left behind whose lock matched the key. I climbed in, and then rolled down the window, following their scent all the way to Alaska.

Alice's POV

We made it to Denali three weeks ago. We unpacked within the first few hours, and then some of us went out to hunt. Edward stayed locked in his room. I knew he was upset for what he did—which, really, he deserves to be upset. He murdered over thirty people! I can't believe he did that!

I can't help feeling guilt that I hadn't stopped him. I'm a psychic! Of all people, I should have been able to stop this! I'm depended on to know things like this! How could I have let this get by me?! I kept getting flashes of him and the Swan girl—in a forest, at her house, in her car—all with him killing her. Then a few mixed in with the whole class dying. I should have done something! But I didn't. We can all blame Edward—he's one of the oldest Cullens, one of the most trusted to stay away from blood. Yet he didn't. But it wasn't his fault—she smelled too good. He wasn't in control of himself then, but I was in control of myself. Yet I let everyone down. I may as well of helped Edward kill all of those students. I'm just as horrible.

But, what's in the past is in the past. We just have to move on. I'm trying to do that, and Jasper's been helping as much as he can I wish Edward could do that. I miss him when he's so reclusive, dark, and depressing. And according to my visions, it doesn't seem like he's going to get better any time soon.

Tanya keeps trying to hit on him whenever she comes over—she disgusts me. She's used to having the men all over her, and is upset that Edward isn't. She's so pompous and stuck-up, I wish she's just realize that Edward doesn't care whatsoever about her and get lost! The only one of us who can actually tolerate her is Rosalie—and the two of them together is horrible! Two pretentious, self-important, vain girls. They suit each other perfectly, unfortunately for us. I'm surprised Edward hasn't lashed out at her yet—I can barely contain my anger when she's around! Jasper's pretty much dying—if that were even possible—from all of the emotion; he leaves the house any chance he gets.

Carlisle was very disappointed in Edward; we all were. But Edward's furious enough at himself without us layering on the guilt, so we try to keep it to ourselves, out of our thoughts.

What's really bothering me is I keep getting hazy visions of the Swan girl and my family mixed together. I don't understand why this is—she's dead! Are my visions going through possible outcomes of what could have happened? Were the visions I'm having now so definite before that they were permanently etched into my thoughts, waiting for a chance to appear? And now that they haven't had a chance, they're plaguing me now? But that doesn't make sense. It's never happened before, and I don't know why it would now.

That's not the only odd thing happening. Jasper keeps telling me he senses someone's emotions outside—but we smell no blood, and hear no heart beating. Besides, Edward would hear their thoughts if anyone was near us, vampire or human.

Could it be a punishment for not saving the students sooner? Jasper heard their frenzied emotions—he could have at least been able to save some of the students. And I was getting the visions. Is going crazy a punishment for our bad deeds? Edward is practically suffocating himself in self-hate, so it's not like he's getting it off easy either.

Esme's upset that Edward, Jasper and I are so upset. Carlisle is distressed that Esme is so troubled. Emmett is sad that Jasper and Edward never feel like playing with him anymore. Rosalie is upset that Emmett isn't his usual upbeat self. Thus, making Esme even more upset, and the chain reaction worsens. I really hope it gets better soon.

Bella's POV

The drive to Alaska was taking forever, but I luckily had no problem following their trail. There were seven of them in the family it seemed, I know five of them. I wonder who the two others are?

The driving was long, but not uninteresting. I put on the music and enjoyed how much better my ears picked up the little sounds. The way my senses have been heightened is amazing! I enjoy the scent of the earth after the rain, of dirt and woodsy smells. I even enjoy the scent of the car—honey; it definitely smelled like honey. Lots of dulcet honey. It seems to mix in with a lilac-and-sun scent...since when does the sun have a scent? Lavender, moss, and apple permeate the car's fresh smell, unpredictably contrasting with a pear-hyacinth-and-villa scent, making a delicious aroma. Cinnamon, seawater, rising bread, pine... so many smells! And all so delicious! Where are they coming from?

I turned on the radio and heard a news broadcast from Seattle; apparently people are all flocking to Forks to find out the cause of the massacre. I bet they were disappointed I couldn't tell them anything. They seem to be leaning towards a mentally unstable student or some kind of terrorist attack. I wonder what they'd think if they knew it was vampires.

It's best they don't know, though—whoever said 'ignorance is bliss' was definitely not mistaken.

The Cullens; I'm not sure what I think of them yet. Edward murdered a room full of students, and tried to suck all the blood from my veins, so that definitely doesn't put his family in my good books. However—Alice, Jasper, and Emmett seemed genuinely upset that he did it. A notion that pulls them away from my bad list. Thus, leaving them somewhere in the middle. Are they truly good or bad?

I'm nervous to just randomly show up at their door unannounced, but I really need answers as to what being a vampire entitles. Besides, shouldn't they owe me at least that much? I guess not. I mean, I was their food—why would they owe me anything just because I survived?

The scent was getting stronger. It wasn't just the smell of their trail that had began to slowly fade, yet the fresh smell of them; wherever they were residing, it was very close to here.

I continued following the honey-scented trail, pleased that the car I had taken still had a full tank of gas. How many cars did they have that they could afford to leave one behind?

It was nearing dusk, the sky hazy and dark. The stars were shrouded by clouds, and the air had the soothing effect of a refreshing after-rain smell. I could practically taste the honey in the air—even though I couldn't still eat it, I could slightly remember the dulcet taste.

I could see a thinning in the forest up ahead; it must be where they're staying.

Knowing that they were close by, I took the car and shot out of there—I had to park far away. They couldn't know I was here. What if they were bad? What if they tried to attack me? They could hurt me, so I had to protect myself. I had to make sure they were safe to be around before I alerted them of my presence.

Once the car was parked safely miles away, I ran back, climbing up trees to get to their place of residence so my scent would be harder to find. Luckily, it was snowing, and that would also help delude my scent.

I climbed from tree to tree, surprised by my speed. I was no longer the clumsy Bella I used to be; I had agility and balance. Not to mention I was extremely fast and strong. It was actually pretty fun being a vampire—at least, I think that's what I am—I just wish I didn't have to leave my family. I didn't even get to have my first day of school! I barely even spent any time with Charlie, and when I left Phoenix Renee was completely deflated. Then they were both devastated when I was brought on the fringes of death to the hospital room. Selfishly, I wanted to change them both into what I am so that I could still be with them, but I would never force them into this life that I've been exiled to.

My throat began to ache, and I recognized the burning sensation to mean I was thirsty. It was burning badly now; it had been days since I hunted, and apparently this is too long a time to go without blood.

I jumped down from my tree, following the unattractive smell of animal blood to quench my thirst. Two dead deer and one fox later, I was ready to follow the scent to the new Cullen household.

I ran at vampire speed, sliding on ice, crawling through the snow, leading up trees—anything I could think of to delude my smell. It was actually really fun.

Soon enough, the trail ended. A large log cabin awaited my eyes—it was beautiful, standing three stories tall with a large curved balcony on the top floor, as well as a luxurious veranda on the main floor. I stayed where I was, high in my tree, straining my ears to listen to their conversation.

I wanted to know what they had to say about the murder of the students in Forks. I wanted to know more about their diet. I wanted to know if Edward was remorseful. I wanted to know if the family was kind. I wanted to find little hints and details about the vampire life. I wanted to know if they'd accept me if they knew I was still 'alive', one of them.

I leaned towards them off of my branch, straining my ears. I heard a pixie voice talking to a man with a southern drawl...

So, Bella's going to observe the Cullens for a bit to see if they're safe! What will they do when they find out she's still alive? And that Edward was the one who changed her?

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